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Last updated Monday, 19 September 2022
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addition.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedAddition
Find the sum of all numbers between two given ones while stepping at a given interval.
addntplus.zip13k08-08-24File is not ratedNumber and time adder
With this program you can add number or time values in column quick and easy. 'Lifted' input= 10 rows result display. Autosaved last number and time sum, positive and negative values, built-in help, editable history. Program documentation included.
adp.zip1k00-02-12File is not ratedExact Antiderivatives
Finds the Exact antiderivative of an equation where you are given an x and y value for the original equation
algo.zip1k01-06-04File is not ratedPGCD et algorithme d'Euclide
Algo sert à déterminer le p.g.c.d de deux entiers naturels grâce à l'algorithme d'Euclide.
al_kashi.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedAl Kashi
Mathieu Battikha vous présente Al_kashi, ce programme est sert à calculer par les théorémes d'Al_kashi, les différents cotés et angles d'un triangle.ATTENTION CE PROGRAMME NECESSITE FLIB!!!
altrdata.zip4k99-12-25File is not ratedData Variable Alteration Program
Changes data of given coordinates to given expression in a data variable.
antirand68k.zip2k04-03-03File is not ratedCentral Tendancies Graphics
These programs, for the TI-89 -- V200, graphically show how TI's random routine isn't truly random.
anybase.zip1k02-07-23File is not ratedAny Base to Any Base Conversion V.1.1
Converts numbers between arbitrary bases (e.g., from base 234 to base 2345)
approx_e.zip3k01-12-16File is not ratedQuick rationnal euler constant approx.
Quick fractionnal euler constant approximation function
area92plus.zip1k04-01-03File is not ratedApproximating Area under a curve
enter a function, lower bound, upper bound, and the amount of equal subintervals and it will find the area using four methods, left rectangle area method, right rectangle area method, midpoint rectangle area method, and trapezoid rule.
area.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedArea
Finds the area of given side a and b
asi_ti92p.zip149k04-03-07File is not ratedAdvanced Symbolic Integration - version 2.0.0b
ASI: Advanced Symbolic Integration is a fast program that can integrate by use of special-functions and integrate expressions containing special-functions. ASI is equipped with a library of highly flexible special-functions, and it is easy to use all of it.
ballpick.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBall Picking
A text file that lists solutions to the most popular (and relatively simple) probability problems.
basecnvt.zip1k02-10-14File is not ratedBase Number Converter
This program Converts HEX, DEX, and BIN number base to one another. Sorry only compatible with TI-92 Plus AMS Version 2.05 or Higher.
baseconverter.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBase Converter
Converts numbers between two bases from 2 to any symbols that the user wishes to use for bases greater than 36.
base.zip1k01-01-04File is not ratedBase
Fonction de conversion de bases numériques (bases 2 à 36) pour les entiers naturels
bezier.zip1k02-07-23File is not ratedBezier Polynomials V.1.1
Computes and plots Bezier polynomioals. These curves are used by Postscript (c) and by many font generating programs
bicenter.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBicentric Quadrilateral
Compute different properties of bicentric quadrilaterals.
binompr.zip1k02-08-05File is not ratedBinomial Probability Distribution V. 2.0
Finds probability of x defects in a sample of size n taken from a large universe, e.g., population of a city
bisccion.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedMetodo de Biseccion
Metodos Iterativo de Solucion para Ecuaciones Implicitas
bodex.zip28k00-09-23File is not ratedBodeX v2.1.9 [plus]
BodeX v2.1.9: FOR TI-92 NOW COMPATIBLE WITH TI-89 AND TI-92+. New routine for faster plotting. New routine for Y-scale of semilog grid Fixed bug of ver.2.1.5. The best program for TI calculators that trace frequency plot of a transfer function W(s) - Bode plots -. BodeX has full semilog grid and use a powered routine to plot the phase plot of a transfer function (don't use simply the angle(•) function). The BodeX routines ensure the correct phase plot any W(s) it's plotted. What's new in version 2.0.5: now you can plot MAG plot and Phase plot in Split Screen Mode or plot MAG and Phase separately and a bug of BodeX ver.1.3 fixed, and powered routine for semilog grid. Official web site: http://www.92brothers.net/
brahmagu.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBrahmagupta's Formula / Heron's Formula
Compute the area of a cyclic quadrilateral or cyclic triangle.
bretang.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBretschneider's Angle Formula
Uses Bretschneider's Angle formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.
bretdiag.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBretschneider's Diagonal Formula
Uses Bretschneider's diagonal formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.
cat_ti92p.zip48k04-09-08File is not ratedComplex Analysis Tools - version 2.0.0
CAT: Complex Analysis Tools is a strong package of functions that helps to solve problems in complex analysis. The functions in CAT have many possibilities for adjustments, e.g. most functions can show the used steps.
centraltheta.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedCentral Angle
Find the area of a quadrilateral from the measure of the angle formed by the intersection of the diagonals and either its diagonal lengths or its side lengths.
charmat.zip82k06-10-15File is not ratedMatrix Characteristic
It’s a very simple and light function that calculates the characteristic of a matrix that is the dimension of the biggest contained determinant.
circl3pt.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedCircle from Three Points
Find the equation of a circle that passes through three points.
circle_d.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedCircle_d
Finds the area of a circle if you have the diameter
circle_r.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedcircle_r
Finds the area of a circle if you have the radius
cis.zip1k01-08-06File is not ratedcis - coseno i*seno
leer info adejunta
clockang.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedClock Angles
Find the angle made by the minute- and hour-hand at a certain time (HH:MM:SS).
cmpletsq.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedComplete the Square
Complete the square to find the equation of a circle.
cnvhull92p.zip38k06-10-27File is not ratedConvex Hull Area
This program calculates the area of a 2D convex hull given a matrix of points (order is not important).
coefcorr.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedCoefcorr v1.00
Coefcorr est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer le coefficient de corrélation de deux listes. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
cof2d.zip62k06-10-27File is not ratedCenter of Gravity 2D
This function calculates the center of gravity of a convex polygon given the matrix of vertexes.
complex.zip6k10-03-20File is not ratedTwo complex number functions.
Two complex number functions: A trigonometric form converter an a root finder.
comsquar.zip1k03-08-08File is not ratedCompleting the Square v1.0
This program does "completing the square" and displays work at every step. Fractions and radicals are kept in their simplest form, and not converted to decimals (provided your calculator is in AUTO or EXACT mode). It also will return imaginary roots, if necessary. This is VERY useful for math classes from Algebra I to Precalculus. Please note that sometimes the final answer looks a smidge goofy (all of the work is fine, however), so you might want to use the calculator's solve function to see how the answer should be written. Please let me know if the program happens to throw any incredibly heinous results at any point. This file contains programs for the 89, 92, 92+, and V200.
conic92p.zip6k02-02-10File is not ratedGrand Unified Conic Program92+
Hangles any conic, general or standard, rotated or not
conic.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedConic Solver
This program gives vital information on all conic sections in the form Ax^2+By^2+Cx+Dy+E=0
connet92p.zip159k06-10-27File is not ratedAutomatic Control Networks Analysis v 2.02
It's a very powerful program that allows an advanced analysis in Bode diagram of a transfer function and of a user entered control network. You can try different solutions and analyze their fundamental parameters: 0 decibel frequency, phase margin, gain margin and eventually peaks. You can also chose and trace different types of drawing: real and asymptotic TF graph and phase graph.
construc.zip2k01-05-10File is not ratedConstruc French
Programme de conversion des définitions géométriques et complexes des transformations: translations, homothéties, rotations, similitudes
convexh.zip6k16-10-17File is not ratedConvex Hull
The user enters points on the screen (the Euclidean plane). The program then constructs the convex hull of the point set and its minimum circumscribed circle.
coordply.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedCoordinates of a Regular Polygon
Get the coordinates of a regular polygon with a given length centered around the origin.
counters.zip104k05-10-27File is not ratedCounter Synthesis
This is a tool to edit counters modulo n (n<16), to make automatic synthesis with JK flip-flops and to simulate it. (This is a part of my logical suite.)
cranknic.zip3k02-07-07File is not ratedCrank-Nicolson Step by Step
The method of Crank-Nicolson. It resolves and shows you all step. It's perfect for numerical analysis exam.
