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Last updated Wednesday, 20 January 2010
Total downloads 90,385
Most popular file  The Ultimate Dictionary with 10,193 downloads.

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a1symbol.zip1k04-07-09Extra Symbols v2.5
This contains all the symbols I have found of for the 83+ (128); if you have some I missed, e-mail the file to me @ SSpyro64@AOL.com.
aadaftpunk.zip2k08-08-24Daft Punk CD Listings
A NoteFolio file that lists all Daft Punk CDs up to Alive 2007 and includes the track listings.
aesopsfables.zip1k04-03-07Aesop's Fables 1
This is a collection of 5 short stories with morals. The storys include: The Crow and the Pitcher, The Dogs and the Fox, The Dove and the Ant, The Four Oxen and the Lion, and The Two Pots. More coming soon!
alice83.zip62k05-09-06Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
This is the classic fantasy novel as a NoteFolio AppVar E-Book. Split by chapter for easy reading. Hope you enjoy it.
NoteFolio AppVar with one note per class. Customize at will to your schedule and specific classes.
Beowulf - Ancient English poem.
bible.zip490k06-01-08Holy Bible
This is the ENTIRE New Testament of the Holy Bible in American King James Version. Please download and read some of it. This is the most important book I have ever uploaded.
bookofatrus.zip4k09-12-10The Book of Atrus
This is one of many journal entries written by Atrus, from the popular PC game, "MYST." This journal entry is seen at the end of the first MYST novel entitled, "MYST: The Book of Atrus."
bookofti.zip2k05-11-06Book of TI
The Book of TI, as given in the ticalc.org news article.
dictionary.zip164k05-10-11The Ultimate Dictionary
With over 10000 definitions, this is simply the best dictionary designed for the 83 family. Using NoteFilio App, 20 different volumes make the whole dictionary. The whole dictionary takes over 400000 bytes but if you own a Silver, I would devote the memory to an useful resource such as a dictionary.
dif8xv.zip77k05-07-06A Dance in Fire Ebook
This the the book from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind in NoteFolio format for the TI-83+/SE, TI-89, TI-92+, and V200. (You can download each in a separate file.) I hope you enjoy it. Please email me about any errors.
doyholme.zip416k05-09-18Sherlock Holmes
20 great short stories by sir Aurthur Conan Doyle.
genesis.zip112k03-12-01The Book Of Genesis
This is the entire book of Genesis seperated by chapters.
greatexpectations.zip458k06-01-01Charles Dickens: Great Expectations
This is the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It is huge so it is volumed by Chapter.
hegemonyreadme.zip5k03-09-01Hegemony Readme
The story, bios, and instructions for Hegemony: The Battle to Unite the Hundred Worlds in NoteFolio format.
hengive.zip3k04-12-10Patrick Henry
A famous speech by Patrick Henry
identities.zip1k03-12-08Trig Identities
This lists all the trig idenities I learned while taking trig.
irvingsh.zip30k05-11-19Sleepy Hollow
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Sorry I didn't get this out by Holloween, but read it anyway!
kingdream.zip3k04-12-11I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream - Famous Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.
kuntzjackandthelivestock.zip1k03-09-08Funny Story: Jack and the Livestock
This is the story of Jack and the Livestock. It was writen by Robert Kuntz for a Creative Writing class he took.
kuntzrevengethestory.zip3k03-09-08Funny Story: Revenge
This is the story of Revenge. It was writen by Robert Kuntz for a Creative Writing class he took.
kuntzthetrial.zip2k03-09-08Funny Story: Revenge
This is the story of Jack and the Livestock. It was writen by Robert Kuntz for a Creative Writing class he took.
mystintro.zip2k09-12-10MYST - Introduction
This is the introduction for the popular PC game, "MYST."
newsletter83p.zip17k03-08-02ticalc.org Newsletter - August 2003
This is the August 2003 edition of the ticalc.org newsletter, as well as the archive of past Notefolio newsletters. You will need the Notefolio app to read it, which is available from TI's site.
nietzscheaphorisms.zip3k06-01-04Nietzsche's Aphorisms
This eBook contains many wise sayings from the famous German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.
noteflio.zip1k03-10-06Noteflio Special Chars.
This is a set of files I made up to describe the function of Noteflio and allow users to copy special symbols (ñ á é í ó ú ~ ‘ etc.) that normally are unavaliable.
physics.zip1k03-12-08Physics Equations
These are all the equations I've learned so far in AP Physics. Chapters 1 - 10. Will be updated as class continues.
This little Notefolio App variable has the first 10,000 Digits of our favorite transcendental number, pi.
simbhexnotefolioappsvar.zip16k08-11-30SIMBHEX All Symbols in Notefolio
Really ALL your calcs symbols in hex order in the Notefolio. Included documentation in english and portuguese.
spanishverbs.zip7k09-04-07Spanish verbs dictionary for Notefolio
These are Spanish verbs listed in alphabetical order with english translations in parentheses. They are in infinitive form. This is for Notefolio.
stupidlytallbeanstalk.zip19k09-03-31"Jack & the Stupidly Tall Beanstalk"
This is a parody of the fairy tale, "Jack & the Beanstalk." SYNOPSIS: In this story, Jack lives with his mother Jill and his beloved pet cow Deathclaw in the suburbs of Los Angelos, living off of free samples from the mall they had stockpiled. However, after selling his mother to a merchant for a few bucks and some magic beans, Jack later on discovers that the beans grew into a stupidly tall beanstalk upon throwing them into a pile of dirt! Little does he know that at the top of the beanstalk lives a stupidly huge disco-loving giant who is obsessed with eating humans and cows, as well as forcing them to watch infomercials. How will this hilariously stupid adventure go? Find out now!
theinvisibleman.zip117k04-03-07The Invisible Man By: H. G. Wells
The Invisible Man is an exciting book written by the well respected Herbert George Wells. This book inspired "Hollow Man" and one of his other books "The Time Machine" became a movie which was recently released. More E-Books coming soon!
thelostworld.zip187k03-07-12The Lost World
This is the book The Lost World. It is one of my favorite books. I hope all you like it
thetimemachine.zip77k04-03-08The Time Machine By: H. G. Wells
This E-Book was written by: H. G. Wells. This is the complete book and is readable on your calculator using the program NoteFolio. I highly recomend this book and other E-Books. More coming soon!
tisatdictionary.zip72k10-01-20SAT Dictionary v.2 (5000 words)
improved version of SAT Dictionary :-)
trig_identities.zip1k06-06-15Trigonometric Identities (Fully Updated)
This is a better version of trigonometric identities. It's simply neater, updated with full formulas. A must-have for all Math students around the world.
usunit1.zip6k03-08-22US History Part 1
US History Part 1 is a fairly large document containing information from the discovering of America to the Great Awakening. As you can see in the screenshots, it's nice to be able to just type in a word, phrase, or name and have information just pop up, especially in History class. This is first in a series of eight. Please enjoy!!! Don't cheat too much! :)
verneugc.zip115k06-01-08Underground City
The Under Ground City by Jules Verne. (also known as The Child Of The Cavern). Download and enjoy it!
witches.zip3k03-08-22Salem Witch Trials
A VERY accurate document describing the timeline of the Salem Witch Trials. Great for history class when you're studying this topic. All the information is correct and you can easily look up names and dates.
wowebook.zip170k03-08-22The War Of The Worlds
HG Well's The War Of The Worlds Is Now Available For The TI83+ Handhold. Need Something To Do During School, Read A Book On Your Calc. Finally Ebooks are availible For The 83+! More Ebooks To Come Soon

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