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abbace.zip5k17-07-09File is not rated[Minecraft] Abba Caving Calculator
Abba caving is an event done in Minecraft where the event handler finds a cave that looks like it will span down to level 15 or lower, and has users join them on a caving quest for a limited amount of time. The goal is to gather ores for various types (like diamonds, emeralds, lapis, gold, etc) and when the time limit hits, return back to the start point and the items get dumped into a chest for that player, where it gets counted and points awarded. After several such events that has been held on the Cemetech MC server, and having difficulties getting values sorted, this project was devised to speed getting scores for each player in the event, and to provide an accurate value of such. This program also comes with a timer that you can adjust from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, so you don't have to track time yourself. Happy caving!
aclock_pcse.zip1k13-09-20File is not ratedAnalog Clock 2.0.1
Analog Clock 2.0 is built specially for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition color-screen graphing calculator, and will not work on other calculators. It displays an accurate analog clock on your calculator; press any key to quit. It will kindly save and restore your graph and window settings when it exits, and it will also leave your calculator in the degree mode (Radian/Degree) that it started in. Now with Doors CSE icon.
aclock.zip1k14-09-06File is not ratedAnalog Clock
a simple ti-basic analog clock for the 84 plus c color, note, probably not 100% right, but should work.
angle2.zip13k17-09-27File is not ratedAngle of View
ANGLE2: Do you have a camera and want to know its angle of view? Or do you just want to know what a specific angle looks like. Then this is a program for you. First you choose whether to enter values for the formula: 2*arctan(sensor size /(2*focal length))= angle of view, or if you want to enter the angle right away. By sensor size is ment the horizontal size of the sensor in mm, if you want to know the horizontal angle. If you want to know the diagonal angle you enter square root of the horizontal side to the power of two, plus the diagonal side to the power of two. ( sqr( s1^2 + s2^2) Pythagoras formula ). Then you enter the focal length in mm. The program then draws a circle sector with that angle. ANGLE3: This program can take several sets of values. It uses a list to host them. After you’ve entered them the program draws up the data one by one on the screen. OPTICS: This program lets you choose an unknown from focal length: F, size of sensor: S, or angle: A. There are three formulas in it, one for each constant.
appvars.zip3k21-02-04File is not ratedAppVar Editor
The AppVar Editor is a simple program that makes it easy for a programmer to create and edit AppVars. This program does require Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run. To use the program all you need to do is enter the name of the AppVar and the program will allow you to add lines, replace lines, and delete lines, and store a line into a string from an AppVar. This program also allows you to archive and unarchive an AppVar and convert an AppVar to an "XTEMP" program that can be renamed using Doors CSE features. It also comes with a program to AppVar converter. Included in the zipped folder is an AppVar that can be uploaded to your calculator to practice using this program.
basicclock.zip1k21-12-29File is not ratedBasic Clock
Super basic non-analog clock. So small.
basicmod.zip3k18-05-15File is not ratedBASICmod hybrid BASIC Editor for the TI-84 Plus CE
This program will allow you to use many extra functions easily in your BASIC programs.
birdword.8xp.zip1k16-06-15File is not ratedSurfin' Bird
Upload this onto your foe's (or friend's) calculator using the linking cable that connects two calculators. Use "2nd" "X,T,θ,n" "3" and on their's "2nd" "X,T,θ,n" "→" "Enter". Run the program and wait for them to come back. It is non-intrusive, and automatically quits after 100 cycles, so they won't be stuck if they don't know how to force quit programs.
bullets.zip1k17-07-27File is not ratedRifle Scope Correction Program
A small program used for zeroing scopes.
c8salt.zip18k22-12-22File is not ratedC8SALT V1.2
C8SALT is the first ever TI-BASIC CHIP-8 emulator. Play all your favorite CHIP-8 games (as well as select SCHIP games) at a blistering 0.2 FPS! 9 programs are included with C8SALT, along with a ROM converter written in Python 3 allowing you to use your own CHIP-8 games with C8SALT. You can even import your own custom fonts! V1.2 fixes VIP style shifts and makes optimizations.