cumcroi.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedCumcroi v1.00
Cumcroi est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer les cumulés croissants d'une liste. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
cumdecr.zip3k01-05-08File is not ratedCumdecr v1.00
Cumdecr est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Ce programme nécessite l'utilitaire "revlist" (inclus dans ce fichier zip) à installer dans le même répertoire que cumdecr ! Il permet de calculer les cumulés décroissants d'une liste. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
curves92p.zip149k06-10-27File is not ratedAdvanced 2D/3D Curve Analysis
The program analyses a parametric 3D curve and calculates length barycenter, curvilinear abscissa scalar and vectorial curvilinear integrals, potential and more over. All results can be saved and reloaded in a second time.
curv.zip1k02-06-08File is not ratedCurvature Cruncher 1.0
This is a small program I wrote to calculate various types of two-dimensional curvature. It can compute both general curvature equations and point-specific curvature values (exact and approx). It supports standard rectangular functions ( y=f(x) ), parametric equations ( x=f(t), y=g(t) ), polar coordinate functions ( r=f(theta) ) and implicit rectangular equations ( f(x,y)=0 ). The program has been written in TI-92+ BASIC and should therefore work fine on a TI-89 as well.
cvpolyg.zip40k06-10-27File is not ratedPolygon Analysis
Calculates area, perimeter and centre of gravity of a polygon given vertexes in whatever their order may be. In case of one or more points inside the polygon the program calculates also the barycentre of all the points.
cycldiag.zip1k11-06-01File is not ratedCyclic Quadrilateral Diagonal Lengths
Get the lengths of the diagonals in a cyclic quadrilateral, given the side lengths.
datamanager92p.zip417k06-10-27File is not ratedData Manager v 1.03
Data Manager is a very useful program that allows an easy and fast management of all data on your TI, in every fold. It is particularly useful with numeric data because it can interpolate two data rows choosing column and requested value. It's some more fast renaming it Kbdprgm1-9. Scientific data packs are also available. Interpolation improved.
datamat.zip6k99-12-25File is not ratedData Variable to Matrix Converter
Converts Data Variables to Matrices using certain guidelines.
dbm.zip81k08-02-28File is not rateddBm
Dezibel calculator converts dBm to gainfactor, or vice versa. Easy to download and to work with. Comes with c source code, author Daldosch.
dct.zip126k08-02-28File is not rateddct
Descrete Cosine Transform. Easy to use, comes with good docu, examples and c source code. The progi promts for input of matrix size (2,4,8) then it promts for input of grayscale values (btw.0-255) for each field in the matrix. Then ´transformation is performed and the values are displayed. Author J. Daldosch
delmat.zip8k99-11-22File is not ratedMatrix Functions
Two functions that delete a column or row from a matrix and shift the rest.
delta.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedDelta Plus (French)
You can download free more programs in our web page : www.geocities.com/basicsoft_ad
dem.zip1k00-10-07File is not ratedDeMoive's Theorem
This program is used to raise complex numbers to any power in the form a+bi.
derpar92.zip26k08-04-14File is not ratedParametric Derivative
Calculates the 1º and 2º derivative of a given parametric function.
diffeq92p.zip64k02-10-17File is not ratedDifferential Equation Solver
Calculates a lot of differential equation (also of nth degree) and saves the solution in a new function ready to use.
diffeqn92p.zip79k06-10-27File is not ratedDifferential Equation Solver v 2.03
Calculates a lot of differential equations (also of nth degree) and saves the solution in a new function ready to use. Litteral calculation improved. A bug fixed.
dirderiv_basic.zip12k10-11-04File is not ratedGradient and directional derivatives
This archive contains functions to calculate function gradients and directional derivatives. Functions are included for TI-nspire and 68k-models.
discount.zip2k05-03-09File is not ratedDiscount
If your math teacher ever asks you to find out the discounted amount of something, this is the program. It does all the work for you, just input the value or variable and amount of discount in decimal form.
distancetwopoints.zip1k11-06-01File is not ratedDistance Formula
Get the distance between two points.
distance.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedMost Versatile Distance Program Ever
This program will solve for anyone of the 5 variables in the distance equation, or if you know all the variables, you can enter them and it will tell you if those variables will work in the distance equation. Syntax: dist(x1,y1,x2,y2,d) and you enter in an unknown as xx. Have fun, enjoy, see the text file or email me if you have questions.
div1.zip1k02-05-22File is not ratedSynthetic Division
This program is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to divide polynomials of up to a 4th degree, will show you work and remainder
divlist.zip3k01-06-08File is not ratedDividers list/liste des diviseurs
Determines the positive integer dividers list, and checks whether a number is perfect
divmenu.zip5k01-06-10File is not ratedDivision euclidienne facile
Ce programme effectue la division euclidienne de deux entiers. Le reste est toujours positif!
drawpoly.zip1k11-06-01File is not ratedDraw a Regular Polygon
Draw a regular polygon on the graph screen.
dx_y.zip1k01-05-08File is not rateddx_y v1.00
dx_y est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer la droite de régression dx(y). L'équation de la droite est donnée dans le repère yox puis dans xoy. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
dy_x.zip1k01-05-08File is not rateddy_x v1.00
dy_x est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer la droite de régression dy(x). L'équation de la droite est donnée dans le repère xoy. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
ecartype.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedEcartype v1.00
Ecartype est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer l'ecart-type d'une liste de variables et d'une liste d'effectifs. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
ecfas.zip22k06-06-03File is not ratedEcuaciones Fasoriales
English: This program solves phasor equation (or complex ones) wich have 2 variables that calculators can not solve directly. To solve this kind of equation the user would normally have to use graphical methods or trig methods, but with ECFAS you only have to enter the equation and that's all. Español: Este programaresuelve equaciones fasoriales (o complejas) las cuales tienes dos variables y que las calculadoras no resuelven directamente. Para resolver este tipo de ecuaciones el ususario tendría que emplear métodos gráficos y las leyes de senos y cosenos, pero con ECFAS solo tienes que introducir la ecuación y eso es todo.
ee_equ.zip1k00-03-03File is not ratedElectrical Engineering Program
This program will solve the voltage accross resistors, as well as find the current and find the resistor equivalence. This program has a information file and a help in the program itself. It has been slightly modified but no real changes.
eigen.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedEigen Toolbox
Does exact values for eigenvalues and their corresponding basis vectors
eqman.zip101k06-11-18File is not ratedEquation Solver and Manager v 1.03
It’s a very powerful and light program to solve and manage your equations quickly and easily. You can organize them in groups and create or delete a group or simply an equation. At last you can decide to use the normal or the numeric solving. Physic Pack (physicsolver.zip) available in my page.
etude.zip103k99-11-06File is not ratedEtude 92Plus (French)
Ce programme synthétique d'étude de fonctions s'adresse aux lycéens, étudiants et ingénieurs. Il mobilise et coordonne les différents outils de calcul disponibles sur la TI-92Plus: Limites, dérivées, résolution d'équations, graphique. L'affichage des résultats, (limites, continuité, dérivabilité, tableaux de variations, branches infinies et asymptotes, graphique), est particulièrement soigné et conforme à l'usage et aux programmes de mathématiques du Baccalauréat scientifique. Une documentation détaillée et illustrée par de nombreuses copies d'écran est jointe au programme.
euclide.zip2k01-05-10File is not ratedEuclide v1.0
Résoud et rédige l'algorythme d'Euclide, l'équation de Bezout dans. Il ne reste qu'à recopier (sauf si vous avez une imprimante portative). Super pour le bac S
euler.zip3k16-09-07File is not ratedEuler Angles
This archive contains programs in BASIC to compute the Euler angles of an orthogonal 3x3 matrix and to reconstruct the matrix from its Euler angles.
euro.zip7k01-01-29File is not ratedEuro
Program for economie.
extgcd.zip1k99-03-03File is not ratedExtendedGCD Function
implemented Mathematica order ExtendedGCD in TI92 , needed for diophantical problems
exzeros.zip38k06-11-18File is not ratedExhaustive Zeros Finder
Unlike normal Zeros function, it finds all the zeros of a given equation.
factors.zip1k01-06-10File is not ratedFactors
This program displays the factors of a number, the prime factorization, the sum of the factors, and the number of factors.
