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Last updated Tuesday, 28 May 2019
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Most popular file  Phoenix 7.6 for TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200 with 39,520 downloads.

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monster92p.zip51k19-05-28File is not ratedMonster 1.3 for TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200
A grayscale breakout-like game with scrolling and 7 types of power-ups, including lasers and multi-ball. It has very smooth gameplay synchronized at 29 frames per second. It also features a external levels, high score table, multiple speeds, and the ability to save the game at any point. The game only takes about 11K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code. The program it may be copied or modified without any restrictions. This is a nostub program so no shell or kernel is required.
grav.zip272k19-01-05File rated 8.33grav
Grav is a game with simple purpose. You are in a 2D world with gravity, handle a ball, and you have to reach the end : A (Arrivée in french). The only problem (there must be one) is you have to avoid spikes and other traps (jumpers, fans...).
jumpman_92.zip66k17-11-18File is not ratedJumpman 92+
Alien creatures have broken into the Jupiter headquarters and sabotaged all systems and hid bombs in different corners and angles, which can destroy the headquarters and the two adjoining buildings any moment. It all depends on you. As secret agent Jupiter Jumpman you have the speed and experience to cross the aliens' plans and thus defend the headquarters. In this comprehensive platform game, the bombs have to be collected in 30 levels. At the same time some creatures as bats, birds or aliens, but also robots and missiles disturb you. Also, collecting the bombs is a bit tricky. Either traps are triggered, i.e. ropes, ladders or platform parts disappear or fall down, or in some levels they only appear by this. The name of the level kind of contains directly what will happen! Seen as that, everything that moves should be avoided.
ultimav_92.zip898k17-11-18File is not ratedUltima V 92+
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Original by Lord British (Richard Garriott), Origin Systems, 1988 Remake by Ranman (David Randall) May 2008 Prepare thyself for thy destiny: After a century of relative peace, the Avatar of Virtue is summoned back to the medieval kingdom of Britannia to deal with a new threat: the usurper Lord Blackthorn, a formerly honorable nobleman who has been corrupted by strange new creatures called the Shadowlords. After the recent disappearance of the true king, Lord British, the realm has fallen under martial law. Blackthorn now rules the land by brutally enforcing the eight Virtues upon the people of Britannia - corrupting their meaning in the process. The Avatar must gather together his former companions, now made outlaws by Blackthorn's regime, and venture forth to defeat the vile Shadowlords and recover the true king from the shadowy depths of the Underworld. (Synopsis written by Ian Scott Frazier, Ultima V: Lazarus) Ultima V - Highlights: - 400 hours of game play - classic turn based RPG - 26 menu driven commands - user commands up to 6 party members - 175 NPC (non-playable characters) - NPCs have detailed conversations scripts - NPCs have a unique daily schedules. - 512 tiles (11x11 pixel, 4 level grayscale) - 2 world maps (each with a size of 256x256 tiles) - 32 multi level towns (each level size 32x32 tiles) - 8 dungeons each with 8 levels - 31 types of weapons - 7 types of armor - 5 types of shields - 5 types of helmets - 5 magic amulets - 3 magic rings - 8 magic potions - 8 magic scrolls - 8 reagents (reagents are used to mix magic spells) - 48 magic spells - food, keys, torches, & gems - 24 additional items - Day and night algorithm - Light point source algorithm - Clear line of site algorithm
flappybird.zip129k17-05-08File is not ratedFlappy Bird
flappy bird game on v200
finddoctor_68k.zip74k13-09-05File is not ratedFind Doctor
Update v1.02a. Find Doctor is a clone of the classic game on e-dictionary, and it's chinese name is "博士失踪记"(Bo shi shi zeong ji). I reprogram it, so you can enjoy it now. It's a AVG but like a RPG game, it dosn't had any fighting, just talk, find and use items on right.
phxplat92p.zip90k12-09-03File rated 8.24Platinum Edition 1.4 for TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200
The Platinum Edition of Phoenix! This is an advanced shoot-em-up game, with very smooth gameplay with many objects onscreen. It has grayscale, scrolling backgrounds, many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, eight possible weapons for your ship, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and allows you to save the game at any point. The game only takes about 22K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code. The program may be copied or modified without any restrictions. This is a nostub program so no shell or kernel is required. It should be compatible with all HW and AMS versions except the very old AMS 1.00. Don't forget to also check out Mercury, the sequel to this game.
runespelbb94.zip502k12-05-05File is not ratedRUNESPEL
This is a puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! Match three symbols in a row in two different modes!
solitairesuite.zip60k12-04-25File is not ratedSolitaire Suite
Solitaire Suite features a variety of versions of solitaire with custom or preset rules for each version, along with an undo buffer that can store an entire games worth of moves. It also offers a wealth of customizable options giving you complete control over the look and feel of the game. Check out the screen shots and readme
mercuryti92p.zip113k12-04-19File is not ratedMercury 1.1 for TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200
A high-performance grayscale shoot-em-up game, for both the TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200. Features a horizontal parallax scrolling background, with white on black for best display results. This game has many types of enemies as well as bonuses (extra weapons, etc.) for the player. It also features save game and a high score table. This program is nostub so no shell or kernel is required. It should be compatible with all HW and AMS versions except the very old AMS 1.00 (tested up through AMS 3.10). This program can be redistributed or modified with no restrictions.
rocketfly.zip16k11-10-18File is not ratedRocket Fly!
In Rocket Fly! You steer a rocket and you have to avoid enemies and collect items. There is the Free Play mode and 10 missions. The 10 best records from the Free Play mode are stored in the highscores. The items will improve your rocket to fly longer, protection from enemies or more points.
smiley92p.zip54k11-08-21File is not ratedSmiley's Adventure 0.27
Platform game in black-and-white with parallax scrolling, external levels.
crack.zip22k11-01-01File is not ratedCrack
"crack" tries to solve simple substitution ciphers like the ones at http://books.mirror.org/litcrypt/index.html where the word divisions are preserved in the cipher text. Because of its small vocabulary, it isn't successful every time. It takes a while to run. You can press a key to abort the program while it is running.
dontpress92.zip4k10-10-26File is not ratedDo Not Press Enter
A model of Do Not Push the Red Button. The calculator says DO NOT PRESS ENTER, and of course you will.
metroid.zip1291k10-04-09File rated 7.95Metroid 68K
Metroid 68K is a cool metroid game for your calculator. It runs on all 68K calculators (Ti-89, Ti-89 Titanium, Ti-92+ and Voyage 200). The game has beautiful grayscale graphics with lots on animations. The game takes place on the planet Zebes. Your mission is to hunt down and destroy the almighty Mother Brain to establish peace in space. You will meet a ton of different monsters on your journey to the inner of planet Zebes. 6 different metroid kinds resides on the planet. Plenty of different power-ups will aid you on your mission. Some of them are the Spider ball, Spring ball, Varia Suit, Space jump ability, many weapon upgrades and much more! With it's huge maps to explore Metroid 68K will keep you entertained for a long time! And don't worry, you can save your game at any time ;-) The keypad settings and game speed can be altered during gameplay.
pacman89.zip151k10-03-26File rated 8.08Pac-Man! 68k
Remember the 80's? This game is very similar to the original. It has the same board, the same style, and even the ghosts all share the same path-finding algorithms as the ones in the original game! There are 9 challenges you can complete to unlock a new game mode, it runs at a smooth 30 fps, and can get very addicting. Check out the screen shots and Readme. **TITANIUM COMPATIBLE**
calcwars.zip91k10-02-05File rated 8.68Calcwars
Calcwars is a turn based strategy game for TI89/TI92+/V200 calculators based on the game Advance Wars for the GBA. The latest version includes the ability to play against a calculator AI opponent.
tripletriad68k.zip1107k09-12-21File is not ratedTriple Triad 68K
ENGLISH : This game wants to be an adaptation of the famous game 'Triple Triad' which is the great card game of the PSX game Final Fantasy VIII. Your goal is to collect all the 110 cards by fighting against the other players. You will earn some money after a victory, in order to buy other cards or special items... Some cards are much hard to have than other, you can buy them (but it is expensive) but there is a special thing to do in the game and you would get these cards without buy them!! You can level up after severals victories. After that, you will be able to fight against other players. FRANCAIS : Ce jeu se veut etre l'adaptation du fameux jeu 'Triple Triad' qui est le super jeu de cartes present dans le jeu PSX Final Fantasy VIII. Votre but est de collecter les 110 cartes, en combattant contre les autres joueurs. Vous gagnerez de l'argent apres une victoire afin d'acheter des nouvelles cartes ou de objets speciaux... Certaines cartes sont plus durs a obtenir que d'autres, vous pouvez les acheter (mais c'est cher) mais il a une chose speciale a faire dans le jeu et vous obtiendrez ces cartes sans les acheter !! Vous pouvez augmenter de niveau apres plusieurs victoires. apres ca, vous pourrait combattre d'autres joueurs.
supermario68k.zip585k09-12-10File rated 8.67Super Mario 68K
Super Mario 68K is a grayscale Super Mario game for your calc. The game are highly animated with beautiful graphics and smooth scrolling backgrounds. There's a LOT of different kinds of monsters, ranging from the classic goombas and turtles, ghosts and hammer bros, and even Bowser! and many, many more. Also, 3 different kinds of bosses are present. There are many kind of powerup's to aid you in your quest, like the Mushrom, Fire Flower, Extra Lives, the Racoon Suit and many more. Did i mention that you can even fly in this game? The game also has an overworld map for each of the 8 worlds with features like mushrom houses, two different mini games, airships, boats, castles and much more! There is a lot of secrets and hidden areas in the game, so there will always be new places to explore! A warp zone is also included! With 3 save slots you can save your progress, and continue from the same spot later. Saved games will be archived automaticly. More than 70 exiting levels through 8 worlds will give you many hours of game play. And with the level editor you can even make your own worlds and levels! This version also has configureable keys.