calendar10.zip7k20-09-01File is not ratedCalendar and Task Sorter
The Calendar and Task Sorter is a program that allows you to see a calendar for any month and year that is entered into the calculator. Program will always default to the current month and year the calculator is set for. Tasks can be entered into the calculator and reminders can be set to remind you the day the task is set for. Task reminders will appear when the program is run. A manual and date calculator is included in the program. This program is written only in basic.
calendar.zip1k14-11-22File is not ratedCalendar
A simple calendar program. You start with the month and year that is stored in the calculator. Then, by pressing left and right, the month is changed. By pressing up and down, the year is changed. Requires Doors CSE 8.1 or higher.
ceportce.zip1k22-09-19File is not ratedCEPORT CE
CEPORT CE is a CE port of CEPORT, an on-calc utility for porting monochrome 83+/84+ TI-BASIC programs to the CSE/CE. Just enter the name of the program you want to convert, and CEPORT will modify Text( and Pxl commands to look and run correctly on the CE. The converted programs from CEPORT are smaller than the output from other TI-BASIC converters, making this ideal for TI-BASIC developers who want a fast way to port to the CE or for CE users wanting to play out classic monochrome TI-BASIC games on their CE. Requires Celtic CE.
ceshellclockv1.0.zip1k23-01-08File is not ratedCE Shell Clock
This is a port of my Doors CS 7 Clock to the CE. It's sort of a proof of concept, since literally all shells have clocks now, but still kind of cool. It uses the Celtic CE libraries and will work with any CE shell that supports monochrome icons. The program must be in the RAM to function properly.
charzcse.zip27k14-06-07File is not ratedCharz CSE
This program shows you a table of characters not easily available on calc for the CSE, allows you to store the ones you want to a string to recall them into a program of your choice afterwards. Small updates have been made for ease of use.
charz.zip2k14-06-07File is not ratedCharz v3.0
Charz is a program designed to help out programmers who keep their calculator with them at all times and do their programming on the calculator. This program gives you access to over 100 characters not capable of being typed in. You can store multiple to a string in one run of the program and exit to paste the string into your program.
chelsea.zip5k18-02-06File is not ratedCHELSEA, the psychologist chatbot
CHELSEA (Chatbot Harnessing ELIZA's Logic to Simulate Emotional Analysis) is a chatbot made entirely in TI-BASIC designed to mimic the behavior of a psychologist. Talk to it about your problems, and perhaps she might help. This uses techniques from 1966 that can pass the Turing test!
clockce.zip1k20-12-13File is not ratedClock CE
This is a simple time tool for the TI-84+ CE. It has a timer function which flashes the screen when the time is up! It is mostly written in TI-BASIC, but the programs for the brightness are written in ICE. If you find any bugs, feel free to contact me. If you like this program, feel free to rate it.
clockc.zip1k18-08-30File is not ratedA analog clock in color
Just a simple clock in color with date
clockutilityce.zip2171k21-12-30File is not ratedClock Utility CE
Clock Utility CE is another port of mine from the unreleased version of Clock Utility for the monochrome calculators. In this new port, comes with new features never released in any of my clock programs (like Digital Clock Plus). This program features color text and backgrounds, moon phase and Easter Calculation, analog and digital clocks, stopwatch and timer, calendar, and more! Please use this on OS and newer.
clock.zip1k20-08-17File is not ratedClock CE
CLOCK, CTIME and CDATE are three programs to use your calculator as a clock.
codeword.zip2k18-10-03File is not ratedCodeWord
Enter a word, and it will be returned coded.
coins.zip10k15-04-13File is not ratedCoin Roll Counter
This is a program that tracks the amount of rolls of coins you have as you roll them. A good program for someone dealing with a lot of coins during the day.
colmode.zip1k14-01-01File is not ratedColor Mode Selector
Choose from one of 3 color modes: Inverted, 8-color, or default. 8-color mode does NOT make the calc run any faster. Uses DCSE8 libs.
colornum.zip1k18-02-20File is not ratedColorNumber
This is a small-ish program that I made to help know what the number for each color is.
