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Interactive utilities, animations, and demos
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Last updated Thursday, 14 February 2013
Total downloads 32,465
Most popular file  Sketchy v1.08 with 19,803 downloads.

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basicbuilderfolder TI-83/84 Plus Flash Graphics Programs (BasicBuilder)
3dengine.zip20k10-11-11File is not rated3D Engine
This Application is a real 3D engine, you can create objects, store up to 5 objects, reload objects at any moment, manipulate the objects by rotation (Up Down Left Right Keys), translation and scale, users can also change the perspective of the draw.
line2.0.zip144k09-06-06File is not ratedLine 2.0
This is a program that allows you to create a picture, and then store it into 4 different formats, before putting it into your program. Useful for xLib tile map loading, Graphics for games that need to be in place before your game starts, and you don't want to worry about whether certain pics are in place or not.
logo.zip17k02-10-17File is not ratedLogo v1.0
Logo is a programming language similar to LISP for drawing designs by controlling a turtle (triangle), which traces its path on the screen. This implementation of Logo supports 12 different commands as well as different Zoom options.
sketchy.zip33k04-03-18File rated 8.57Sketchy v1.08
Sketchy is a flipbook animation program, which allows you to draw a series of slides and then animate them.
tileit.zip37k13-02-14File is not ratedtileIt!
tileIt! is an application dedicated to the process of creating and exporting monochrome or greyscale tile sets, and maps that use them, in formats readable by nearly every programming option available on the 83+/84+.

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