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Last updated Monday, 22 June 2020
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Most popular file  Zelda 89 v0.03 Beta with 68,361 downloads.

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acompletezelda.zip587k15-11-16File is not ratedThe Legend of Zelda: Simple Quest
As of 3-1-15, this is the first and only complete version of zelda for the Ti-89 that you can play from beginning to end, which is fully functional. This is not a copy of an already created zelda, but a new one, in which, you get to explore a whole new world and dungeons. In addition to that, there is an alternate ending programmed in. This is no beta. It something, which has been worked on for 3.5 years. Basic game guide included. Now Includes a new version of the crystal engine, which has many improvements and is faster.
advanced_dungeons_dragons.zip30k08-11-30File rated 8.44Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for the TI-89 is a remake of one of the greatest games that graced the Mattel Intellivision. Your object is to acquire the two halves of the ancient Crown of Kings, hidden deep within the caverns of the legendary Cloudy Mountain. To reach the treasure you must cross a hostile land. The obstacles are numerous. Your resources are courage, cunning and six arrows. The rest you must find and fight to obtain. If you survive the wasteland and the creatures of the caves, you will have traveled out of danger into even greater peril. For each half of the Crown of Kings is guarded by terror - the Winged Dragons keep their endless watch.
advint.zip618k01-02-02File rated 6.35Collection of Classic Text Adventures v1.7
The collection of 33 old classic textual adventure games originally produced by "Adventure International", ported to the TI-89. They are originally written mainly by Scott Adams and Brian Howarth between 1978 and 1987, first for TRS-80, then for Apple II, BBC B, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. Documentation about each game included. C source included, useful for learning C programming on TI. This release fixes some major bugs, and works stable on any AMS release and on any HW version.
atlante.zip5k02-07-26File rated 5.84Atlante v1.0
Nice rpg with fast graphics / Un très bon rpg à essayer absolument !
azelda.zip28k01-08-06File rated 6.97Ranhga's Zelda v0.3
This is a clone of the famous game based on the Game Boy version. It is available for 89 and 92+, it features huge maps and beautiful grayscale graphics. It is written in C (nostub), so you don't need any kernel, lib or patch.
castle.zip17k05-09-26File is not ratedWizard's Castle
The original Exidy Sorcerer text adventure comes to the TI-89! Adventurer beware!
caveadv.zip57k00-08-14File is not ratedCave Adventure
A treasure hunting text adventure (ported from Commodore 64) with rich descriptions, in which you explore an underground cave system, full of treasures (and daemons too). If you like "The collection of Classic Text Adventures", you will like this game too. Well-readable C source included, useful for learning how to program an adventure game.
cfbeta189en.zip349k07-12-06File is not ratedChrono Fantasy
Chrono Fantasy is a RPG under developpement. It features grayscale and awesome graphics. There is no story yet, but you can play it for 10 hours. Enjoy!!! (Require PreOS). you can find PreOS if you search it in the file archives- I will upload another one too
crogue.zip1003k04-07-13File rated 8.72CalcRogue
A roguelike game in the style of NetHack featuring complex random dungeons, quests, towns, five player classes, skills, spells, grayscale graphics, high scores, and compressed saved games. Supports 89, 92+, V200, Titanium, Windows, Linux, PalmOS.
demozelda.zip15k03-03-10File is not ratedZelda89
This is a zelda program that I have been working on for the last few weeks. As it is still a demo don't expect much. But it gives a sneak peak at the upcomming game "Zelda The Search For Meaning"
dragonwarrior.zip23k09-05-13File is not ratedDragon Warrior v 0.1
This is a remake of Dragon Warrior for the NES for the TI-89 graphing calculator. Currently, the game is in an early version, with only basic functionality. There are only four maps (1 combat map) and 3 NPCs. I started this project a few years back and have only recently started working on it again. The game is going to be almost a facsimile of its original counterpart with only minor changes. The first change being that the game automatically saves every time you exit, so you do not have to go back to the king in order to save (I may change this, or make a "difficulty" setting or something in the final version). Check out this and more at my website: www.mcguinnsoft.co.cc/
expert4.zip73k06-02-17File is not ratedThe Expert 4
The Expert 4 is a complete and original "point and click" adventure game, in French. You evolve through various sceneries, and interact with your environment, choosing an action and applying it on an area of the screen. The Expert 4 est un jeu d’aventure complet et original, en français, reprenant le principe du pointer-et-cliquer : vous évoluez à travers des écrans de jeu, et pour interagir avec votre environnement, vous choisissez une certaine action et l’appliquez sur une zone de l’écran.
