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Last updated Friday, 19 February 2021
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notefoliofolder TI-89 Flash Application Variables (Notefolio)
apchemguide.zip19k03-05-11Chemistry Study Guide
This is a StudyCards stack containing 200 cards that cover the vast majority of the topics of the AP Chemistry Exam. This is designed for the purpose of reviewing before the test, but can be used to suppliment your learning through out the year. Hopefully this is helpful for you.
apostlescreed.zip35k08-05-27Apostles Creed
The Apostles Creed for the Ti-Reader Application. The basic creed of Reformed churches. It has received it's title because of its great antiquity; it dates from very early times in the Church, a half century or so from the last writings of the New Testament.
athanasiancreed.zip39k08-05-27Athanasian Creed
The Athanasian Creed for the TI Reader application.
eggfacts.zip1k21-02-19Egg Facts
A humorous collection of facts about eggs with minimal educational value.
forms.zip3k01-04-04Formulaire Physique Chimie
Formulaire de physique chimie contenant toutes les formules de Term S, format TxtRider, compatible TI89 & TI92
greatexpectations89.zip6k03-10-23Great Expectations Vocabulary Study Cards
Great Expectations Vocabulary Study Cards are in the order they apear in the book. Stacks are devided by stages of the book. 190 Cards.
ham89.zip67k03-07-07Ham Radio
All of the questions and answers you need to know, minus the graphics, for the test you need to pass for your license. Check readme for more info.
hiri.zip13k05-03-02Hirigana Studyset
This is a set of study cards that will help you learn the Japanese character set of Hirigana.
honda_acura.zip24k05-02-11Honda/Acura Engine Specs
For use with TI-Reader. Information for Honda and Acura vehicles up through 2002 in order of engine code. Contains engine code, # of litres, # of valves, SOHC/DOHC, VTEC (y/n), Carb./Fuel inj., # of cc's, BHP@RPM, Torque@RPM, Model year, Model/s, where avaliable U.S.A./Japan.
idiconart.zip2k04-12-26I.D. Icon Art
These are just eight of my homemade icons for Integrated Desktop. The "idicons" file that is included will need some of the names for the source files changed so that it can find them. Use "IDEditor" in the windows utilities sections of this site’s archives to fix those and combine "idiconsextra" to your icon file. Enjoy, criticize, and send in your own masterpieces.
lexique.zip5k01-04-04Lexique Physique Chimie
Lexique de Physique Chimie des termes de TermS
mecanismode4barras.zip76k07-02-15Four Bars Mechanism / Mecanismo de Cuatro Barras
ENGLISH: This is a cabri geometry figure that simulates a mechanism of four bars. For to simulate you have to animate (F7-3) the indicated number. You must have the application "Cabri Geometry" in your TI-89, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200 or TI-89 Titanium. ESPAÑOL: Esta es una figura de cabri geometry que simula un mecanismo de cuatro barras. Para la simulación usted debe animar (F7-3) el número indicado. Usted debe tener la aplicación "Cabri Geometry" en su TI-89, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200 ó TI-89 Titanium.
nicenecreed.zip35k08-05-27Nicene Creed
The Nicene Creed for the TI Reader application.
roots.zip2k10-10-12Greek and Latin Roots
A collection of 129 Greek and Latin roots and their meanings.
sphtrdme.zip2k04-02-17Specific Heat TIReader Readme
The readme for Specific Heat Solver for the TIReader App. The file is used to carry around on your calc. Sorry for not including it.
studycardsdaisukeing.zip37k06-03-18StudyCards para ingenieros
Aquí encontrará una serie de archivos para la aplicación StudyCards. Por lo tanto, debe tener esta Flash APP instalada en su calculadora para que funcionen correctamente. Cada carpeta contiene las versiones para los modelos Ti 89, Ti 89t y Ti 92, ti 92p y Voyage 200. Las Áreas bajo las cuales se dividen los contenidos son:• Máquinas eléctricas y • Materiales en Ingeniería
trig2.zip4k10-06-18Trigonometry v2.0
18 study cards, none of them are drills and ONLY using radians. Includes (pi/6) & (pi/4)- degree unit circles with coordinates, Tangent identities, Reciprocal identities, Pythagorean identities, Cofunction identities, Even/Odd identities, Positive trig functions graphed to their corresponding quadrant, Periodic identities, Law of Cosines, Law of Sines, Law of Tangents, Double-angle identities, Half-angle identities, product-to-sum identities, sum-to-product identities, Sum/Difference identities, and Mollweide's formula. In all, it is everything you learn in trigonometry all put into study cards! TI-89 and TI-89 titanium only.
81 multiple-choice cards in six stacks drill Essential Pre-Trig, Right Triangles, Special Angles, General Triangles, Identities, and Periodic Functions. Most cards contain diagrams. TI-83+/84 and TI-89 versions.

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