nostub_tetris.zip71k09-10-01File rated 8.21zTetris
This is a port of the Doors OS version of ZTetris (originally by Jimmy Mårdell). This version of Tetris works with *many* other calculators! You can use the link feature to play against your friends even if they don't have a TI-89. (examples: TI-83, TI-83p, TI-85, TI-86, etc...) This program is compatible with the TI-89 Titanium and has been recompiled to be smaller and have better grayscale graphics. This release makes the pieces random – many thanks to John Dohn for pointing this problem out in his review!
maskensw.zip2k09-07-27File is not ratedMasken v1.3 svensk version
Ett spel där du använder pilarna för att styra masken mot siffror som innebär mer poäng. Det är bäst att du är snabb, annars får du minuspoäng. Mycket underhållande! Innehåller 6 nivåer och dokumentation.
fighter.zip20k09-05-13File is not ratedfighter
Attack your enemy with diverse attacks and make as much points as possible. Well commented source code included.
tetrics.zip236k09-03-08File is not ratedTetrics v3.0
Compiled with tiggc version 0.96 beta 8. The teacher's keys bug is now removed.
peterspicross.zip670k08-06-12File is not ratedPeter's Picross
Peter's Picross is a remake for the TI-68k calculators of the classic Nintendo Gameboy puzzle game, "Mario's Picross." The player's goal is to etch a picture in the grid using information from a series numbers as to which squares to etch. External levels are supported, and the game includes both a built-in puzzle creator and a computer-based puzzle builder. User-created puzzles can be downloaded from (and contributed to) my website, Hypersonic Software.
espace.zip108k08-05-27File is not ratedE-Space
You are in the space and your goal is to shoot all asteroids. asteroid 1: it moves in one direction; asteroid 2: it follows your spaceship; asteroid 3: it moves in one direction and when it explods, a missile is sand in your direction; asteroid 4: it follows your spaceship and moves in one direction and when it explods, a missile is sand in your direction; saucer: it moves in one direction and sometimes its direction changes randomly. This enemy lays eggs which gives others ennemis! You don't need any kernel, it's a nostub program. Have fun!!! More information on http://biotrans.free.fr/ (french) or http://quicheteam.free.fr/ (english)
doom89.zip526k08-05-27File rated 8.70Doom 89 Version 2.02
Doom89 is a grayscale FPS powered by the FAT engine. This game features multiple weapons, locked doors with keys, enemies, tasks and special features. Some of which are customizable keys, a mini-map feature, and an auto-aiming feature for faster gameplay. *TITANIUM USERS- Hw3Patch required!* This release fixes all known bugs, as of 5/1/08
maskenen.zip2k08-03-05File is not ratedMasken - The worm(?) v1.1
An english translation of my swedish game where you use arrow keys to control the worm to collect numbers which means more points. You´d better be quick or you will have penalty points. Six levels contained. Quite enjoyable game! Now with documentation and bugfix.
snakeii.zip45k08-01-22File is not ratedSnake II
This is the clone of the famous game on Nokia. Make the snake grow longer by directing it to the food. Avoid hitting the walls and your own tail. Eat the bonus food before the time expires. It's a french game.
calcchu.zip179k07-09-08File is not ratedCalcChu
This is CalcChu v1.00, a two-player linked game based on "ChuChu Rocket!" It is a simple and addictive game. Cats and mice roam the game board, following predictable paths. The goal is to place arrows in order to direct mice to your goal and cats to your opponent's goal.
cdg.zip21k07-09-08File is not ratedThe Cool Dodging Game
A fun dodging game that not only lets the user adjust the speed and "randomness", but also allows for "Crazy Mode" and "Dangerous Walls" to be turned on/off.
pythonc_english.zip76k07-08-20File is not ratedPythonc v1.00
Oh no ! Another nibble or other snake ! Yes but this snake is in 4 grayscale, has wonderful graphics and a lot of bonus. It has been programmed in C language with TIGCC in nostub mode. In brief, an unpretentious game but very pleasant to play. It adapts automatically to the TI-89/89T/92 Plus/V200. Try it ! The hiscores bug is now removed.
ltank.zip661k07-02-13File rated 7.95Laser Tank 1.7
Runs on TI89, TI89 Titanium, TI92+, Voyage200. Laser Tank is nostub multiple level puzzle game in which you must drive your tank to the flag. Obstacles include water, anti-tank guns,tank movers,moveable blocks, ice, thin ice, mirrors and others. Some objects can be moved or destroyed by firing your laser at them. A level editor is integrated in the program allowing you to modify and create your own levels. Multiple level files can easily be managed. Help screens are included in the program. Included are nearly 200 levels to solve.
nibbles68k92p.zip17k07-01-13File is not ratedNibbles 68k v4.2
The classic maze and snake game. You are a snake who travels around eating apples and growing larger until you get to the next maze. Don't hit the wall.
checkers68k.zip21k06-12-30File is not ratedCheckers 68k 1.1
Complete checkers game for the TI-89 and TI-92+. Features 2 player support on calculator and via link play, and play against the computer AI. Grayscale with full instructions. Also features state saving support.
bd92p.zip71k06-10-02File is not ratedBlock Dude for the 92+
Port of Brandon Sterner's Block Dude for the 92+.
kartingz.zip217k06-08-20File is not ratedKartingz v1.00
Kartingz is a racing game where the ground rotates instead of the car. You can race in 4 different circuits in two different race mode (fastest lap or 3 laps race). In order to achieve the best time possible, you must master the drifting.
reflex.zip8k06-05-30File is not ratedReflex
Reflex is one of the smallest, stupidest, yet most addicting games of its size. The game tests your reflexes, by printing "PRESS ANY KEY" across the screen, and measures how fast you react, and determines your score. Full source included.
saf.zip51k06-05-25File is not ratedSeventeen and Four
What is Seventeen and Four??? Seventeen and Four is almost like BlackJack! There are just some differences between the main-rules. The AI of the game isn't stupid, so be warned for losing much of money ;) This file includes three files for TI-89, TI-92PLUS and Voyage 200!
egghunt.zip15k06-05-02File is not ratedEaster Egg Hunt 1.3
This is a small game I made a few days before Easter. The screen flashes quickly, displaying the position of the eggs, and you must guess where the eggs are. Data is now reset when you exit the program.
laser.zip60k06-03-06File is not ratedLaser Mayhem v1.4
badja's laser mayhem for the 92+
tronwars.zip121k06-02-02File is not ratedTron Wars v1.01
Tron Wars is a Tron Clone coded in C. Unique Features of Tron Wars is very strange AI and nice menus. Tron Wars is capable of running on the TI-89 (titanium), TI-92+ and Voyage 200. Version 1.01 offers the removal of annoying, yet harmless warning messages in the compiler and is compiled with GCC 4.1.0 TIGCC Pre5.
crashti.zip150k06-01-01File is not ratedCrash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot is an adaptation of the PSX game of the same name. Crash must destroy all to reach and beat the bad Dr Néo Cortex to free his fiancee. On this version, 6 levels are available
fzero68k.zip960k05-12-10File rated 8.71F-ZERO for TI68k
F-ZERO is a futurist race game originally developed by NINTENDO ® You can play with 4 different ships and you must try to be the fastest to win the gold cup at the grand prix. You can upgrade your skills by practicing in Time Attack mode, and try to beat your own records. You can record ghost files and send them to your friends so they can virtually fight against you in Time Attack. At last but not least, there is a versus mode where you can challenge your friends using a standard link cable. This game is powered byy Mode7Engine v1.1 by me (Lionel Anton).
m4r10.zip282k05-12-10File rated 8.00M4r10 v0.99
This game is a clone of the original Mario Bros game (not Super Mario Bros). To progress from one level to the next, you must eliminate all the pests. To eliminate a pest, you must stun it by hitting it from below. Once stunned, you must eliminate it by running into it. With each passing level, the difficulty increases. The graphics come from the GBA version of “Mario Bros”, included in the GBA game "Yoshi's Island". This version corrects adds 2 big features: you can know save the game to continue playing later and watch a demo of an experienced gamer playing (me) ;)
xchange.zip34k05-11-29File is not ratedXchange v1.24 for V200 and Ti92+
This game is very special because no clone exists on TI68k platforms (I think it's the only one). If you like Tetris-like or Puzzle games you'll probably be attracted by this game. This version is now available for TI-89, Ti-89t, V200 and TI-92 Plus. I hope you will like this game. Three modes are now available.
oddsnake.zip15k05-11-19File is not ratedOddsnake v1.15 for V200 and Ti92+
The purpose is very simple,you are a starving snake and you want to eat all bubbles you find to become longer and longer. You are an oddsnake because you can go throught the little "wall". That's all! The score depends on the speed and maze which can be changed in 'Options' it decreases during the game when the snake moves 40 times. The highscore and options are saved in an external file "oddsave" so you can archive "oddsnake" and your score will be saved!
fzbomber.zip179k05-11-10File is not ratedFlashZ BomberMan v1.70
Another fast and beautiful BomberMan for the ti-68k calculators.