counter.zip12k20-07-19File is not ratedCounter Utility
If you need to track the number of something, this program is for you! Counter Utility facilitates the counting and tracking of up to 10 different categories on your TI-84 Plus CSE/CE. The count for a category can be added or subtracted by 1, 2, 3...9 at once. Additionally, it takes note of the time taken from when the counter is started to the point when it is stopped. Particularly useful in statistics and surveying applications. The results are exported to a list stored on the calculator, which can be graphed directly, yet another feature not possible with most dedicated counting devices. High performance means that even the slow CSE will not miss key presses.
cputest.zip1k21-11-15File is not ratedCPUTEST 1.0
CPU, GPU, and Memory test. Can be used on any TI-calculator. Will take some time but will give you a value.
dayofwk.zip2k20-11-09File is not ratedDay of Week calculator lite
This is a lite version of the day of week program, which calculates the day of week of any given date. When you try to calculate on what day of the week a date was using the DayofWk( command, you might have noticed that the answer wasn't correct. I don't expect you'll have seen that though, but I've tested it with several dates and I can tell you it isn't correct. If you want to know more about this, you can read the 'readme' file. Because the DayofWk( command is sometimes wrong, I've made a program that does calculate the day of week correctly. There are some important notes for some country's noted in the 'readme' file!
dlotto.zip1k16-03-21File is not ratedCalculus w/ lottery
Megaball Lotto randomizer on first screen. If you press enter 3 times there is a lot of calculus/trig laws and tips
edit.zip173k13-08-07File is not ratedGraph Screen Text Map Editor v0.1
This is a little map editor thing I started working on that can be used to make text maps on the graph screen with color for the text. This could be used for any matrix-based engine with a 10x22 matrix. It would take further code to make it work for other, similar engines. It's not the most optimized it could be right now, and there are probably faster ways to do a lot of the things I'm doing, but I was mostly just messing around.
eightball.zip1k14-06-20File is not ratedMagic Eight Ball
Need a question to be answered? Magic Eight Ball is here to help!
engine.zip2k14-09-01File is not ratedEngine Todo List
Engine Todo List is a Todo List program that keeps you engaged and productive by offering points (called Sparks) for each task you complete. Spend these points at the Motor Shop to customize your cursor and unlock minigames! Engine is fully compatible between the CSE and monochrome TI-83+ series.
extrafunctions.zip3k18-04-28File is not ratedExtra Functions Menu for the TI-84 Plus CE/CSE
Extra Functions is a simple BASIC program that creates a hook in the OS and adds an extra menu when the user presses [alpha], [enter].
ffmf_save_editor.zip387k21-11-25File is not ratedFirst Fantasy: Mana Force Save Editor
The first working save editor for DJ Omnimaga's game First Fantasy: Mana Force. This program allows you to fully manipulate the save data. Unstoppable? Sure! End of the game at the beginning? Yup! You can change every part of the save data, to whatever you please. Just send the programs and you're good to go! This save editor has (but not limited to) a Data Editor, Back Up/Restore data, customizable settings (back up your data when you save, run indicator, archive everything on exit, background color), and a few easter eggs. The program is not very big, and requires only a few programs (INCLUDED!). This program features a Ubuntu-like UI, to give you some linux-vibes. At some point I'll make a Windows 10-like UI.
ffmfsaveeditor.zip400k21-11-30File is not ratedFirst Fantasy: Mana Force Save Editor
The first working save editor for DJ Omnimaga's game First Fantasy: Mana Force. This program allows you to fully manipulate the save data. Unstoppable? Sure! End of the game at the beginning? Yup! You can change every part of the save data, to whatever you please. Just send the programs and you're good to go! This save editor has (but not limited to) a Data Editor, Back Up/Restore data, customizable settings (back up your data when you save, run indicator, archive everything on exit, background color), and a few easter eggs. The program is not very big, and requires only a few programs (INCLUDED!). This program features a Ubuntu-like UI, to give you some linux-vibes. At some point I'll make a Windows 10-like UI. UPDATED: Version 1.1, Read changelog for details.
getkey.zip1k18-02-15File is not ratedgetkey
This will help you understand the getKey program.