factrial.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedFactorial
Obtain the factorial of a given number when it (the factorial) exceeds 10^999. Works for all numbers less than ~9.65 billion.
fact.zip1k03-05-12File is not ratedFACT 1.1 Large number factorials
This example program shows how to break the limitation where calculators have trouble producing factorials for large numbers. Most scientific calculators cannot handle more than 69!=1.711E98 because their displays can only handle two digit exponents. The TI-89 can handle up to 449! by default, because the display shows three digit exponents. This example program can handle up to 94851898540!
fct92p2006.7sp2ticaide.zip303k03-06-20File is not ratedFct 92+/v200 6.7 sp2
Fctv200 is a big program designed for algebric problems sorry, it's french for the moment, but if fct get a good popularity, i will translate it.. please mail your comments, and don't forget our site : www.msc.fr.st
fermat.zip1k02-09-06File is not ratedFermatsche Tripel
Dieses Programm sucht nach Fermatschen Tripeln (erfüllen die Gleichung x^3+y^3=z^3), auch wenn das eine absolut sinnlose Arbeit ist... geschrieben in Deutsch, Benutzeroberfläche in Deutsch
fft64.zip151k06-12-24File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform 64 V3
Performs 64 points FFT on edited (built-in editor) or CBL collected data. Choose Fe, window and plot mode, etc...
fft.zip153k06-12-24File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform 128 V3
Performs 128 points FFT on edited (built-in editor) or CBL collected data. Choose Fe, window and plot mode, etc...
fibonaciexp.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence
Find the nth term in the Fibonacci Sequence without simply recursively calling itself upon smaller numbers. This allows it to work on negative term numbers, too.
finanzas.zip420k09-12-01File is not ratedFinanzas (cálculo intereses bancarios, TAE e i)
[ESP]Finanzas calcula: interés simple vencido, interés simple anticipado, interés compuesto al tipo constante, interés compuesto al tipo variable, conversión TAE -> tasa interés, conversión tasa interés i -> TAE / [ENG] Finance estimates: payable simple interest, advance simple interest, compound interest at the constant rate, compound interest at a variable rate, conversion APR -> i, conversion i -> APR
fourier.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedFourier
Fourier(EXPR, VAR, ORDER, LOW, UP) finds a fourier polynom of order ORDER which approximates EXPR (dependent on VAR), EXPR assumed being continual from LOW to UP.
fracc.zip1k01-08-06File is not ratedNumeros Periódicos
Tranforma número periódicos a fracciones
fracexpd.zip2k06-04-12File is not ratedFraction Expander Deluxe
This has been updated to be extremely small, ported to all TI's, and to be supremely fast. The program prompts you for 3 numbers: A and B from A/B, and C for number of decimal places. Then you watch it perform long division so fast your eyes hurt :)
frac.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedExact Fraction
Obtain an exact fraction that approximates to a given decimal, but only when the fraction is "realistic" (i.e. both its numerator and denominator has less than five digits in them each). The function returns the boolean "false" otherwise.
freqcroi.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedFreqcroi v1.00
Freqcroi est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer les fréquences cumulées croissantes d'une liste de variables. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
freqdecr.zip3k01-05-08File is not ratedFreqdecr v1.00
Freqdecr est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer les fréquences cumulées décroissantes d'une liste de variables. Ce programme nécessite l'utilitaire "revlist" disponible dans ce fichier zip) à installer dans le même répertoire que cumdecr ! Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
g92pform.zip5k00-04-11File is not ratedGeometry 92+ PLUS v2.4
awsome formulas for geometry. Volume, surface areas, perimeter, base area, conversions .ext (ported from 89 by me) (version 2.4)
gcd2.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedGCD of Several Numbers
Obtain the GCD of several numbers all at once, instead of obtaining the GCD of a measly two numbers.
gena.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedGergonne-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Gergonne Point and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
geometry92p.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedGeometry Equations Solver
This allows you to keep an organized list of equations on your calc for quick reference and use.
geommean92.zip1k03-05-12File is not ratedGeometric Mean Finder
Installs functions for finding geometric means.
geradenschneiden.zip1k02-05-22File is not ratedSchnitt von Geraden 1.0
Dieses Programm schneidet Geraden in Parameterdarstellung oder gegeben durch Punkt und Normalvektor, geschrieben in Deutsch
gh.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedCentroid-Orthocenter
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
gi.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedCentroid-Incenter
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Incenter in a triangle.
gk.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Symmedian
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
gl.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Longchamps
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the de Longchamps Point in a triangle.
gna.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
gn.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Nine Point Center
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Nine-Point Center in a triangle.
golden89.zip22k06-04-19File is not ratedGolden Ratio (All TI's & DOS)
Each program finds the Golden Ratio and stores it to B. The DOS version simply tells you the Golden Ratio and shows the same math as the TI versions (but MUCH faster).
go.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Circumcenter
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
grad3.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedgrad3
solves cubic equations symbolically
gsp.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Spieker
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
height_area.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedHeight to Area
Obtain the area of a triangle given the lengths of its three altitudes.
hfib.zip22k04-09-27File is not ratedBig Fibonacci Calculator v1.7
Calculates, in just a couple seconds, very large Fibonacci Numbers that would normally exceed the calculator's abilities. These functions are now extended to include the Lucas Numbers or any other Generalized Fibonacci sequence. The companion functions provide further information useful for the study of the digits of any Generalized Fibonacci sequence. Examples: The one-trillionth Fibonacci Number has 208987640250 digits and begins 425842268899. The last eight digits of the one-billionth Lucas Number are 61328127. Included are versions and source code for TI-92/92+/V200, and also the TI-89 Titanium.
hge.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Gergonne
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Gergonne Point in a triangle.
histogram92p.zip39k06-11-18File is not ratedHistograms
Creates a histogram by a list and plots it like a xyline plot: this allows a very faster exploration of big histograms.
hk.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Symmedian
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
hm.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Mittenpunkt
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Mittenpunkt in a triangle.
hna.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
hsp.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Spieker
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
hyperpr.zip1k02-08-05File is not ratedHypergeometric Probability Distribution V. 2.0
Finds probability of x defects in a sample of size n taken from a small universe, e.g., a deck of cards
ige.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Gergonne
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Gergonne Point in a triangle.
ik.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Symmedian
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
il.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Longchamps
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the de Longchamps Point in a triangle.
imagraph.zip2k99-03-03File is not ratedImaGraph+ v1.0
Complex grapher for cartesian, polar, and parametric 2D functions.
implicit.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedImplicit Grapher
Does implicit graphing better than the 92+
im.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Mittenpunkt
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Mittenpunkt in a triangle.
ina.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
info.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedTriangle Center Symbols
Lists various symbols used to depict various important points in a triangle (i.e. incenter, orthocenter, etc.).
inter4pt.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIntersection of Four Points
Given four points, this function joins the first two and the last two and returns the intersection of those two lines.
interestnly.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedInterest Formulas
A string containing two interest formulas: one for compounding n-ly and one for compounding continuously.
interest.zip8k13-02-03File is not ratedCompound Interest Calculator
This is a simple compound interest program I wrote in my spare time, feel free to alter or make changes to this program or use it to teach yourself how to write TI-92/92 Plus Basic programs.
interpol92p.zip80k06-11-18File is not ratedSingle & Double Interpolator
The most powerful program for single and double interpolations.
interpolsi.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedInterpolacion Sencilla
interpol.zip44k09-07-01File is not ratedInterpol
[ESP] Interpolación lineal entre 2 variables (solución exacta y aproximada) [ENG] Linear interpolation between 2 variables (exact and approximate solution)
intnum.zip69k10-04-10File is not ratedIntNum 1.0. (Integ. num.: Trapecio, Regla de Simpson)
[ESP] Cálcula integración numérica por el método del Trapecio y la regla de Simpson).[ING] Calculates the numerical integration method Trapeze and Simpson's rule).
inv_laplace.zip89k06-12-26File is not ratedInverse Laplace Transformation v 1.04
Returns the inverse Laplace transformation of a f(s) function. Bugs fixed.
invtory.zip15k01-01-22File is not ratedInventory Methods
First-In, First-Out; Last-In, First-Out; Weighted Average inventory costing methods. Calculates total inventory costs and costs of goods sold. This is the TI-92 Plus version. Good for accounting/finance.
in.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Nine Point
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Nine-Point in a triangle.
