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Last updated Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Total downloads 5,534
Most popular file  Starfield Effect Demo v2.10 with 2,030 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to Voyage 200 Assembly Files
routinesfolder Voyage 200 Assembly Routines
3dtut_part1.zip6k03-08-24File is not rated3D Tutorial Part I
A tutorial on 3D programming,by the 'SolidWorks' Author.If you want to learn how to perform 3D in your rograms,especially in C (with Tigcc)...This Part sets the basics,with an example.
3dtut_part2.zip21k03-08-24File is not rated3D Tutorial Part II
A tutorial on 3D programming,by the 'Edit3D' Author.If you want to learn how perform 3D in your programs,especially in C (with Tigcc)...This Part explains how to rotate a cube,as you can see in the Screenshots. NOTE : You should have read the PART I before .
3dtut_part3.zip11k03-08-24File is not rated3D Tutorial Part III
A tutorial on 3D programming,by the 'Edit3D' Author.If you want to learn how perform 3D in your programs,especially in C (with Tigcc)...This Part explains how dispaly objects in a 'Solid' way,no more in Wire Frame. NOTE : You should have read the PART I & II before...
cool9x.zip406k02-09-30File is not ratedQs C Object Oriented SDK for TIGCC 9x
Quésoft C Object Oriented Language Software Development Kit for TI-9x. This open source software is a major innovation in the Object Oriented Development on calculator : it brings the possibility to compile a unique binary executable file. COOL brings the Object Oriented paradigm to the C programmers who can use it to manipulate strings, files or vectors more easily.
matrix.zip302k03-03-08File is not ratedThe Matrix TSR Event Hook Screen Saver Example
This is a TSR Event Hook. It is meant as a follow up to my Sample TSR Event Hook. This demonstrates some slightly more advanced methods... It is a real screen saver with a delay, password, gray scale graphics and more.
oddsnakesrc.zip24k05-11-19File is not ratedOddsnake v1.15 sources
Here it's the source code for all people who want to start in C programming because it's pretty simple. This source code contains comments to explain each algorythm.
s1p6.zip33k03-11-07File is not ratedTICT Tutorial Series 1 Part 6 (v2.0)
TICT Tutorial Series 1 / Part 6: Grayscale Text-Scroller with Background Image [NOSTUB/C sourcecode]
sampletsr.zip52k03-02-04File is not ratedSample TSR Event Hook in C
This is a template/example showing how to create an event hook such as ASH using TIGCC. Using this, you can make programs like ASH, Auto Start, and the Matrix Screen Saver.
slimeballsource.zip82k04-10-17File is not ratedSlimeBall v1.00 source
The source of slimeball a little bit commented. Programmed in C. Uses ExtGraph 2.xx
squarescr.zip21k04-04-13File is not ratedSquarescr
It's just the sources of square Contains now more comments !
star.zip15k04-06-07File is not ratedStarfield Effect Demo v2.10
demonstrates a simple grayscale starfield effect and should be seen as demonstration code for people who want to start with C programming for the TI's using the TIGCC Development Enviroment.
tankers.zip38k04-04-07File is not ratedTankers 68k v.6.0.1 -=SOURCE CODE=-
Tankers is a fast paced shooting game where you control a tank and shoot your enemy/enemies. There are 2 modes of play, Single Player (NEW!) where you play against 10 AI tanks. And then there is Multi-Player where you connect your 68k Calculator to another 68k calculator. This version contains the 5 map contest winners from CalcGames.org. I'm pretty sure I'm done working on Tankers, so here is the source code.
tichess_src.zip717k02-11-11File is not ratedTI-Chess v4.00 - Source Distribution
TI-Chess is a full featured chess game for the TI89/TI-92p/V200 (read the included readme.txt file for its features and history.txt for what's new)
world_map_source.zip76k03-08-26File is not ratedWorld Map v 0.7 - Source - for ti89,92+,v200
You can scroll the worldmap,and see where a country is...Press APPS,select your country and press enter,the cursor will indicate the capital's location.By pressing ENTER you can access informations : capital's name , population , area and GNP . This version mainly adds fast country selection with alpha' keys. [ source code in C , compiled with Tigcc ]
xchange_src.zip172k05-11-29File is not ratedXchange v1.24 sources
Here is the source of Xchange v1.22. You can find in this source many tips : RLE compression, how to use interrupt handler, how to save highscores, etc.

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