bombermaze.zip174k05-11-10File is not ratedBomberMaze68k v1.02 Final
The famous ti-68k bomberman... now TI-89 Titanium and V200 compatible
cpoker.zip37k05-11-10File is not ratedPoker
The quitessential poker game. Good graphics & user interface, unique Status Bars, good selector, and no duplicate cards. Loads of fun & easy to play. New version (2.6) includes improved tie breaker formulas.
cs3d92p.zip167k05-09-12File is not ratedCS3D
Counter-Strike v1.1, you can play linked of against a bot, three weapons are available.
hawk.zip556k05-09-12File is not ratedHawk v1.00
This game is a classical 'shoot-them-up' with differential scrolling and beautiful graphics, programmed in C language in nostub mode. You are in the space and have a simple mission: to eliminate all the enemies who are polluting your planet. Be careful ! These enemies may have weapons too ! There are two modes: EASY and HARD. In the second one, you can earn more points but there are more enemies. You can begin the game with 3, 4 or 5 lives: the more lives you have at the beginning, the less points you can then earn. In the game, you can catch bonuses which can help (or disadvantage) you. There are 8 different bonuses. Good luck ! Compatible all 68k calcs. Optimized calculator programs added.
cs3d.zip167k05-09-12File rated 6.83CS3D
Counter-Strike v1.1, you can play linked of against a bot, three weapons are available.
airmission_ti92p.zip61k05-09-01File is not ratedAir Mission
Air Mission is a game of plane which places you at the dashboard of two different aircraft (a fighter and a transport aircraft) through 10 long and varied missions, being held on a giant map where you will find many enemy. Be ready to improvise a parachuting, to bombard strategic sites or to fight an air battle helped by allied helicopters... This game exists in french and in english.
sumowrestling.zip162k05-08-27File rated 7.71Sumo Wrestling v0.20
Get ready to play a full-featured Sumo Wrestling game, complete with everything from pre-match smack talk, to earthquake-inducing tosses, to creating your own customized wrestlers! Features include Two-Player link matches, intense button-smashing, yet strategic gameplay, built-in sumo editor for creating your own wrestlers, a wide variety of moves and creative finishes, well structured C source code included, Runs Fast and Smooth on HW1 and HW2 68k Calcs, and the graphics are awesome. All sixteen built-in wrestlers are official, top-ranked Japanese Sumo Wrestlers. The game will run on all 68k calcs, including the Ti-89 Titanium. Update includes the much anticipated Tournament Mode!
civ89.zip340k05-08-06File rated 8.12Civ89
This is Civ89 (version 1.05), a game based on the Civilization series. It is a game of military, technological, and economic conquest played with two people on one TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 plus, or Voyage 200 calculator. The zip file includes CivEdit (version 1.04), a program that allows you to create and edit map, scenario, and game files.
alspong.zip17k05-07-23File rated 5.98Al's ping pong
this is not just simple boring old atari pong this is REAL ping pong from a side view you can chose from 5 different speeds and play against the computer at 2 different difficulties.
tunnelc_92.zip12k05-06-12File is not ratedTunnel
The very classic 'Tunnel' programmed in nostub mode in C language.
tairo.zip234k05-06-01File is not ratedTairo v0.61
Tairo is a one-player strategy game, also known as 'Peg Solitaire'. You have to jump over coins, while the coin over which you've jumped is taken away. The goal of the game is to have only one coin left on the board. Features: ***45 different levels ***Time mode with six skill levels ***'highscore': the levels you already solved are marked ***1-Level-Undo ***Beatiful animations Now compiled with TIGCC v0.96 Beta 4
tetrisgb.zip18k05-05-26File is not ratedTetris GameBoy Clone
This game aims to be a clone of the gameboy version of Tetris for.It is designed for TI89(and Titanium) / TI92+ / v200 calculator, and is compatible on calc so you can give it to a friend who has a different calculator model calculator than yours. Graphics and score and gameplay are as closed as possible as the original version ones. That's why there is a bit of vertical scrolling. That's all...enjoy it!!
obsidio.zip60k05-05-20File is not ratedObsidio 1.0
This is a new board game I invented in which you must sieze control of the area by leading enforcements into your choice of many pegs on a board. So far, this is the prerelease, so it is missing a few things, like the tutorial and the AI. However, if you want to become the first Obsidio World Champion, you might as well start practicing early!
intkarat.zip123k05-05-13File rated 7.92International Karate 68K v1.61
International Karate 68K v1.61 Now compressed as a single file for all 68K calcs. International Karate 68K is a remake of IK+ for the Commodore 64. It is a fast paced karate game with 16 different moves and a bonus level. See the readme file for update history. Please email questions, comments, bugs, and advice to: drandall99@charter.net. Enjoy the game!
atomic_92p.zip53k05-05-07File is not ratedAtomic Arena: Link
Atomic Arena is a multiplayer game, which provides you a new way to have fun. Your only goal? killing your enemy. Your weapons? Jump, fire, about 20 powerups or other bonus... Your arena? Have a journey to New York, Paris, or... What about the Japan? Play with one or two calc as you want!
swapper.zip40k05-03-29File is not ratedSwapper v1.3
A game where you swap pieces to from rows or columns.
nyetwork.zip31k05-03-29File is not ratedNyetwork v1.3
This is a puzzle game that involves rotating segments of a network to connect computers to a server.
triaminx.zip21k05-03-29File is not ratedTriaminx v2.1
It is sort of like Rubik's cube, but it has four sides instead of six.
tesserae.zip48k05-03-29File is not ratedTesserae v1.6
This is a peg jumping game that requires a lot of thought and planning to beat. The rules of the game are explained in the program, so just play the game to find out what it is like.
sweeper.zip62k05-03-29File is not ratedUltimate Minesweeper 2r2
This game includes all minesweeper-like games that I know of.
ski.zip17k05-03-29File is not ratedSki v2.1
Walls move and you avoid them. Has four difficulty settings and high scores.
rushhour.zip28k05-03-29File is not ratedRush Hour v1.9
It is the traffic jam puzzle!
tetrisf.zip26k05-03-20File is not ratedTetris Forever v1.4
Tetris Forever is a clone of the classic Tetris. Compiled with TIGCC V0.96 Beta. Only 6.5 KB of free RAM (or Flesh) are needed to install and run the game. C source code is included. Enjoy the game :)
mrworm.zip44k05-03-19File rated 8.60MrWorm v2.01
This game is a nibble-like game, but instead of moving in 4 directions, you can move in 40 directions. If you like Uncle Worm, than you will like this game. In this new version I re-coded 90% of the game: lots of optimizations were done and I added a high score table where you can enter your name and a pause key [F1].
seven_tiles.zip35k05-03-07File is not ratedSeven Tiles 0.52
Adaptation for TI of the PC game "7 colors". One or two players, 3 sizes of grid and 3 types of fragmentation. Source in asm and C.
tf02.zip416k05-03-02File is not ratedTEXAS Fighters v0.2
TEXAS Fighters is a fighting game, with NeoGeo Pocket King Of Fighters series graphics, programmed for TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92+ and V200 (calculator auto-detect). It has been writtened fully in 68000 ASSEMBLY language, NOSTUB format. No kernel or external libraries required. Requires around 50 Kbytes of free RAM to be launched. Up to AMS 3.00 compatible. You must fight and kill the other player, two rounds minimum. OPTIONS menu allows you to change difficulty, EASY, NORMAL, HARD and NO AI : this mode for practice... Launching the game, you can select a SINGLE GAME to play VS calculator, or LINKED (MASTER) to play a linked game with an other TI-68k calculator (slave calc must be at the main menu of the game to be launched). After that, you can select a country, background files are not nessary, they can be stored in the folder you want (I suggest you to create a TFFILES folder on your calc to store backgrounds and players). Selecting the country, [UP] and [DOWN] keys change the background contrast. Now just time to select players... Have a good fight ! Mail suggestions at f.racine@tiscali.fr.
eightpuzzle.zip33k05-02-03File is not ratedEightPuzzle
EightPuzzle is a challenging Slider-Puzzle-clone in which you have to move randomly ordered tiles to get them into their correct order. It is written in nostub C, so you don't need any patch or kernel. The full source code is included, which might be helpful for TIGCC newbees!
fighters.zip407k05-02-03File rated 8.12TEXAS Fighters v0.1
TEXAS Fighters is a fighting game, with NeoGeo Pocket King Of Fighters series graphics, programmed for TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92+ and V200 (calculator auto-detect). It has been writtened fully in 68000 ASSEMBLY language, NOSTUB format. No kernel or external libraries required. Requires around 50 Kbytes of free RAM to be launched. Up to AMS 3.00 compatible. You must fight and kill the other player, two rounds minimum. OPTIONS menu allows you to change difficulty, EASY, NORMAL, HARD and NO AI : this mode for practice... Launching the game, you can select a SINGLE GAME to play VS calculator, or LINKED (MASTER) to play a linked game with an other TI-68k calculator (slave calc must be at the main menu of the game to be launched). After that, you can select a country, background files are not nessary, they can be stored in the folder you want (I suggest you to create a TFFILES folder on your calc to store backgrounds and players). Selecting the country, [UP] and [DOWN] keys change the background contrast. Now just time to select players... Have a good fight ! Mail suggestions at f.racine@tiscali.fr.