io.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedIncenter-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the Incenter and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
iscnstru.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedIs Constructable
Returns a boolean (true / false) indicating whether or a not a regular polygon with given sides is constructable with a compass and straightedge.
isp.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedIncenter-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Incenter and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
iter92p.zip65k06-11-20File is not ratedIterative Solver
The program solves implicit equations with a transparent iterative method, showing all steps. It's ideal for exams!
jordan.zip6k16-09-22File is not ratedJordan92
The BASIC program jordan(a) computes the Jordan normal form of a quadratic matrix a up to size 5x5. It is displayed on the IO-screen and stored in the variable jord. The transformation matrix is stored in the variable s.
koch92p.zip1k02-04-12File is not ratedKoch Curve Generator 1.0
Kochsf.9xp generates the Koch curve which looks somewhat like a snowflake.
koni.zip7k00-06-02File is not ratedKoni v2.8
A conic analyzer which tells you the nature , definition, and characteristics of a conic section. Also graphs it. English and French versions.
ko.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedSymmedian-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the Symmedian Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
kugeldre.zip1k00-07-20File is not ratedSPHERICAL Triangle Solver (Dutch)
This is a program which finds the measures of three angles or sides based upon three entered by the user. (SSS,WWW,SWS,WSW,SSW,WWS)
lagrange3.zip199k10-04-10File is not ratedLagrange 1.1. (Polinomio interpolador de Lagrange)
[ESP] Calcula el polinomio de interpolación por Lagrange aproximando funciones. [ING] Calculate the Lagrange interpolation polynomial approximating functions.
lagrangeinterpolation.zip38k06-12-26File is not ratedLagrange Interpolation
A useful function that returns the Lagrange interpolating polynomial for given points
lagrange.zip9k02-11-08File is not ratedLagrange Polynomial Interpolation V.2.0
A mathematical French curve - plots and computes interpolated and extrapolated values from a set of measurements
lammonsiirto_92plus.zip35k04-03-17File is not ratedHeat conveyance Finnish (lämmönsiirron kaavat)
Kiitokset Copyto_h ja fastkbd ohjelmien tekijöille! (Ei tietoa kenen tuotantoa) Varoitus! Fastkbd:n käyttöä ei suositella ohjelmistolla 2.09 -> laskin kaatuilee -> ei-flash-tiedostot katoaa! Ei dokumentaatiota joten joudut itse selvittämään minkälainen kaava kukin ohjelma on. Yleistä: -käynnistä run()-komennolla -tulokset voidaan tallentaa nimellä ja voidaan käyttää kaavoissa -voidaan ratkaista mikä tahansa muuttuja -tulos tulee pääikkunaan näkyville -voi olla kirjotusvirheitä -ohjelmat tehty vuosina 2002-2004 Kaavat: Prantlin, Grashof, Yksikkömuunnin, 9 X Nusselt kaavoja, 2 X Reynoldsin kaavoja, 7 X Lämpövirta kaavoja, 2 X Lämpötilaero kaavoja. Ethän tee laittomia kopioita ;)
laplace92p.zip84k06-12-26File is not ratedLaplace
It's a compact and powerful function that calculates Laplace transformations also with literal parameters
laplacex.zip17k00-09-23File is not ratedLaplaceX v.2.3
LaplaceX v.2.3: Calculate Laplace and Inverse Laplace Transforms. What's new: 1) irrational poles and zeros supported 2) Dirac Impulse supported
lcm2.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedEnhanced LCM
Obtains the LCM of multiple numbers at once, as opposed to the built-in LCM function, which only evaluates for a measly two numbers.
lge.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedLongchamps-Gergonne
Obtains the distance between the de Longchamps Point and the Gergonne Point in a triangle.
lgib20.zip15k04-11-20File is not ratedGeneral Fibonacci Final Digits 2.5
Function developed for the high-speed calculation of the final digits of any Generalized Fibonacci Number G(a,b,n). Configurable to calculate any number of final digits up to two hundred or more. Configuration is now nearly twice as fast. Returns twenty digits in less than 8sec on the V200 - 17sec absolute worst case. Available for the TI-89/ 92Plus/ V200. Added a version for the TI-92. Example: Last eighty digits of the trillionth Lucas Number are returned in 12.8sec and are ... 8107402237 8151629520 2428526180 8761835664 0376812699 1914147577 6463747024 5361328127
lh.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedLongchamps-Orthocenter
Obtains the distance between the de Longchamps Point and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
lineal92p.zip217k04-07-03File is not ratedLineal 1.1
Lineal 1.1 linealiza un sistema de ecuaciones en un/os punto/s de equilibrio/s. Muestra todos los pasos de cálculo de forma secuencial (en castellano)
linebis.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedAngle Bisector
Given two non-parallel lines on the Cartesian plane, this program finds the two lines that bisect the angle created by the two original lines.
linedist.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedDistances Between Non-Zero Dimensional Loci
Finds the distance between either a point and a line, a point and a plane, a line and a line, a plane and a plane, or a point and a parabola (in 2D).
linptslp.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedPoint-Slope to Slope-Intercept
Given a point and the slope of the line, this program find the line through that given point with that given slope and puts the line in slope-intercept, or y-intercept, form.
listfunctions92p.zip55k02-06-19File is not ratedList Functions for TI-92 Plus Version 1
15 list utilities for the TI-89: including reversing the elements of a list, and other list editing tools such as inserting to and deleting objects from lists, randomizing, extracting, and finding what positions does an object occur in a list. Arithmetic and geometric sequences included. Recursive list program included.
listfun.zip17k01-06-01File is not ratedList Functions for TI 92 Plus
Five functions: Find the 1st occurence of a given number in a list, insert an item into a list, delete an item from a list, extract part of a list, and a polynomial solver simular to the TI-86. Very useful to use in programs.
logb2.zip1k01-08-06File is not ratedLogaritmo en base "b"
Calcula el logaritmo de un argumento en cualquier base
logbase.zip2k01-12-16File is not ratedLogbase(base,arg) Function
Archive this function and don't ever make a change of base again!
logb.zip3k07-09-05File is not ratedLogarithm to the base n
[ENGLISH]This function is very simple to use, just type logb(number,base) in HOME to get the logarithm of "number" to the base "base".[SPANISH]Esta función es muy fácil de usar, solo digite logb(número,base) en el HOMEpara obtener el logaritmo de "número" en base "base".
logic92p.zip127k06-12-30File is not ratedLogic Toolbox
Logic Toolbox is a group of functions and programs created to support Boolean logic operations like interactive True-Tables and Karnaugh's maps.
logic.zip6k00-10-26File is not ratedLogic
Create truth tables for logic equations, with unlimited varibles
lo.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedLongchamps-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the de Longchamps Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
lucas.zip4k18-09-08File is not ratedLucas
This program illustrates the Gauss-Lucas theorem: Given a complex polynomial p, the zeros of p' lie in the convex hull of the zeros of p.
lzt.zip429k14-02-12File rated 8.68Laplace and Z transform
This program calculates a direct and inverse transformation. Parts of the program are two shells for a simulation of electric circuits and dynamical systems described by block diagram algebra.
mat2f.zip2k02-06-08File is not ratedmat2f
Löst ein lineares Gleichungssystem, das als Matrix im Parameter angegeben wird. Für weitere Informationen und ein Beispiel siehe Readme.
matfuncs92p.zip4k02-04-15File is not ratedMatrix Function Pack
This is a group of 8 functions that allow you to do very useful things to matrices (some of which should have been included by TI in the first place, IMHO). Read the Readme for more detailed information about each function.
math2000.zip5k01-01-22File is not ratedMATH 2000
Ce programme est un logiciel de maths qui contient plein de programmes utiles pour le lycee.ATTENTION CE PROGRAMME NE FONCTIONNE QUE LORSQUE VOTRE CALCULATRICE EST EN ANGLAIS.
mathfunc.zip3k02-03-08File is not ratedMath Functions
This is a group of functions for your calc to help speed up homework and tests.
mathtools.zip1228k11-04-17File rated 8.61MathTools version 2.4.3
Linear Algebra, Polynomials, Calculus, Statistics, Special Functions, Vector Analysis, and more!