ff4.zip7k01-04-18File is not ratedFinal Fantasy 4
Demo for the engine (updated zip)
ffi.zip15k01-06-21File is not ratedFinal Fantasy I
The second release of my current project, Final Fantasy I. Yes, it's been quite a while since the first, but I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on it. Fortunately, though, school's out now, so expect to see more frequent updates in the future. So, until the next release, enjoy this demo (if you can). CHeck the text file included for more info about the game.
ffnes.zip17k01-12-22File is not ratedFFnes
Final Fantasy I for the nes. Good graphics.
finddoctor_68k.zip74k13-09-05File is not ratedFind Doctor
Update v1.02a. Find Doctor is a clone of the classic game on e-dictionary, and it's chinese name is "博士失踪记"(Bo shi shi zeong ji). I reprogram it, so you can enjoy it now. It's a AVG but like a RPG game, it dosn't had any fighting, just talk, find and use items on right.
gundeal89.zip25k03-03-31File is not ratedGun Dealer
In Gun Dealer, you play a dangerous smuggler which is wanted by interpol. Your goal is to make money, lots of money!
hoe.zip61k02-09-27File is not ratedHeart of Evil
A role game where you can choose your race and your class. Try it !
legendofzelda0.7alpha.zip767k10-11-26File is not ratedLegend of Zelda 0.7-alpha
This game is a clone of the classic 8-bit NES game, Legend of Zelda. It is only about 80% complete but still has a high degree of functionality including large maps, weapons, dungeons, items, secrets and enemies. The enemies in the overworld can not interact with Link and there are currently no enemies in the dungeons.
linksadv.zip14k01-05-09File is not ratedLink's Adventures
The _RPG Team_ Presents: Link's adventures. V0.25
lombeta.zip100k02-01-16File is not ratedThe Legend of Magi
v.87 beta:This is the final public beta that will be released.A save including all magi is included.Have fun and plz test this for us
magicland_for_ti68k.zip453k14-11-03File is not ratedMagic Land for TI-68K(神州)
It's a Chinese RPG Game. And today is my birthday. Please enjoy it, if you can read chinese.
maplecal.zip171k08-03-05File is not ratedMapleCal
This is a side scrolling RPG, slightly based off of Maple Story. All basic weapons are given at start, and two types of armor. The current area consists of 5 maps. **Please comment and tell us what you think of this so far. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
miner.zip353k20-06-22File is not ratedminer 0.4 beta
a game similar to minecraft, but less complex. features random 200x50 worlds, grayscale, crafting, mining, building, gravity, and tools.
oblivion.zip522k04-11-04File rated 8.57Oblivion v1.15 (89/89T/92+/v200)
(v1.15 recompiles, and adds TITANIUM COMPATIBILITY - please see titanium.txt for important instructions) A single player action/ adventure experience using the FAT engine. Fight and explore your way through an immense and hostile planet in order to save yourself and find natural resources to save Earth. This game takes place on another planet. It features plants, enemies, inanimate objects (powerups, tables, etc), and much more. Oblivion's purpose is to be a fully playable FPS for the TI-68ks. With this game, I tried to do everything that is possible with a raycasting engine, and I am pretty pleased with the result. This game is different than Wolfenstein - it has outdoor areas, and much more. I'd compare it more to Doom or Unreal, but with a raycasting engine. I hope you like this game! You should be able to get hours of gameplay out of it. If you have any praise or general comments, be sure to email me, or post in my forum on my site. Thanks. TITANIUM USERS-HW3PATCH REQUIRED.
paranoia.zip41k00-08-14File is not ratedParanoia
"Paranoia" is a small science fiction story, which flow depends strongly on your decisions, and which may have three different ends (only one of them is happy). Based on a solo adventure by Sam Shirley in the Jan/Feb 1977 issue of "SpaceGamer/FantasyGamer" magazine, which in turn is based on the Paranoia roleplaying game.
pldeath.zip28k00-08-08File is not ratedThe Planet of Death (aka Adventure A)
This is a TI-89 port of old text adventure game "The Planet of Death" (also known as "Adventure A") made in 1981 by "Artic Computing" for ZX81 (and later for ZX Spectrum), in which you must escape from an alien planet. If you like "The collection of Classic Text Adventures", you will like this game too. Well-commented C source included.