kalaha.zip375k05-01-26File is not ratedKalaha v.2.1
*** FINAL-VERSION *** You don't know the game called "Kalaha"? Ok, you may call it Mancala, Bantumi or what ever. However it is a really old, well-known boardgame from Africa and there are a lot of game-variations. Try this out and I would really appreciate feedbacks etc. Look at the read-me. * fixed bug *
aerial.zip138k05-01-18File is not ratedAerial Assault
Version 2.2 Addaptation d'un shoot-em-up publié pour la première fois en 1990, sur SEGA Master System. Version française incluse. Version 2.2. Adaptation of a famous shoot-em-up, available on SEGA Master System (1990). English version disp.
morpion92plus.zip21k05-01-11File is not ratedWar-morpion
Un jeu de morpion avec des missils... A morpion game with missils...
slimeball.zip178k04-11-20File rated 8.15SlimeBall v1.01
Slimeball is a volleyball game. You can play in three different mode: alone against the calc; two player on the same calc; two player on two calc. Many options available to tweak the gameplay. Fun guaranteed !
skyracer.zip183k04-11-20File rated 7.62SkyRacer 0.55b (89/89T/92+/v200)
This is version v0.55 of SkyRacer, now TITANIUM COMPATIBLE, by Malcolm Smith. This game is a clone of SkyRoads, Plane Jump, Plain Jump, or Baballe. I made this game because I thought all the other clones were missing a few things, that are present in this game: an external level editor, random level generation support, in-game background drawing (above a city), a nostub program, high game speeds, and eventually calc-to-calc multiplayer through the link. v0.55b update: (Titanium compatibility), and the fade speed was tweaked.
arena3d.zip403k04-11-20File rated 8.47Arena 3D v0.65b (89/89T/92+/v200)
This is version v0.65 of Arena 3D (now TITANIUM COMPATIBLE and recompiled with TIGCC .95 Final), by Malcolm Smith. This game is a clone of First Person Shooters like Unreal Tournament (R) and Quake III (R), especially the Rocket Arena mod. You just try to kill all of the enemies to get points. You can battle against 0 to 5 bots, and set the frag (kill) limit to whatever you want. You can also change the bot skill, which affects their accuracy. Currently, everyone only has a rocket launcher, unless it's Instagib (instant hit) mode. In addition to turning, strafing, and firing, you have two bonus moves: Speed Up (which doubles movement and turning speed), and Hit Find (which turns you to face where the last shot that hit you came from). The 3D rendering part of this game is courtesy of the FAT Engine, by Thomas Nussbaumer. This package includes an on-calc level editor and documentation. The SDK (separate- contains outdated game source, use this source) is mainly for PC level editing. TITANIUM USERS-HW3PATCH REQUIRED. Sorry for the 2nd update so soon, the original v0.65 had an old FAT Engine component that was Titanium-incompatible.
wolftest.zip240k04-11-04File is not ratedWolfenstein 3D Tech Demo 1
This is just a TEST for Wolfenstein 3D for the TI-89 [Titanum], 92+, & Voyage 200. The main purpose of me releasing this is, it's just been sitting on my hard drive for a while, and hopefully someone will want to continue it (I doubt I have the time/ motivation to.) Implemented things: Splash screen, first four levels, OBJECTS (health/tables/etc) in first 4 levels, Simple score support. NOT implemented: The main thing not implemented is ENEMIES. However, I do have all of the graphics converted already, and in small oncalc files ready to go. Mainly the AI for the enemies is what needs to be done. Also, the levels should be read from external files, the splash screen should be in an external file, etc, but those things are trivial. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN CONTINUING THIS, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I have full source code, tools, the original game and that source code, graphics and on-calc GFX data files, etc. Thanks.
oblivion.zip522k04-11-04File rated 8.57Oblivion v1.15 (89/89T/92+/v200)
(v1.15 recompiles, and adds TITANIUM COMPATIBILITY - please see titanium.txt for important instructions) A single player action/ adventure experience using the FAT engine. Fight and explore your way through an immense and hostile planet in order to save yourself and find natural resources to save Earth. This game takes place on another planet. It features plants, enemies, inanimate objects (powerups, tables, etc), and much more. Oblivion's purpose is to be a fully playable FPS for the TI-68ks. With this game, I tried to do everything that is possible with a raycasting engine, and I am pretty pleased with the result. This game is different than Wolfenstein - it has outdoor areas, and much more. I'd compare it more to Doom or Unreal, but with a raycasting engine. I hope you like this game! You should be able to get hours of gameplay out of it. If you have any praise or general comments, be sure to email me, or post in my forum on my site. Thanks. TITANIUM USERS-HW3PATCH REQUIRED.
gran_tourismo.zip141k04-11-04File rated 8.69Gran Tourismo v 0.88
This game wants to be an adaptation of the famous PSX game 'Gran Turismo'.The game is in grayscales, you can drive on 8 detailed tracks, with a choice of many cars among the best marks available. You can tune up your car to improve greatly its acceleration and behaving... I try to make a 'realistic' game, so reactions change with the car you drive, depending on its Hps, Weight, and others things... You can also play against a friend ! This version fixes some bugs/glitches and a titanium is supported.
tichess.zip821k04-10-10File rated 9.08TI-Chess v4.11
TI-Chess is a full featured chess game for the TI89/TI-92p/V200 (read the included readme.txt file for its features and history.txt for what's new). This is the full distribution. v4.11 adds TI-89 Titanium compatibility.
phx.zip87k04-09-23File rated 8.52Phoenix 7.6 for TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200
Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-89, TI-92, and TI-92 Plus. This game has very smooth gameplay (31+ frames per second) with many objects onscreen. Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, eight possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, multiple ships the player can purchase, and multiple speeds. The game only takes about 16K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code. The program may be copied or modified without any restrictions. Don't forget to also check out Platinum Edition, an enhanced version of this game, and Mercury, the sequel.
eliza.zip123k04-09-18File rated 7.67ELIZA - The Chat-Bot
"ELIZA - A computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine", Joseph Weizenbaum, MIT, 1966 ----- This ELIZA version was entirely rewritten by me (Kai Kostack) and is almost an exact port of the original program. But I have also introduced some useful new extensions, which will provide ELIZA with a way better recognition of the user's input. Furthermore, there is now an realistic indicator to show you how deep your conversation went. And last but not least the Neural Index, which is interesting for people who know how ELIZA exactly works. ----- The ELIZA effect: This term comes from this famous ELIZA program originally by Joseph Weizenbaum, which simulated a Rogerian psychoanalyst by rephrasing many of the patient's statements as questions and posing them to the patient. It worked by simple pattern recognition and substitution of key words into canned phrases. It was so convincing, however, that there are many anecdotes about people becoming very emotionally caught up in dealing with ELIZA. All this was due to people's tendency to attach to words meanings which the computer never put there. The ELIZA effect is a {Good Thing} when writing a programming language, but it can blind you to serious shortcomings when analyzing an Artificial Intelligence system.
aspirin.zip13k04-09-17File rated 8.50Aspirin v3.0
Catch as many as possible little squares with the small dot while dodging the number of little moving spikes. A very addicting and challenging game. Similar to the flash game "Eskiv". Changes in v3.0: Completly new game-play and the program takes around 4500 bytes (which is much less than before).
v2engine.zip508k04-09-11File is not ratedV2-Engine Demo
This flightsim game demo will show you the power of a new prototype voxel engine called V2 (the next generation of the earlier Voxel²Space system). Use it together with VX.Studio for the ultimate experience! New with version 1.2 comes the monochrome executable which is twice as fast as the original version but also very ugly... v1.4 brings more speed and full screen mode.
voxel2sp.zip111k04-09-06File is not ratedVoxel2Space - Techdemo (obsolete)
I'm proud to present you the first Voxel 3D engine for the TI-89 calculator. If you ever wanted to know how Armored Fist, Comanche or Delta Force would run on the TI-89, you have now the chance to see it! (My tip: Try to use it also on VTI with disabled "Restrict to actual speed" option!) Because of this software has become obsolete, I have decided to release the source code of it, which is completely in C. The bad thing is, I'm very lazy in commenting anything. :-)
vxstudio.zip90k04-09-06File is not ratedVX.Studio
VX.Studio is the professional solution for creating voxel landscapes directly on the calculator. It is fully compatible to the V2-Engine and will also be compatible to future versions of this software.
tetris.zip43k04-09-04File is not ratedTetris v 2.71 for TI 68K
1'48.8 : 1 minute and 48 seconds to make 50 Lines !Record established by Andrey ! Who can do best ? As you can see,this tetris is a classical version with now 4 modes: NORMAL,50 LINES , MARATHON and LINK ! In the first,you must do the hightest score and in the second,you have to make 50 LINES the faster you can ! I won't explain the LINK mode but you'll have a lot of fun with it :)If you want your highscores,records and name to appear above and in the game,just send me your records and highscores ! The game is in Grayscales and have an Options Menu.Lots of changes have come with this version,have a look at the readme...Thanks to Barrett Anderson for his little link tutorial.
jpong.zip169k04-08-23File is not ratedJpong 1.08
a brick out style game for the 89, 92+ and V200. includes C scorce code and level editor.
tinyslots.zip3k04-08-22File is not ratedTiny Slots v.95
This small slots program takes up less than 1k on your calc, and is will keep you busy during those boring moments at school! ;)
tron.zip20k04-08-22File is not ratedTron
This is the classic game of tron for 2 players. Link Play support included. This program is TI-89 Titanium compatible.
insanegame.zip23k04-08-22File rated 8.70Insane Game
This is a clone of the famous puzzle game for the TI-85 by Martin Hock. This game has been ported to nearly every calculator in existence. It features Puzzle Mode, Action Mode, and 2 Player Link Play. I enjoyed it on my TI-86, and now, you can enjoy it on your TI-89 or TI-92 plus. Full Source Code Included. Full TI-89 Titanium Support Included.
