Tutorials are third-party documents. They are not specifically reviewed or tested by TIGCC Team members. The manual and the examples that come with TIGCC contain somewhat more official information and code, but the tutorials mentioned here usually discuss more specific tasks.

If the information you are looking for cannot be found in the manual or this tutorial section, you can go to the Message Board and try to get an answer. Please don't expect general C questions to be answered there because C knowledge, which can be obtained from many books and from the online resources listed at the bottom of this page, is the most basic requirement in order to use TIGCC.

TICT Tutorials

TIGCC tutorials made by the TI-Chess Team can be found here. The following links refer to unzipped and slightly modified versions:

Techno-Plaza Tutorials

There are some tutorials made by Techno-Plaza; refer to this link for more. These documents currently cover the following:

JE-Systems Tutorials

JE-Systems have created a small series of tutorials, which can be found here.

General C Tutorials

The following were taken directly from the TICT site links. If you have written a tutorial and are willing to share a link on this site, please contact us.