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palindr89.zip1k14-11-27File is not ratedPalindromic Numbers
A palindrome or palindromic number is a number that has the same value when read from both directions (left to right and right to left). This program investigates the generation of palindromic numbers using the Lychrel process. Full instructions are provided in the README file.
kaprekar.zip1k14-11-11File is not rated6174, Kaprekar's constant
Experiment with Kaprekar's constant, the famous 6174! This program accepts 4 digit numbers and performs the Kaprekar's routine until it reaches 6174, showing all the intermediate steps. For more info on Kaprekar's constant, look at the wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/6174_%28number%29). To execute, just type kaprekar()
calcnif.zip4k14-07-14File is not ratedLetter spanish NIF Calculator
This application calculates the letter of the NIF starting from a Spanish D.N.I. number without letter. (calculator must be english)
math.numteory.zip1k12-07-08File is not ratedNumber Theory
Some valuable number theory techniques.
mathtrix89.zip10k11-06-05File is not ratedDumb Math Trick
Knows the next number by magic, try to prove it wrong.
sortvis.zip9k10-07-19File is not ratedSortVis 1.0
A collection of sorting algorithm animations
intrain.zip48k06-12-30File is not ratedIrrational Number Trainer Version 1.0
This is an awesome program that helps you memorize common irrational constants. In this version, there are five constants to memorize (pi, e, the square root of two, phi, and the E-M constant). It is relatively small at about four and a half kilobytes. It is extremely effective for fast results. It is aslo fun to recite pi to 200 digits in math class and get extra credit ;) A Must Download!
logic89.zip67k06-12-30File is not ratedLogic Toolbox
Logic Toolbox is a group of functions and programs created to support Boolean logic operations like interactive True-Tables and Karnaugh's maps.
kopfrechentrainer.zip4k06-03-18File is not ratedMental Arithmetics Trainer
You want to get better in doing basic math/arithmetic operations in your head? Then this program is the right choice for you!
boole.zip15k05-11-10File is not ratedBoole v1.2
Boole is a program written in Basic that obtains the canonical terms of a boolean function or the result of assigning values to each variable that composes the function. The program is in Spanish as English, and it works with the TI-89, TI-92+ and V200.
palsol.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedPalindrome Solver
This program takes and inputted number and finds its "Palindrome". A "Palindrome" is a something that can be read in the same way backwards as it can forwards.
g_logic.zip9k04-03-28File is not ratedGeneral logic
Package G_logic includes seven general logical functions which extend ordinary binary logic {0,1} to three value logic {0,x,1} and to general probability logic {0<=p<=1}.
dayoftheweek89.zip1k04-02-19File is not ratedAccurate Day of the Week Finder
Have ya ever wanted to find out what day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc) you were born, or when a particular date took place(July 4, 1776)? Well, with this neat little program, all you have to do is enter in the month(12), day(19), and year(1987), and voila, the day of the week appears! I used a formula that I found on the internet somewhere. It is really small, so download it today! This is the ported version of the Day of the Week Finder for the TI-83 Plus/Silver Edition by me. And the day on the screenshot is my birthday for anyone who cares.
magic.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedMagic Square generator
This program generates magic squares of any size. Usage: magic(size)
hcalc.zip14k03-06-04File is not ratedHuman Calculator Trainer
This is a program using a revolutionary method to teach you to add and subtrace numerals with speed. You will notice an increase in your addition/subtraction speed withing a few days of use.
anscheck.zip4k02-11-12File is not ratedAnsCheck©
AnsCheck© is just a small BASIC program I programmed in my spare time. What it does is you enter a problem, then try to guess what it is, and input it. It will tell you if you were correct, or not. That's all. Also, this is my first program ever to be publicly, so there are probably some bugs. There is one known bug, and that is in the readme.
gps_math.zip128k02-07-23File is not ratedGPS Math
GPS _MATH contains a TI-89 calculator activity which explores the mathematics of Global Positioning in a 2-dimensional world. Graphical and numerical techniques are both used to solve the GPS system of equations. A step-by-step handout is included. Follow instructions in the ReadMe file to set up programs.
mtudor.zip5k02-05-13File is not ratedMath Tudor
This program does basically everything you need for Algebra and Geometry. A must have! Download now.
nsort.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedUltimate List, Matrix, and String Sorters
Sort lists, matrices, lists of strings, matrices of strings, and the characters of strings themselves, in ascending (alphabetical) or descending (reverse-alphabetical) order!
ti85.zip2k00-11-26File is not ratedOriginal TI-85 Functions
This is just a set of functions whose names are the same as those on the TI-85. It includes quite a few the TI-89 doesn't have.
taverite.zip2k00-11-15File is not ratedTaverite
Taverite is a prog that computes the evaluation of a logical expression. You give the variables names to the program and it gives you the table. Taverite est un programme calculant une table de vérité à partir d'une expression logique.
logic.zip5k00-03-03File is not ratedLogic Function Simplifier
Simplifies logic functions using the algorithm of Quine McCluskey and generates truthtables. Allows more variables than the Karnaugh-Veitch (KV) diagram.
pearson.zip1k98-11-21File is not ratedPearson's Square
Solves Mixture Problems

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