corrupt.zip64k04-07-31File rated 7.62Corrupted Memory 0.4.0-0
A three dimensional top down shooter. Lots of new features since the demo and 3 full levels. Version 0.4 includes some cool camera effects not featured in the version 0.3xx screenshot.
timewaste.zip105k04-07-18File is not ratedTI-TimeWaste 0.81 BETA (A Five-in-a-Row Solitaire Game)
TI-TimeWaste for the TI89/TI92p/V200 is a five in a row solitaire game. The goal of the game is to make horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of at least 5 identical pieces. Whenever you form a line, all the pieces in the line will disappear and you will get points. To make a move, tap the piece you want to move and then tap the desired destination. The piece can be moved to any empty place reachable by a series of horizontal and vertical steps. Each time you make a move that does not produce a line, 3 new pieces will appear. v0.81 is compiled with TIGCC 0.95 Beta 12, adding optimizations and TI-89 Titanium compatibility.
tiltmaze.zip85k04-07-18File rated 7.70TI-TiltMaze v1.21
TI-TiltMaze is a simple tilt maze puzzle for the TI89/TI92p/V200 with 2 balls and 41 different levels. By using the cursor key you can tilt the board in that direction. A level is solved when both balls cover both destination fields [NOSTUB file/complete source included] v1.21 is compiled with TIGCC 0.95 Beta 12, adding optimizations and TI-89 Titanium compatibility.
sokomize.zip59k04-07-18File is not ratedTI-SokoMize v1.20
TI-SokoMize is a Sokoban clone for TI89/TI92p/V200 with randomly generated levels or predefined levels [NOSTUB program - full C source included] v1.20 is compiled with TIGCC 0.95 Beta 12, adding more optimizations and TI-89 Titanium compatibility.
crogue.zip1003k04-07-13File rated 8.72CalcRogue
A roguelike game in the style of NetHack featuring complex random dungeons, quests, towns, five player classes, skills, spells, grayscale graphics, high scores, and compressed saved games. Supports 89, 92+, V200, Titanium, Windows, Linux, PalmOS.
punkoe.zip15k04-06-28File is not ratedPunkoe
Punkoe is a little arcade game written in assembly. You have to jump an jump on platforms.
excitebike68k.zip327k04-06-01File rated 8.52ExciteBike 68k v0.64
This game is a clone of the well-known NES Excitebike dirtbike racing game. Race to achieve records and unlock secrets while avoiding hazardous terrain and catching air on a variety of jumps. Features include Two-Player link races, gameplay/tracks identical to the original, built-in Track Editor, ability to perform flips, French and German versions included, well structured C source code included, Runs Fast and Smooth on HW1 and HW2 68k Calcs, and the graphics are awesome. The game will run on all 68k calcs, including the Ti-89 Titanium.
blob92.zip6k04-05-04File is not ratedBlob92
The TI-89 game not ported but rewritten to the TI-92+. The game is identical but this version comes with better graphics and smaller size.
tihex.zip116k04-05-04File is not ratedTIHex v0.41
TIHex is a two player strategy game, featuring beautiful grayscale graphics and a nice user interface. Connect your hexes to beat the other player. Only one can win!
mastermind.zip143k04-04-27File is not ratedMastermind v1.3
This is a nice mastermind game. Compiled with TIGCC 0.95 Beta 7, source code included. Up to 10 different symbols. High score saving. 14 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!
square.zip15k04-04-27File is not ratedSquare v1.10 for V200 and 92+
The purpose is very simple,you have to fill the square with a score of 100 ! Also square is a simple game. You can easily understand how to play but it's more difficult to find how to finish this game. You are going to need to cogitate The set presents a square including 100 cells. Your goal is to fill these cells with numbers but you can move your cursor with special movements. Don't despair : this game CAN be finished. You just have to insist
skye.zip149k04-04-27File is not ratedSKye
An update and conversion of the classic game Kye. Collect the diamonds while evading traps and monsters. Includes 46 levels and an easy to use editor.
rodent_92p.zip9k04-04-27File is not ratedRodent v0.1ß
Adaptation de Rodent's Revenge, graphismes en niveau de gris. Ce jeu est seulement une démo (un seul niveau, pas tous les obstacles,...) Ecrivez moi pour me donner votre avis. English version planned for the read me file, the game is in french, but totally understandable for non french speaking.
bingo.zip7k04-04-25File is not ratedBingo v1.02 (for the 92+/v200)
The ultimate Bingo game for the 92+/v200! Features random card generation using the same criteria as real Bingo cards! Excellent for playing in class with your friends :) Have fun!
tifall.zip6k04-04-18File is not ratedTI Fall
The purpose of this game is to avoid the falling rocks. It's a good way to kill some spare time :).The program is written using TIGCC
pacman.zip19k04-04-16File rated 8.69Pacman v0.95 (for the 92+ / V200)
My humble attempt at writing a Pacman game for the TI-92+/V200 :) Features grayscale graphics, four different levels which loop endlessly (giving the game infinite replayability), high score table, and a lot of fun! Enjoy!
vie.zip222k04-04-09File is not ratedJeu de la Vie v1.1 GPL
Conway's famous Game of Life for Ti-89, 92+ and V200, many nifty functions, pretty graphics and optimised for speed.
othelloii92.zip215k04-04-09File is not ratedOthello II v2.53 GPL
A famous strategy game for the Ti-89 with a excellent AI, nice graphics and many nifty functions.
cavalier.zip73k04-04-09File is not ratedCavalier 1.0 GPL
A demo program of an algorithm where a Chess horseman tries to go over all the squares of the board of an arbitrary size, and each square only once.
bowlingsol92_22.zip44k04-04-09File is not ratedBowling Solitaire 92+
Added new features and customized to the 92 screen.
nibbly92.zip5k04-03-08File is not ratedNibbly 92+
A great classic, ported from the Commodore +4. Pure 68k assembly, should run on the V200 as well. Hours of fun, once played and you'll get addicted... Level editor included.
sortinghatceremony.zip20k04-03-03File is not ratedHarry Potter - Sorting Hat Ceremony
This is a simple quiz game, made for the 73,82,83,83+,86 asm,89,92,92+, and v200. It features expert routines, but eventually isn't fun to play. Th 86 asm version is smaller now.
quarridor.zip30k04-02-03File is not ratedQuarridor version 0.3.2 beta
The classic board game of math compititions now compacted onto your calculator! Features gray-scale graphics, link play, fast rule checking routines, and more. Now upgraded to BETA stage. Currently artificial intellengence is not implemented, so you'll have to find a friend/enemy or two.
radialpong.zip15k04-01-28File is not ratedRadial Pong 0.90 (maintenence update)
The classic pong game around a circle. For some reason it goes slower on VTI than a real calculator, so don't let the speed hinder you from playing it. The documentation in this version has been updated.
mrdata.zip16k04-01-28File is not ratedMr. Data 0.91 (maintenence update)
An implementation of the NES game "Spot". Documentation updated.
slot.zip46k04-01-11File is not ratedCasino Slot Machine V1.1B
An slot machine simulator, now it works with pedrom and any ams!!
starwars.zip352k04-01-04File rated 6.55Star Wars
Drive a "X-Wing" or a "Snow Speeder" with Star Wars. (Shoot-em-up) | Retrouvez vous aux commander d'un "X-Wing" ou d'un "Snow Speeder" avec Star Wars. (Shoot-em-up)
scorch.zip8k04-01-04File is not ratedScorch 0.2 beta
This game is an adaption of the famous "Scorched Earth" - the mother of all games. It's my first ASM - program written in C. This release is an advanced beta-version. FEATURES: until five players, various weapons and tanks,...
jezzballclassic89.zip24k04-01-03File rated 8.62Jezzball - Classic v 1.15 for ti89,92+,v200
Just a classic Jezzball,written in C using TIGCC,so no need of kernels,library....Complete with 3 difficulty levels and highscores,that are saved in an external file (allows you to archive the game).Mail me if you make an highscore,I'll update the game with it... NOTE :you can now download the source of the game in the 'TI89 /ASM/Sources' section ... add new highscore in this version.
baballe.zip32k03-12-08File rated 5.33Baballe
A simple Baballe'like. See the screenshot :)
sdii.zip159k03-12-08File rated 8.23Space Dementia II mod arena v0.3
A space fighting game in real-time 3D with lighting which works with my FlatSpin 3D engine, multiplayer (via link cable) and now SINGLEPLAYER ! You simply have to destroy your opponent (AI or player) with your laser weapons to win. The same program works on TI-89, TI-92+ and V200 with adapted keys, to make it easier to diffuse. Many new features in this version : reparing building, back view, different cameras and news ships...
tinyminev1.02.zip8k03-12-08File is not ratedTinyMine
This is a very simple and easy-to-use mine sweeper game and it takes less than 1.5 Kb
astrominer0.1.zip124k03-11-12File is not ratedAstro Miner 0.1
This is a rather addicting game for the TI-89, TI-92+, and Voyage 200 that involves collecting stray jewels that float about on the screen while avoiding explosives that follow you around and black holes that devistate anything they touch or suck up.
pythonc_franais.zip274k03-10-25File is not ratedPythonc
Oh non, encore un nibble ou autre serpent! Oui mais ce serpent est en 4 niveaux de gris, a de superbes graphismes et un tas de bonus. Il a été programmé en C avec TIGCC et en mode nostub. Bref, un jeu sans prétention mais très agréable à jouer. Il s'adapte automatiquement à la TI-89/92 PLus/V200. Essayez-le !
