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Last updated Tuesday, 28 January 2020
Total downloads 884,329
Most popular file  Analytic geometry 2.2 Pro with 22,396 downloads.

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3formulae.zip1k07-09-08File is not rated3 Formulae
Three Famous Formulas: The Handy-Dandy Distance Formula, The Magnificent Midpoint Formula, and the Scrumptious Slope Formula. Dialog box input/output.
ad.zip1k02-03-11File is not ratedSFAPC: Angle drawer
Stupid Functions for A P Calculus: Draw any angle on the graph screen
allgeometrynotes.zip5k02-10-25File is not ratedAll the Geometry Theorems and Postulates
This is a file that contains ALL the theorems and postulates for the Geometry course. Very usefull if you are the student who can't remember the slew of equations and theorems required for the couse and tests.
analyticgeometry2.1pro.zip306k05-09-04File is not ratedAnalytic geometry 2.2 Pro
The most comprehensive analytic geometry program for TI-89 and TI-92. You can enter points, vectors, lines and planes and then solve many problems as distances, intersections, angles (variances), rotating and much more. Help with a lot of formulas is also included, so your 45 minutes exam will take only 5 :-). Current language localizations: ENG, ITA, CZ. Nice tutorial is added!
apolysol.zip9k01-12-16File is not ratedApolysol
Helps people solve geometry problems easier
arclength.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedArc Length
Calculates the Arc Length of a given function (see readme)
arclngth.zip1k00-02-13File is not ratedArc Length
Calculates the arc length of a vector-valued function between t=a and t=b
arcsandsectors.zip4k06-05-27File is not ratedArcs and Sectors
"Arcs and Sectors" is a small, useful program for geometry students. It can find both the arc length and sector area, given a number of degrees and the radius. As an added bonus, it is written completely with dialog boxes and gives the exact and approximate answers.
area3.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedArea Calculation
New Triangle area Calculation tool
areacalc.zip54k02-11-08File is not ratedArea Calculator
This program calculates the bounded area and location of the centroid of any shape. It is useful to anyone calculating areas/centroids of odd shapes.
areacircs.zip1k00-07-19File is not ratedArea of a Circular Segment
This program computes the area of a circular segment(the area between a chord and the arc it spans).
areafinder.zip1k03-11-19File is not ratedArea Finder 2.1 by Calcsoft Technologies
A revised edition of the previous area finder. It doesn't change the mode settings or add a new folder.
areanvolumescalc.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedArea and Volumes ( Calculating Version)
Solves for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone.
areanvolumesequ.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedArea and Volumes ( Equations)
Contains equations for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone.
areanvolumes.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedArea and Volumes (Full Version)
Contains equations and also solves for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone.
areaofcircle.zip1k03-12-08File is not ratedArea of Bryant's Circles
This program allows you to determine the area of a circle with much more ease than the manual alternitive. Knock yourself out.
areas2.zip1k09-04-24File is not ratedAreas y volumenes
[ENGLISH]Calculates areas and volumes of geometric shapes and figures differs, can employ the use of units such as _M, _cm, _ha, _M ^ 3 _l, etc.. [SPANISH] Calcula areas y volumenes de ditintas figuras y formas geometricas, puede emplear el uso de unidades tales como _m, _cm, _ha, _m^3, _l, etc.
areass.zip2k02-07-22File is not ratedAreas
Lots of Areas!!!
areas.zip1k99-05-31File is not rated2D Area Formulas v2.0
This program is designed to help you find the area for many 2-dimensional shapes.
area.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedArea of a Triangle v1.0
Displays the area of a triangle from its three coordinates and graphs the triangle.
asolve.zip1k07-04-14File is not ratedAngle Solve
This program makes solving sinusoidal expressions easy.
bezierfr.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedBezier (Français)
Programme qui calcule et trace les courbes de bezier a partir de points que vous lui indiquez. Pas de limites de points. Le programme trace aussi les points
bicenter.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBicentric Quadrilateral
Compute different properties of bicentric quadrilaterals.
brahmagu.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBrahmagupta's Formula / Heron's Formula
Compute the area of a cyclic quadrilateral or cyclic triangle.
bretang.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBretschneider's Angle Formula
Uses Bretschneider's Angle formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.
bretdiag.zip1k11-05-29File is not ratedBretschneider's Diagonal Formula
Uses Bretschneider's diagonal formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.
calcpi.zip1k99-11-19File is not ratedCalculations for Pi
Gives 3 different examples of how to calculate PI.
centraltheta.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedCentral Angle
Find the area of a quadrilateral from the measure of the angle formed by the intersection of the diagonals and either its diagonal lengths or its side lengths.
chordsolve.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedAbsolute Chordsolve v1.00
When given any two pieces of information out of chord length, radius of circle, distance from circle to chord, and arc degree measure, this program will solve for the missing information. It will also find the length of the chord's arc. You can save any of these values to a variable.
chord.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedChord Calculator v1.2
Now automatically changes mode to degree so you don't get negative answers, etc. It changes back to whatever you had it on when it is done.