mathutils.zip455k15-02-22File is not ratedMathUtils 0.6
Suite with functions for applied math, electronics and HAM radio - now including some digital signal processing functions
math.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedMathematica 92+
Does math operations on indefinitely long numbers
matrix.zip5k00-02-27File is not ratedMATRIX v1.0 Final (French)
A program to help you study matrix in french, but I need help to port it in english.
mcbas.zip5k03-12-01File is not ratedMCBAS Minimos Cuadrados para TI92+
MCBAS es una minisuit de 3 funciones creada para todos aquellos que aun no han disfrutado del ajuste de curvas por minimos cuadrados!
medclass.zip2k01-05-08File is not ratedMedclass v1.00
Medclass est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer la médiane (2° quartile), le 1° et le 3° quartile d'une série classée de variables et d'une liste d'effectifs. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
median_area.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedMedian Lengths to Area
Given the lengths of the three medians of a triangle, obtains the area of said triangle.
mediane.zip2k01-05-08File is not ratedMediane v1.00
Mediane est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer la médiane d'une liste de variables et d'une liste d'effectifs. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
mk.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedMittenpunkt-Symmedian
Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
mohr.zip6k01-05-08File is not ratedMohr v1.00
MOHR est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer les contraintes et de tracer le cercle de Mohr des contraintes mais aussi de calculer les déformations et de tracer le cercle de Mohr des déformations. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient la mécanique et la résistance des matériaux entre autres.
moincarr.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedMoincarr v1.00
Moincarr est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer l'équation de la droite d'un ajustement linéaire par la méthode des moindres carrés. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
moneyval.zip4k06-01-28File is not ratedFinancial Equations Solver V2.1
The program solves the classical Time/Value/Money equations. It presents data in a spreadsheet like format using the Dialog and Request functions of the TI-92 Plus/TI-89/TI Voyage 200 family of calculators.
moyenne.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedMoyenne v1.00
Moyenne est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer la moyenne d'une liste de variables et d'une liste d'effectifs. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
msm1.zip1341k02-02-10File is not ratedMath Suite Millennium, Build 1
Math Suite Millennium, Build 1 is a large, 'do-it-all' collection of enhanced, integrated mathematics software. Contains algebra, geometry, trig and calculus applications and functions. Completely cross compatible with the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. Also contains detailed, illustrated documentation (requires PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).
msolve.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedMatrix solver
Solve matrix equations
msp.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedMittenpunkt-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
msy2kvb.zip1485k00-03-02File is not ratedTI-Source Math Suite 2000, Second Series
The TI-Source Math Suite 2000, Second Series, is a collection of professional mathematics software for the TI-89, TI-92 and TI-92 Plus. Included is illustrated 42 page documentation, quadratic solver, on-calc math reference library, simult solver (like 85/86 simult solver), linear equation tool (2D and 3D), math suite manager (pre-defined custom menus, global suite settings), numeric converter (bin, hex, dec, oct, BCD, length, time, volume, temperature), geometry toolbox (area and vol tools, pythagorean util, trig functions, triangle solver), custom application launcher, interpolate editor, easy statistics program, calculator manager, xroot function, frac function, export data between programs, save answers or variables, much much more. Requires from 25 KB to 165 KB free on your calculator, depending on your sub-version choice: Plus or Compact.
multifun92p.zip59k03-11-30File is not ratedMultiple Functions Editor
Allows easier analysis of large functions through examining discrete intervals.
nag.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Centroid
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Centroid in a triangle.
nai.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Incenter
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Incenter in a triangle.
nan.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Nine
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Nine Point Center in a triangle.
nao.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
nasp.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
ng.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNine-Centroid
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the Centroid in a triangle.
nh.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNine-Orthocenter
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
normal.zip51k06-10-28File is not ratedNormal v1.01
Normal v1.01 is a TI-83,84 style command-line distribution function package. Running normcdf(-infinity,36,35,2) returns 0.691462461274, full 12 decimal accuracy. The built-in TI cumulative normal is only accurate to 8 decimals.This is a 5.6k option for those who want normal and inverse normal distribution functions without having to load the whole 317k Stat LE Flash App.
nsp.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedNine-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
numdig.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedDigit Counter
You type numdig(x) and it will tell you the number of digits in x. numdig(12)=2, etc. It also counts decimal digits.
numregin.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedNumber of Regions, Etc.
Given a regular n-gon, calculates one of the following from: 1) Number of regions that the diagonals cut the n-gon into, Number of regions which the diagonals of the n-gon divide its center if on three are concurrent, Number of ways the n-gon can be divided into triangles, Number of intersection points formued inside a regular n-gon by its diagonals
oh.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedCircumcenter-Orthocenter
Obtains the distance between the Circumcenter and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
onmathpolyco.zip22k05-05-10File is not ratedON-Math polyco
This program takes a polynomial, raises it to a power and builds a histogram of exponents versus coefficients.
on.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedCircumcenter-Nine
Obtains the distance between the Circumcenter and the Nine Point Center in a triangle.
optimalx.zip38k04-03-28File is not ratedOptimalx
Optimalx is a hybrid numerical iterative method to find the min/max (optimum) of a single variable function. Optimalx will first, consider a weighted gradient method, and then a Gradient “cross swords” method. In case of a “looping” iterative sequence, Optimalx will revert to a Bisection method.
optimalz.zip2k04-03-28File is not ratedOptimalZ
Optimalz is a numerical iterative method to find the min/max (optimum) of a single variable function. Optimalz uses the secant method to extrapolate to the zero first derivative. Optimalz extrapolate the derivatives of the best point and the second best point.
orthictriangle.zip2k16-12-03File is not ratedOrthic Triangle
Given an acute triangle ABC, find the inscribed triangle of minimal perimeter. The user can try to find the solution or have it displayed by the program: It's the orthic triangle, which has its vertices at the base points of the altitudes of the given triangle ABC.
palsol.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedPalindrome Solver
This program takes and inputted number and finds its "Palindrome". A "Palindrome" is a something that can be read in the same way backwards as it can forwards.
para3ptx.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedParabola Through Three Points
Given three points, this program finds the equation of the parabola (whose axis of symmetry is parallel to the X-axis) on the Cartesian plane.
para3pty.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedParabola Parallel to Y Axis
Given three points, this program will find the equation of the parabola that passes through these three points and is parallel to the y-axis.
partialandroots.zip71k03-05-23File is not ratedPartial Fractions and All Roots
Find equivalent partial fraction expansion of the ratio of two polynomials B(s)/A(s).
pascal2.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Row Finder
See readme file
pascal68k.zip3k03-06-03File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Matrix
This stores many rows of pascals triangle to a matrix for easy viewing. Just type in 'pascal(x)' where x is the number of rows. When finished type in pas to see the matrix.
pascal_row.zip2k11-06-23File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Row
This program returns the given row of Pascal's triangle as a list. This program sacrifices speed for a small size, so beware. Tip: it can also be used to find the coefficients of a binomial expansion.
pathag.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedPathag
Solves for side c of a triangle when you input a and b
perimete.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedPerimeter
Finds the perimeter of any 4 sided object
perinseq.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPerrin Sequence
Obtains the nth term in the Perrin Sequence.
phsolve.zip64k04-09-11File is not ratedPhysic Solver Pro v 1.02
The smallest and most powerful physic solver to pass your exams without difficulty: 140 equations in a fast and easy to use 7 KB program that also supports both normal and numeric solving.
physicsolver.zip89k06-11-18File is not ratedPhysics Pack
Includes 138 equations subdivided in 24 groups (Velocity, Acceleration, Forces, Vectors, Motion 2D, Universal Gravity, Momentum, Power & Work, Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, States of Matter, Waves, Reflection, Mirror & Lenses, Light Diffraction, Electric Fields, Electric Currents, Circuits, Magnetic Fields, Induction, E. M. Fields, Quantum Theory, The Atom and a Miscellaneous) that can be used with Equation Solver and Manager (eqman.zip, available in my page), all that in 6 KB!
piegraph.zip1k00-04-05File is not ratedPie Grapher
This program graphs a pie chart when you input a string of numbers that equal 100 after the name. An example is piegraph({10,20,30,40}).
pieuler89.zip2k03-05-18File is not ratedPi: Euler's Method
This package of programs for all TI's quickly converges to pi using one of Euler's methods.
