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Last updated Monday, 19 June 2023
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vectorsti83pceti84ce.zip232k23-06-19File is not ratedVectors Program
The program VECTORS calculates the following of the three dimensional vectors: dot product, Euclidean norm, angle between two vectors, cross product, and tensor product. The program uses the system matrices [A] and [B] and formats them as 3 rows, 1 column matrices. The angle mode used is degrees. Options include normalizing vectors and switching vectors. The program changes the angle mode to Degrees. Depending on the calculator used, results will be shown in either exact format (TI-83 Premium CE) or approximate format (TI-84 CE).
complexmatrixlinearequati.zip2k22-10-24File is not ratedComplex Matrix Linear Equation Solver
If you have a known complex matrix times an unknown column vector and you know the result in complex column vector form, you can find the unknown vector. This is a great help for nodal analysis in circuits.
imatsolv.zip2k22-10-24File is not ratedComplex Matrix Linear Equation Solver
If you have a known complex matrix times an unknown column vector and you know the result in complex column vector form, you can find the unknown vector. This is a great help for nodal analysis in circuits.
richit.zip1k18-10-02File is not ratedRichardson Iteration
This program uses Richardson iteration to solve a system of linear equations. Similar to Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel, except is uses the Identity matrix as the splitting matrix. Great for numerical linear algebra. Enjoy!
graphtheorybasics.zip1k17-09-12File is not ratedGraph Theory Basics
This zip file contains four programs associated with basic calculations from network theory including: distance matrix; eccentricity, radius and diameter; number of trees and information about degrees. The user merely supplies the adjacency matrix. Please read the accompanying documentation for details. Enjoy!
vector.ctntnz8vjf.10.02.2016.zip1k16-10-03File is not ratedVECTOR
This program finds the component and magnitude from coordinates, the unit vector, the vector from magnitude and direction, the dot product from coordinates (and tells whether it is parallel or orthogonal), and the angle from coordinates (in degrees). Works for X, Y, and Z. Outputs answers in fraction form. View the program code here: http://pastebin.com/AcS3n32v
matrix2.zip1k15-04-25File is not ratedMatrix 2
This folder contains two programs, one for computing determinants of rectangular matrices (see documentation this is not a typo)and one for computing the Hadamard product. Enjoy!
blockmatrix.zip2k15-03-07File is not ratedBlock Matrix
This file contains three programs concerning block matrices, including LDU decomposition, inverse and Woodbury's formula. Enjoy!
grammianmatrix.zip1k15-02-26File is not ratedGrammian Matrix
This program will produce a Grammian matrix. Enjoy!
collatz.zip1k15-01-19File is not ratedCollatz Method
This program will perform a Collatz method for determining the interval surrounding a positive eigenvalue for a matrix will all positive entries. It is an iterative method. Great for linear algebra or numerical analysis. Enjoy!
orthogonalsubspace.zip1k15-01-11File is not ratedOrthogonal Subspace
This program will inform the user if a spanning set is orthogonal to another spanning set. Great for introductory linear algebra. Enjoy!
matrixrowdeletion.zip1k14-11-14File is not ratedDelRow Matrix
This program will delete the row of a matrix. Enjoy!
vectorproduct2.zip1k14-11-11File is not ratedVector Product 2
This file contains programs to compute the vector triple product as well as cross products with the added feature of knowing magnitudes and angles rather than determinant calculation. Enjoy!
inversecomplexmatrix.zip1k14-11-11File is not ratedInverse Complex Matrix
This program will compute the inverse of a complex matrix. Enjoy!
traceeignevalue.zip1k14-08-25File is not ratedTrace Eigenvalues
This program is designed to use a trace calculation to find eigenvalues. It will find the largest eigenvalue in magnitude. Please read over the documentation for further information. Enjoy!
