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Last updated Friday, 16 October 2015
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Most popular file  Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme Song) with 6,742 downloads.

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brotherjohn.zip1k12-02-01Brother John
Song for on your TI83/TI84+. Brother John/ Frère Jacques/Vader Jacob.
hotcross.zip1k09-11-11Hot Cross Buns for omnicalc
What more can I say? It's unprotected. Good GUI. And a song on the home screen!
jinglebells.zip1k12-02-01Jingle Bells
This is the first song I made for on your TI83/TI84+. t's the Christmas song: Jingle Bells!
Kid Piano is an Omnicalc requisite keyboard program for TI-83+/SE and TI-84/+/SE calculators. It allows for all notes within a C Major fifth to be played and features a function that indicates what note has been played. This is a significant simplification from its predecessor,TI-PIANO83+ in the way that it uses the 5 function keys to play notes as opposed to the complex key system used in TI-PIANO83+. It is therefore slightly simpler to learn and more user friendly.
megamanx4.zip11k03-03-08MegaMan X4 talking
A little test I did with Brandon Sterner's Wav Player 83+. A voice sample of General from MegaMan X4 saying "I'll show you no mercy, now get ready!"
This is a group that includes a few of the songs I have programmed: Jingle Bells, Bile them cabbage down, Six Flags, Go Team Go, Breydl Dreydle, and Good King Wenceslas. To listen to these songs, you must have a headphone adapter and the application omnicalc.
starwarsmusic.zip1k11-11-11Star Wars Music
I made this to test Omnicalc, a nice program with Star Wars Music in! :)
swcantinaband.zip1k05-08-18Cantina Band
Star Wars Music! listen to the band from the Mos Eisley Cantina.
swimperialmarch.zip1k05-08-18Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme Song)
Listen to Star Wars Music on your calculator.
swparadeoftheewoks.zip1k15-10-16 Parade of the Ewoks (from Return of the Jedi)
Listen to Star Wars Music on your calculator!
swtheme.zip1k05-08-18StarWars Main Theme
listen to Star Wars Music on your calculator
TI-PIANO83+ is an Omnicalc requisite keyboard program that essentially turns your TI-83+/84/84+ into a one octave keyboard complete with accidentals and a traditional, piano-like interface for playing basic melodies.
voiceclockpack.zip3k06-07-07Voice Clock Pack
This is a program that I quick wrote up. It uses the standard speaker output to play sound. It uese Playwav, a program that I found on TiCalc. There is a bug in the voice clock file and sometimes it exits out of the loop and even rarer, it will reset the ram. This only works on an 84.
wewishubasicaudio.zip15k08-08-11We Wish You a Merry Christmas Audio
I know it's not exactly that time of year, but hey, it's still music on your calculator! Now you can listen to this BASIC Christmas Classic on your ti-83/84+! Omnicalc (included) is required for use.

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