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Last updated Saturday, 15 February 2014
Total downloads 49,576
Most popular file  Bowling with 12,289 downloads.

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acesp1.zip9k04-02-06File is not ratedAce of Space
This game is a lander-clone with nice gfx and good speed (for beeing basic, that is). It also has a nice scrolling sublevel. This app uses CodeX for some Asm-enchantments,
batdemo.zip7k09-02-01File is not ratedBattle Demo V9.0
This is the Battle Demo for a RPG in progress. This is the next installment of Battle Demo V3.1 in the BASIC game section in the archives, but compiled in BASICBUILDER (which is why it is here). There are still three enemies, but two enemies are shown on the screen. Your party contains two members: a blade user and a mage. The screenshot displays some glitches. Go to http://code.google.com/p/rpgtigames/ for more information.
bj84_bb.zip16k07-11-08File is not ratedBlack Jack 84
A great and highly addictive black jack game. It uses my own shuffling program from "Dealer Pack".
bowling.zip1004k09-02-22File rated 7.72Bowling
Bowling is a flash application designed to emulate ten-pin bowling complete with realistic physics. Credits may be earned to purchase items which modify the physics of the simulator. Items can be paired to combine their effects. Compete against the AI in four tournaments of increasing difficulty in goal of becoming the world champion.
checkers.zip11k11-08-07File is not ratedCheckers
-Two Player game only!! does not support AI- This checkers program allows you to play a normal game of checkers with all legal moves included. The program uses pixel tests to detect the pieces. Program can also save and load up to 5 games as well as edit a game from either a cleared board, set up board, or a saved board.
chess.zip13k11-06-21File is not ratedChess
Two Player game only!! Does not support AI. This chess program allows you to play a normal game of chess with the exception of detecting check or checkmate. Program can also save and load up to 5 games as well as edit a game from either a cleared board, set up board, or a saved board. version 1.1-fixed the black king label error.
civwar.zip19k14-02-15File is not ratedCivilized Wars
Take to the Air, Land, and Sea in a conquest to defeat the other human player in this classic "Advanced Wars" port. Civilized Wars is a turn based strategy game that takes place on a 2D (24x16) tile map. There are 17 Unique Units and various terrain types including Sea, Coastland, and various defense land terrain. Simply capture the other player's capital in order to win, but good luck getting past his defenses!
dond.zip10k07-03-23File is not ratedDeal or No Deal
This is the Hit NBC TV Game Show for your TI-83/84 (+ / SE). Excellent Graphics and Animations!! Features include a fully graphic case selection screen, animated case opening, cool Banker offers, and more!! Also includes a High Score Board where you can put your initials so you can show off your million dollars to your friends.
f.e.a.r.tiflash.zip3k09-10-19File is not ratedF.E.A.R. Flash v1.0.0
this is a flash version of my Fear
go_ti.zip12k11-12-09File is not ratedGo
v1.2 This Go program allows you to play a normal two player game of go with legal moves, auto-take, editing, and scoring functionality included. The program uses matrixies and lists to keep track of the pieces. Program can also save and load up to 5 games as well as edit a game from either a cleared board or a saved board.
go.zip18k09-03-18File is not ratedGo!!!!!!!
This is a two player(one calc) version of Go. This it compltely graphical (unless you turn it off...). It is fairly basic at the moment. Now includes a turn timer for the 84. Anyways, If you would like to help, e-mail me(Rickytalbot@hotmail.com)
halo2cariostationflash.zip8k09-10-19File is not ratedHalo 2 cario station Flash v1.0.0
this is a flash version of my cairo station
ifm_bb.zip5k07-10-11File is not ratedInfinite Madness 3.0
Infinite Madness is as it sounds -- it's one Mad game! You start out with 1000 spaces to move, and you rarely find that you get any of those 1000 spaces back. A dot moves randomly on the screen and your objective as the faithful square is to get that little dot to hit you either on one of your edges or directly in the center.