mtrxops.zip1k14-08-06File is not ratedMTRXOPS
MTRXOPS is an interface to the TI83/84 matrix commands. It simplifies working with matrices by displaying the matrix operations in a user selectable menu and prompts the user for the necessary inputs for each operation. Further, if the user makes a mistake there is an option to restore the previous matrix. MTRXOPS requires the user to enter the matrix to be solved into matrix [A] prior to running MTRXOPS. MTRXOPS uses matrix [B] as the recovery matrix. Please send an email if you notice any errors.
matrixtype.zip1k14-04-20File is not ratedMatrix Type
This program can be used to determine what type of matrix you are using. It will tell you if you have a symmetric, skew symmetric, idempotent, invertible, orthogonal, or normal matrix. Great for linear algebra students or matrix theory students. Enjoy!
eigenvalues.zip1k14-04-17File is not ratedEigenvalues
This program is a short program for determining single eigenvalues. It will also plot the characteristic polynomial. Great for introductory linear algebra students. Enjoy!
gramschmidt.zip1k14-04-14File is not ratedGram Schmidt
This small program is for the Gram Schmidt ortho-normalization process. The user enters the matrix and the program outputs the ortho-normal vectors in columns of a matrix. Great for linear algebra students. Enjoy!
qrfactorization.zip1k14-04-14File is not ratedQR Factorization
This is a small program for QR factorization using Gram Schmidt. Enjoy!
moorepenroseinverse.zip1k14-03-09File is not ratedMoore-Penrose Inverse
This program computes the left or right Moore-Penrose Inverse of a matrix.
steepestdescentls.zip1k13-12-12File is not ratedSteepest Descent Linear Sys
This program solves linear systems via steepest descent. Enjoy!
definitenessmatrix.zip1k13-11-23File is not ratedDefiniteness Matrix
This program is designed to determine if a matrix is positive definite, negative definite, semi-definite, or indefinite. The user just enters in the matrix and the program will determine the result. It will also produce a listing of the determinants of the sub-matrices. Great for linear algebra or numerical analysis. Enjoy!
qrhouseholder.zip1k13-11-12File is not ratedQR Householder
This is a program for performing a QR factorization using HOUSEHOLDER's algorithm, NOT GRAM-SCHMIDT. Just enter the matrix and the program will do the rest. Enjoy!
rowandcolumnbasis.zip1k13-10-26File is not ratedRow Column Basis
This program will produce row and column spaces bases, just enter in the matrix and the program will do the rest. Great for introductory linear algebra students. Enjoy!
conditionnumbermatrix.zip1k13-10-17File is not ratedCondition Number Matrix
This program will compute the condition number of a matrix.
rankofmatrix.zip1k13-10-13File is not ratedRank of Matrix
This program will compute the rank and nullity of a matrix and the nullity of the transpose of the matrix. Just enter in the matrix and the program does the rest. Enjoy!
span.zip1k13-10-04File is not ratedSpan
This program will tell a user if a set of vectors span a space or not. The user enters the vectors as directed and the program will tell you if the vectors span or not. Great for introductory linear algebra classes. Enjoy!
polyfit.zip1k13-10-04File is not ratedPolyFit
This program will fit a polynomial to a given set of data points. Enjoy!
parareaandvolume.zip1k13-10-04File is not ratedPar Area and Volume
This program is designed to produce the area of a parallelogram or the volume of a parallelepiped given the required vectors. Enjoy!
ipmatrix.zip1k13-10-01File is not ratedIPMatrix
This program is designed to produce the inner product of two vectors using a generating matrix, or two matrices. Enjoy!
basis1.zip1k13-10-01File is not ratedBasis1
This program will produce the coordinates of a vector in terms of basis vectors in a space. Enter in the vectors as requested and the program will tell you the coefficients needed. Enjoy!
anglebetweenvectors2.zip1k13-10-01File is not ratedAngle Between Vectors 2
This program, unlike my previous one, will not only produce the angle between the vectors, but it will also output the sine, cosine and tangent of the angle. Enjoy!