circcalc.zip1k10-10-06File is not ratedCirc Calc
This program calculates the circumference, diameter, radius, and area of a circle when either the circumference, diameter, radius, or area is given.
circfunc.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedCirc Func
A progam that creates the Secant, Cosecant and Cotangent circle functions (also known as arc functions).
circl3pt.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedCircle from Three Points
Find the equation of a circle that passes through three points.
circleinfo.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedConic Section - Circle
This program gives a variety of information about circles! Given input in standard or general form, this program will give the standard form equation, center, radius, domain, range, and produce a graph.
circleprogram.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedCircle Program
Finds the area, circumference, length of an arc with central angle defined, and the area of a sector with central angle defined.
circleproperties.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedCircle Properties
Definitions of basic terms dealing with the circle along with pictures, and equations for finding the area and the circumference.
circlereg.zip3k04-08-03File is not ratedCircle 'Regression'
Not actually a true regression. What it can do is to take either two points, three points, or two points and the length of the radius and spit out the formula for the circle (circles for 2 pts & radius). For the 2 pt program, it shows the equation for the line passing through the centers of all circles passing through those two points. Useful for geometry and pre-calc.
circles.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedCircles
Converts between the general equation of a cirle, radius, and center point.
circ.zip1k99-08-26File is not ratedCircles
Allows you to enter a property of a circle, and it returns 5 properties of a circle, includes, radius, diameter, circumference, area, and volume. Great for geometry.
cirprgm.zip1k98-11-21File is not ratedCircle Formula Program
Solves for Circle Formulas
clockang.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedClock Angles
Find the angle made by the minute- and hour-hand at a certain time (HH:MM:SS).
clocktheta.zip1k11-02-01File is not ratedClock Hand Angle
Find the angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock by inputting the hour, minute, and second. You can choose to have an approximate decimal answer or a fractional exact answer.
cmpletsq.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedComplete the Square
Complete the square to find the equation of a circle.
cnvhull89.zip38k06-10-27File is not ratedConvex Hull Area
This program calculates the area of a 2D convex hull given a matrix of points (order is not important).
conic89.zip5k02-02-10File is not ratedGrand Unified Conic Program89
Hangles any conic, general or standard, rotated or not
coniceh.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedConicEH
This program calculates the foci, vertices, and center of an Ellipse or a Hyperbola, conic sections.
conicid.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedConicID
ConicID calculates the type of conic section as well as the angle of rotation for the equation.
conicpar.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedConic Parabola
Conic Parabola calculates the Vertex, Focus, and Directrix of the parabola, a conic section.
conics2.zip2k99-11-10File is not ratedConics Solver v3.5
Conic section solver and grapher
conicssuite.zip1k02-10-26File is not ratedTi-89 Conics Suite
This all-encompassing Conics Suite calculates Standard Form, the type of Conic, essential information about the graph (length of latus recturm, foci, vertices, length of major and minor axis, equation for asymptotes and directrixes). A must have for anyone in Algebra 2 or Precalculus. Easy to Use.
conics.zip3k99-04-05File is not ratedConic Section Programs
conic.zip4k05-09-27File is not ratedCONICS
This is the ULTIMATE CONICS PROGRAM! It does everything from finding the radius of a cicle to finding the eccentricity of a hyperbola. A must-have if you are having trouble with conics (or if you are just tired of them).
convert.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedFunction Converter
Converts a 3-d function from either rectangular, Cylindrical, or Spherical form to each of the other to forms (see readme for details and an example)
coordply.zip1k11-05-30File is not ratedCoordinates of a Regular Polygon
Get the coordinates of a regular polygon with a given length centered around the origin.
coor.zip1k09-09-06File is not ratedLinear Line Information
input 2 points as parameters coor(x1,y1,x2,y2) and find out the slope, midpoint, distance, y- and x- intercepts of the line
curve3d.zip6k04-01-02File is not ratedSpace Curves 89
This program adds new functionality to your TI-89: the ability to draw 3d space curves! This program is very useful for 3dimensional projectile motion, and any other applications that may use 3d graphing of curves. Also, a MUST HAVE for Calc III.
cvpolyg.zip40k06-10-27File is not ratedPolygon Analysis
Calculates area, perimeter and centre of gravity of a polygon given vertexes in whatever their order may be. In case of one or more points inside the polygon the program calculates also the barycentre of all the points.
cycldiag.zip1k11-06-01File is not ratedCyclic Quadrilateral Diagonal Lengths
Get the lengths of the diagonals in a cyclic quadrilateral, given the side lengths.
diagcirc.zip19k05-11-29File is not ratedDiagCirc
creer un diagrame circulaire create a circular graph
diagonal.zip3k06-05-27File is not ratedDiagonal
"Diagonal" is a very simple program written entirely in dialog boxes for the sole purpose of finding the number of diagonals in a regular, convex polygon.
diag.zip1k99-11-19File is not ratedDiagonal Finder v1.0a
Diagonal Finder finds the amount of diagonals in any polygon.
dist2.zip1k17-09-14File is not rateddistance2d
A basic solver for 2d distance in Cartesian space I wrote while bored in geometry class.
dist.89p1k01-12-16File is not ratedDistance Formula
distance2.zip1k99-03-08File is not ratedEquation to Point Distance
Finds distance between: equation to equation, point to point, equation to point
distance3.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedDistance Formula
This is the distance formula. It finds the distance between two points. It is very useful in geometry class.
distance5.zip1k03-09-19File is not ratedDistance Formula
this will find the distance of two points
distanceform.zip1k04-09-23File is not ratedDISTANCE FORMULA, plus extras!