zeldadx_b05.zip29k03-10-13File is not ratedZelda DX 0.05 beta
This game is intended to be identical to the GB game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. Of course it is not finished, but you can already walk on the map.
prince_of_persia.zip88k03-09-20File rated 8.33Prince of Persia demo 3 for ti89,92+,v200
This game wants to be an adaptation of the legendary PC game 'Prince of Persia'. This demo presents the whole first level, with enemies, traps, potions and you sword you have to pick . The game engine has improved ( look the animated screenshot :), especially items and walls at the foreground are handled ...
seventiles.zip26k03-09-08File is not ratedSeven Tiles
Adaptation for TI of the PC game "7 colors". One or two players, 3 sizes of grid and 3 types of fragmentation. Source in asm and C. v0.21 beta
cloudysnake.zip82k03-09-03File is not ratedCloudy Snake
Certainly the best Snake (or Nibbles) game for TI-68k. It features: * Two Player mode with the link * GrayScales Graphix * 30 original levels and a Level Editor to do your own levels * very good gameplay * 3 different games
spacewars.zip15k03-08-28File is not ratedSPACE WARS v 0.61
Space Wars is an advanced space shooter with intelligent enemies and lots of shield and weapon upgrades to buy!
rupui.zip27k03-08-04File is not ratedRupui
Rupui is a puzzle game similar to Lights-Out. The goal is to "turn off" all disks on the game board. Features include 88 different levels of disk-switching patterns, grayscale graphics, randomly generated and solvable puzzles, and an in-game timer. Plus, it is all written in C with the source code included. Try it!
urinal92p.zip15k03-08-03File is not ratedThe Urinal Game
The Urinal Game tests your men's room etiquette. Select the proper urinal in each scene. Good Luck!
tipinball.zip137k03-07-16File rated 8.15TI Pinball 0.2 Developer's Edition
TI Pinball is the first ever assembly pinball game made made for any TI calculator. This new release features 4-level grayscaling, mobile field of view (a.k.a. "scrolling"), external high scores, and the support of external, custom tables. This file includes another program: The TI Pinball Table Developer. Using this tool, a user can graphically (and easily) create custom tables in minutes, and play them using TI Pinball 0.2. Currently, there is only a TI-89 version, but the TI-92+ and V200 versions are on their way. Source code included (if you wish to modify the code, you need ExtGraph). For additional downloads, go to www.nexusprograms.net. This version contains both .89? and .9x? files, and is now compatable with all 68K calcs (thanks to Frank Nothaft and Morgan Davis).
vermis.zip106k03-07-09File is not ratedvermis v0.2c (English, Français)
What is it? Vermis (thats worm in Latin) Oh! Just another nibbles like game? No! This one can be 100% customized before each game! (make that 200% for v0.2) new in v0.2b : French language version added v0.2c : bug fixed
cogitus.zip24k03-07-01File is not ratedcogitus v0.21
A small mind game. To win, you must drop all your tiles on the grid. Have fun!
ta.zip51k03-06-22File rated 8.24Tetris Attack 68k
Tetris Attack is the conversion of the original game of SNES for TI68k. Here is the lastest version of Tetris Attack, a great project but not finished. :( This version is playable but there is no HighScore, no Link Mode and the combo/skill are not implemented. The Complete sources can be available by a simple e-mail request. The sources contains GFX, a not finished HighScore function, and a not implemented Link function for 2 players. All the sources are in GNU/GPL license. If you want to continue the game or use a part of the sources or GFX for your game, please respect the license and give credits of the original author. (in this case "Orion_" with at least my website adresse and my e-mail, thanks :) This game is for TI89, TI92+ and V200
puzzle_bobble.zip55k03-06-08File is not ratedPuzzle Bobble ( Bust a Move ) v 0.8 for ti89,92+ ,v200
This is a classic adaptation of 'Puzzle Bubble' for Ti89 and now for Ti92+ and V200 ! Now 3 modes 'Challenge' , 'Normal' and now 'VS MODE' ! The last is the best of the three , allowing great battles with your friends . In this version : now 42 levels , with new special bubbles !
demineur.zip16k03-06-02File is not ratedMine (v3.0)
Mine is a complete C minesweeper. High scores and "double click" are well implemented. It's a 89/92+ game (same file for both versions). 4 levels available -Hardest one cover he whole of the screen-.
spazian.zip48k03-05-15File is not ratedSpazian 0.25
This is an advanced high-performance shoot-em-up game written entirely in C. This game, unlike several others, requires more thought and vigilance than simply obliterating scores of enemies with a powerful weapon. Additionally, this game has something that few other shoot-em-up games have: a plot. This program does not require a shell to operate. It is freeware and open-source, so anything you might find interesting in this program can be used in your future programs without any restraints. If you do use parts of the source, however, it would be nice if you gave me a bit of credit. If you are a developer, there are detailed instructions in the README as to how to change the built-in level sets and sprites. External levels are on their way, and so is a level developer. This version fixes bugs found in 0.200001. Now, grab your TI-92+, download this program, and save the universe!
montyhallgame.zip8k03-05-12File is not ratedThe Monty Hall game
This is a simple little game meant to help beginner C programmers.
road.zip15k03-04-24File is not ratedRoad
You have to cross the road and not get hit by the cars
practice.9xz2k03-04-20File is not ratedwhack a mole
A simple game of whack a mole, 5 difficulty levels, keeps score, try it! Written in C.
mm.zip36k03-04-18File is not ratedEnhanced Mastermind v1.01
Mastermind game, which calculates choices left, shows why a guess was illogical, generates, saves and loads puzzles with only one choice left to solve, etc.
gundeal9x.zip25k03-03-31File is not ratedGun Dealer
In Gun Dealer, you play a dangerous smuggler which is wanted by interpol. Your goal is to make money, lots of money! To do this, you must buy then sell weapons.
golf3.zip18k03-03-28File is not ratedGolf 3
Golf III is a 2D, gray-scale, single player golf game with 3 holes
freecell.zip10k03-03-24File is not ratedFreeCell v.2.9
FreeCell the Card game, version 2.9
blackjck.zip101k03-03-20File is not ratedBlackjack v4.00
The most recent of a long line of blackjack programs made by me, going back to the original made on a TI-80 (Don't ask. My mom bought it.) Now written with TIGCC. Fully graphical, including a back on the cards.
battleship.zip41k03-03-13File is not ratedbattleship
This is a battleship game for the TI92 plus. You can play against the calculator or against another player using the link-cable. The game now is recompiled with TIGCC 0.94, so it will work with AMS 2.08
spacedementia.zip97k03-03-10File is not ratedSpace Dementia v0.8
Space Dementia is a fast 3D wireframe space shooter. Features : 10 initial ships, 2 gaming modes (Asteroid field & Training), 2 control modes (Arcade & Simulation), 2 weapons : rapid fire (laser cannons) and remote missile (commandable like a ship), 2 camera modes, highscores, and other options. Now you can create ships (exported as external files) with Edit3D by David Coz and play with them in the game.
tetris_src.zip14k03-03-10File is not ratedTetris v 2.51 for Ti89/Ti92+/V200
2'25.2 : 2 minutes and 25 seconds to make 50 Lines !Record established by João Pisco ! Who can do best ? As you can see,this tetris is a classical version with now three modes: NORMAL,50 LINES and now LINK ! In the first,you must do the hightest score and in the second,you have to make 50 LINES the faster you can ! I won't explain the LINK mode but you'll have a lot of fun with it :)If you want your highscores,records and name to appear above and in the game,just send me your records and highscores ! The game is in Grayscales and have an Options Menu.Lots of changes have come with this version,have a look at the readme...Thanks to Barrett Anderson for his little link tutorial.
harrypotter.zip5k03-03-07File is not ratedHarry Potter Sorting Ceremony
This is the BEST sorting hat yet! It may have a few bugs though I combed it thouroghly.
blockman89.zip45k03-02-11File rated 7.62BlockMan v3.41 (68k)
TI-89 Grayscale version of the classic TI-83+ adventure/puzzle game. Control BlockMan through 11 challenging worlds with updated graphics and password system to save current level.
maze.zip43k03-02-04File is not ratedMaze v1.7
This program creates, solves, and allows you to play a maze.
pac3d68k.zip205k02-11-30File rated 7.95Pacman 3D v0.5
This is version v0.5 of Pacman 3D, by Malcolm Smith. This game is a 3D version of the classic game Pacman. The objective of the game is to eat all of the dots, while avoiding the ghosts. If you find a super-dot (dot with a star), it makes the ghosts run away from you, and if you catch them, you can eat them as well. The 3D rendering part of this game is courtesy of the FAT Engine, by Thomas Nussbaumer. This game has internal levels, plus support for external levels. There is no oncalc level editor, but you can download the SDK (separate, under Windows Utilities) to create levels.
dementia92p.zip18k02-11-23File is not ratedSpace Dementia v0.71
A 3D wireframe space shooter running with a real 3D engine. You are flying with a ship in a 3D space and you must avoid asteroids, and try to destroy a maximum of them with your weapons in the meantime. Features : 10 ships, 2 weapons : rapid fire (laser cannons) and remote missile (commandable like a ship), 2 camera modes, highscores, and of course. This version corrects a few bugs.
