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Last updated Monday, 11 November 2013
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Most popular file  Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Quest v1.4 (Modified) with 45,368 downloads.

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battlefolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Role-playing/Battle)
textfolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Role-playing/Text Adventure)
aelinreality.zip77k03-05-11File is not ratedAelin Reality - Beta version
Awesome RPG!!! The newest member in a line of good RPGs and my first for the TI-89. Right now it's just the beta version, so it only has the first plot sequence. Features an innovative equipment system, a complex ability system, fully graphical battle and worldmap systems, and play it yourself to find out what all else...
against.zip49k01-06-01File is not ratedAgainst the Blade of Honor
A few bug fixes, here and there, but no game features added.
alexblade.zip53k01-04-21File is not ratedAlex Ronke's The X-Blade -Special Edition!-
Download this game for an excellent RPG with a fully developed plot, five towns, over a dozen enemies, and more. This archive file contains screenshots, a readme, and the full game! Those of you who downloaded the original X-Blade will notice that I have now added a different picture for each weapon and have fixed the error at the end of the game. This game contains excellent graphics, many of which are based upon graphics from the original Final Fantasy for Nintendo. Enjoy!!
alternatedimension.zip10k02-06-08File is not ratedAlternate Dimension
Journey into the city of Ramecoar and the Alternate Dimension in this exciting text based RPG. Written in TI-BASIC
anoxia.zip12k00-05-24File is not ratedAnoxia: The awakening Demo
Quite possibly the Best Rpg to grace a calculator, unfortunatly this is a demo... The newest release contains a newly updated txt file with my new plans for the program. It also SHOULD contain images veiwable from ticalc.org
arthropd.zip42k00-11-24File rated 7.96War of the Arthropods
A RPG featuring insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. Although its size is quite large (100K), it has good graphics, runs quickly and smoothly, and is quite long. It is mostly written in BASIC with a few assembly programs to speed it up, but it requires no shells or libraries. This new version contains a few small bug fixes, the transition between screens is now faster, and size is reduced slightly. It is very easy to play, just send it to your calculator and press 7.
ati89.zip46k00-03-26File is not ratedATIKI: The Next Generation(Episode 2/15)
A Cookysoft production. RPG, explication: Zelda+Final Fantasy 7+FF 8+Pokemon=====Atiki !!!
bgc89.zip25k08-08-11File is not ratedBubblegum Crisis - Nene's Adventures
Bubblegum Crisis Nene's Adventures is an rpg dedicated to the smart and cute Nene Romanova. As Nene you must solve the cause for all the recent boomer incidents and put a stop to them. A vast world to explore with many features that should keep your interests throught the game.
bhacker.zip7k04-01-08File is not ratedBHacker v 1.6
Vous devez hacker successivement des personnes de plus en plus puissantes pour finir par hacker les serveurs de la CIA. Pour cela vous acheterez du matérieur plus performant (modem, processeur, firewall, proxy, etc.) afin de parait les back-traces de la CIA et résister aux différentes attaques de hackeurs sans pitié.
bhack.zip6k02-05-30File is not ratedBHacker v1.2
BHacker is a PG version of Pimp where you get money and better computer equipment by hacking into other computers. The ultimate goal of the game is to hack in Microsoft. See readme.txt for more info.
bittersw.zip4k00-04-13File is not ratedBitter Sweet v.1.0 Alpha
This is a demo of a game that I was working on.It is a RPG.It has greyscale.It is pretty cool u should check it out.
bloop.zip51k01-01-04File is not ratedThe Phantom Chronicles v1.1
An updated release of the greatest RPG for the 89, Bloop
bozoquest.zip580k00-04-15File is not ratedBozoquest v0.1.3
RPG basic en français, pré démo. Restent à inclure la magie, la gestion des objets, les dialogues interactifs, beaucoup de cartes (dont toutes les cartes en intérieur)
ccusa.zip18k00-07-22File is not ratedCross Country USA v2.0
A reproduction of the Apple IIGS game. Deliver things across the country in a fully graphical enviroment, including rain, snow, and night, sleep and hunger, gas stations and more! There are also many cheats and the game understands many commands.