Type in two coordinates, and you get the distance, slope, y-intercept, and the midpoint. Pretty impressive, eh? (Was part of mw.zip.)
distancetwopoints.zip1k11-06-01File is not ratedDistance Formula
Get the distance between two points.
distance.zip1k98-11-04File is not ratedDistance 89
A program to find the distance between two points.
distanc.zip1k03-11-22File is not ratedDistance
Finds the distance between two points on a coordinante plane.
distmid.zip3k01-04-04File is not rated2D/3D Distance and Midpoint Calculator
A nice program for calculating 2D and 3D distances and midpoints. Gives answers in exact and approx form and cleans up after itself by deleting any variables it uses.
dist.zip1k99-11-19File is not ratedDistance
It finds the distance between two points using the [square root of (x2-x1)^2 + (y1-y2)^2] formula. It saves alot of time.
dobledistanciameridiana.zip219k09-06-07File is not ratedDoble Distancia Meridiana®
Gracias por descargar Doble Distancia Meridiana® Realiza el calculo de area, perimetro y precision de una poligonal cerrada. Incluye visualizacion de la poligonal. Thank you for download Doble Meridian Distance® The program calculates area, perimeter and precision of a closed polygon. Besides it shows the polygon visualization.
drawpoly.zip1k11-06-01File is not ratedDraw a Regular Polygon
Draw a regular polygon on the graph screen.
ellipsegraph.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedEllipse Graph
Generates the graph of an ellipse in either General (ax^2+by^2+cx+dy+e=0) or Standard ((x-h)^2/a^2+(y-k)^2/b^2=1) form.
ellipseinfo.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedConic Section - Ellipse
Given the equation of an ellipse in either General or Standard form, this program gives the standard form equation, center, a value, end points of major axis, b value, end points of minor axis, focal distance, foci, end points of focal chords, eccentricity, minor axis length, major axis length, domain, range, and graph.
ellipse.zip1k09-10-30File is not ratedEllipse- find e & c
enter with the parameters (a,b) where a and b are semimajor and semiminor axis values, and find the eccentricity and the length from center to focus
eqpack.zip2k99-09-11File is not ratedBrandon's Top Ten Geometry Programs v0.95 Beta
findarea.zip1k10-11-15File is not ratedFind Area
Find the area of triangles, trapezoids, circles, and ellipses.
findsurfarea.zip1k10-11-17File is not ratedFind Surface Area
Find the surface area of spheres, cylinders, and cones.
findvolume.zip1k10-11-15File is not ratedFind Volume
Find the volume of prisms, pyramids, cones, and spheres.
funcs.zip3k02-02-10File is not ratedMath Functions
These are some math functions I made to help you with geometry.
function_gd.zip1k06-09-26File is not ratedFunctions: Gudermannian Function
This function computes the inverse things of the mercator projection. Useful for geography.
g89form.zip11k00-11-07File is not ratedGeometry 89 PLUS
version 3.0 of My formulas for the 89. . Next version will include a sneek peek into other upcoming programs like Advanced Algebra 89 PLUS, The Dead Army, and James Bond 007
gena.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedGergonne-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Gergonne Point and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
geo2.zip4k01-02-20File is not ratedGeometry 89
Excellent geometry program for the TI-89. Includes Pythagorean theory, slope-intercept form, function form from an equation or two points, area, volume, and other stuff. The best?
geo89.zip63k02-09-30File is not ratedGeo 89 v1.20
Upgrade of the file Geo2, could not get hold of the original author. I added a WHOLE bunch of stuff. Download and read the word file with snapshots. He proclaims the best? After I edited it :) NOTE: This is beta, Hey!, you get to have your name in it.
geoboard.zip1k99-07-09File is not ratedGeoboard v1.2
A geometry program for Middle School students.
geohelp.zip1k98-12-01File is not ratedGeometry Helper 89 v1.11
A collection of geometry programs.
geom89.zip1k03-12-14File is not ratedGeometry
A quick reference for common two dimensional and three dimensional geometric formulas.
geometry89.zip3k02-03-08File is not ratedGeometry Equations Solver
This program allows you to keep track of a list of equations, in different catagories, and then recall them later and solve by plugging in values. Saves a lot of time on tests and homework.
geometry.geometry.zip1k04-01-11File is not ratedGeometry Help 5.0
This program will help students in Geometry to find the area of 9 different 2D figures or the area and volume of 9 different 3D figures. Very useful on tests.