pie.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPi and e (i.e. the constants)
Multiplies and divides a given decimal by pi^n and e^n in order to obtain an exact value that approximates to the given decimal. If it is impossible to represent the decimal in terms of pi and e, the program returns the boolean "false".
pinewt.zip3k06-07-07File is not ratedPINEWT - Computes pi to housands of places
Using "infinite" precision arithmetic you can compute (slowly) PI to thousands of places by evaluating Newton's power series
piston2.zip16k09-11-25File is not ratedTechnical animations
Four Geometer's Sketchpad technical animations: A planer, a centrifugal regulator and two radial engines.
piston.zip97k09-10-05File is not ratedAnimated piston engines
With these geometry animations you can to understand the movement of several piston engines. With this simple method you can make other engine animations. The Cabri Geometry version of these animations are aviable in the Ti92/basic/math/piston.zip file.
plancpt.zip35k01-02-20File is not ratedPlancpt v1.00
plan comptable général français
plnethru.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPlane Through
Given three points in 3D space, this program returns the equation of the plane that passes through all three points. After all, any three noncollinear points determine a unique plane!
pntarea92p.zip37k06-10-27File is not ratedPoint's Area
This program calculates the area of a convex polygon given the matrix of vertexes.
pntlines92p.zip86k03-11-24File is not ratedPoints & Lines Geometry Assistant
The program analyses a lot of analytic geometry problems with points and lines: line notation conversion, line across two points, lines intersection, line bisector, orthogonal lines, point on line projection, line-symmetric point, point-line distance, segment medium point and more over. The result is displayed in function or parametric graph mode and it can be saved for a future utilization. All data can be entered either in function or parametric notation.
polint.zip3k05-05-01File is not ratedPolynomial Interpolation
Polynomial Interpolation (function)
polydiag.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPolygonal Diagonals
Obtains the length of every diagonal in a regular n-gon with a given length. Results returned as a list.
polygon92p.zip12k04-07-15File is not ratedRegular Polygons
Calculates the area of a regular polygon given side length and number of sides.
polygons.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedRegular Polygons
Calculates various properties of regular polygons based on other givens that the user provides.
polynv18.zip1k03-11-14File is not ratedPolynomial calculator with all the demonstration
Polynomial calculator with all the demonstration , step to step.
polynv20.zip1k05-06-04File is not ratedPolynomial calculator with all the demonstration
Polynomial calculator with all the demonstration , step to step. v20:Now with complex solutions.
powergen.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedPower Generator
This generates a list of power. Type in "powergen(x,a,b)" and you'll be shown x^a through x^b.
powroot.zip6k03-06-19File is not ratedAny Root Finder (Guess-n-Check Method)
This is simple to use. You input the number, the root you want to find (2 for square, 3 for cube, etc), and how many decimal places. It'll only show the TI's limit in decimal places, but is pretty cool nonetheless. Quickly made for every TI.
precal92p.zip6k03-03-05File is not ratedPreCalculus Programs
A collection of programs from my precal book, Precalculus with Limits A Graphing Approach. Check readme for specifics.
preprime.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPrevious Prime
Finds the largest prime number that is less than the given number.
primelist.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedPrimeList
A totally useless function that will return a list of x primes, starting at 2. Ex: primes(4)={2,3,5,7}. Enjoy.
primes89_2.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedPrime Factoror
This factors ANY # into primes, with negative and decimal support (1st time ever).
prime.zip1k98-07-22File is not ratedPrime
Determines if a number is prime
primt.zip4k05-09-25File is not ratedLucas and Perrin Prime Tests v1.0
Two probablistic prime tests involving the Lucas and Perrin Sequences. They are implemented by using modular exponentiation with the Q-Matrix method for time-efficient results. Functions return 'true' or 'false' for a given integer argument. Can test 64-digit integers in just under a minute.
programs.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedSchnitt von Geraden 1.0
Dieses Programm schneidet Geraden in Parameterdarstellung oder gegeben durch Punkt und Normalvektor, geschrieben in Deutsch
prr.zip1k02-05-22File is not ratedPossible Rational Root Tester
This program is great!!!!!!!!!!!! It will succesfully test up to 4 rational roots for a 6th degree polynomial and it will give you the table of results. Great for saving time instead of writing the work
psrandom.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedPseudo-Random Distribution Tests V. 1,1
Program generates 500 samples from a given pseudo-random distribution, plots a histogram and a Gaussian distribution based on the mean and st. dev. of the samples
qfmosb3.zip4k03-03-09File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS Beta 3
This program is a math system that does many things that are included in Algebra 1 and some Geometry. This is a Beta, but should not have any bugs.
qform.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedqform( )
Quadratic Formula solver: qform(a,b,c)
quadfm4admindist.zip4k03-04-08File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS 4 Admin Tools Beta
This is the beta of the QuadForm Math OS 4 Admin tools, unfortunatly, the final will not be released for at least 2 days, so, enjoy!
quadfm592.zip81k03-07-04File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS 5
The much anticipated QuadForm Math OS 5 featuring the qfX Extension System.
quadform3fr.zip4k03-03-17File is not ratedQuadform Math OS 3 French
An update to version 3 Beta. This has several bug fixes. Oh, yeah, it's in French this time.
quadform3.zip4k03-03-17File is not ratedQuadform Math OS 3
This is the Quadform Math OS Version 3 for the TI-92 Plus. There are a few bug fixes in here, but nothing major.
quadform4hw1.zip39k03-04-17File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS 4 HW1
QuadForm Math OS 4. HW1 Ed.
quadform4hw2.zip39k03-04-17File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS 4
QuadForm Math OS 4, HW1 version. And, yes, there is a difference between the HW1 and HW2 versions. This can install KerNO via BASIC and also uses MurBeck's System Utilities.
quadformfr.zip4k03-03-13File is not ratedQuadform Math OS 3 Beta (French)
The French edition of the Quadform Math OS for the TI-92 Plus.
quadformkernel.zip4k03-03-20File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS 3 Kernel
QuadForm Math OS 3 Kernel. It is much more compact (9.5 kb vs. 11.1/14.1 kb) and faster than the regular QuadForm Math OS 3. Get yourself a copy today!
quadformmasterpack.zip38k03-03-17File is not ratedQuadform Math OS Master Pack
This is the Quadform Math OS Version 3 for the TI-92 Plus. There are a few bug fixes in here, but nothing major.
quadformmathos.zip2k02-10-23File is not ratedQuadForm Math OS
A huge math program dealing with some algebra and geometry.
quadrila.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedQuadrilaterals
Obtain several useful formulas involving various types of quadrilaterals.
quadsolv.zip1k99-08-14File is not ratedQuadratic Solver
Solves and shows quadratic equations.
queueeqs.zip3k02-08-02File is not ratedQueuing Equation Solver V. 2.0
Solves classical m/m/s queuing equations - e.g., 5 barbers, 16 customers per hour, average time per haircut - 15 minutes. Find average waiting time and other parameters
radcircm.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedCircumradius
Obtain the circumradius of a triangle with given side lengths.
radin.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedInradius
Obtains the inradius of a triangle with given side lengths.
reflectn.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedReflections and Rotations
Reflects & rotates points over points, points over lines, lines over lines, and lines over points.
reg_poly.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedRegular Polygon Formulas
Obtain several useful formulas relating to regular polygons, such as its area, apothem, circumradius, etc.
regres92p.zip55k03-11-24File is not ratedRegression Synthetizer v 2.00
This program finds the best regression or a requested one given two lists of values and saves it. The new version traces the plot and the regressed function and shows the maximum error of regression.
reimann.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedReimann Sums
Does all the Reimann sums that I know of
revlist.zip1k01-05-08File is not ratedRevlist v1.00
Revlist est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet d'inverser une liste. ex : {a,b,c} => {c,b,a}.
riemann.zip1k00-02-12File is not ratedRiemann's Sums Finder
Gives all Riemann's Sums: Left, Right, Upper, Lower, and Midpoint Sums and the Exact Integral evaluation
rk4rrdv2.zip1k00-07-23File is not ratedRk4rrdv2 (Spanish)
resuelve una edo por rk-4
rneval.zip1k04-09-18File is not ratedRANDY'S Notation Evaluator
RN is a turing-complete language which only uses parentheses. This function is an interpreter for it.
routh92p.zip6k03-11-29File is not ratedRouth
The function analyzes the stability of a transfer function calculating poles signs. The function returns the Routh table of a polynomial expression also with parameters. It's ideal for exams.
routh.zip6k04-03-28File is not ratedRouth v. 2.00
The function analyzes the stability of a transfer function calculating poles signs and returns the Routh table of polynomial expression, also with parameters. It's ideal for exams. Now with a new algorithm for better intelligible results.
rpn4.zip17k10-05-20File is not ratedA 4 Level RPN emulator based on the HP-35 calculator.