transitionmatrix.zip1k13-10-01File is not ratedTransition Matrix
This program is designed to produce the transition matrix for changing coordinates from one basis to another. Enjoy!
orthogonalprojection.zip1k13-09-26File is not ratedOrthogonal Projection
This program will compute the orthogonal projection of a vector, U, onto a vector, V. It will also produce U - Proj_v(U). Just enter in the vectors as a list and the program does the rest. Enjoy!
anglebetweenvectors.zip1k13-09-26File is not ratedAngle Between Vectors
This program will compute the angle between vectors in radian mode. Just enter in the vectors as lists and the program will do the rest. Enjoy!
cofactorjl.zip1k13-09-17File is not ratedCofactor
This program will compute a single cofactor of a matrix. Just enter the matrix on the home screen (matrix A, B and C are cleared for input while the program runs) and tell the program which row and column you wish to eliminate. The program produces the submatrix, the minor and the cofactor. Enjoy!
adjoint.zip1k13-09-17File is not ratedAdjoint
This program will produce the adjoint of a matrix. Just enter in the matrix on the home screen (it reserves room for matrices A, B and C) and the program does the rest. Enjoy!
linearcombination.zip1k13-09-17File is not ratedLinear Combination
This program will determine if a vector can be rewritten as a linear combination of vectors provided in a set. Just enter in the set of vectors as columns in a matrix and the vector you wish to rewrite as a list. The program will produce the matrix after RREF and publish the decision. Enjoy!
volumetetrahedron.zip1k13-09-17File is not ratedTetrahedron Volume
This program will compute the volume of a tetrahedron. Just enter in the coordinates. Enjoy!
sor.zip1k13-06-18File is not ratedSOR
This is the Successive Over-Relaxation Method for solving linear systems. Great for numerical analysis or numerical linear algebra. Enjoy!
ludecomposition.zip1k13-06-10File is not ratedLU Decomposition
This program is for LU-Decomposition. It will place ones along the main diagonal of the Lower Triangular Matrix (so in effect it is Doolittle's decomposition). The user inputs the matrix and that's it. The program will output the lower triangular matrix and then the upper triangular matrix. Great for linear algebra or numerical analysis classes. Enjoy!
jacobimethod.zip1k13-06-10File is not ratedJacobi Method
This program is for the Jacobi method for iteratively solving a system of linear equations. The user inputs the matrix, the right hand side, the initial guess, the number of iterations and a tolerance. Great for numerical analysis classes or linear algebra. Enjoy!
vect1.zip1k13-05-20File is not ratedVectors
This is the first TI-BASIC program I'm uploading to ticalc. I used it for my math class, hope it helps you! (it is in german, working on translations)
gershgorindiscs.zip1k13-05-20File is not ratedGershgorin dics
This program will compute the center and radius of Gershgorin discs used to localize eigenvalues for a matrix. The center is to be interpreted as a location in the Complex Plane. You may use either rows or columns to generate the discs. A graph of the discs will also appear. Enjoy!
tracematrix.zip1k13-03-15File is not ratedTrace
This program will compute the trace of a matrix. Just enter in the matrix directly from the home screen and the program will do the rest. Enjoy!
linearsystems.zip1k12-07-11File is not ratedLinear Systems
Solves a system of equations. Type systems just like in textbooks.
invmatr.zip1k12-04-19File is not ratedInverse of Matrix
Input a matrix and the program calculate the matrix of minors, cofactor, adjoint, with the inverse of the matrix using the adjoint.
bestalgebra1.zip2k12-03-22File is not ratedBest Algebra 1 Program v2.1!