geometryhelper.zip25k20-01-28File is not ratedCompetition Level Geometry Helper
Contains 42 various geometric formulas designed for use in geometric math competitions. Lists formulas rather than having functions so that you can manipulate them during the test to better suit your needs. Includes formulas about triangles, inscribed shapes, area, volume and surface area, trig properties, series and many other categories.
geometry.zip1k02-05-28File is not ratedGeometry v1.0
¤In french only for now, sorry -_-.¤ Ce programme, écrit par un ami, contient toutes les fonctions nécessaires (de quoi faire ses contrôles sans réviser en fait ^_^) quand aux vecteurs, et m'a semblé être indispensable (ou au moins "à essayer"). J'ai convaincu son créateur de me laisser le poster, maintenant vous DEVEZ l'essayer. (il est compatible TI92+)
geomtbx2.zip1k98-09-06File is not ratedGeometry Toolbox 2 89 v1.0
A package that contains many solvers for geometry problems.
geoprgm.zip2k02-02-10File is not ratedGeneral Geometry
This is a program that will solve systems of equations (ax+by=c) and find the distance, midpoint, and axis-intercepts of a line.
geowork.zip4k99-03-08File is not ratedGeometry Workshop v1.00
A very complete geometry helper with many features.
geo.zip1k98-11-21File is not rated2D and 3D Area Formulas
Solves 2D and 3D geometric figures
gformula.zip18k04-02-17File is not ratedGeometry Formulas Plus
This program allows the user to quickly find the area, perimeter, surface area, or volume of many different geometrical figures. All answers are displayed in exact and approximate notation. This program also includes a quadratic solver that will give the vertex and roots (in exact format) of any quadratic equation.
gh.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedCentroid-Orthocenter
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
gi.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedCentroid-Incenter
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Incenter in a triangle.
gk.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Symmedian
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
gl.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Longchamps
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the de Longchamps Point in a triangle.
gna.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
gn.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Nine Point Center
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Nine-Point Center in a triangle.
go.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Circumcenter
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
gsp.zip1k11-06-04File is not ratedCentroid-Spieker
Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
height_area.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedHeight to Area
Obtain the area of a triangle given the lengths of its three altitudes.
helper.zip1k00-03-04File is not ratedHelper
This program has formulas for area, surface area, distance, midpoints and many more! Look for updates soon!
heroform.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedHeroform
A formula program that will give you the area of a triangle when you imput the length of all three sides. Very useful...
heron.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedHeron's Formula
This is a function where you enter the lengths of the sides of any triangle and you get the area..so you dont need to know the height of the triang to get the area.
herosf.zip1k00-07-20File is not ratedHero's Formula
This program computes the area of a triangle given the lengths of the sides.
hero.zip1k04-08-24File is not ratedHerons Formula
This is a simple function that to calculate the area of a triangle, given you know all three sides. Only 81 bytes!
hge.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Gergonne
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Gergonne Point in a triangle.
hk.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Symmedian
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
hm.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Mittenpunkt
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Mittenpunkt in a triangle.
hna.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
hsp.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedOrthocenter-Spieker
Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
hyperbolagraph.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedHyperbola Graph
Generates the graph of a hyperbola in either standard ((x-h)^2/a^2+(y-k)^2/b^2=1) or general (ax^2+by^2+cx+dy+e=0) form.
hyperbolainfo.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedConic Section - Hyperbola
Given a hyperbola in either general or standard form, this program will give the standard form equation, center, a value, verticies, b value, focal distance, foci, end points of focal chords, asymptotes, eccentricity, domain, range, and graph.
ige.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Gergonne
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Gergonne Point in a triangle.
ik.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Symmedian
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
il.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Longchamps
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the de Longchamps Point in a triangle.
im.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Mittenpunkt
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Mittenpunkt in a triangle.
ina.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Nagel
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Nagel Point in a triangle.
info.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedTriangle Center Symbols
Lists various symbols used to depict various important points in a triangle (i.e. incenter, orthocenter, etc.).
inter4pt.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIntersection of Four Points
Given four points, this function joins the first two and the last two and returns the intersection of those two lines.
interiorangles.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedInterior Angles
Finds the sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon with n sides. Just input the number of sides. Also, if it is an equilateral polygon, it finds the value of one of the interior angles.
in.zip1k11-06-05File is not ratedIncenter-Nine Point
Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the Nine-Point in a triangle.
io.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedIncenter-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the Incenter and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
iscnstru.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedIs Constructable
Returns a boolean (true / false) indicating whether or a not a regular polygon with given sides is constructable with a compass and straightedge.
isect.zip4k00-03-02File is not ratedIntersect
Checks to see if 2 line segments intersect. Uses the cross product. User may move points arround with arrow keys. Use this to increase your understanding.
isoboard.zip6k10-09-25File is not ratedISOBOARD
(v. 1.0.1) ISOBOARD is a program for drawing on isometric dot paper using your calculator! The program has save support, and is very easy to navigate.
isp.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedIncenter-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Incenter and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
istri.zip1k11-01-28File is not ratedIsTriangle
Test whether a triangle with three given side lengths exists.
ko.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedSymmedian-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the Symmedian Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
lge.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedLongchamps-Gergonne
Obtains the distance between the de Longchamps Point and the Gergonne Point in a triangle.