chocobow.zip22k01-08-06File is not ratedFinal Fantasy: Chocoboworld
A port of the Pocketstation classic
commlink.zip2k99-12-26File is not ratedCommlink
Simulates hacking
dbzsayin1.zip34k01-06-15File is not ratedDBZ- Sayin Saga Part One
This RPG game takes place in the Dragonball Z world and is fairly short bacause it is a beta version. Now with better graphics and little use of the IO screen.
dead6.zip144k08-12-03File is not ratedDead-6 Rise of The Scorpion 0.6100
Dead-6 is based of C&C Renegade's group of fictional characters, the Dead-6. It is a (mainly) text based (you don't need to type stuff actually) RPG where you get to travel around the world and enlist in the Global Defense Initiative or join the Brotherhood of Nod. README.txt contains important information for old players Beware that this BASIC game is large in file size. This is probably the last release of the game, thanks for playing it. Website: http://dead6.forumer.com Features are: 12 different weapons 21 different items 20 missions 14 vehicles 10 different jobs 9 countries and up to 24 people in your party. This version fixes a few pressing problems in the previous version.
deadarmy.zip24k00-04-26File is not ratedThe Dead Army
RPG game. Everything is in the readme file. (version 0.0.2b)
deten.zip29k02-07-22File is not ratedDetention
This is a first person RPG puzzle game done in basic. Hard to describe but I think you will like. The game is simple, you have been locked in the school after hours and using only your wits and cunning, have to make it out alive.
dthquest.zip12k03-10-28File is not ratedDeathQuest 89
The object of the game is to rid the land of Dragons. Gameplay is text based, and should be rather simple to navigate. This is a port of the 83 version.
dungeons.zip65k02-11-13File is not ratedDungeons v1.6
Dungeons is a rouge-like game. It currently uses weapons, armor and potions. There are no major glitches as far as I can tell. Try it out have fun :-) Updated regularily
enlix.zip43k01-01-14File is not ratedEnlix
A demo of a role-playing game. Currently the game engine is mostly done, all that is needed is to implement a scenario.
exiled.zip9k99-08-21File is not ratedExiled RPG v0.1 Alpha
Exiled RPG, test release that is fully playable.
fantasy2.zip15k02-11-28File is not ratedA Fantasy 2
I finally finished it a Fantasy RPG it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fantasy.zip4k02-11-28File is not ratedA Fantasy
Fantasy has been updated yet again you can make multiple accounts!!!
ff7.zip36k99-05-27File rated 8.24Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Quest v1.4 (Modified)
A Role Playing Game based on Final Fantasy VII.
ffa_demo.zip75k02-08-27File is not ratedFinal Fantasy Alternative Demo
This a REAL RPG for your Ti89 !!! It looklikes ff7(Psx) and includes lots of features:150 backgrounds,8 weapons(visible in battle),8 armors,16 accesories,17 materias,5 limits Break,a lot of details during the batttles,more than 40 monsters,and a real story and lots of dialogs(for a TI)...In addition,there is a place where you can play mini-games,Chocobo Races(yes,you can breed Chocobos!),a battle arena.And the Game is quite long:15-18h with many subquests...This Demo is just a Glimpse of what the Whole Game is,but you can yet do several things,like playing in the Chocodome,Riding Chocobo...The Demo ends after about 1 or 2 hours of gameplay...You can download the whole Game at ticalc.org too.
ffa_en.zip225k03-08-24File rated 8.15Final Fantasy Alternative v 1.08 + Guide I&II
This a REAL RPG for your Ti89 !!! It looklikes ff7(Psx) and includes lots of features:150 backgrounds,8 weapons(visible in battle),8 armors,16 accesories,17 materias,5 limits Break,a lot of details during the batttles,more than 40 monsters,and a real story and lots of dialogs(for a TI)...In addition,there is a place where you can play mini-games,Chocobo Races(yes,you can breed Chocobos!),a battle arena.And the Game is quite long:15-18h with many subquests.[Fixed the 'ARMAT' problem in this version]... NOTE:The file is huge,so if you want to have a glimpse of the game,download the FFA Demo,on this site too.... The first two parts of the Game Guide are included in the Zip. This version improves the dialogs speed thanks to a tiny program in ASM.
ffc.zip14k00-06-06File is not ratedFinal Fantasy: The Council v1.0
The sequel to FF: The Defender, this game features a 3-character party, a world that changes around you, and much more!
