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Number of files 62
Last updated Sunday, 7 May 2000
Total downloads 302,154
Most popular file  [Usgard 1.5+] Galaxian v3.0 with 7,629 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-85 Assembly Source
futures.zip5k00-05-07File is not ratedFuture OS v1.5.0 Lite
e2src85.zip20k99-07-17File is not ratedExpander2 TI-85 Driver Source
Expander2 TI-85 Driver Source (GPL'd)
winlib.zip8k99-02-24File is not ratedWinLib/WinShell
woz.zip58k99-02-12File is not ratedWrath of Zalthar v0.1s
orzunoid.zip12k99-02-04File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Orzunoid v6.4
pacman99.asm45k99-02-04File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Pac-Man 99 v1.1
ochess.asm27k99-02-04File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Opening Chess v0.5 Beta
tartarus.asm20k99-01-07File is not rated[6 levels] Tartarus Universe v1.0
battest.asm4k99-01-02File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Battery Test v2.0
ooce.asm12k99-01-02File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Orzunoid On-Calc Level Editor v1.0
prdc85p.zip16k98-12-23File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Periodic Table+ v3.3
ir_term.asm15k98-11-09File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] IrTerm v1.0
fishing.asm13k98-10-23File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Fishing: The Crappiest Game Ever!
bomb.asm56k98-09-15File is not rated[Usgard 1.0+] Bomberman v0.8 Beta
chess85l.asm9k98-08-25File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Chess85Lite
ir_phlps.asm12k98-07-07File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] IR Remote for PHILIPS v1.1
rec80e.asm6k98-07-06File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] REC80 Extended Remote Control for the IR Link
Control all device that uses the REC80 in their remote.
rec80.asm5k98-07-06File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] REC80 Remote Control for the IR Link
Control all device that uses the REC80 in their remote.
binlink.asm5k98-07-06File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] BinLink v1.0
Send and Receive data through the link port in binary.
all_phps.asm3k98-06-26File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Test All RC5 Codes with the IR Link v1.2
irremote.asm9k98-06-25File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] IR Remote
Inteligent Remote Control for the IR Link
ir_ttt.asm7k98-06-25File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Tic-Tac-Toe using the IR Link
savemen.c7k98-05-12File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Save The Men v0.9
pacman98.asm35k98-04-19File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Pac-Man 98 Final Version
Pac Man game for Usgard
racin.asm35k98-04-18File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Racin' v0.7 Beta
zkart.asm7k98-04-17File is not rated[Usgard 0.95 Beta] Z-Kart v4.0
potty.asm14k98-04-17File is not rated[Usgard 0.95 Beta] Potty Pigeon v3.0
dicegame.asm11k98-04-17File is not rated[Usgard 0.95 Beta] Dice Game v0.9 Beta
solytaru.zip10k98-04-17File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Solytare v2.1
Source code to Solytare v2.1. Clone of the classic card game Solitaire. Features one or three card draw and a fast moving arrow which acts as your mouse.
stones.c9k98-04-17File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Stones v1.0
ztetris.zip9k98-04-17File is not rated[Usgard 1.0+] ZTetris v3.0
frogger.zip6k98-04-16File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Frogger 85 v1.1
duckhunt.zip8k98-04-09File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] DuckHunt 85 v1.
galaxian.asm60k98-03-15File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Galaxian v3.0
brkdance.asm11k98-03-01File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] BreakDance!
lo.zip6k98-02-17File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] LightsOut Alpha 1 (unfinished)
avenger.asm34k98-01-30File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Avenger v1.0
megablox.asm8k98-01-23File is not rated[5 levels] MegaBlox Universe v1.1
orzlaser.asm5k98-01-23File is not rated[16 levels] OrzLaser Universe v1.2
zkart3d.asm12k98-01-23File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Z-Kart 3D v8.0
wak.asm19k97-11-27File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Wak -A- Skeeter v1.2
sysinfo.asm1k97-11-16File is not ratedSystem Information 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
pente10b.asm22k97-11-14File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Pente v1.0 Beta
pente1bl.asm17k97-11-14File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Pente v1.0 Beta Lite
menulock.asm5k97-11-11File is not ratedMenuLock v0.9b for Usgard 1.5+
custcust.asm18k97-11-11File is not ratedCustCust 2.0 for Usgard 1.1+
dstar.asm19k97-11-04File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] DStar v1.1
A puzzle game where you must collect all the clear balls by running over them. You control either the dark ball or the dark box (you can switch between them). The dark ball can be used to collect the clear balls, while the dark block can only be used as a movable wall of sorts, it will stop at clear balls. Both objects continue moving in the direction chosen by you until they hit something else, except when the dark ball hits a clear ball. There are 25 levels in this version, 20 from the HP48 version and 5 from the TI-83 version of this game.
vexed.asm22k97-10-28File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Vexed v1.1
mapg.asm9k97-10-26File is not ratedGrayscale Mapping Example 1.0 for Usgard 0.95
map.asm8k97-10-26File is not ratedB&W Mapping Example 1.0 for Usgard 0.95
phonlist.asm5k97-10-25File is not ratedPhone Lister 1.01 for Usgard 1.1+
time.asm1k97-10-06File is not ratedTiming the Z80 for Usgard 1.1+
deturbo.asm1k97-09-12File is not rateddeTurbo 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
contrast.asm1k97-09-12File is not ratedContrast 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
funcpack.zip6k97-09-12File is not ratedFunction Pack for Usgard 1.1
pj1.asm27k97-09-12File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Plain Jump v1.1
bombswep.asm14k97-09-12File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Bomb Sweeper v1.1
lunoid9.asm36k97-09-10File is not rated[Usgard 1.0+] Lunoid v9.4
sqrxzsrc.zip24k97-08-30File is not rated[Usgard 1.0+] Sqrxz v1.01
tetris97.asm28k97-08-22File is not rated[Usgard 0.95 Beta] Tetris 97u.06
nibbles0.asm18k97-08-22File is not rated[Usgard 0.95 Beta] Nibbles 0
ramdomsr.zip4k97-08-20File is not ratedRamdom Debugger v5.0 for Usgard 0.95

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