lh.zip1k11-06-06File is not ratedLongchamps-Orthocenter
Obtains the distance between the de Longchamps Point and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
linearline.zip1k09-09-06File is not ratedLinear Equation Solver
enter 2 coordinates and view the equation of the line connecting the points
linebis.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedAngle Bisector
Given two non-parallel lines on the Cartesian plane, this program finds the two lines that bisect the angle created by the two original lines.
linedist.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedDistances Between Non-Zero Dimensional Loci
Finds the distance between either a point and a line, a point and a plane, a line and a line, a plane and a plane, or a point and a parabola (in 2D).
lineperp.zip2k10-12-02File is not ratedLine Through Perpendicular Bisector
Give this function the coordinates of two points and it returns the equation of the perpendicular line through the midpoint. Handy and quick program that saves significant amounts of time and effort.
lines.zip1k10-11-26File is not ratedLines: Slope, Distance, and Midpoint
Very simple program for finding the slope distance and midpoint of lines that I put together in math class. When you look at th properties of the file it says it's for a ti-92, I don't know why, but it is for a ti-89
linethru.zip2k10-12-02File is not ratedLine Through
Give this function the coordinates of two points and it will return the equation of the line passing through them. Useful function for saving time and effort.
linptslp.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedPoint-Slope to Slope-Intercept
Given a point and the slope of the line, this program find the line through that given point with that given slope and puts the line in slope-intercept, or y-intercept, form.
logbase.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedlogBASE
Given two numbers, A and B, computes the logarithm of A in base B. Follows syntax of the TI-84's logBASE method, in order to maintain universality.
lo.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedLongchamps-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the de Longchamps Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
main.conic.zip1k12-07-08File is not ratedConic Sections
A program for quick access to values involving conic sections.
math.conic5pt.zip1k12-07-08File is not rated5-Point Conic Section
Given 5 points (inputted as 10 arguments [x1,y1,x2,y2,...x5,y5]), this function finds the equation of the conic equation through them on the Cartesian plane.
math.conictxt.zip1k12-07-08File is not ratedConic Text File
Contains valuable information concerning conic sections in the Cartesian plane.
mathheaven.zip8k02-10-14File is not ratedGeometry Heaven Suite
This is the MOST comprehensive Geometry Suite on Ticalc.org. This includes the popular Math Heaven: Geometry and also includes ALL the Geometry Postulates and Theorems for the WHOLE Book! This suite is for the students who just can’t remember all those equations and theorems. This is a MUST for all Geometry students!!
math.polygons.zip1k12-07-08File is not ratedRegular Polygons
Valuable techniques and formulas involving regular n-gons.
math_programs.zip2k01-12-16File is not ratedMath Programs
These are programs that solve equations such as volume of cylinder with just the input of a few numbers
median_area.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedMedian Lengths to Area
Given the lengths of the three medians of a triangle, obtains the area of said triangle.
mempi.zip31k03-07-17File is not ratedMemorize PI!
This program is a utility to help you memorize everyone's favorite number. With a database of 300 digits [more in future versions] and a size less than 1 kb, this program is fully functional with no trash vars left over!
met_rect.zip1k02-02-10File is not ratedMet_Rect
Calcul de la valeur approchée d'une integrale par la methode des rectanges
mk.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedMittenpunkt-Symmedian
Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.
msp.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedMittenpunkt-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
mw.zip12k04-09-23File is not ratedMATHWIZ v1.2
This is an update of the previous MATHWIZ program. It still contains the 4 useful formulas. The pythagorean theorem which calculates the leg or hypotenuse of a right triangle; distance and more which calculates the distance, y-intercept formula, slope, and the midpoint of two points on the coordinate plane; volume and surface area calculates the volume and S.A. of a rectangular prism; and last but not least, the quadratic formula. IF THERE ARE ANY FORMULAS OTHER THAN LISTED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE ON HERE, PLEASE EMAIL ME! Hope you enjoy it!
nag.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Centroid
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Centroid in a triangle.
nai.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Incenter
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Incenter in a triangle.
nan.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Nine
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Nine Point Center in a triangle.
nao.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Circumcenter
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle.
nasp.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNagel-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Nagel Point and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
ngon.zip1k01-02-03File is not ratedArea of a Regular Polygon
Calculate the area of a regular polygon with n sides, given either the perimeter of the length of a side. Useful in particular for finding the area of an equilateral triangle.
ng.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNine-Centroid
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the Centroid in a triangle.
nh.zip1k11-06-08File is not ratedNine-Orthocenter
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
nl.zip1k11-06-11File is not ratedNine-Longchamps
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the de Longchamps Point in a triangle.
noahshet.zip3k11-06-12File is not ratedNoah Sheets
Some interesting and useful formulas found on the IMSA-created Noah Sheets.
nsp.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedNine-Spieker
Obtains the distance between the Nine Point Center and the Spieker Point in a triangle.
numregin.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedNumber of Regions, Etc.