Version 2.1 of The Best Algebra 1 Program is finally released. As requested, I updated the teacher key to be bug-free. Also, an on-board instruction manual is added. This version uses an all new format, using the graph keys and an attractive title screen (as shown in screenshot) instead of a boring old menu. This does the same math functions, being improved, and also includes features such as an updated teacher key and read me file. Not only is this program useful anything in Algebra 1, but also has use for a majority of the Algebra 2 topics. Please email me any errors or suggestions at my email address in the read me, and I will use them in the next version. Be sure to look at the read me file for instructions on how to utilize all that this program can do. PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW THIS PROGRAM, THANKS!!
positionvector.zip1k12-02-21File is not ratedPositionVector
Input two points, spits out a position vector, magnitude, and unit vector!
frobeniousnorm.zip1k12-02-17File is not ratedFrobenius Norm
This program will compute the Frobenius norm of a matrix. Enjoy!
markov3.zip1k12-01-28File is not ratedMarkov 3
This program entertains the question of distribution vectors after m-steps in the a Markov system. The user puts in the transition matrix, the intial distribution, and the number of steps in the system. The program will store the resulting distribution in matrix [C] for yoru viewing. Enjoy!
markov2.zip1k12-01-28File is not ratedMarkov 2
This program works with regular Markov systems with absorbing states. It will produce the matrices or list answering the questions: 1) how many time steps from state i to state j are expected before absorption, 2) what is the expected total of steps from state i until absorption, and 3) what is the probability of ending in each absorption state. Enjoy!
markov1.zip1k12-01-25File is not ratedMarkov 1
This program will produce a steady-state vector for a transition matrix common in Markov chain problems. Enjoy!
eigen84.zip4k11-11-25File is not ratedEIGEN84
EIGEN84 uses the built-in solve() and rref() functions to obtain eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the [A] matrix. Only one eigenvalue and its corresponding eigenvector can be obtained in one run, why repeated executions of the program are necessary if all eigenvalues / eigenvectors are to be calculated.
vectornorm.zip1k11-11-16File is not ratedVector Norm
This program computes the vector norm. It can do infinity norms. Enjoy!
outerproduct1.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedOuter Product
This program will compute the outer product of two vectors. Enter in the two vectors as lists and the program stores the result in matrix [A]. Enjoy!
crossproduct.zip1k11-11-02File is not ratedCross Product
User enters the components of the vector and program outputs the cross product. Enjoy!
cramer.zip31k11-10-05File is not ratedTwo Linear Equations Using Cramer's Rule [Text only]
Here we present a program to solve the system: Ax + By = C, Dx + Ey = F Program for TI-83 calculator By Jonathan L. Moscovici Using material from#Weisstein, Eric W. "Cramer’s Rule." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CramersRule.html
symmetricpowermethod.zip1k11-07-27File is not ratedSymmetric Power Method
This code is an iterative scheme used to find the largest eigenvalue and associated eigenvector for a symmetric matrix. The matrix must be symmetric in order to use this code. Enjoy!
powermethod.zip16k11-07-27File is not ratedPower Method
This program uses the power method for determinining the largest eigenvalue for a square matrix. The user inputs matrix [A] and initial guess in [B], gives the maximum number of iterations and a tolerance (it is an iterative process). The output (if successful) will be the largest eigenvalue (approx) and the associated eigenvector (approx). Enjoy!
choleskyfactorization.zip1k11-07-15File is not ratedCholesky Factorization
This program will compute the Cholesky factorization for a square matrix.
vector3.zip1k11-04-09File is not ratedVectors v3.6
Does everything you need for vectors.
cramersrule_jon.zip1k11-03-09File is not ratedCramer's Rule
This program can solve a system of linear of planar equations using Cramer's Rule.
vector_mb.zip1k11-01-17File is not ratedVector v1.4
UPDATE: Fixed an issue that could make the calculator loop for a very long time. This program is used to find the components and sums of vectors in two dimensions. It can be run through MirageOS in case you want to keep it archived.
vectors_01.zip1k10-06-10File is not ratedVectors
Does Cross Product, Dot Product and all that good stuff
ludecomp.zip1k10-03-14File is not ratedLU Decomposition
This program performs an LU decomposition on matrix [A] with a pretty simple algorithm.
