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Interactive utilities, animations, and demos
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Last updated Friday, 16 September 2005
Total downloads 75,437
Most popular file  Cristina Ricci Picture with 6,614 downloads.

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aaron.zip2k98-07-30File is not ratedAaron Picture
Picture of Aaron.
aftrdark.zip2k98-07-30File is not ratedAfter Dark Screen Savers Collection v1.0
Collection of screen savers, clone of the Windows program.
animate.zip1k98-02-16File is not ratedAnimation
Renders a 3D graph and then rotates it.
art.zip8k04-03-03File is not ratedPoint Art Maker
These programs, for the TI-73 -- V200, graphically show many random patterns.
ball.zip1k98-02-16File is not ratedBouncing Ball Animation
Animation of a ball bounching in a room.
beat.zip2k98-07-30File is not ratedBeatles Picture
Picture of the Beatles.
castle.92i3k01-12-16File is not ratedCastle
An image of a castle for your TI 92
cristin.zip2k98-07-30File is not ratedCristina Ricci Picture
Picture of Cristina Ricci. No nudity.
darts.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedDarts
Draws many darts on the screen.
deer.zip1k98-07-30File is not ratedDeer Picture
Picture of a deer.
delrin.zip1k98-07-30File is not ratedDeLorean Picture
Picture of the car.
everclr.zip2k98-07-30File is not ratedEver Clear Picture
Picture of Ever Clear.
ifs.zip1k04-07-24File is not ratedIfs
ifs01 and ifs02 (very slowly) create the two plants shown in the screenshots by using iterated function systems. The code was ported from the one in "Dietmar Herrman: Algorithmen für Chaos und Fraktale, Addison-Wesley (Deutschland) GmbH, 1994". More information at: http://stud3.tuwien.ac.at/~e0225885/programmieren7.html
invert89.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedGraph Screen Inverter
This package of program, for all TI's, efficiently inverses the screen. Inversing turns black to white and white to black.
istudio.zip109k03-05-29File is not ratedImage Studio
This program has many features that the Draw menu doesn't. Inversing, Undo, Prompts for every function, AIP system (Almost Idiot Proof), and much more. You can save and load from 9 pictures. Zooming not yet implemented, but it can be done. Change the window settings using Image Studio (another of it's features) and you have a choice of zooming in or out, but it doesn't zoom the picture. Please email any comments to me or send a postcard to: William White 1018 N Maple St. Apt C Murfreesboro, TN, USA 37129
jewels89.zip4k03-05-18File is not ratedSierpinski's Jewels
This is a very artistic program, made for the TI-73, and TI-82 -- V200. It creates designs using variations of the Sierpinski Triangle.
mario.zip1k98-07-30File is not ratedMario Picture
Picture of Mario.
moskiton92.zip17k03-03-05File is not ratedMOSKITON
Draw pics to your TI MENU's, with this program!!!
naboo.zip2k00-01-22File is not ratedNaboo Cityscape
This is a pic of a naboo cityscape taken from Star Wars episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
nsa.zip1k00-01-22File is not ratedNSA Logo
National Security Agency Logo
picedit.zip1k05-09-16File is not ratedPicedit
A small picture editor. The sprites used in my games are made with this utility.
pixelart89.zip3k03-05-18File is not ratedPixel Art Maker
This package of programs for all TI's draws neat desings. There's a program for every TI included.
revolve.zip1k97-09-21File is not ratedRevolving Globe Animation
Animation of the Earth rotating.
rplcpics.zip3k00-05-24File is not ratedRPLCPICs
2 programs that demonstrate the use of the RPLCPIC command in an unbelievable way.
rugby.zip4k00-01-22File is not ratedVarious Rugby Pics
Pics of the crests of Rugby teams from my home town, and an action shot.
shania2.zip1k00-01-22File is not ratedTwo Pics of Shania
A couple pics of the lovely Shania Twain.
shania.zip1k00-01-07File is not ratedImage of Shania Twain
Full Screen Image of The Beautiful Shania Twain.
stickmen.zip4k00-02-23File is not ratedMisc Pics of a Stickman
Various images featuring Stickman doing various things.
stone.zip1k00-02-23File is not ratedPic of Stonehenge
Full Screen Picture from Stonehenge
ti92draw.zip4k00-07-20File is not ratedDraw
Draw editor
timpics.zip4k98-07-30File is not ratedTim Gerla's Pictures
Three pictures by Tim Gerla.
ti_picframe.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedPicture Frame Maker
This program sets a frame around the graph screen. You can choose the width from a range. It can make your pictures have a better appeal. This'll soon be a funtion of Lib68k. It's made for all TI's except the 80 and 81, though possible.
toolbar_pics2.zip10k01-08-06File is not ratedToolBar v5.0
This usefull to programation ex.: ToolBar Title calc ..... Title link.... EndTBar (With picks and documentation included). With more and more pictures
triangle.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedTI Triangle Drawer
Made for every TI, this draws a full screen triangle on the graph.
truegrid86.zip5k03-06-19File is not ratedTrue Grid Drawer
This program is useless... Made for the every TI.
tunnel89.zip7k03-05-31File is not ratedTI Tunnel Drawer
This works like a function on the 89-V200. On the 73-86 you simply input a number, and a tunnel of that depth will be drawn. On the 89-V200 the format looks like this: 'tunnel(x)' where x is the depth you want. This has been made for ALL TI's

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