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aph1.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedAdvanced Psychohistorical Equation 1
An equation/program modeling a theorom of Psychohistory.
beta.zip1k11-06-11File is not ratedbeta
This program computes the following: values on the pdf for a beta distribution, a graph of a beta distribution, the cdf values on a beta distribution (left, right or between), the mean, mode, variance, skewness and kurtosis for a beta distribution as well. All a user has to do is input the shape parameters and choose what you wish to see. You will need the subroutine GAMMA included in this file.
cardprob.zip248k06-10-02File is not ratedCard Probability Assist Program
For use with the Prob Sim Application. Though, it is not required. This program IS DEPENDANT on an outside source, and will not work as a stand alone. This program uses the lists CARD, DRAW, and SUIT, to create data. The flash application, Prob Sim creates these lists (Under option 5, Card Prob). The zip contains two documentation files. One RTF and one PDF. The PDF lists, in detail, how to find Prob Sim on your calc and operate the progam. I made this for my math teacher last school year, oddly enough, I have him this school year as well. My point is, the PDF is made with teachers in mind. The Disclaimer, and other important stuff, are in the RTF. The Disclaimers are also in the PDF. Quick Facts: The prog puts no limit to the number of cards you may sort. The only limit is RAM. I have drawn 300 cards, then crunched the date. It took 15k of RAM and what felt like forever to sort. The program no longer use 'Pause.' The pictures are from a version of the file when it did use pause. Luckily, now, You can go back to any slide w/o rerunning the whole program. Enjoy. Screenies soon! Need to change them to gif...
cards.zip1k05-08-30File is not ratedA Deck of Cards
This program determines how many perfect shuffles required of a deck of any given even number of cards to end up with the same order of cards. (inspired by an old Scientific American magazine article)
chance.zip1k04-01-11File is not ratedChance
This porgram chooses a number from 1 to ten, one to twenty five, one to fifty, one to one hundred, one to five hundred, and one to one thounsand
coinflip.zip2k09-05-07File is not ratedCoin Spin
The "coin" spins, and then it lands, and shows you the result. I know it sucks, i made it in 10 mins, but whatever. I'll get better graphics
counting.zip1k11-11-16File is not ratedCounting
This program can handle counting principles often used in probability. It can do the following: with replacement, no order; without replacement, no order; with replacement and order; with replacement and no order; and it will do distinguishable permutations. Enjoy!
d20dice.zip1k09-04-26File is not ratedD 20 Dice
Role any number of dice with any number of, up to 999, sides quickly and easily.
discretermoment.zip1k14-04-14File is not ratedDiscrete R Moment
This program computes the discrete rth moment. Great for probability students. Enjoy!
drake.zip3k03-04-18File is not ratedDrake Equation
Its the 'Drake Equation' used by SETI to "calculate the # of potential intelligent, extra-planetary [communicative] civilizations". So, try it out and let me know what you think!- Its User Friendly!(self-explanitory) 1250p EST; 4/18/03.
election.zip1k09-03-27File is not ratedElection Predictor
Quick program asks for sample size and number of yes votes and outputs prediction for the election.
gamblersruin.zip1k11-10-15File is not ratedGambler's Ruin
This program will compute the probability of ruin for two players and the expected number of games. Enjoy!
markovinequalitydemo.zip1k14-04-27File is not ratedMarkov Inequality Demo
This program demonstrates the Markov Inequality for the binomial, the Poisson and the Geometric. Enjoy!
matrix2.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedMatrix Number Generator 2,01
This program Has quite nice beginning graphics. Rest of the program is quite crappy, The calculator asks you for a number between 1 and 999. after you hit the number (stores in A) it will start "looking" for it. The calculator generates a number between 1 and 999 and stores it in B. If B=A the calculator will stop.
mylotto.zip1k04-01-28File is not ratedLotto Numbers
Contains five weeks of six Lotto numbers. Good Luck!
pb83p.zip2k02-03-12File is not ratedPowerball
A simple program which generates a fake running of the powerball lotto and dishes out the numbers for you
probsim83p.zip1k02-03-01File is not ratedProblem Simulations
Simulates dice rolls and coin flips. Flips a coin or rolls a die to a certain number and records the data.
probsim.zip3k09-04-28File is not ratedProbability Simulation BASIC
This is a BASIC version of the ProbSim application usually included on calculators when they are bought—in case you accidentally deleted it, cleared your memory, or (in my case) crashed your calculator. Includes multiple probability simulations, including dice (4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 20-sided), coins (heads and tails—literally!), spinners, etc. It even includes a function to roll, spin, or flip as many times as you want in a row.
prom.zip1k05-04-06File is not ratedA Prom Date
this is a great program that give you your percentage of getting a prom date this year. it factors in details such as GPA, weight, max. bench press, and all that good stuff. (your goal is to get above a 50%) ;)
randnum.8xg1k03-04-17File is not ratedRandom Number generator
This looks awesome!!!
randnumb.zip1k10-01-16File is not ratedThe Ultimate Random Number Generator
This generator will generate random numbers, decimals, fractions, heads-tails, dice roll, integers, etc. Great for probability simulation.
random1.zip1k03-03-23File is not ratedRandom Number Generator
random number generator randomizes numbers and puts them on your screen in any place. It's pretty cool to watch. Under 210K also.
random2.zip1k03-03-23File is not ratedRandom Number Generator 2 by Jay
random number generator 2 is almost exactly like random number generator by jay except random number generator 2 has a wave format. It scrolls across a line of the screen like the wave you see at football games :) it's pretty cool.
randomnumbergenerator.zip3k10-11-26File is not ratedRandom Number Generator for 83/84
A Random Number Generator for TI 83 or 84 calculators
randomnumberpicker.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedRandom number comparason thingy
you choose an integer, and the calc picks random numbers until it equals your number. then tells you how many tries it took to guess the number
randomwalk.zip1k03-03-28File is not ratedRandom Walker
Simulates a random walk for as long as you want and stores the values on a list.
random.zip1k04-04-25File is not ratedPseudo Random Numbers
This program is a demonstration of the Infinite Game Universe article in Game Programming Gems 2, by Charles River Media. The code is commented using strings. I added an example program that generates random maps with this algorithm. You can enter genes and seeds or have them randomly made. You might also want to use my code for scrolling maps. My email is different, in case you tried to contact me before.
rand.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedRAND: The random number generator.
Generates random numbers. Could be used for statistics.
shrinkfun.zip1k04-01-17File is not ratedShrink Fun
Input a starting number, and the program will get a random number between it and zero. Then it will take that new number and once again get a random number between that and zero. The process continues all the way 'til it reaches zero, then it lets you know how many tries it took. When you run the program, you can specify whether you want to view the process as it happens or to simply let the program work on its own. E-mail me @ ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release.. Make Sure To Give Me Credit!
toss.zip1k03-11-29File is not ratedToss Simulator
This program lets you toss some things and you get to see what you get. For example you can toss a coin, and it will tell you if you have heads or tails. This program is pretty good, but I made better ones. Look in my profile.
trialanderror83p.zip2k03-01-12File is not ratedTrial and error
A nine stamps problem for the Post Office. A trial and error problem.
weibull.zip1k11-06-11File is not ratedweibull
This program computes the following: 1) pdf values, 2) a graph of the weibull density, 3) The cdf values (left, right or between), 4) mean, median and mode, 5) variance, 6) a graph of the failure rate for variables distributed as a weibull.
wheel.zip1k06-09-08File is not ratedThe Wheel of Lunch
If you ever need help deciding what to eat for lunch just spin the wheel and it will tell you what to eat. This program only works if it is set to Degree mode.

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