tilids.zip20k02-11-16File is not ratedTI-LIDS (Leckfettn-Is-Des-Schwa) v1.10
Another brainbuster by the TI-Chess Team. TI-LIDS is a 4x4 puzzle game for the TI89/TI92p/V200, where your have to rotate regions of the board until the arrangement is such that the various pieces are isolated in the four quadrants. And remember: if it's too hard, you are too weak ;-) [NOSTUB program / full C source code included]
ticon45.zip42k02-11-16File is not ratedTI-Con45 v1.30
TI-Con45 is a clone of the well-known Connect-4 game for the TI89/TI92p/V200, where you have to connect a specific number of pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game. The original gameplay is extended to use different board sizes and different numbers of pieces to connect (Connect-4/Connect-5). The built-in AI is VERY sophisticated and uses an approach similar to the one used in TI-Chess (AlphaBeta-Searching) [NOSTUB program/full C source code included]
puzz.zip143k02-11-16File is not ratedTI-Puzzlize v1.10
TI-Puzzlize is a sliding puzzle game for the TI89, TI92p and V200 where you have to bring square tiles in the correct order depending on their back image. The pictures of the sliding puzzle are customizable [NOSTUB program/full C source included]
memory.zip41k02-11-16File is not ratedTI-Memory v1.10
I don't think I have to say much about TI-Memory for the TI89/TI92p/V200. Almost everyone should have played this game at least in his early childhood [NOSTUB program/TIGCC sourcecode included]
mahjongg.zip42k02-11-16File is not ratedTI-Mahjongg Solitaire v1.10
TI-Mahjongg Solitaire is a clone of the well-known Mahjongg Solitaire game for the TI89/TI92p/V200, where you have to clean the complete board by removing pairs of matching stones. If someone haven't played this game on the PC, press F5 within the game to get some instructions [NOSTUB program/TIGCC sourcecode included]
tunnelclassic.zip11k02-11-12File is not ratedTunnel Classic v 1.05
Just a classic Tunnel,written in C using TIGCC,so no need of kernels,library....Complete with 5 difficulty levels and highscores... NOTE:the source is now avaible in the 'ti89/source' section...
nibbleclassic.zip13k02-11-12File is not ratedNibble Classic v 1.01
Just a classic Nibble for your 92+ or V200,with nice graphic,written in C using TIGCC,so no need of kernels,library....Very Complete,you can choose between 3 Modes, 5 speed levels and highscores...See the Readme to see what is new in this version... NOTE:you can download the source of the game in the 'Ti92+ source' section...
falldown_classic.zip9k02-11-12File is not ratedFalldown Classic v 1.05
Just a classic Falldown,written in C using TIGCC,so no need of kernels,library....Complete with 5 difficulty levels and highscores... NOTE :you can now download the sourece of the game in the 'Sources' section ... Note : Original concept and design by Thomas Fernique.
konquest.zip6k02-11-11File is not ratedKonquest
In this game two players fight for the reign of the galaxy ! Your planets produce ships to attack other planets ! The person who get all planets is the winner !
drmario.zip30k02-10-23File is not ratedDr Mario v1.3a
Dr. Mario is a Tetris like game. It was originally written for the TI-89 by Ludvig Strigeus and subsequently ported/modified by Greg Dietsche to run as a nostub program on the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and V200 calculators. The objective of the game is to destroy all the viruses on the screen by either vertically or horizontally stacking pills of the same color as the virus (white, gray, or black). This game is very similar to the Nintendo version.
ip92p.zip1k02-10-15File is not ratedImpossible Puzzle
A light out type game
mercury92p.zip97k02-10-12File is not ratedMercury 0.40
A high-performance grayscale shoot-em-up game. Features a horizontal parallax scrolling background, with white on black for best display results. This game has many types of enemies as well as bonuses (extra weapons, etc.) for the player. It also features save game and a high score table. This program is nostub so no shell or kernel is required. It should be compatible with all HW and AMS versions (tested up through AMS 2.08). This program is in the public domain so it can be redistributed or modified with no restrictions.
timiner.zip44k02-09-30File is not ratedTI-Minesweeper v1.20
TI-MineSweeper is a clone of the well-known MineSweeper game which is almost identical to the MS Windows version. The goal of the game is to open all tiles which are no mines. The number on an open tile indicates how much mines surrounding it - another TI-Chess Team Production [NOSTUB program/full C sourcecode included] - v1.20: V200/AMS 2.07/AMS 2.08 compatibility
hoe.zip61k02-09-27File is not ratedHeart of Evil
A role game where you can choose your race and your class. Try it !
duke68k.zip331k02-08-17File rated 7.79Duke 68k v1.02 (89, 92+, V200)
This is the full major version v1.0 of Duke 68k, developed by JEsystems and Stephan Effelsberg. It includes a complete 11-level episode, a boss level, a mid-episode "mini-boss" level, water and swimming, lifts, dazzling heights, falling damage, weapon powerups, a HUD, and much more! Version v1.0 adds the full episode, sound, an intro toggle, a config file, finishing touches, and well-commented and quite structured code. This game requires 159,850 available bytes of RAM to run. v1.01 adds Voyage 200 support, and v1.02 reconfigured v200 keys and fixes a bug.
cracers.zip7k02-07-29File is not ratedCRacer
This is a horizontally scrolling racing game where you fly your futuristic car through the canyon avoiding walls. Multiple difficulty levels and high score recorded.
bantumi.zip9k02-07-29File is not ratedBANTUMI v1.21
Bantumi is a small game which you might know from some NOKIA cell phones. You play with beans and pots. Addictive.
tetris_ti92p.zip17k02-07-22File is not ratedTetris v 1.13
2'37.2 : 2 minutes and 37 seconds to make 50 Lines !Record established by "Spiral" Jason Lo ! Who can do best ? As you can see,this tetris is a classical version with two modes: NORMAL and 50 LINES.In the first,you must do the hightest score and in the second,you have to make 50 LINES the faster you can ! If you want your highscores,records and name to appear above and in the game,just send me your records and highscores ! Now you can archive the program "tetris" and the highscore are saved in an external file "tetrisav"...
mazerunner3d.zip97k02-07-22File is not ratedMaze Runner 3D v. 0.51 beta
Make your way through a random maze as fast as you can in 3D. Many options including selectable map size, night mode, and race against the calculator. Includes fixed sprites for FAT 1.10+. Uses FAT technology.
splash.zip203k02-05-21File is not ratedSplash
Il faut creer un tube avec les morceaux imposés... De plus le jeu est "sonorisé"
corridor92.zip160k02-05-12File rated 7.95Corridor 92 - Demo V2.1
Corridor 92 is a high-detail 3D shooter where the player in immersed in a 3D world where you must blast from floor to floor while opening locked doors, finding keys, pushing buttons and avoiding the robotic sentires that infest the corridors. To aid you, in addition to your standard rifle and knife, four new weapons of varying appearence and utility can be found among the five level demo. Step into Corridor 92... it's not your average calculator game. (Powered by the FAT engine)
snakemaze.zip10k02-05-12File is not ratedSnakeMaze92 v0.5
Another snake game for TI92+ including 7 levels and highscore
carjam92.zip24k02-05-11File is not ratedCar Jam v1.6
This is a clone of the Binary Arts puzzle game Rush Hour (also available for 89), but with greyscale graphics. Car Jam now has more than 50 levels. (Note: fixed invalid format in railroad levelset that caused calc to crash)
fatdemo.zip135k02-05-09File is not ratedFAT-Engine v1.10 Official Release - Technology Demos
10 Demos which demonstrate the features of the FAT-Engine. The FAT-Engine is a generic raycasting engine for games which may be used by Developers to assemble first-person games (Aventures, RPGs, Shooters etc.) quickly. The engine itself supplies the complete "world-rendering" part including multidirectional sprite and sliding doors support. The rest is up to the "client" program (actually rendering speed: HW2 - 825 frames per minute / HW1 - 660 frames per minute). If you are interested in making your own games based on the FAT-Engine, download the FAT-Engine SDK from the TiCT-HQ at http://tict.ticalc.org (the SDK contains the sourcecode of the Engine and the Demos, too).
slider.zip13k02-04-27File is not ratedSlider Puzzle v2.3
The classic sliding puzzle game. Arrange the 15 numbered pieces in order, if you can.
shootout.zip64k02-04-24File is not ratedShoot Out v0.3
Shoot Out uses the FAT-Engine technology to create a 3D looking environment to play a one-on-one deathmatch against the calculator or a friend using the link port.
laby.zip37k02-04-11File is not ratedLaby
Laby est un labyrinthe avec des décor style rpg. Le but du jeu est de sortir de chaque niveau avec le maximum de cristaux.
c_pong.zip42k02-04-06File is not ratedC_pong v1.00
A pong in C with TIGCC, source included, but for the moment only in french
queue.zip72k02-03-24File is not ratedQueue v0.9
Queue is a TI89 / TI92+ clone of both Tetris and Quadra. Tetris mode is the classic Tetris that we all love. Quadra is essentially Tetris with gravity. When a line of blocks is cleared, the pieces above fall as far as they can go. This leads to some awesome chain reactions. IMPROVED MULTIPLAYER! [NOSTUB program written in C, source included]
carjam.zip24k02-03-21File is not ratedCar Jam v1.6
This is a clone of the Binary Arts puzzle game Rush Hour (also available for 89), but with greyscale graphics. Car Jam now has more than 50 levels.
cmemory.zip6k02-03-15File is not ratedMemory
The simple game of memory for the Ti.
dmine.zip19k02-03-15File is not ratedDiamond Mine
Manipulate diamonds to get more than three in a row. A timed, high-score-based game.
mule.zip8k02-03-15File is not ratedMULE
Find matching pieces in a large random board. A puzzle game.