Given a regular n-gon, calculates one of the following from: 1) Number of regions that the diagonals cut the n-gon into, Number of regions which the diagonals of the n-gon divide its center if on three are concurrent, Number of ways the n-gon can be divided into triangles, Number of intersection points formued inside a regular n-gon by its diagonals
oh.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedCircumcenter-Orthocenter
Obtains the distance between the Circumcenter and the Orthocenter in a triangle.
on.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedCircumcenter-Nine
Obtains the distance between the Circumcenter and the Nine Point Center in a triangle.
para3ptx.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedParabola Through Three Points
Given three points, this program finds the equation of the parabola (whose axis of symmetry is parallel to the X-axis) on the Cartesian plane.
para3pty.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedParabola Parallel to Y Axis
Given three points, this program will find the equation of the parabola that passes through these three points and is parallel to the y-axis.
parabolaequation.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedParabola Equation
This program will find the equation of a parabola given the vertex and directrix, vertex and focus, or focus and directrix.
parabolagraph.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedParabola Graph
Given the equation of any parabola (x^2 or y^2) in any form (standard, y-k=a(x-h)^2, or general, ax^2+bx+cy+d=0), this program generates its graph.
parabolainfo.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedConic Section - Parabola
Given the equation of a parabola in standard or general form, this program finds the standard form equation, vertex, a value, axis of symmetry, zeros, y intercept, focal distance, focus, directrix, domain, range, and graph.
parallellinesnangles.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedParallel Lines and Angles
This program draws a picture of what happens when a line crosses two parallel lines and the angles that form. A quick guide to which angles are equal to each other.
parperp.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedparallel and perpendicular line finder
Finds the equation of a line either parallel or perpendicular to a given line.
pi86.zip1k00-06-12File is not ratedPi
Calculates PI to an arbitrary amount of digits using the classic 16 arctan(1/5)-4 arctan(1/239) approach. Ported from TI-86 version by Andrew Selle.
picalc.zip1k00-03-20File is not ratedPi Calculator
Calculates pi up to as much digits you like
pieuler89.zip2k03-05-18File is not ratedPi: Euler's Method
This package of programs for all TI's quickly converges to pi using one of Euler's methods.
pimem.zip1k04-03-16File is not ratedPi Memorization Helper - UPDATE
An update from the previous Pi Memorization Helper. This version now keeps high scores. The number in the high score represents the number of digits that you've memorized. This program currently has the first 1000 digits programmed. I have also included an animated screenshots for a better visual. Remember to read the readme!
pinewt.zip3k06-07-07File is not ratedPINEWT - Computes pi to housands of places
Using "infinite" precision arithmetic you can compute (slowly) PI to thousands of places by evaluating Newton's power series
pi.zip1k99-07-04File is not ratedPi Training
This program helps to memorize pi decimals.
planeutil.zip1k99-02-28File is not ratedCartesian Plane Utilities v1.0
Calculate Length, Midpoint, and slope of lines and line segments.
plnethru.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPlane Through
Given three points in 3D space, this program returns the equation of the plane that passes through all three points. After all, any three noncollinear points determine a unique plane!
pls2004.zip33k04-09-16File is not ratedPoint Line Solver 2004!
his Program finds the missing point and the distance between two points when only one line equation and one point is given. This is a very useful program that can shave minutes off of your homework
pntarea89.zip37k06-10-27File is not ratedPoint's Area
This program calculates the area of a convex polygon given the matrix of vertexes.
pntlines89.zip68k03-11-24File is not ratedPoints & Lines Geometry Assistant
The program analyses a lot of analytic geometry problems with points and lines: line notation conversion, line across two points, lines intersection, line bisector, orthogonal lines, point on line projection, line-symmetric point, point-line distance, segment medium point and more over. The result is displayed in function or parametric graph mode and it can be saved for a future utilization. All data can be entered either in function or parametric notation.
pointsolve.zip15k02-11-11File is not ratedPoints Solve
Do you know how to compute the distance of a line, its equation,...? You do now! This program allows the user to type in the coordinates for two points and have it calcualate the slope, distance, midpoint, x-intercept, y-intercept, and equation of the line. These are all displayed in a matrix in exact and approximate forms. The programs also allows the user to store the vars and graph the line between the two points. This is a very handy program when conducting multiple calculations!
point.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedPoint
This program displays the Midpoint, Distance, and Slope of the line segment connected by two points. The user need only enter the points.
polydiag.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPolygonal Diagonals
Obtains the length of every diagonal in a regular n-gon with a given length. Results returned as a list.
polygon89.zip11k04-07-15File is not ratedRegular Polygons
Calculates the area of a regular polygon given side length and number of sides.
polygons.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedRegular Polygons
Calculates various properties of regular polygons based on other givens that the user provides.
polyrad.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedPolyRad
Find the area of any regular polygon from the radius of an inscribed circle
ptcircle.zip1k01-06-12File is not rated3 point circle
Finds the center and radius of the circle that passes through 3 points.