hex2spritecse.zip239k13-04-26File is not ratedHex2Sprite CSE
This program is a simple sprite displayer that doesn't require sprites to be any specific size. You simply store the hex data that correlates to the table included in the readme for colors, tell the program how wide the sprite is and where to put it, and it will do the rest. It also contains 2 modes. Mode 1 displays the sprite on a normal 1:1 scale. Mode 2 displays the sprite in a 4:1 scale. I know this isn't the fastest thing out there, keep in mind it's in BASIC. It's mostly just to have it out there and ready now, and maybe inspire an ASM version.
hexconvert.zip1k19-06-13File is not ratedText2Hex & Dec2Hex CE Package
Two simple utilities that will make your life WAY easier if you are programming in hexadecimal on-calc. They are also fun to mess around with :P
howto11e.zip7k15-04-19File is not ratedHOWTO11e
ERROR:MEMORY caused by too many programs in your calculator? This program tells how to ARCHIVE a program to give you more RAM memory. Also how to UNARCHIVE the program when you want it again.
insult.zip1k15-01-19File is not ratedShakespearean Insult Generator
This is a Shakespearean insult generator. It can make 125,000 combinations of insults. To use just run and it will make one. Press enter and it will clear and ask if you want to generator another.
ktane.zip6k18-09-16File is not ratedThe KTaNE Expert Program
Made for the game "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes". My goal was to create a program that could solve a module faster than what could be done practically between a defuser and an expert. Most of these modules are not interactive, so the calculator does all the 'heavy lifting' for the defuser. Some modules, such as "Keypad" and "Emoji Math" are so visual, that I think it would be impractical to try and communicate the pictures to a machine that works in text and equations. However, the calculator does excel at modules like "The Gamepad" or "Skewed Slots," which have longer manuals to read and are tedious to solve as an expert.
libhelper.zip25k14-10-18File is not ratedLibrary Helper CSE v8.1
Library Helper CSE is an extensive manual to rise to the need of library information for those programmers that are always on the go. This library contains up to date (DCSE 8.1) information on the Celtic and xLIBC library functions found in Doors CSE, and requires the latest Doors CSE to run. It also includes the color chart used by xLIBC, and ASCII value lookup table, also used by xLIBC. A must if you don't want to carry 30 pages of notes around. Update to getkey to remove excess data that mysteriously made its way into the text.
lists.zip2k20-02-19File is not ratedLists
Lists is a simple basic program that uses the calculator's pictures to store text that the program has you enter. You can have up to five lists stored at one time and each list has a title and can have up to 12 items entered into it. When creating a list the program will ask you enter a title and at least one item. Items can be added and removed from any list you create and you can delete a list just by hitting DEL. A pretty neat and easy to use program to try out.
lottomaker.zip1k14-06-13File is not ratedLotto Number Generator
This program simply displays 6 random numbers created from the number given to the calculator upon start. These new numbers can be used in the lottery! (V1.2)
love.zip1k13-11-03File is not ratedLove Calculator
A love calculator. It has a bit of graphics and you can use it to start rumors.
mapedit.zip1k14-01-01File is not ratedMatrix Map Editor
Edit a map for a matrix-based game. So far, the only characters it can do are space, I, pi, and theta. It stores them to matrix [A] with the numbers 1,2,3, and 4, respectively. Way easier than typing it by hand!
marioenemydb.zip1k14-06-27File is not ratedSuper Mario Enemy Database v0.4
(v0.4) A database/catalog of the enemies seen in Super Mario games! As of right now, the program includes all the enemies from Super Mario Brothers (NES). This will eventually be updated to include more than 1 program and enemies from other Mario titles such as Super Mario Bros 3. If you have any ideas that you see may function well in TI BASIC for this project, Email me at: mattarattat@gmail.com
megaballs.zip1k16-03-21File is not ratedMega Ball Lotto Randomizer
Picks 5 random numbers(1-75) plus a 6th(1-15)
menusos.zip173k18-08-19File is not ratedMenus OS, The First BASIC Shell for the TI-84 Plus CE!
