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Number of files 66
Last updated Thursday, 31 May 2001
Total downloads 148,719
Most popular file  [4 levels] Super Mario Bros. World 1 v1.5 with 3,282 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-86 Assembly Game Levels
1984.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[1 level] Nineteen Eighty-Four
aaron1.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Aaron's World
aceswild.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] Aces Wild I
aceswld2.zip4k98-07-07File is not rated[4 levels] Aces Wild II
aceswld3.zip6k98-09-08File is not rated[12 levels] Aces Wild III
amitwrld.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[1 level] Land of the Blobs 2
arrow.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Broken Arrow
blocked.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Blocked Passage
bricks.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] Bricks of Hell
castle.zip2k98-07-04File is not rated[9 levels] The Castle
cool2.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Beastly World Part 2
cool.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[8 levels] Beastly World
csqrxz.zip1k01-03-05File is not ratedCastle Sqrxz
Two cool levels for Sqrxz
daemon.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[9 levels] Bane of the Daemon
dark86.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Dark Terrain
dblo7.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] Vats World III
demonwld.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Demon World
dt.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[10 levels] Death Trap
forest.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Forest of Darkness
funky.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] Funky World
fuxed.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] FuXeD WoRLd
glevels.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[9 levels] The Gay Levels
gmden.zip2k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Green Man's Den
harkins.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Dr. Harkins
hell.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] A Living Hell
hodo007p.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] This Is Secret...
hyper.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[1 level] Hyper World
jaredworld.zip4k98-10-12File is not rated[9 levels] Jared's First World
MY first world for sqwrx v1.0
lookout.zip2k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Look Out!!!
lucifer.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Lucifer's Gate
mariolvl.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] Super Mario Brothers Levels
maxworld.zip2k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] Max's World
mazewrld.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] Maze of Crap
metal42.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] Hard Metal Edge
michael1.zip5k98-07-04File is not rated[6 levels] Michael's World
michael2.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] The Return of Gotzen
mikewld.zip2k98-12-05File is not rated[4 levels] Mike's First World
myswrld1.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Mystical World
myswrld2.zip2k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Mystical World 2
nickworld.zip11k98-07-04File is not rated[18 levels] The NickWorld Trilogy v1.1
nmare.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[1 level] Nightmare
nwcastle.zip4k98-08-12File is not rated[9 levels] NickWorld Castle v1.0
oddwld1.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] Odd World 1
parkland.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[1 level] Park Land 1
puzzle.zip1k98-08-02File is not rated[10 levels] Puzzle Rama
quick.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Be Quick or Be Dead
rugged.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] Rugged Terrain
sand.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[1 level] Sand Castle
scott.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Scott's World
seven.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] GATV I
smario3.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Super Mario Levels 3-1 to 3-3
smbsqrxz.zip2k98-07-04File is not rated[4 levels] Super Mario Bros. World 1 v1.5
smb.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Super Mario Bros. World 1 v0.9 Beta
sqrxdyot.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Sqrxz's Day Out
sqrxzdp.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Deadly Path I
sqrxzsampler.zip3k01-05-31File is not rated[10 Levels] Sqrxz Sampler 1.0
10 levels for Sqrxz ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. Good for beginners to see what Sqrxz is like.
sqvert.zip3k98-10-18File is not rated[3 levels] Vertigo
terrible.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] The Terrible Two
trials.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] The Trials of Xanthar
undersea.zip1k01-04-14File is not rated[3 Levels] Under the Sea
3 Levels with a big emphasis on water. Pretty easy.
vatsii.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Vats World II
vats.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[2 levels] Vats World I
veggie.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[3 levels] Veggie Palace
world2.zip1k98-07-04File is not rated[5 levels] Parks World 1
world4.zip3k98-07-04File is not rated[6 levels] World IV
zero001.zip1k00-07-27File is not ratedZeroPoint: The Pilot
Ten difficult Sqrxz Levels

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