cramer3.zip1k10-03-04File is not ratedCRAMER'S RULE
This program solves a system of two linear equations using Cramers rule. It has only 97 bytes, so it will not take up much space on your calculator.
allsimultaneous.zip1k10-03-02File is not ratedAll Simultaneous Equations
This program can handle any number of unknown in linear equations, provided that you've got enough equations for it to be mathematically possible to solve, and that you have enough memory. Just enter the coefficients horizontally, starting with the first equation, and the constants vertically, starting from the top. The answer comes as a matrix with the first unknown on top. It is only 214 bytes.
vectoraddsub.zip1k09-10-26File is not ratedAdd as Many Vectors as You Wish
enter as many individuals vectors and find the resultant vector's magnitude and angle
unitvector.zip1k09-10-22File is not ratedNormalize a Vector
Enter the components of a vector (up to 3 dimensions) and have the vector normalized (made into length of 1) while keeping the same direction.
vectorsolver.zip1k09-10-19File is not ratedvector solver
This program used to solve simple vectors
crosprod.zip1k09-09-30File is not ratedCross Product 3D
Enter 2 points in 3 dimensions (x1,y1,z1) and (x2,y2,z2) and get the cross product vector result.
complexsuite.zip1k09-07-30File is not ratedComplex Numbers Suite
I couldn't find any complex numbers suites on the net so I made one. Its mainly finished but i may add complex iterations in another version
vector_solving.zip22k09-05-20File is not ratedVectors
With this program you can solve many vector related equations. Including: Magnitude, Component Form, Scaler Multiplication and Addition, Unit Vector, and many more! This program can also put your answers in radian form (because most of teachers want your answers in radical form). Hope you enjoy! =)
solvvect.zip1k09-04-04File is not rated2 and 3 Dimensional Ultimate Vector Solver
This program can currently solve the point of closest appraoch between one nonmoving 3 or 2 dimernsional vector and a moving one. It can also solve for the angle between two vectors, 2 or 3 dimensional, and indicate whether they are intersecting, parallel, or skew. Also has the additional feature of a magnitude solver as well. In the developing stages for creating an addon that solves the point of closest approach between two moving vectors.
eigen.zip1k08-12-11File is not ratedEigen v1.00
It's a work in progress with some crucial bugs. This program will (if it feels like it) find eigenvalues of any 2x2 or 3x3 matrix put in [A]. It uses a method of iteration that approximates the dominate (largest magnitude) eigenvalue for the inputed matrix. The problem is that it uses a random matrix to predict such values, which sometimes proves to have many errors, for example, divide by zero error. Well just see for yourself and please rate. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
ls4.zip334k08-08-24File is not ratedLinear System Solver 4.0
Solves any system of linear equations, including systems with complex numbers. Uses intuitive equation input process. Allows users to use any variables A-Z or theta. See Linear System Solver 4.doc for more information regarding features and system requirements.
vsolver.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedBasic Vector Solver
This is a simple yet effective vectors program that will 1) determine the vector (x,y) given the origin and another point 2) calculate the magnitude and 3) calculate the direction using (tan^-1)(y/x).
rowops.zip1k07-02-18File is not ratedRow Ops
This program is designed to help calculate numbers in matricies using Crown's Rules. Pivoting, multiplying, ect. Really useful for Finite Math.
vecteur.zip1k06-02-17File is not ratedVecteur
Enables to sum or substract vectors as well as doing a scalar product. In french.
autox.zip1k05-09-29File is not ratedCross Product
A very simple program that lets you calculate the cross product of two vectors very quickly. Please read the readme or you will likely get an error
vecsub1.zip1k05-08-02File is not ratedVector Subtraction
Subtracts a vector from another vector.
vecconv.zip1k05-08-02File is not ratedVector Conversion (Polar <-> Rectangular)
Two simple programs that convert vectors from rectangular (x,y) format to polar (r,theta) or the reverse.