ffd89.zip36k01-06-01File is not ratedfinal fantasy destination v1.5x
A very well-done clone of the popular Final Fantasy series of games.
ffdef.zip11k00-05-15File is not ratedFinal Fantasy: The Defender
An excellent, Final Fantasy-like RPG.
fffzip.zip3k00-12-17File is not ratedFinal Fantasy Forever v0.2
beta version (really only an intro), walking/battles in progress
ffquad.zip4k00-09-28File is not ratedFinal Fantasy Quadratic Solver
Turn every Quadratic Formula into an Epic Struggle between Good and Evil!! A Modification for Final Fantasy 7, Cloud's Quest 1.4
ffts.zip19k00-07-06File is not ratedFinal Fantasy: The Summoner
A final fantasy like RPG that features 8 playable characters that are configured into a 3 character party as you find them, 5 weapons per character, navigable towns, NPC's 6 bosses, and more!
finalfantasyzeldarpgmaker.zip14k03-05-26File is not ratedFinal Fantasy-Zelda 'Rpg Maker' v 0.06
A very long an upcoming project I am working on. When this is done, you will be easily be able to make a type of one of these worlds for an rpg. It features a level editor right now but much more will be implemented soon. Expect ALOT of updates until this is done. Update! Quite a few things added, read the readme.
frntir89.zip32k00-11-20File is not ratedFrontier 89 Silver Edition r2
Quite possibly the best 89 game ever made. AND NOW IT'S A SILVER EDITION. Based losely off the ZX Spectrum game Frontier, the Sequal to Elite, this game is similar to Tradewars 2002 and other online trading games. Combat is intuitive and simple, the gameplay is just plain PHENOMINAL. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY TI-89 USER!!! BUG FIXES IN THIS VERSION!!!
gta.zip12k02-10-25File is not ratedGrand Theft Auto
Run Away from the police cars idea by Gabor Debreczeni on the TI-83.And the Flib FIles for the Help!
guardian.zip29k00-04-07File is not ratedGuardian
A graphical rpg. You play as a young boy who finds a dragon after an attack by an evil Guardian of the kingdom. You wonder the world as a boy and fight in battle as his faithful dragon. Features a dozen learnable abilities, many items, interactive character, a REAL-TIME battle system, and an in-game help menu! New version fixes about 3 bugs reported since the initial release.
heroesdemo.zip22k04-02-19File is not ratedHeroes - Demo beta 1.01
Heroes est un jeu que j'aime beaucoup, mais qui n'existe pas sur TI, alors j'ai decidé de le faire. Cette version corrige quelques bugs, maintenant vous pouvez normalement essayer les combats. Il est a peu pres fini a 50%, il y a les combats et les deplacements sur la carte, il ne reste plus que les villes et l'intelligence artificielle. venez sur mon site www.dreamcorp.fr.st pour plus d'informations. Par ailleur, je recherche quelqu'un pour m'aider a le finir, alors si vous avez aimez cette demo, n'hesitez pas! i'm sorry, it's only in french, for now...
heroesquest2b1.zip22k04-06-19File is not ratedHeroesQuest2-Beta1
it is the 2nd episode of HeroesQuest. it's not full yet. c'est le 2ème épisode de HeroesQuest. il y a encore plein de chose à faire
kbdprgm9.zip5k04-12-09File is not ratedUltimate Rpg 2
Few new features including class. some different characters as well
lakefish.zip33k03-07-08File is not ratedLakefish 3.18
RPG style fishing game. Catch fish, sell fish, buy poles, bait, fuel, boats etc.
loj.zip47k00-04-15File is not ratedLight of Justice (French)
This is a graphical RPG, in french, with a lot of monster, level, magics, places. You lead three mens (a warrior, a mage, and a priest), trough wide land, visiting towns, land and fighting monsters.
magicquest.zip54k09-10-15File is not ratedMagic Quest-Quest for the key
Magic Quest for ti 92+! Debugged version of ti 89 included! Your mission is to save the citizens of Trues, a city that is invaded by a monster. To get the key to that city you need to defeat other monsters and evil wizards. If you notice any bugs please let me know!
