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Last updated Friday, 19 February 2021
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basscito.zip6k08-12-07Science tools studyguide V.1
This is a studyguide of the basic tools used in science classes. This is usually one of the first tests in physical science. (some tools may be hard to see) This was one of the first things that I made for the TI-84/83, and it helped eearn me a 100 on this test. (Study card program required)
constitutionalamendments.zip1k03-07-19US Constitutional Amendments
Self-Check Front Side: Year Ratified, Description Back Side: Number (Obviously, you want to shuffle these when testing yourself)
Hey these would be cool symbols to draw or right about people who you don't like and make it seems as if your trying to be friends
ecceromani1.zip11k03-05-25Latin I Vocab.
The included files are flashcards for use in memorizing the vocab. in the "Ecce Romani I" book. Chapters 1-12 are included, and there is also a stack for help with Declining.
eggfacts.zip1k21-02-19Egg Facts
A humorous collection of facts on eggs with minimal educational value.
football.zip2k02-10-23Football v 0.20
This is a card-stack for Study-Cards about Football. HARD questions. Enjoy
This Study Card APPS can only be run with the APPS Study Card! It will help you, if you need help with formulas by tests!!!! (It is written in German!!!)
geostacks.zip18k05-03-02Geography StudyCards Stacks - Countries, States, and Lists
These three stacks cover information about 193 countries, 50 states, and many top lists covering geographical information. The countries studycards have the capital(s), religion(s), and language(s) of each country. The states studycards have nickname(s), capitals, major cities, topography and waterways. The 27 lists are many lists of leasts, mosts, largests, smallests, highests, lowests, and more.
greatexpectations83.zip6k03-10-23Great Expectations Vocabulary Study Cards
Great Expectations Vocabulary Study Cards are in the order they apear in the book. Stacks are devided by stages of the book. 190 Cards.
ham83plus.zip65k03-07-07Ham Radio
All of the questions and answers you need to know, minus the graphics, for the test you need to pass for your license. Check readme for more info.
hirigana.zip7k04-04-15hirigana study cards
a set of study cards that cove the basic hirigama characters.
hydrogenenergy.zip1k03-10-27Hydrogen Power Studycards
This is a pack of 7 studycards on Hydrogen Power.
japanese_days_of_the_mont.zip1k07-07-03Nihongo Days of the Month
Study the Japanese days of the month with these romanji studycards.
japanese_days_of_the_week.zip1k07-07-03Nihongo Days of the Week
Study the Japanese days of the week with this romanji studycards set.
jennylatinvocab.zip1k04-08-12Jenny's First Year Latin Studycards v1.0
This is my first uploaded program to this site! Anyways, this stack of 56 cards are for those who are takin Jenny's First Year Latin.
All the basic Katakana charactors.
latinvoc.zip3k05-03-15Jenny 1 Vocab
This is a 97 card stack of the last 5 lessons of Jenny 1 (Lessons 36-40). It includes the comparisons of Adjectives and Adverbs
medrset1.zip1k04-04-18Medical Roots Set 1
Always wanted to know what those fancy medical terms mean? Well, now you can!!! Set 1 has forty roots separated into two groups of twenty. Watch for more coming soon!
nuclearenergy.zip1k03-10-27Nuclear Power Studycards
This is a pack of 11 studycards on Nuclear and Fusion Power.
quizgame.zip142k09-09-26Quiz Game
Its a short game based on my video, where it will ask questions, and you have to answe them
scards.zip4k05-05-18StudyCards Pack
Four stacks of high-quality studyCards which will help you in Chemistry; one of them is a unit-circle tester for help in precalculus.
science.zip3k03-03-05Science studycards
Just a simple pack of around 30 study cards fo r
seedpl83.zip3k04-06-01Seed Plants Vocab. 1.0
This is a stack of 68 different vocabulary words relating to seed plants. Have fun.
tibtut.zip3k01-08-10Ti-BASIC Tutorial for StudyCards
This is a BASIC Tutorial Stack for the StudyCards Flash App, available from TI.
trimansa.zip1k04-09-27Triman's Adventure
Help Triman get through 4 levels! ©2000-2004 DipNOW!
unit.zip4k06-09-27Unité/Unit 1.1 Histoire 414/History of Québec and Canada
Carte d'étude de l'unité 1.1 d'histoire 414. Study Card of the unit 1.1 of History 414. The file is in French.
unsecretariesgeneral.zip1k03-07-19UN Secretaries General
Self-Check Front Side: Number, Years, Nationality Back Side: Name
uspresidents.zip2k03-07-19US Presidents
Self-Check Front Side: Number, Years, Vice President(s) Back Side: Name
yourcomp.8xv1k02-10-23Your Computer Study Cards
Study cards to find out if your computer is a piece of #$%*&! Very funny!

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