pokemon.zip225k12-09-03File is not ratedPokemon TI-89
A port of the Gameboy game Pokemon Red and Blue. Play with nostalgy to one of the best game in the world, catch all 151 Pokemon and try to become the master of the Pokemon League for endless fun and challenge ! Available in French and English, contains all 151 Pokemon and beautiful graphics.
rpgdemo.zip18k02-03-16File is not ratedThe Legend of Malen-Dohr Walking Engine v0.5 beta
This is the second installment in the walking engine betas for Legacy Calcware's The Legend of Malen-Dohr. For more info, please consult the readme. Enjoy!
rpg.zip20k03-05-07File is not ratedunfinished RPG source
This is the source code for an rpg created for the ti89. It is not completed, and I give it up for anyone to modify, distribute, tear apart, whatever. This can be compiled with tigcc v0.93 or above (i assume) for the ti89. Good luck with this.
tirogue.zip5k01-04-07File is not ratedTiRogue v0.1
An early release of a rogue-like rpg game
twilight.zip48k01-01-04File is not ratedTwilight Shadows v0.22
A traditional, menu-based, monster and magic RPG. 7 element, 28 spell magick system. 3 enemies. (It's only a demo for the engine. It still needs to have the story developed.) 3x7 screen world. Exteranl save system leading to possiblility for 10000 save files. EXP system is a cross between FFVIII and Diablo 2. Written in C using TIGCC; nostub (no shell/kernel required). Previous Address Error and level-up stats problems fixed. Now w/ arms and command equip menus implemented.
ultimav_89.zip852k08-07-27File rated 8.57Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Original by Lord British (Richard Garriott), Origin Systems, 1988 Remake by Ranman (David Randall) May 2008 Prepare thyself for thy destiny: After a century of relative peace, the Avatar of Virtue is summoned back to the medieval kingdom of Britannia to deal with a new threat: the usurper Lord Blackthorn, a formerly honorable nobleman who has been corrupted by strange new creatures called the Shadowlords. After the recent disappearance of the true king, Lord British, the realm has fallen under martial law. Blackthorn now rules the land by brutally enforcing the eight Virtues upon the people of Britannia - corrupting their meaning in the process. The Avatar must gather together his former companions, now made outlaws by Blackthorn's regime, and venture forth to defeat the vile Shadowlords and recover the true king from the shadowy depths of the Underworld. (Synopsis written by Ian Scott Frazier, Ultima V: Lazarus) Ultima V - Highlights: - 400 hours of game play - classic turn based RPG - 26 menu driven commands - user commands up to 6 party members - 175 NPC (non-playable characters) - NPCs have detailed conversations scripts - NPCs have a unique daily schedules. - 512 tiles (11x11 pixel, 4 level grayscale) - 2 world maps (each with a size of 256x256 tiles) - 32 multi level towns (each level size 32x32 tiles) - 8 dungeons each with 8 levels - 31 types of weapons - 7 types of armor - 5 types of shields - 5 types of helmets - 5 magic amulets - 3 magic rings - 8 magic potions - 8 magic scrolls - 8 reagents (reagents are used to mix magic spells) - 48 magic spells - food, keys, torches, & gems - 24 additional items - Day and night algorithm - Light point source algorithm - Clear line of site algorithm
wumpus.zip21k01-01-04File is not ratedHunt the Wumpus
Test based game where you have to move through a cave hunting for the wumpus.
xtech.zip83k02-09-05File is not ratedXeontech Beta 2
Action-RPG engine with built-in scripting language & external level files.
zelda2.zip504k03-07-11File is not ratedZelda89
Another version of my game Zelda the search for meaning.
zelda89.zip23k98-12-31File is not ratedZelda 89 v0.03 Beta
zeldac.zip25k03-04-20File is not ratedThe Legend Of Zelda (GMB)
This is The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening a clone of the GameBoy version. except for; There are no dungeons! (yet) and the monsters have been removed from the code. I'm still working on the map of the island, so you cannot explore all of it!
zeldadx_b05.zip29k03-10-13File is not ratedZelda DX 0.05 beta
This game is intended to be identical to the GB game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. Of course it is not finished, but you can already walk on the map.
zeldala.zip74k03-04-10File rated 5.98The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
This is a clone of the famous Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It is still in its demo state, but will be completed eventually. (Includes a version with contrast-code taken out)
zelda.zip7k01-03-14File is not ratedZelda: A Hero's Beginning
A grayscale game with a fast engine. Graphics and gameplay are based on the Legend of Zelda. An early version right now, but expect updates soon.

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