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Last updated Thursday, 24 July 1997
Total downloads 8,182
Most popular file  TI-85 assembly header file with 8,182 downloads.

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antidisassemblagemacros.zip2k06-03-26File is not ratedAntiDisassemblage Macros
Some good macros I wrote for Antidisassemblage, nothing major, just some functions to utilize ROM calls, such as graphics routines and low level key reading, if you know some assembly, you will see how simple they all are Good luck :)
directin.zip1k02-04-05File is not rateddirectin.inc (83, 83+, 85, 86)
Equates for Direct Input.
get_key.zip1k02-04-05File is not ratedget_key.inc (83, 83+, 85, 86)
Equates for GET_KEY (_getcsc).
ti-85.h8k97-07-24File is not ratedTI-85 assembly header file

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