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Number of files 8
Last updated Monday, 23 November 2009
Total downloads 35,761
Most popular file  Tetris with 19,649 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83/84 Plus Files (not including the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE)
bbcbasic.zip873k09-11-27File rated 8.23BBC BASIC (Z80)
This package contains a TI-83+ and TI-84+ version of Richard Russell's Z80 implementation of BBC BASIC. BBC BASIC is a fast, powerful and flexible dialect of BASIC, with support for named re-entrant procedures and functions, inline assembly routines, direct access to hardware ports and memory and a large library of built-in statements and functions. Programs can be edited on the calculator using BBC BASIC's interactive command-line or on your PC using the supplied editor (Windows/.NET) or command-line converter (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X via Mono). A reference is included by way of documentation along with some sample programs.
bbctetris.zip45k09-06-12File rated 7.87Tetris
The first released BBC Basic game on the Archives! Tetris is fully functional, with incredible speed that can match Assembly Tetris counterparts! And with a file size under 2500 bytes, BBCTetris is a must have for all BBC Basic, and Tetris gamers!
battery.zip1k09-04-27File is not ratedBattery Checker
Just a simple battery checker, by the only current BBC BASIC developer. Note: you need the BBC BASIC interpreter to run this program. Special thanks goes out to Brandon Wilson for telling me how to check the battery.
breakout.zip80k09-08-29File is not ratedBreakout
The classic game has been ported to BBC Basic. With fun powerups and fast speed, Breakout is a must have for all BBC Basic Gamers!
prime.zip1k09-04-29File is not ratedPrime Numbers
This program, once run, begins displaying prime numbers from '3' to whenever you press the "on" key. Its a dumb program, but its a start using the new bbcbasic code. If anyone has a way to stop it by a keypress, then please let me know of that code. Its my first program for bbcbasic, so any comment would be helpful.
quadratc.zip1k09-03-25File is not ratedSimple Quadratic Solver
Solves quadratic formulas with 2, 1, or no roots. Also, the first file for BBC Basic uploaded (besides the interpreter).
rain_bbcbasic.zip158k09-05-03File is not ratedRain
This is a basic animation of rain as viewed from the inside of a window. To run, type RUN "RAIN.VAR" in the BBC BASIC shell. (It will show up as an application variable, and not in the PRGM menu.)
swinger.zip2k09-11-23File is not ratedSwinger
Highly addictive game based on physics. Swing like a pendulum and let go to see how far you can fly before grabbing the top of the roof again and resume swinging.
timer.zip1k09-05-23File is not ratedTimer
Another dumb program written out of sheer boredom, this program accurately times any event that you wish. again, any comments are helpful.

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