vecadd.zip1k05-08-02File is not ratedVector Addition
One program adds two vectors, and the other adds any number.
svdec.zip90k05-06-28File is not ratedSingular Value Decomposition
(from the readme) This TI 83+ program computes the singular value decomposition (SVD) of an m-by-n matrix. The algorithm used is a slight modification of a Jacobi-like algorithm called the Hestenes-Nash algorithm.
agreatmatrixprog.zip1k05-06-04File is not ratedMatrix Help
Reflects, Rotates Size change, Scale Change, and Transfomation all you point Matrices with this easy to use program
nullfind.zip15k05-03-07File is not ratedNull Space (Kernel) Finder
finds the null space (kernel) if a matrix
easyvect.zip7k04-05-17File is not ratedEasy Vectors
This is a very complex vectors program. It is able to perform calculations of 2D, 3D, and ND vectors. Functions include dot product, cross product, converting between polar and rectangular, finding angles between two vectors, finding unit vectors and more. This update fixed the Lbl error.
rowechln.zip1k04-05-12File is not ratedRow Echelon System Solver v1.2
Do you take a high school or college math course that requires solving systems of equations? Have you ever worked with systems that might have up to 8 variables and 99 equations? If so, then you need Row Echelon System Solver v1.2. This program provides a simple interface for entering equations, transforms them to Row Echelon form, and solves the resulting system. The solutions are displayed in equation/answer format. Doors CS v4.0/v5.0 optimized; check out the screenshots!
vectoradd.zip1k04-05-09File is not ratedVector Addition
This program is very simple, fast and easy to use. As the title implies, it adds two vectors and displays the result.
autodot.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedDot product, AutoDot
This program lets you find the dot product of two vectors quickly. It is useful for doing matrix multiplications where you have to find many dot products. Please read the readme for instructions or you will likely get an error.
tableau_maximizing.zip7k04-02-17File is not ratedSimplex Tableu Maximizing 1.0
As the title says, this program will maximize a simplex tableu. Given the matrix in [A], it will display the pivot element, step by step. Once the dust settles, it will either say 'FINAL TABLEU' or 'NO SOLUTION'. Very handy with big tableus!
matrixmanip.zip1k04-01-08File is not ratedMatrix Manipulator
Have you ever reduced a matrix to rref form, look in the back of the book, and find that your answer is wrong because of a MEASLY negative sign or something? This program will do all the math that you specify correctly, thereby eliminating arithmetic errors!
vectorcalc.zip1k03-12-01File is not ratedVector Calculator
Enter your vectors in polar format. This program will display the vectors on the screen, and then display the resulting vecor in rectangular and polar format.
quickmatrix.zip1k03-11-19File is not ratedQuick Matrix Solver
Know i know this may sound weak, but it wont solve the Matrix for you, but, instead of having to click 2nd matrix, right, down down down down...etc, this gives a simple menu for you to enter in the change, for the matrix, and it will show you the new one, and then to keep, another easy menu, it helps me fly right through matrices, but still show my work easily, It even shows the steps (*row+(3,[A],3,2))
augmentedmatrices.zip1k03-11-18File is not ratedAugmented Matrices
This program is only 156 bytes and it solves a system of linear equations using augmented matices. The answer is shown like it would look if you do the work out! Ex: [[1 0 -1] [0 1 2 ]]
cofactor.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedCofactor
Este programa permite calcular la matriz de cofactores de cualquier matriz cuadrada (incluso si es singular).