With this program you can understand and practice the RPN's logic with a comestible run speed. The 4 Level RPN is an early RPN version. A four level stack is sufficient even for very complex expressions. It was used first on the HP-35 calculator in 1972. The HP-35 was the first pocket calculator with transcendental functions and the first with RPN. The program is based on this machine. My goal was: To write a correct stack emulator of a more simple but faster scientific calculator. The emulator's functions are shown on the screen shots. What you see is what you get. IO screen programming: The controlled write command is the >Output< but it's very slow. The >Disp< is faster, but it isn't controllable. You can control the >Disp< with an empty >Output row,col,""< command. Update: See update.txt
rpnplus.zip5k01-06-01File is not ratedRPNplus
Rpn programme with many functions (english francais)
rpn.zip110k99-12-25File is not ratedRPN v2.5
This new version of my RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) program allows you to use derivates...
rth.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedRth Term Finder in a Polynomial Expression
This program will find the rth term in a plynomial expression, only asking a few variables. Great to check your work and avoid tons of writing.
sequence.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedSequence Formulas Cheat Sheet
This program gives you the formulas for arithmetic, geometric and binomial sequences. Great cheat sheet for a test
seriesunk.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedSeries Solver
A valuable program that can solve many different aspects of both geometric and arithmetic series. Makes use of actual formulas, not simple for & while loops, so unknown variables are supported. Makes use of local functions so as to speed up program execution, as well.
shoelacealgorithm.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedShoelace Algorithm
Executes the Shoelace Algorithm, a relatively simple formula to calculate the exact area of any polygon given its correctly sorted (i.e. ordered) vertices & coordinates.
similitu.zip97k01-08-06File is not ratedSimilitude II (v2.0)
Programme permettant de déterminer une transformation géométrique à partir de son écriture complexe. Il suffit, pour cela, de rentrer le "a" et le "b" d'une écriture complexe de la forme z'=a*z+b, et le programme vous dit à quel type de transformation cette écriture correspond, le tout avec les phrases nécessaires (pour le Bac !). Idéal pour les Terminales S ayant choisi la spécialité Mathématiques.
simi.zip5k01-06-08File is not ratedSimilitudes directes (complexes)
version 1.1 (Français): Étude des expressions complexes de similitudes planes directes (de l'expression à la nature ou de la nature à l'expression), composition de similitudes et détermination de la de réciproque... (support TIOS français/anglais)
simplex1.zip13k00-10-05File is not ratedSIMPLEX v1.2.1 (English & Spanish)
Easy to use Simplex, with tableaux creator and Stepwise option. Fully compatible between TI-89, 92, 92-Plus. Simplex fácil de usar, con creador de tabla y resolución Paso por Paso. Completamente compatible con TI-89, 92, 92-Plus.
simplex.zip3k00-04-13File is not ratedSimplex
Implementation of the Simplex algorithm. It uses a dialog box for matrix input and gives the optimal solution (if exists) or the direction-of-no-limit if unbound. Minimun or maximum problem is selectable with a drop-down menu.
simplify.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedSimplify
Given a decimal, this program will try to obtain an exact representation of that decimal in terms of radicals, fractions, pi, and e, as long as each numerator and denominator is less than five digits long, so as to keep the exact representation "realistic", in a sense. If this cannot be done, the function returns the boolean "false".
simpsonr92p.zip1k02-03-03File is not ratedSimpson's Rule v1.0
This program does the Simpson's Rule for you. It estimates areas under curves using this method. It's nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus. In the future I will make a program that also shows all steps.
sim.zip3k01-04-29File is not ratedSimultaneous equations, EigenVAlues and EigenVeCtors v1.00
A small package of functions for symbolically solving Simultaneous equations, EigenValues and EigenVectors. The simultaneous equations solver solves all kinds of systems including those who gives parametric solutions.
sine.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedsine-cosine rule
This is a program that will calculate either a side or angle of a triangle using sine or cosine rule.
sisecuac.zip955k09-07-16File is not ratedSisEcuac 2.1. (Sistemas ecuaciones lineales paso a paso)
[ESP] Resuelve sistemas de ecuaciones lineales paso a paso mediante el método de Gauss y la regla de Cramer. Admite parámetros no numéricos y discute las soluciones. Esta nueva versión necesita la librería Flib y la APP EQW (no incluidos).[ING] Solve linear equations systems step by step using the Gauss method and the Cramer's rule. Accepts parameters (no numerical) and discusses solutions. This new version requires the library Flib and APP EQW (not included)
slowgr1.zip4k00-06-04File is not ratedSlow Functions' Plotter
Generates a plot for a given expression. The points are displayed in an order such that firstly a very low resolution plot is generated, then a better one, then a better one and so on. This way people using this program are able to understand how does the plot look like from a very short number of displayed points. Note: this can be crucial as it's possible to a function to last 30 seconds or more untill a point can be displayed. 30s/pxl*239pxl=1h59min30s
smr.zip4k00-11-06File is not ratedStepwise Matrix Reduction (Reducción de Matrices Paso a Paso
This program applies and shows the three elemental operations: 1) row swap, 2) multiply a row by an expression and 3) row add. Supports undefined variables, and creates a registry of applied operations. Este programa aplica y muestra las tres operaciones elementales: 1) intercambio de filas, 2) multiplicar una fila por un escalar y 3) suma de filas. Soporta variables indefinidas y permite crear un registro de las operaciones realizadas.
sort.zip21k03-11-29File is not ratedSort
The classic sort commands are now able to return a value and can be used also in a function, not only in a program like TI’s default versions.
spheric.zip4k18-06-21File is not ratedSpherical Trigonometry
This program solves spherical triangles. Enter exactly three of the characteristic values (sides and angles) and the program will calculate the other three.
splitadd.zip22k01-06-01File is not ratedSplit Add for TI 92 Plus
This program allows the user to split a large list of numbers into columns without having to read the column a million times. This program is also great for keeping sports scores or game show scores. I strong suggest you read the documentation, because it provides an illustrative example.
sqrt.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedExact Radical
Given a decimal, this program will try to find an exact representation of this decimal as long as both the number in the radical and potentially the denominator of the fraction (if there is one) are less than five digits in length. If this requirement cannot be met, the program returns the boolean "false".
square.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedSquare Root Calculator!!!
You enter 2 arguments, this function calculates the square root of the first number to as many decimal digits as you specify with the second number. Syntax: sqroot(a,b)
stamps3.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedSolving Diophantine Equations for Postage Stamps
Given up to 3 stamp denominations the program finds the best combination of stamps for a given postage
statanalyser1.5beta1.zip45k04-08-25File is not ratedStat Analyser v1.5 beta 1 par BonomoV
Stat analyser is the most powerful and automatic stat program ever written on TI. Based on my medical cycle study, it is also fully adapted for all other stat students. The full characteristics are explained below and in the readme file (but in French...)
statlite.zip94k06-10-27File is not ratedStatLitE v1.02
StatLitE v1.02 is a TI-83,84 style command-line distribution function package. Running normcdf(-infinity,36,35,2) returns 0.691462461274, full 12 decimal accuracy. The built-in TI cumulative normal is only accurate to 8 decimals. StatLitE is also a 12.3k alternative to the full 317k Stat LE Flash App. Included are pdfs and cdfs for the binomial, chi-squared, F-distribution, geometric, normal, Poisson and Student’s t distributions. The inverse normal cdf is also part of this package. Inverse chi-squared, F-distribution and Student’s t use the built-in solve function. Those three inverses run VERY SLOWLY! Supporting functions are the beta, incomplete beta, regularized beta, error function, complementary error function, double factorial, rising factorial, gamma, natural log gamma, lower incomplete gamma, upper incomplete gamma, and regularized gamma.