3dmaze.zip5k02-03-15File is not rated3DMaze v1.04
NAvigate your way through a HUGE 3D maze with FAT technology by TiCT.
changman.zip14k02-03-15File is not ratedHangman
Guess the word before you are hung. Extensive vocabulary.
cbattleship.zip7k02-03-15File is not ratedBattleship
Attempt to find and sink the enemy's ships before he does the same to yours.
boom.zip6k02-03-15File is not ratedBoom
Catch bombs thrown by some guy above your head. Small game of speed.
cduckhunt.zip12k02-03-15File is not ratedDuckHunt
The game of DuckHunt for your calculator.
rodent.zip70k02-03-04File is not ratedRodent's Revenge v0.80
This is a fast, grayscale game very similar to the windows version.
skifree.zip78k02-03-04File is not ratedSkiFree v0.5b
This is a fast, grayscale game very similar to the windows version.
tennis92plusbeta1.zip159k02-02-20File is not ratedTennis 89 beta release 1
This is a remake of the classic Nintendo Gameboy game "TENNIS". At the current time (BETA RELEASE 1) There is a 1 Player Version available for the TI-89 and TI-92 plus. There are plans to create a 2 player version, though, I have no release date in mind. This is the first public release, and there are still plenty more features that i have yet to implement, serving for example, though they are in the works. I hope this is enough to get you excited.
bulbs.zip8k02-02-16File is not ratedBulbs v.1.0
Bulbs is one of those games where adyacent pieces toggle state, from on to off, etc. Pretty addictive, and almost bug free!!. Spanish and English Versions, TI89 version very soon!!
snake13.zip4k02-02-16File is not ratedSnake 1.3
A very nice snake game with highscore list...
tanks92.zip11k02-02-16File is not ratedTanks v0.63
A one or two player game where you control tanks and fire missiles.
vrally100f.zip29k01-12-22File is not ratedV-Rally 1.0 Final
Final version of the adaptation of the gbc game
demineur92.zip80k01-12-22File is not ratedDemineur 92+
this is my first game for ti92+. it is an adaptation of my game who was write for the ti 89
vrally0.85.zip31k01-12-16File is not ratedV-Rally 0.85
New version of v-rally . It adds a new game mode and opponents ...
jesbean.zip28k01-12-16File is not ratedJesBean v1.1
This is a small brainbusting game, where you should try to get beans to your house by moving and stealing beans. Featuring Grayscale, good AI, Sound and much more. **Nostub, no Shell needed**. ** Source included **
bowling92.zip10k01-12-16File is not ratedBowl92
This is the classic bowling game now in C. It includes a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and teacher protection. Requires no assembly shell, source code included.
kidpaddle.zip41k01-12-16File is not ratedKid Paddle
il faut bousiller des monstres qui sortent des trous d'une table avec un maillet
vrally065.zip25k01-12-15File is not ratedV-Rally v0.65
Car game copied from v-rally gbc (new version)
nibblesxx.zip73k01-09-09File is not ratedNibblesXX version 2.00 for 92p
NibblesXX is a great looking nibbles/rattler race type game for the TI-89 & 92 plus.
vrally.zip39k01-08-26File is not ratedV-Rally 0.6
All is in the title ...
azelda.zip28k01-08-10File is not ratedRanhga's Zelda v0.3
This is a clone of the famous game based on the Game Boy version. It is available for 89 and 92+, it features huge maps and beautiful grayscale graphics. It is written in C (nostub), so you don't need any kernel, lib or patch.
jjump.zip186k01-08-06File is not ratedJesJump v1.0 - A JEsystems Production
In this puzzle game written in nostub C, you have to climb all the way to the top of the level by picking up/ placing blocks, and jumping on them. This game features grayscale, sound, physics, monsters with AI, a block counter, a level timer, difficulty options, external levels, level set capability, and an external level editor!
ttt68k.zip6k01-08-06File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe 68k
A clone of the common Tic-Tac-Toe game. Features link play, single calc 2 player support, and 1 player vs. computer AI support. The graphics aren't bad either. Works on all AMS versions and both calcs, and you can play link between two different calcs (TI-89 and TI-92+, or 2 of the same)
ballrace.zip16k01-07-16File is not ratedBallRace 3D v0.1
BallRace3D is a 3D high speed race game, where you are a ball scrolling and jumping trough a level on a road. You musn't fall out of the road :o)
checkers.zip6k01-06-27File is not ratedCheckers 92+ 1.1
New version. Still no AI
ti_pang.zip42k01-06-19File is not ratedTI-Pang v0.5b by FlashZ :o)
TI-Pang is a great Pang-like game for TI-89 and TI-92+, programmed in ASM68k in nostub. It include GrayScales, calculator auto-detection and a lot of other features... :o) The final release will include a lot of big levels, some bonuses etc...
verwirrendes.zip2k01-06-15File is not ratedVerwirrendes Gehirn v1.01
Eine deutsche Version der Brain Screw.
brains.zip2k01-06-12File is not ratedBrain Screw v1.01
A game where the computer screws with your brain.Fun to play when you are bored.Small file size.
pang2.zip40k01-06-11File is not ratedPang II : Revenge of the Balls
This is a clone of the famous arcade game. It is written in C (nostub), so you don't need any kernel, lib or patch. It features grayscale, auto-calc detection, and more.
simon68k.zip6k01-06-08File is not ratedSimon 68k v1.0
The classic Simon game. The computer creates a pattern, and you follow it. Includes hiscores, speeds, and difficulty levels. Similar to the Milton Bradley Electronic Simon (you know, the round black box with flashing lights and colors).
jackycar.zip23k01-06-05File is not ratedJackCar
a simple car game v0.2 - kbd bugs fixed
worm.zip69k01-06-01File is not ratedWorm v0.8
A nibbles/worm like game but with the option of variable angle turning, new features include: a large speed increase, improved sprites, a better title screen, a French version, better turning at high speeds, many bug fixes, grayscale background in game (optional), and worm size option.
spang.zip17k01-05-19File is not ratedSuper Pang v0.5 Beta
Adaptation of the popular arcade game PANG
all92p.zip88k01-05-10File is not ratedAllecto v7.4006
Special version of Phoenix for the ticalc.org CD
pang.zip21k01-04-04File is not ratedPang v1.2
The same game as Pang V1.0 but with multiplayer feature...
advint.zip618k01-02-02File is not ratedCollection of Classic Text Adventures v1.7
The collection of 33 old classic textual adventure games originally produced by "Adventure International", ported to the TI-92+. They are originally written mainly by Scott Adams and Brian Howarth between 1978 and 1987, first for TRS-80, then for Apple II, BBC B, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. Documentation about each game included. C source included, useful for learning C programming on TI. This release fixes some major bugs, and works stable on any AMS release and on any HW version.
blocks.zip34k00-12-10File is not ratedBlocks: Ze Schiebener
Well, it's a reflexion game where you have to push blocks...
snake.zip3k00-11-06File is not ratedSnake
A nibbles clone
paranoia.zip41k00-08-14File is not ratedParanoia
"Paranoia" is a small science fiction story, which flow depends strongly on your decisions, and which may have three different ends (only one of them is happy). Based on a solo adventure by Sam Shirley in the Jan/Feb 1977 issue of "SpaceGamer/FantasyGamer" magazine, which in turn is based on the Paranoia roleplaying game.
caveadv.zip57k00-08-14File is not ratedCave Adventure
A treasure hunting text adventure (ported from Commodore 64) with rich descriptions, in which you explore an underground cave system, full of treasures (and daemons too). If you like "The collection of Classic Text Adventures", you will like this game too. Well-readable C source included, useful for learning how to program an adventure game.
pldeath.zip28k00-08-08File is not ratedThe Planet of Death (aka Adventure A)
This is a TI-92+ port of old text adventure game "The Planet of Death" (also known as "Adventure A") made in 1981 by "Artic Computing" for ZX81 (and later for ZX Spectrum), in which you must escape from an alien planet. If you like "The collection of Classic Text Adventures", you will like this game too. Well-commented C source included.
wormwar.zip6k00-07-29File is not ratedWorm War v0.91
A game where you control a worm and try to trap the others. The worms grow when their heads move, shrink when their heads stop, and die when their tail catches their head. Based on http://www.absurd.org/jb/wormwar/.
anothermario.zip33k00-07-06File is not ratedAnother Mario v1.04
Yet another MarioLand clone for the ti92plus
creversi.zip13k00-06-29File is not ratedCReversi v1.6
Famous Othello/Reversi board game (release 1.6), written in C language (source included). Compatible with all AMS versions and both HW releases.
mines92p.zip7k00-06-12File is not ratedMines92+ v1.0
Minesweeper for the TI-92+. This game is very similar to the Windows version. It does not require any shells and works on all ROM and HW versions. It is written entirely in C and includes source.
atoms.zip3k00-05-26File is not ratedAtoms v0.1
A two player puzzle game
somegame.zip30k00-04-02File is not ratedSomeGame v0.65
Greyscale clone of SameGame/InsaneGame with 7 difficulty levels. Comes in both a TIOS and a DoorsOS version.
mineh.zip4k00-03-02File is not ratedMinehunt v1.0
A port of the HP version. The object is to escape the mines. Runs under AMS 2.03.
mine.zip11k98-08-11File is not ratedMinesweeper v2.1

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