Menus OS is a complex BASIC shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. It includes many features, including around 20 games and many more programs. v4.4.4
organize.zip6k21-04-15File is not ratedOrganizer CSE/CE
Inspired by Texas Instruments' TI-83 Plus Organizer, RoccoLox Programs gives you the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE Organizer (or Organizer CSE/CE)! Kind of similar to the Calendar and Task Sorter, but this program includes a lot more features. This program has four main sections to it: Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Find. The Contacts section will allow you to store a person's: name, phone number, e-mail, and address. The contacts will sort themselves in alphabetical order. The Calendar section will display a calendar for any month and year that you enter. The calendar will default to the month and year that is currently stored in the calculator. The Tasks section lets you enter in a: date, time, and a task to be completed. The tasks will sort themselves in order from the latest date to the earliest date. The Find section will have you enter in a: letter, number, or keyword, and the program will search through all of the tasks and contacts to see if it can find a match for what you entered into the search box. Please read the README document to see all of the controls and features in this program and, most importantly, please enjoy using this program.
passwordcolorv1.1.zip2k17-02-15File is not ratedPassword Color v1.1
The most secure password program for color calculators on the planet! Paired with OnBlock, you can set a password up to 26 keys long and lock your calculator! Have Fun!
pixelartb.zip3k21-04-16File is not ratedPixel Art Creator (2.2b)
A big update from 1.0b, RoccoLox Programs' Pixel Art Creator (2.2b) now lets you create a 8x8, 12x12,16x16, 20x20, or a 24x24 picture using the TI-OS color values. This program does NOT require Doors CSE to run. This program allows you to create a new pixel art creation or load an old one. The program is designed to save up to 10 pixel art pictures. To create a new picture the program will ask you what number to save it under and the size of the picture. When loading a previously saved picture, just select the number of the picture you saved. If you create a new picture with the same number as a previously saved picture, the program will overwrite the older picture.
pixelart.zip2k21-04-16File is not ratedPixel Art Creator (2.2)
A big update from 1.0, RoccoLox Programs' Pixel Art Creator (2.2) now lets you create a 8x8, 12x12,16x16, 20x20, or a 24x24 picture using the TI-OS color values. This program requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run. This program allows you to create a new pixel art creation or load an old one. The program is designed to save up to 10 pixel art pictures. To create a new picture the program will ask you what number to save it under and the size of the picture. When loading a previously saved picture, just select the number of the picture you saved. If you create a new picture with the same number as a previously saved picture, the program will overwrite the older picture.
prgmtoappvar.zip1k20-10-19File is not ratedProgram to AppVar Converter
Basically an extension of the AppVar Editor, RoccoLox Programs now gives you a very simple and small program that will take the name of the program you enter and convert it into an AppVar with a name of your choice. This program does require Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run.
retardos.zip2k20-06-22File is not ratedRetardOS
The one and only PURE BASIC shell for the new TI 84 plus ce and TI 83 premium CE.
slimshell.zip757k23-06-19File is not ratedSlimShell
My latest creation has been born, SlimShell. A new and improved version of zShell for the TI-84 Plus CE calculators. This small shell is packed with new features and introduces a new design to adapt and fit your needs for a shell. Nothing too complicated, SlimShell can get the job done for what you need accomplished. This version includes some new features: 3 new themes for the user interface, Error Handler, Rename Programs, App Variable Support, Faster startup, Cemetech Easter Egg... All under 10,000 bytes with Celtic CE. This version contains Build 2 of SlimShell. Note: The two screenshots contain two different versions of SlimShell. The first one is the first build, and the second gif is the second build.
strktips.zip1k17-06-15File is not ratedStryktipset
This is a program for the Swedish Stryktipset, a gambling where you are to guess the outcome of 13 matches of soccer, by guessing either 1, X, or 2 for each match. However you can also guess 1X, 12, X2, and even 1X2 for each match. The three firsts are called half guarded and the latter hole guarded matches. One row of unguarded matches cost 1 Swedish krona, and for every half guarded match the price doubles. For every hole guarded the price triples. So if you were to put in 4 half guarded and two hole guarded you must pay: 2^4*3^2=144 Skr. This program gives you the best options for your money. You simply enter the amount of money you can spend, and the program gives you ( typically ) 2-4 possibilities in various combinations of half- and/or hole guarded options, with the money that is left over.
