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airfoils.zip178k22-05-29File is not ratedAirfoils
This program models two-dimensional flow around circles and airfoils.
threebodies.zip8k21-09-15File is not ratedThree Bodies
This program shows the motion of three bodies of equal mass under the influence of gravity.
interference.zip13k21-08-03File is not ratedInterference
This program shows the interference of two circular waves.
truss.zip11k21-06-09File is not ratedTruss
The user enters a truss graphically. The program then computes the unknown forces.
blocks.zip7k20-03-03File is not ratedBlock-Stacking
The user's task is to place a number n of identical rigid rectangular blocks in a stack on a table edge so that the overhang becomes maximal.
zebra.zip4k19-09-19File is not ratedHow the Zebra Gets its Stripes
Initially, 100x100 pixels arranged in a square are colored randomly black and white. By means of a simple algorithm, a new distribution is determined. After a few steps, a zebra-like pattern appears.
colormixing.zip7k18-08-26File is not ratedColor Mixing
This program demonstrates additive and subtractive color mixing.
idealgas.zip9k18-07-21File is not ratedIdeal Gas
This program illustrates the ideal gas law P*V = N*k*T, where P is the pressure, V the volume of the container, N the number of molecules, k the Boltzmann constant and T the absolute temperature.
lunar.zip7k17-06-07File is not ratedLunar Lander
This is a remake of the text-based program "Lunar", written by Jim Storer in 1969. The user's task is to land a capsule safely on the moon by controlling the retro rockets.
brachistochrone.zip8k16-11-02File is not ratedBrachistochrone
The brachistochrone is the curve of fastest descent of a bead gliding frictionlessly under the influence of gravity from one point to another. It can be shown to be a cycloid. The program allows the user to compare the movement of the bead along the brachistochrone to that on other curves entered by him.
logicgates.zip1k16-09-22File is not ratedLogic Gate Explorer
This will show you the truth tables of different logic gates, this will also let you manipulate inputs of the logic gates and let you see the output.
suspensionbridge.zip8k16-06-15File is not ratedSuspension Bridge
This program models the shape of the main cable of a suspension bridge. This cable is fixed at the tops P0, Pn+1 of two pillars. Downward forces of possibly different sizes affect the cable at points P1, P2,...,Pn of constant horizontal distance. Under these forces, the cable finds a configuration of equilibrium, a polygonal chain. The user can change the forces; the program will adjust the shape of the cable.
molarmasscalc.zip3k16-05-11File is not ratedMolar Mass
A simple molar mass calculator
asitemperature.zip713k16-02-24File is not ratedASI Temperature
"ASI Temperature" is a TI-Nspire Lua application that uses the ASI API to communicate with an USB CDC device (for example an Arduino Leonardo) with an attached temperature sensor. This application is mainly a demonstration of the ASI API, source code is included for others wanting to do their own experiments.
sunflowers.zip6k16-01-01File is not ratedSunflowers
This program presents a model for the inflorescence of sunflowers. The Golden Angle 137.5° and Fibonacci numbers are important elements in this model.
entropy.zip18k15-11-28File is not ratedEntropy
The program illustrates the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will increase with time. The system is modeled by a one-dimensional array of cells. Each cell contains a number of particles. For each time step and each particle, a random number is generated which controls if the particle moves to a neighboring cell. The entropy before and after each time step is displayed.
vibratingstrings.zip6k15-05-06File is not ratedVibrating Strings
The program visualises the vibration of a string with fixed endpoints. It models the starting position of the string by a function f:[0,1]->R with f(0)=f(1)=0. The user can draw this function by hand or choose a form from the menu. The corresponding wave equation is solved by a Fourier approximation of f and a separation of the variables t and x.
planets.zip8k15-04-05File is not ratedPlanets
The program shows the motion of two bodies under the influence of gravity. The user can set the initial condititions, the masses and the step size.
criticalmass.zip7k15-03-22File is not ratedCritical Mass
This program presents a two-dimensional model of radioactive decay. Matter is arranged in a square crystal grid of ball-shaped atoms. At a key push, the central atom decays emitting a neutron at a random direction. Atoms hit by the neutron will decay for their part. Will a chain reaction take place? The user can modify the number of atoms, standing for the critical mass in this model, and the distance between atoms, and watch the different decay rates.
fieldlines.zip8k15-01-11File is not ratedField lines
The program displays the field lines of 4 electrically charged particles. The user can change the position and charge of the particles.
geotecnia2.zip51k14-11-19File is not ratedGeotecnia
Fundações rochosas, Método Serrano, Método baseado na teoria da plasticidade.
hg2esp.zip102k14-10-04File is not ratedHG2 esp.