ptsolver.zip1k99-02-28File is not ratedPoint Solver
given 2 points or slope and 1 point, solves for equation of line
pyramid.zip11k03-06-18File is not ratedPyramid
Pyramid() is a program which calculates basic geometric parameters and dimensions of a given regular square pyramid. Ratios between the base, the height, the slant height, the edge and the diagonal of the pyramid are evident from the values of trigonometric functions of the angles. In the Cheops' pyramid you can find more than 25 ratios which include the golden mean ratio Phi.
pythagoreantheorem.zip1k12-04-01File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem
A simple function to execute the pythagorean theorem, enter the unknown as x. Syntax: pyt(a,b,c)
pythgoreantriple.zip1k12-04-01File is not ratedPythagorean Triple
Generatres a pythgorean triple given an a value. Syntax: pyttri(a)
quadrilateralproperties.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedQuadrilateral Properties
Definitions/area of a square, rectangle, and parallelogram.
quadrila.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedQuadrilaterals
Obtain several useful formulas involving various types of quadrilaterals.
radcircm.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedCircumradius
Obtain the circumradius of a triangle with given side lengths.
radin.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedInradius
Obtains the inradius of a triangle with given side lengths.
rect.zip1k98-11-21File is not ratedRectangles
A program used to find the Right Hand Sum and Left Hand Sum when doing integrals
reference.zip1k00-03-13File is not ratedReference Angles
This is a basic program that can be used to calculate the reference angle of any point on the unit circle. Works for both degrees and radians.
reff.zip1k06-08-05File is not ratedReference Angle Finder
Uses a simple dialog box. Enjoy. :)
reflectn.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedReflections and Rotations
Reflects & rotates points over points, points over lines, lines over lines, and lines over points.
reg_poly.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedRegular Polygon Formulas
Obtain several useful formulas relating to regular polygons, such as its area, apothem, circumradius, etc.
rtrapeul.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule, Riemman Sum, and Euler Method
school.zip7k00-04-28File is not ratedSchool-Geometry-89 PLUS v1.0
School program that contains formulas for geometry and algebra. The program also contains the periodic table.
shapes.zip1k04-01-30File is not ratedShapes Solver
This program solves for the lateral area, surface area, and volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres, and finds the area of trapazoids and ellipses.
shape.zip4k99-10-17File is not ratedMegA-lo-mAniAc ShApe Beta 1
A full geometry software with powerful tools.
shoelace_13.zip1k12-04-01File is not ratedShoelace Formula
A program that executes the shoelace formula (computes the area of any polygon given the coordinates of all of the verticies). Syntax: shoelace({x1,x2,...,xn},{y1,y2,...,yn})
shoelacealgorithm.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedShoelace Algorithm
Executes the Shoelace Algorithm, a relatively simple formula to calculate the exact area of any polygon given its correctly sorted (i.e. ordered) vertices & coordinates.
shoelace.zip1k98-11-21File is not ratedShoelace Formula
Solves for the area of a Triangle on a graph
simplify.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedSimplify
Given a decimal, this program will try to obtain an exact representation of that decimal in terms of radicals, fractions, pi, and e, as long as each numerator and denominator is less than five digits long, so as to keep the exact representation "realistic", in a sense. If this cannot be done, the function returns the boolean "false".
solidspak.zip12k03-12-18File is not ratedSolids Function Pak
Sick and tired of those large geometry programs that have more than solid functions, the stuff you don't need? Well, here are a group of 14 unique functions that solve for the surface area and volume of the seven basic solids. Each functions can be individually manipulated to be deleted, reproduced, etc. These are the most useful group of programs created.
solve.zip5k01-03-11File is not ratedPoly Solve
Used to find the area of a polgon, circumference, radius Etc.
specialrighttriangles.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedSpecial Right Triangles
A guide to angles and lengths of the two special right triangles (45/45/90 & 30/60/90).
surfaces89.zip41k03-11-24File is not ratedSurfaces Analysis Assistant
The program analyses a parametric 3D surface and calculates Jacob matrix, characteristic, area, tangent plane, flux, surface integral and more over. All results can be saved and reloaded in a second time.
surflgm.zip9k02-03-23File is not ratedSurface Areas of Rotated Solids (Areas of Surfaces of Revol
This great program calculates the surface areas of solids generated by rotating a function around an axis. It is very accurate and has helped me in Calculus a lot! The nice thing about it is the you don't even need to do much work -- you don't need to worry about ugly functions like x=sqrt(2y-1), the program takes care of everything! It can even give you the exact value in terms of Pi if the function is not complicated.
tangentplane.zip2k09-10-18File is not ratedTangent Plane to a 3D Surface
Enter as parameters tangplan(z,x,y) where z is a function of x and y, f(x,y), and x and y are input values. Get the equation of the plane tangent to the point on the surface.
tangents.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTangential Line Procedure
Obtain an easy-to-follow, foolproof method to construct and/or draw internal and external tangents between two circles on a plane.
temperat.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedAreas
Programa para calcular Areas y volumenes de distintas figuras geometricas y cuerpos geometricos
tetrahed.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTetrahedron
Can find the volume of a tetrahedron from its edge length OR its coordinates on the three-dimensional plane. The program can also obtain various properties of a regular tetrahedron given its side length. Using an undefined variable also works to obtain the formulas, themselves, used in determining these formulas.
