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Number of files 25
Last updated Thursday, 1 March 2007
Total downloads 84,798
Most popular file  [8 grays, 10 frames] Itchy and Scratchy Animation with 6,360 downloads.

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viewerfolder TI-86 Assembly Animations (Viewer v1.0)
This is an animation of a bear walking across the screen.
crabeat.zip2k00-08-03Crab Eat Shrimp!
This is an animation of a crab eating a shrimp!!!! It is AWESOME!!!!
effects.zip10k00-04-19Screen Effects!
4 cool screen effects - Wipe Left, Wipe Right, Wipe in, and one that sort of wipes to the center in a square spiral like fasion. In each source, a picture is decompressed and then after a key is pressed the effect will take place. Full documentation!
elephant.zip7k98-05-01[8 grays, 6 frames] Walking Elephant Animation
eyes2.zip2k99-11-15Eyes 86
A pair of eyes you can control
This is a graphic of two fish swimming accross the screen. It now contains the source code which has a description for every line.
fly3d.zip12k02-09-30Fly 3D! Flight sim demo
A demo flight simulation I made to demonstrate my 3D rotation functions. Predecessor to my upcoming AH-64 flight simulation.
globe.zip5k99-11-15Globe 86
A globe that rotates
itchy.zip10k98-05-05[8 grays, 10 frames] Itchy and Scratchy Animation
jordan.zip43k98-05-05[8 grays, 21 frames] Michael Jordan Animation
kangjump.zip1k00-09-17Kangaroo Jump
This is an animation of a kangaroo jumping across the screen.
life.zip1k00-09-05Game of Life
Conway's Game of Life. ~6 frames per sec. that's pretty fast.
logo.zip1k99-01-02Gameboy Startup Logo
Emulation of Gameboy startup logo
matrix86.zip5k02-07-22Matrix 86
This program simulate the code of the matrix like in the movie.
matrixgen.zip1k02-02-10Fastest Matrix Code Generator (like the movie)
made in asm, uing Cullen Sauls blind effect in the beginning..press any key to exit
mmx.zip3k98-04-16Scrolling MMX
moscardon.zip2k07-03-01Moscardón (Fly)
This file show a form to move and change a sprite in the same time.
savers2.zip1k98-03-26Polygon Screen Saver
Like Mystify your Mind in Win95
savers.zip3k97-12-24Screen Savers
scroll8.zip43k97-09-25[8 grays] 6 Scrolling Grayscale Pictures
This is a 5 second clip of Bart smashing a chair over Homer's back. Was made with Animation Studio 86 by Levi Lansing.
stardemo.zip4k99-07-03StarDemo v1.0
This is a neat 2 layer star scrolling demo i wrote to help people learn asm.
video.zip1k02-09-05Garfield Gif
this is a short clip, which i think I converted to 4 level greyscale. This update is to give a screenshot only.
winvsmac.zip18k01-05-31Windows vs Macintosh
A grayscale animation of a battle between a PC and a Macintosh.
wolf.zip12k98-05-05[8 grays, 10 frames] Walking Wolf Animation

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