vector.zip1k03-09-20File is not ratedVector
Vector algebra operations
vectorwizard.zip11k03-09-14File is not ratedVector Wizard
Does Vectors Like no other. Input two Vectors in rectangular format (supports 3 dimensions) adn it gives you magnitude of A, B, and A X B, The angle between two vectors, Dot product, Cross Product, The Unit Vectors of A, B, and A X B; Also gives you the Scaler Projection, Vector Projection, and the Orthogonal Component from A to Vector Projection! Gives you answers to anythign your teacher will ask, if it doesnt tell me and I'll fix it. If you like this program, look at Tools3Dv3.0 (this is in fact a subprogram of it). Questions or comments? bulldawgg13@hotmail.com
vectors.8xp.zip1k03-03-28File is not ratedVectors
You put in the Xt Yt Yi Xi and it tells you the Y1 and Y2, and some other things. Good for trig test.
basictoolbox2.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedToolBox 2
This is a horribly incomplete program that only does stuff with matrices. If you want to add onto it, please feel free.
matrixtt.zip3k03-03-07File is not ratedMatrix
This program makes matrices quite easy. You need to know the operations but do not need all that techno stuff, it just makes it very simple.
vectors_math_formula.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedVector Math - Menu Based
Some vector math menus, to do vector math.
vectormagic.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedSS Tech. Vector Magic
Does everything I can think of with vectors. If the variables get confusing, bust open your math book to solve the puzzle. Try it, author's love feedback!
neomatrix.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedNeo Matrix
A Simple Way To Do The Matrix .only 2x2 and 2x1 support right now this is mainly becuase the teacher asked me to make him this so i did and here it is updates soon
acommag.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedAComMag
ACommag finds the Component form and Magnitude of unit vectors.
vectcal.zip1k02-06-08File is not ratedvectcal
vectorsdegree.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedVector's Degree
Enter in the X and Y coordinates and the degree measurement will be given.
matrices.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedEasy Matrices
This easy-to-use program allows you to manipulate any type of matrix (add, multiply, multiply and add...) in a user-friendly environment.
matmnor3.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedMatrix Minors (3x3)
Given a 3x3 matrix, this program will show you exactly how to work a matrix's minors to find the determinant.
adotb.zip1k02-03-15File is not ratedAdotB
VECTORS VECTORS VECTORS this program will help you, (actually give u the answer) to scalar resolutes, theta between 2 vectors, a.b, mod of the vectors, vector resolutes: (a perp to b, a in direction (parallel to) b, b perp to a, b in direction (parallel to) a) and ALL in surd answers.
vector.8xp1k02-03-03File is not ratedVector
Calculates Vectors and gives the Result. - Exemple: 10N, 30° and 20N, 150° = 17.32, 120° You can't find better on the Market! - Shows Graphic, Clear and Fast.
vectradd.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratedVector Addition
Couldn't quite figure out how to add vectors? This program can add vectors together and show the X- and Y-components of the sum along with its angle. Also graphs the vectors in a tip-to-tail fashion!
matmnor4.zip1k02-01-16File is not ratedMatrix Minors (4x4)
Given a 4x4 matrix, this program will show you exactly how to work a matrix's minors to find the determinant.
vectors3.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedVectors v1.0
This is any incredible vectors program. Simply enter the two endpoints on the vector and this program switches the vector to standard form and gives you the magnitude (length) and direction.
vectors1.zip2k00-11-09File is not ratedVector Solver
This program will add and subtract any number of vectors you need, it will also multiply a vector by a coefficent and then add or subtract it. A must need for anyone in pre-cal or physiscs!!
vectors.zip1k00-10-20File is not ratedVectors v1.0
This program will find the magnitudes, dot product, cross product, projection, and angle between any two vectors you supply. Great for Calculus 3.
simplex.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedSimplex Tableau Maximizer
Input the initial simplex tableau and this program will perform all pivot operations, and display the maximum value of the objective function, as well as the final tableau.
pivot.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedSimplex Tableau Pivoter
When input the pivot element, this program will automatically perform a pivot on a simplex tableau.
determ.zip1k00-08-31File is not ratedDeterminants v1.2
This is a program that can find X, Y, and Z(if applicable) in a second and third order equation and finds the determinants. *update* program is 90 bytes bigger than V1.11 but saves about 400 bytes RAM overall.

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