stats.zip1k00-03-03File is not ratedStatistics Program
This program was originally written on the TI-89 but was transfered to the TI-92 Plus, I don't know if it is fully functional, but this program solves for numersous amounts of Statistical Information.
stepgj.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedStep Gauss-Jordan
Does Gauss-Jordan Elimination and shows work
stepmat92p.zip75k04-09-06File is not ratedStep Matrix v 1.02
The program returns the reduced row echelon form of a matrix (n,n+1) or the inverse of a square matrix (also with undefined variables) step-by-step choosing automatically, stores all steps (if you want) and checks the result for maximum certainly.
sumfuncx.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedSum of Multiple f(x)
Given a definition for f(x) and multiple values for x, this program finds every necessary value of f(x) and sums them together. A very good time saver for a problem like "What is the value of f(1.23)+f(1.24)+f(1.25)+f(1.26)+f(1.27)+f(1.28)+f(1.29)?"
surfaces92p.zip55k03-11-24File is not ratedSurfaces Analysis Assistant
The program analyses a parametric 3D surface and calculates Jacob matrix, characteristic, area, tangent plane, flux, surface integral and more over. All results can be saved and reloaded in a second time.
svsolve.zip2k04-07-07File is not ratedsvsolve
Berechnet die stabile Verteilung einer Übergangsmatrix. Das erste Argument ist die Matrix, das zweite entweder eine Variable* oder die Summe aller Werte**. * Die Lösung wird in Abhängigkeit von der Variable angegeben. ** Die Lösung besteht nur aus Zahlen.
tangents.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTangential Line Procedure
Obtain an easy-to-follow, foolproof method to construct and/or draw internal and external tangents between two circles on a plane.
tanpt.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedTangentPoint
Does tangent through a point not on the curve
tb92.zip232k00-03-13File is not ratedAlgebra II Toolbox v1.92+
A port of the popular Algebra II Toolbox for the 86 and 89. A great Alg2 program for teachers or students. Contains Cramers, Quadratics, and much more! A great GUI. A must have Alg2 program!
tempconv.zip1k99-09-30File is not ratedTempConv v1.0
This program will convert temperatures (c to f, c to k, f to c, f to k, k to c, k to f.)
tetrahed.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTetrahedron
Can find the volume of a tetrahedron from its edge length OR its coordinates on the three-dimensional plane. The program can also obtain various properties of a regular tetrahedron given its side length. Using an undefined variable also works to obtain the formulas, themselves, used in determining these formulas.
ti92p_implicit_diff.zip502k22-09-19File is not ratedVTI vs TiEmu Implicit Differentiation
This file shows a safe way to activate implicit differentiation on an emulated TI-92+.
titan68k.zip14k10-10-01File is not ratedTitan68k tools
Titan68k tools can do an approx. calculation of: n!, x^n, ncr(n,k), a*b, a/b, a+/-b, (x)^(1/n), ln(x), log(x) for results (and in many cases on inputs) with a value that exceeds: +/- 9.99999999999999E+/-999.
tomixed.zip2k11-06-23File is not ratedTo Mixed Number
This function takes two arguments (a numerator and a denominator) and returns the string representation of the mixed form of that number [i.e. tomixed(4,3)="1+1/3"].
transf.zip3k02-08-09File is not ratedTransf
conversion of units
traparea.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTrapezoidal Area
Obtains the area of any trapezoid given its side lengths. Notes: using this function, there is NO requirement that the trapezoid be cyclic or isosceles.
trapezr92p.zip1k02-03-03File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule v1.5
This program does the Trapezoidal Rule for you. It estimates areas under curves using this method. It's nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus. In the future I will make a program that also shows all steps.
trap.zip1k00-02-12File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule
finds the trapezoidal rule approximation of integrals
trapzoid.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTrapezoid Solver
Obtains the lengths of the legs of the right triangles made by drawing the heights of the trapezoid, the coordinates of the intersection of the diagonals, the area of the trapezoid, and the area of each of the four triangles made by drawing in the diagonals of the trapezoid. Also yields some interesting and useful formulas concerning trapezoids, and not just isosceles or cyclic ones.
triangle.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTriangle
Obtains various important and useful formulas concerning triangles, including angle bisectors, etc.
tribonaci.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTribonacci Sequence
Obtain the nth Tribonacci number without simply recursively calling itself upon smaller and smaller numbers. This program is much faster and can generate exact values for up to about the 60th term.
tricoord.zip2k11-06-15File is not ratedTriangle Coordinates
Given the coordinates for the three vertices of a triangle, obtain the incenter, circumcenter, centroid, orthocenter, Gergonne Point, Nagel Point, the Fermat Point, and the equation for the three excircles.
trigonometry.zip52k02-10-26File is not ratedTrigonometry
This program takes three parts of a triangle (for example the three sides) and calculates the missing ones (the three angles and the area) with the sine and cosine theorem Available in English and German. Dieses Programm berechnet aus drei gegeben Teilen eines Dreiecks die restlichen Seiten, Winkel und den Flächeninhalt unter Zuhilfenahme des Sinus- und Cosinussatzes. Verfügbar in Englisch und Deutsch.
trigplus2.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTriangle Solver
Given three of any elements in the triangle (choosing from the 3 angles and the 3 sides), calculate the rest of the sides & angle measures, the lengths of the altitudes, the lengths of the medians, the lengths of the angle bisectors, the lengths of the inradii and circumradii, the area, and the the perimeter. Works for SSA (two triangles) and even if there are no solutions, the program will continue to run so that it gives at least partial results for the benefit of the user. Note: It still indicates, though, if there truly are no real solutions.
trisol.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedTriangle Solving Functions!
If you know any 3 parts of a triangle (excluding all 3 angles) you can use these functions to define the other three parts by entering what you do know. See the read me for details.
tsimplfy.zip5k02-05-14File is not ratedTrig Simplify
Converts messy trig expressions to much cleaner ones containing cosecant, secant, and cotangent. Only program of its kind in the archives and an excellent help in trig, calculus I, and calculus II.
tsolve.zip7k03-05-18File is not ratedTrigonometric Equality and Inequality Solver v. 2.00
This function allows the user to solve an equality or inequality with a single variable in a limited domain. This allows the solution to be free of the @n symbol so it is much easier to read and comprehend than the solution the built-in solve function would give. While the domain of the solve function can also be limited, it will still return some solutions with @n in it and this function eliminates that entirely. -- The function should now work properly with any and all approximations, along with fixing the problem of not returning all correct solutions of certain trig functions in AMS 2.08
twosquares.zip2k20-05-14File is not ratedTwo Squares
This program illustrates the fact that an interger >1 can be represented as the sum of two squares of integers if and only if its prime decomposition contains no odd power of a prime congruent to 3 mod 4.
unitcircle.zip11k05-07-28File is not ratedGraphical Unit Circle
Displays a graphical unit circle with the degree and radian angle measure when a degree or radian measure angle is given
usolve.zip5k99-10-31File is not ratedusolve v1.2
Inequality solver.
utilstat.zip2k01-05-08File is not ratedUtilstat v1.00
Utilstat est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer : _la somme des xi, yi, xi^2, yi^2 et xi*yi,_la moyenne des xi, yi, xi^2, yi^2 et xi*yi. Le résultat est donné sous forme de matrice/tableau, chaque membre des listes est affiché, et les sommes et les médianes se trouvent en-bas de la matrices après la ligne '*************'.
vbetude.zip8k00-09-17File is not ratedVBEtude de fonction 1.00.08
Le meilleur qui existe en version Francaise, rapide, légé, sûre, et complet
vectdiff.zip4k99-03-03File is not ratedDifferential Vector Operators
Gradient, Curl, Divergence and Laplacian in generic 3D curvilinear coordinate systems. Utility functions for rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates are also provided.
vect.zip1k00-01-12File is not ratedVector Sums
Adds 2 dimensional vectors
vertex.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedVertex Finder
This program will ask you for the values of a, b and c in a quadratic equation and will then give you the coordinates of the vertex.
x2test3.zip1k99-12-08File is not ratedChi-Statistic
Calcs the Chi-stat and return both CS and DOF.
zeta.zip3k09-11-01File is not ratedZeta Function
This is the zeta function, for all TI's except the TI-73.
zoom92.zip1k99-03-03File is not ratedZoom v1.1
A utility to get more control of the graph screen

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