metroidpi.zip391k09-06-24File is not ratedMetroid Pi App
This App was made using Basic Builder and the basic program Metroid Pi. All credit goes to Robert Moy. The game he made is quite impressiver, once in the app format it takes up less RAM
parkers.zip11k09-02-27File is not ratedParker's Game Pack
This is an application composed of the four games that I have made: Locks, The Dumbquiz, Office Quiz I, and Office Quiz II: Dwight. I plan on making another flash pack soon composed of my math programs including my latest brainchild that I have named "Genius". Also I plan on making more text-based games until I learn assembly so send me suggestions at Mr_p2003@hotmail.com.
pongsuite2.zip4k08-12-21File is not ratedPong suite
An application with two Pong games; one with an AI opponent and one where you play by yourself. See the readme.txt file for more info. Note: there is only one ball; the two pixels seen in screenshot two appear because the screenshot was taken before the previous pixel was turned off.
rps101_bb.zip18k08-05-27File is not ratedRPS-101
Inspired by David C. Lovelace, RPS-101 is a Rock Paper Scissors game with 100+ options/gestures to choose from! Play against the calculator, or grab an I/O cord and play against your friends! And don't forget to check out the original RPS-101, created by David C. Lovelace, at http://www.umop.com/rps101/rps101chart.html! Note: You must have Omnicalc installed on your calculator in order to play multiplayer across an I/O link.
rps.zip3k07-12-06File is not ratedRPS By DataWizard
RPS Stands for 'Rock Paper Scissors' and, just as the name suggests, it's a program that allows you to play rock paper scissors against your graphing calculator. I coded it from scratch using only my calculator, although I did use BasicBuilder to compile it into an Application. The application features rich and in depth game play and stunning 0 dimensional graphics! And I even put in a record keeping syem that remebers your win loss records! You may have seen other similar Rock Paper Scissors programs out there, but I assure you, mine is truely surperior in every way. Just trust me on this one, ok?
steinz_fire1.zip42k07-10-11File is not ratedSteinz the Game vFire#1
Steinz the Game is a cross between Frogger and Mario. The object of the game is the get an undisclosed amount of stars ("+") in order to advance to the next level without falling into any traps. The more stars you get, the better your score is. Traps include bombs and craters at the bottom level of the play area. By running into a bomb or falling off a crater on the bottom level, the game ends and you have a chance to make a new high score.
sudoku2.zip16k07-10-27File is not ratedSudoku 2
sudoku2() { Sudoku2("Can you Sudoku?"); } You MUST Ungroup SUDOKU2 before playing Sudoku2!
tictactoeultimate.zip17k12-02-16File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe Ultimate
This Tic-Tac-Toe program allows you to play a normal game of Tic-Tac-Toe in addition to Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe. Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe is a more complex version of normal Tic-Tac-Toe, it is Tic-Tac-Toe within Tic-Tac-Toe. If you google it you can see how it works. Program can also save and load up to 3 games as well as edit a game from either a cleared board or a saved board. The program automatically detects wins and ties, and auto restricts the cursor when necessary. I included both the app version and the group version. Please note that the app version runs significantly slower, but also the group contains 31 sub-programs. Also, if using the app, be sure to have at least 12000 bytes of free RAM.
tidogs1.9.zip14k07-09-08File is not ratedTidogs 1.9
In this game you have to feed a dog. Wash him and play guessing games to win in a tournament. Go out with him to meet people and find some food or money. But it could be that somebody steals you some money or that you dog finds rubbish. A good game for people loving dogs.
timagotchi1.0.zip5k07-09-08File is not ratedTimagotchi 1.0
This program is like the Tamagotchi-Game. Feed a Timagotchi, go out with him and play with him.
ultimatewarriorcompilatio.zip22k07-12-24File is not ratedThe Ultimate Warrior Compilation
My best BASIC RPG so far! A text-based RPG where you play through seven dungeons, each with around 10 different monsters. With three character classes, seven weapons and seven armors, over 90 monsters, different difficulty modes, around 11 bosses, and a multiplayer option, this game will keep you busy for a while.
war_bb.zip17k07-10-11File is not ratedWar the Card Game
The ultimate two player card game. War has the calculator playing against itself to see which player wins, and how long the game will go. A great example for statistics analysis, if you're willing to hack the game and store all the stats to lists. Plan on a feature soon that will do all that dirty work for you!

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