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Last updated Monday, 13 April 2015
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Most popular file  CSX v0.27 beta with 28,287 downloads.

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baos.zip847k08-04-14File rated 2.30BAOS - Basic Assembly Operating System - version 0.04
The idea of this OS is to make something that lets you take everything out of your calc that you can. However there is currently a lot that is not yet implemented. Currently you can start programs, there is a directory based filesystem (BAOSFS) and the OS supports full multitasking. A simple text-editor and some other tools/programs are included with this release. For more information see the Users Guide inside or the website. If you want to get involved, please send an email, however there are some restrictions.
csx.zip259k04-09-09File rated 4.34CSX v0.27 beta
The third third-party OS for the TI-83 Plus. CSX is a command line interpreter with an 89'ish layout. It can upload files from a PC (only TiLP has been tested), so it now potentially makes a great way to kill any number of minutes. (Included: 83+ update file and VTI ROM image)
knightos.zip858k15-04-13File is not ratedKnightOS
This is a snapshot of KnightOS from 2015-04-09. The latest version may be different. This snapshot contains the base install on kernel 0.6.7-29-gccbbb16, plus extra packages: extra/demos, community/progcalc, ports/rubik, and ports/ztetris.
pongos.zip86k04-09-02File is not ratedPongOS
Need I say more? I will anyway. This is, I guess, the second ever -- depends on how you count, doesn't it? PongOS is not really intended as a replacement OS, but it may be useful for various purposes. In addition to Pong, it contains a few useful "System Tools," essentially Calcsys minus the bells and whistles, plus the ability to write to FlashROM and access protected ports. Should also work on the 73 and 84+.
smileyos.zip1946k11-10-08File is not ratedSmiley OS
Smiley OS is a demonstration operating system based on AsmOS. It will simply turn on, display a smiley face, and turn off when the user presses a key.
wfrngos112310.zip12k10-11-26File rated 7.71Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator OS
Doood!!!!!1!!1 fiNALLY yoU cAn GeT aLL thAt peSKY MATH stuFF Off oF uR cALC and go WFRNG aLL THE WAY!!!!11!! ThIS OS iS A++!!! InsTALL NOW!!!!1!1!

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