Un programa por Manuel Miranda traducido al español de hidraulica general para determinar caudal, perdidas o diametros de tuberias.
beto2.zip81k14-06-20File is not ratedEstruturas de Betão 2 (1/2)
Contem um conjunto de utilitárrios para betão 2. Portuguese language.
qperiodic.zip42k14-01-01File is not ratedQPeriodic: keyboard-navigable periodic table
This is a patched version of the Multilanguage Periodic table, allowing you to navigate the periodic table by entering the symbol of the chemical element or its Z number. Many thanks to Nick Steen, Adriweb, Excale, and Loic Pujet for their contribution to the original version of this program.
periodicanimated.zip555k14-01-01File rated 8.61Multilingual Periodic Table
Periodic table with every bit of info you'll ever need about the elements. Cooperation between TI-Planet (Adriweb, Ecxale) and me (Nick). Thanks to Chochosta for Tiny3D, which made it possible to show a 3D animation of the crystal structure. See screenshots for more info. Updated to work on every Nspire that supports Lua (OS>3).
formulapro.zip1832k13-11-30File is not ratedFormulaPro (1.4b)
Some of you may already know what's called "EEPro" or "MEPro" for the TI-89 and TI-92. It is an official program that TI puts in the 89 by default. If you don't know it, EEPro-89 is basically a program described by TI like this: "This application solves the problems of electrical engineering. It is composed of three modules: Analysis, Equations (700 equations grouped into 16 subjects) and Reference. " In short, a complete and very powerful application about Electrical Engineering. Well, FormulaPro is the 2nd part ("Equations") of our project to port the EEPro-89 suite to the Nspire. But we improved it, naturally. A lot. (And we already have plans and written code already ready for version 2.0 which will be even more awesome and more powerful.) What FormulaPro right now is capable of, along with its website, is : -to be able to run on any OS 3.x and any Nspire model and to be able to run on the computer software too with auto-resizing frames -Mouse and keyboard input support, on both Software and Handheld -to be able to let users generate their own pack of equations, smartly (variables and units are bound), within categories and sub-categories, -to be able to solve intelligently solve the equations it's given, contrary to the 89 version, where the user had to select what equations had to be used : Indeed, here you just have to enter what you know already, and it will automatically try to solve for what it can. -it can very easily let you chose the unit/subunit you want to enter your data in. (for example Hz/kHz/MHz, °C/°F/°K etc.) -it can show you the used formulas of the current sub-category in "PrettyPrint"
ae2.zip89k13-08-12File is not ratedAnálise Estruturas II
Updated! Calculo de: Frequência fundamental, forças sísmicas, vento. Limitações: máximo de 6 pisos, máximo 4 Pórticos. corrigidos alguns erros, veja o ficheiro ler.txt
rm2.zip74k13-08-03File is not ratedResistencia materiais 2
Calculo automático Nsd, Clique [esc] no inicio do programa.
hg2.zip103k13-08-03File is not ratedHidraulica geral 2
Calcula os três tipos de problemas, sem mostrar as iterações ao utilizador. Dependendo da popularidade do programa poderei criar uma versão com iterações.
units.zip3k12-05-05File is not ratedThe Unit of what
You Insert any unit you want and it will give you what is measured by it, it has constants and many things. It is a function
refractionoflight.zip27k11-12-18File is not ratedRefraction of flight
Here's an app i made for a school project. it's quite simple, but very helpful for fast checkings or even calculations. Just input the angle the lightray comes in, and the refractive index of both materials, and you get the refraction angle and the maximum angle for not having total reflection. all angles are in degrees!

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