stryktipset.zip20k16-09-07File is not ratedStryktipset
These are some programs aimed for the Swedish Stryktipset, consisting of various systems of hole- and/or half guarded combinations, in which you choose 1-13 options out of the systems for the matches you feel are safe enough bets. Stryktipset is a gambling in european football, which for a good part is made up of Swedish teams, but also a lot of English ones. The programs uses a MwC random generator: MWCINST.8xp and MWC.8xp, that you must install.
ti15numericalinputkeypad..zip8k22-10-25File is not ratedTI15 Numerical Input
For anyone who has owned a TI15, this program is similar to inputting numbers into the UI on the TI15. I plan on adding functionality for equations and even recreating the math "game" on it. Screenshots are included in the .zip file.
tibelius.zip12k18-09-16File is not ratedTIbelius Sheet Music and MIDI Sequence Editor
This sheet music editor is written 100% in pure TI-BASIC. It supports Saving, Deleting, Editing, Playing, Compiling, and Opening files, as well as writing new files. TIbelius allows Bass and Treble Staffs with customizable tempo (BPM). Requires TI-Innovator Hub for playback of music.
ticlock.zip1k20-07-06File is not ratedTI-Clock
This program allows you to easily check the time when needed. It also displays the date on the top right. Nothing more just a Clock. If you encounter any bugs please contact me: dynesoftsystems@gmail.com
timail.zip6k18-09-16File is not ratedTi-Mail Calculator Email Client
This is a simple email client for the TI-84 Plus CE. It supports accounts, sending, receiving, and resending of emails, changing settings, and much more.
timerstopwatch.zip2k21-01-26File is not ratedTimer and Stopwatch
This program, written entirely in BASIC, has a functional timer and a stopwatch accurate up to 1/100 of a second! (Depending on the calculator, of course.) It uses a calibration technique that makes the stopwatch accurate for whatever calculator you use it on.
timer.zip30k14-08-20File is not ratedTimer
Stop Watch and a Count Down Timer.
tipstest.zip3k16-09-16File is not ratedTIPSTEST
This is a program which evaluates the dividend you get from your system of the Swedish Stryktipset, regardless of its properties and the errors you might have made or not. The formulas used are from a website run by Martin Berglund, who obviously has good knowledge of math and statistics. I simply turned them into a program. You enter the correct result in string0, and then the outcome of your system in string3. Begin with quotation mark. Use commas to separate. Then just execute the program.
tpo.zip118k15-03-22File is not ratedThe Potato One
Strax, everyone's favorite Sontaran Soldier, is now portable and able to offer sound advice to you when dealing with the enemies of the Sontaran Empire! He offers up random strategies to help you potentially make it through your day. (This program is strictly for amusement and should not be taken seriously)
ultimate.zip4k19-04-04File is not ratedUltimate Collection
This is a program which contains all of the programs I have ever created, including a few games.
varclean8384.zip1k19-09-04File is not ratedVARCLEAN 2019
This is the ultimate cleaner that erases variables left by TI-Basic programs. Detailed info in readme.txt . This is the last cleaner you will ever need. Should also work on the color screen 84 calcs.
wattyoda.8xp.zip1k15-02-08File is not ratedWatts <-> Yodas
Very simple program. Not optimized with loops and all that stuff. Just slopped together in one hour while at school. Nevertheless, this little program converts kilowatts to Yodas (yes, the green old little guy from Star Wars) and vice versa. This unit of power is straight from this article: http://what-if.xkcd.com/3/ TL;DR: a Yoda (Y) is equivalent to 19.2 kilowatts.
xfilesce.zip2297k23-03-03File is not ratedxFiles CE: A file manager for the 84+CE
A new and improved version of your favorite file manager has been created, better than ever before. Full of new features and capabilities, xFiles CE will make your experience better with a fancy GUI, all possible by the amazing work of RoccoLox Programs' work of Celtic CE. Version 1.02 is included in this version, with bug fixes and other tweaks. This version contains the SPD update and Celtic CE 1.2 Beta commands!

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