martining.zip184k03-07-23File is not ratedThe Martining
This is a remake, as suggested by Morgan Davies. In it you subdue the hacker, Mark Martin, and take part in a few wild activities. It's fun, and the graphics are top-notch. Source included for asm graphics, compiled with TIGCC.
moonsword.zip22k00-03-12File is not ratedThe Moon Sword (Demo)
A great RPG based on aleatory. Up to 10 000 differents dungeons, hundreds of weapon and armor, up to 5 characters, an evoluated Artificial Intelligence for the fights.
mystery.zip8k03-03-08File is not ratedMystery
A beta of a game where try to solve the mystery. Includes graphical scrolling so far.
onslaught.zip18k04-01-24File is not ratedOnslaught
A turn based two player intense action fighting simulator. Go with a sword and strength or a mage with MP. Download this fantasy dueling simulator for you TI-89 today!
pikachuq.zip5k00-04-13File is not ratedPikachu's Quest
This is a rpg pokemon game that is based on the fact that Pikachu's former trainer abandons it. It then decides that it will be the most powerful pokemon ever and finally evolve into a Raichu. After evolving into Raichu it will battle its former master. Right now that is unknown and you will find out as the game continues. This is an alpha and the game engine is done only. It will soon be done and pictures will be added. An asm version is also a possibility in the near future...!!!
pkmngc.zip11k03-03-17File is not ratedPokemon GabeCool
This is a very, very early demo of a game I am making in BASIC. It uses flib's awesome power and my 'horrible' TI-BASIC programming skills to create a fairly decent intro to my Pokemon Game. I'm also looking for good BASIC programmers to help me out a bit/inprove stuff and then email it back to me. See documentation for details.
pokemon2.zip4k00-12-17File is not ratedPokemon Prototype
If you know BASIC, feel free to complete this prototype (includes walking, scrolling,, several pics, and text boxes), just include my name somewhere.
pokemon3.zip163k01-06-03File is not ratedPOKEMON 89 by Snow25
This is the game POKEMON for TI 89
pokemon.zip30k00-11-07File is not ratedPokemon
This is an exact copy of the popular gameboy game POKEMON. It is a demo, and there isnt much gameplay yet, but you can walk around the town and talk to people.
portal2.zip39k01-06-01File is not rated9th Portal: 2nd Gate
Wolf Software makes THE biggest RPG for the TI89 ever! This is a super large RPG with 2 party members, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, fully animated battle scenes, animated magical spells, and many weapons. This is more or less a sequil to the origional 9th Portal, but this version is at least 3 times as fast, better animation in the battle scenes, more options, a memory check, and more! Try out this huge RPG today! wolfz.com
portal.zip21k00-05-08File is not rated9th Portal v1.00 Final
Wolf Software - 9th Portal! Final version. This is totally different than the demo! This version is totally graphical and playable, very little if NO bugs! (A lot of thanks to the makers of Guardian). Features a level editor for making your own screens/levels, 6 different animated weapons, 3 cinematic sences, and a great plot! Try it today! Please e-mail comments to shivan_dragon19@hotmail.com www.zwolf.cjb.net
questmaker.zip18k03-06-14File is not ratedQuest Maker (beta) V0.99 (Final Release)
Quest Maker is not really an RPG creation system, but it does allow numerous parts to be customized, such as tiles, monsters, items, shops, battles, and even scripts. Made tile sizes user-defined; implemented fixed-size structures and a list-based battle editor. I have stopped development of Quest Maker and Quest 89 because I wish to port them to more 'standard' platforms (Mac OS, Windows, etc.).
questtms.zip6k04-02-22File is not ratedQuest: The Mage Saga
Your quest is to seek out the black mages and eradicate them. Game play is pretty simple and there's some stuff to help you along your way.
quest.zip5k99-11-10File is not ratedQuest v1.0 Beta
A basic RPG in its early stages!
rpgame.zip9k00-08-06File is not ratedRPGame v0.02
I've updated this a bit, but ut is still my first attempt at programming. It is still in the making, so please send me any comments, suggestions, tips, etc, etc.
rpg.zip7k13-11-11File is not ratedSimple RPG
This is a RPG-like thing that I was working on. It has separate 16x8 block worlds. Currently supports primitive health (with spikes and healing potions), selecting multiple block types to place, and many worlds (you can add more in the source if you want. It has graphics that are about as good as it gets for calculators.
