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Number of files 2
Last updated Thursday, 26 July 2007
Total downloads 3,771
Most popular file  Grayscale Mapping Example 1.0 for Usgard 0.95 with 3,082 downloads.

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mapg.zip3k97-06-22File is not ratedGrayscale Mapping Example 1.0 for Usgard 0.95
mk85ss.zip910k07-07-26File is not ratedConvert multiple images to a slideshow
Converts images in multiple formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png ...) to two slideshows (one compressed and one uncompressed) viewable on a TI-85 calculator using Usgard.
rage.zip41k05-02-11File rated 1.95Super Saiya-jin Rage
Several parts have been recoded for dual compilation on more than 1 platform. You can choose from Goku, SSJ Goku 3, Vegeta, SSJ Goku (GT), SSJ Adult Gohan, Frieza (hiddden), Majin Buu (hidden), Trunks, Eric Cartman (hidden), Raditz and finally, Gotenks. This has many updates for the ports. None of them crash when trying a difficulty level other than 1. Also, plz email me if you have feedback.

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