theodolite89.zip4k03-03-23File is not ratedTheodolite Formula 89
This is the original program in which the 83+ version was ported from. Solve for the unknown height, distance, user, or angle of any theodolite measured angle by putting 0 in for the unknown.
threepointcirclefinder.zip1k03-04-08File is not ratedThree point circle
This program is the short way of solving for D,E,and F when given three points and asked for the equation of a circle. Plug in the three points, and the program will return a matrix with D on the top and F on the bottom. Please read the readme for futher information
tipi.zip8k07-03-06File is not ratedTI-PI v1.0
Just in time for PI Day! Calculate pi on your 89 using a simple, easy to understand algorithm.
topo2004.zip18k04-12-07File is not ratedTopo 2004
calculate of polygonal closed and opened. by acimut and internal angles. calculate of Radiations. Trigonometrical leveling. Horizontal Distances. Interpolation of levels curves. Calculo de poligonales cerradas y abiertas. Por acimut y ángulos internos. Calculo de Radiaciones. Nivelacion Trigonométrica. Correccion de Distancias Horizontales. Interpolacion de curvas de nivel.
traparea.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTrapezoidal Area
Obtains the area of any trapezoid given its side lengths. Notes: using this function, there is NO requirement that the trapezoid be cyclic or isosceles.
trapezr89.zip5k02-02-25File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule v1.0
This program does the Trapezoidal Rule for you. It estimates areas under curves using this method. It's nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus.
traprule.zip1k99-09-19File is not ratedTrapaziodal Rule v1.0
Uses trapaziodal rule to approximate finite integrals and gives the error bound.
trap_zecoj.zip2k02-03-11File is not ratedSFAPC: Trapezoidal Approximation Method
Stupid Functions for A P Calculus: find trapezoidal (or whatever you call it) approximation. Fast and simple!
trap.zip1k00-02-13File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule
Finds the trapezoidal rule approximation of an integral
trapzoid.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTrapezoid Solver
Obtains the lengths of the legs of the right triangles made by drawing the heights of the trapezoid, the coordinates of the intersection of the diagonals, the area of the trapezoid, and the area of each of the four triangles made by drawing in the diagonals of the trapezoid. Also yields some interesting and useful formulas concerning trapezoids, and not just isosceles or cyclic ones.
trianglesolver_35.zip1k11-03-03File is not ratedTriangleSolver
Solves a triangle, considering all the cases.
triangle.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTriangle
Obtains various important and useful formulas concerning triangles, including angle bisectors, etc.
tricoord.zip2k11-06-15File is not ratedTriangle Coordinates
Given the coordinates for the three vertices of a triangle, obtain the incenter, circumcenter, centroid, orthocenter, Gergonne Point, Nagel Point, the Fermat Point, and the equation for the three excircles.
trilen.zip1k11-01-28File is not ratedTriangle Side Length
Given the length of two sides of a triangle, this function calculates the range of possible lengths of the third side.
tritype.zip1k11-06-23File is not ratedTriangle Type
Input the lengths of 3 sides of a triangle and find if the triangle is right, acute, or obtuse.
twopoint.zip1k02-03-19File is not ratedTwoPoint
I fixed a typo of my previously contributed twopoint making the length work correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
volrev.zip1k98-11-21File is not ratedVolume of Solids of Revolution
Uses both washer and cylindrical shell methods
volumefinder.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedVolume Finder by Calcsoft Technologies
This program is the same as Area Finder. It is a proud and well working program created by Calcsoft Tech.
volumesrlgm.zip12k02-04-08File is not ratedVolumes of Revolution LGM
This is an extremely powerful program that calcultes volumes of revolution. A function is rotated around an axis and creates a volume which can often be found by using disk (washer) or shell method.
volume.zip1k99-02-28File is not ratedVolumes of Solids of Rotation v1.2
Determines Volumes of Solids of Rotation about Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal lines.
wallis_pi_ti.zip8k03-05-09File is not ratedWallis Pi Convergence
Package Contains 2 files each for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, and TI-92+. A single text files covers the TI-80 and TI-81. Of course the TI-92+ files double for the V200. The 1st file (TI-73-TI-86) prompts for N (on the 89-V200 type 'wallis(N)') and starts converging. When you either press a key or it finishes it exits, clears the screen, and erases all variables used. The 2nd file for each on prompts for N, converges, and exits only when finished (unless you press ON). It doesn't clean up after itself. The 2nd file's only made for those w/ very little memory. Hope you enjoy. Product((2x)^2/((2x-1)(2x+1))), x=1 to infinity
washer.zip1k06-08-13File is not ratedWasher v0.5
Uses the washer method to find the volume and surface area of a solid bounded by two functions. Vertical and horizontal rotation allowed.
wolframs.zip2k11-06-12File is not ratedValuable Geometric Formulas
Obtains several useful and exotic formulas that are frequently overlooked. Greatly simplifies even the most perplexing geometry problems. uView 1.99.6 compatible.

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