selda.zip15k98-10-14File is not ratedSelda v1.20
A FF7-type game with 4 levels.
shadow.zip11k00-03-12File is not ratedShadow Wood
This is a graphical RPG where you must save a town from a relentless group of monsters. There are spells, over 25 items, 3 save files with password protection, puzzles, secret rooms, and 5 difficulties.
simpsons.zip4k00-04-30File is not ratedThe Simpsons
Help Homer pay off his bar tab by bootlegging items in Springfield. A lot like DRUG WAR. Very Fun. Program by Aaron Ligon.
som.zip14k00-03-18File is not ratedSon of Merlin
An rpg like ff7 with different towns, players, and magic.
starfighter.zip6k02-08-04File is not ratedStarfighter V1.1
Updated Version including more options. Now with a new challenging enemies and better graphics. A Must Try!
trilogy2.zip4k07-05-15File is not ratedTrilogy 2
This is the second trilogy of games, it contains past2(), present2(), and future2(). These are fun, and based on Trilogy by Jerome M., Manchester Classics. Contains past3(), a past2() alternative, and clean() which deletes the variables created by them.
trilogy.zip2k07-05-15File is not ratedTrilogy
Contains past(), present(), and future(). These are the original trilogy created by Jerome M. and Ported and Re-written By Ben W. for the TI-89. These are classics and are a necessities. Also Contained is a cleaning program clean(), it deletes variables created by the program.
twilight.zip24k00-09-23File is not ratedTwilight Shadows
This is a traditional RPG. It has a 7 elemental magic system for a total of 28 spells. You can equip commands like in FFVIII. Right now it is only a demo of the game system.
uvdemo.zip7k01-04-29File is not ratedUltima: Valor (Demo) v0.11
Interactive pre-production demo of Ultima: Valor, a turn-based combat game enriched with a single player storyline.
virqdev.zip28k01-06-01File is not ratedVirtuty's Quest: Search for the Choas Stone Development Ve
Development Version 8B: This is the beta release of the final version of my engine
virtutut.zip15k00-11-24File is not ratedVirtutut's Quest: Search For the Choas Stone
This is a Basic Zelda Clone. It is Relitively fast and the previous version has a fatal error. This Version Fixes that
waendjinn.zip306k06-07-27File is not ratedWaend-Jinn
Waend-Jinn is a RPG that is still under development. It is in french and is intended to be finished during school year 2006-2007. For more information, check the author's website (french only sorry). [Updated Zip with no system files]
xblade.zip38k00-05-21File is not ratedThe X-Blade
A complete RPG for the TI-89 with graphics, 5 towns, over a dozen enemies, and a completely original plot. Anyone looking for a good TI-89 RPG should play this.
xxx.zip95k04-08-03File is not ratedXXX
XXX v2.0. RPG avec un système de quêtes (comme dans Diablo II). 35 classes de personnages, chacun ayant une capacité spéciale. Des objets magiques pour booster les stats. 4 caractéristiques pour définir votre personnage. Une petite cinématique d'intro. Un fichier d'aide on-calc, et une petite doc sur ordinateur. Une histoire (qui ressemble plus à un contexte historique). 8 skins. 4 cartes dans lesquelles vous pouvez vous déplacer. 5 sauvegardes. Un système d'options pour changer les contrôles. À peu près 110 Ko sur votre calculette. Fonctionne avec FLib (librairie assembleur fournie).
zb.zip17k05-01-28File is not ratedZb
Zb, comme son nom l'indique, voulait être au début un zelda programmé en basic et ce fut qu'un simple rpg sans action. Le but est donc simplement de trouver la sortie !
zelda01.zip20k01-06-10File is not ratedRanhga's Zelda v0.1
This is a clone of the famous game based on the Game Boy version. It is mainly a technical demo of flib, the ultimate lib in basic, which provide a high-quality program.
zelda.zip33k99-11-07File is not ratedThe Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
This is a demo version of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the 89, in BASIC. The full game is still in production, but it will be many, many months before it's completed. Once on your calc, make sure the current folder is ZELDA, and then run zelda(). Enjoy.

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