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cheat3.8xg.zip144k11-01-19File rated 7.28Cheater v3.0
This is one of the most complete suites of homework help functions in existence, and it's all packed in one program (with an assembly subprogram for some of the chemistry functions). Featuring an easy-to-use menu system, it packs dozens of extremely useful algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, and physics functions for middle school, high school and even college courses. Includes 18 different area, volume, and surface area solvers for geometry students, a list of essential trigonometric identities, and many intuitive calculators for many other topics, such as a complete triangle solver. More general features include 326 different unit conversions (in an extremely simple scrollable graphical interface) and many other essential features, such as chemical equation balancing and formula interpreting. Check out the screenshots; you'll be amazed.
aaform.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedMath Formulas
This program can multiply, divide, add, and subtract scientific notation. It can find percents. It uses the quadratic formula. Also finds if a right triangle, is in fact, a right triangle, it finds the leg or hypotenuse of the right triangle. It also finds midpoint and distance.
aakjsvolume.zip1k05-06-17File is not ratedVolume Solver
This simple-to-use program will solve any variable for 6 polyhedra formulae.
aarchs.zip3k03-11-12File is not ratedaarchs
SHOWS FULL WORKING, Archs convert from rad2deg and from deg2rad, it finds arch lengths for degrees and radian angles, it does herons and pythagoras, it has a pic of the arch circle and all equations SHOW FULL WOKING!!!!!!!
acoord_28.zip3k03-12-18File is not ratedAdvanced Linear Equations v1
MUST HAVE FOR GEOMETRY-ALGII STUDENTS! this program takes 2 coordinates that you input and from there calculates the: Distance (simplified and unsimplified... ie does not take the square root), the midpoint between the points, the slope of the line (left in fraction form), the standard form of the line created, and the slope-intercept form of the line created. Program is very easy to use, small (460 bytes), and it even cleans up after itself! a must have for algII students that dont remember how to do this crap from geometry! CHECK OUT THE SCREENSHOTS IN THE ZIP FILE!
acoord.zip1k99-10-03File is not ratedACOORD v1.0
A program to find the area of a triangle after the coordinates of the three vertices are given.
acrtob.zip1k05-11-06File is not ratedAcute or Obtuse
This is a program I made by request that tells you if a triangle, given a, b and, c, is possible first off, and if it is, it tells you if it is acute, obtuse, or right. Acute might be spelled as "Accute" so if it is, just change it.
adistanc.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedADistance
This is a program that fids the midpoint,distance and graphs of two points.
adist.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedAnother Distance Program!
Yet another distance program! You enter the X and Y values and *poof* you have an answer! amazing!
afewshapes.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedShapes
Finds the area/perimiter of a few shapes. One of my first programs.
ageo.zip2k10-12-07File is not ratedA GEO
A nice set of basic programs for high school geometry, help me a lot during that year, hoe it can help you too!
agoncalculator.zip1k07-12-20File is not ratedAGON 1.0 polygon total degrees calculator
This program asks for how many sides a polygon has and calculates the total degrees.
agon.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedAGon
A polygon program where you tell it one of these things: the number of sides, the measure of one exterior angle if the polygon is regular, the measure of one interior angle if the polygon is regular, or the sum of the interior angles and it will tell you: the sum of the interior angles, the measure of one int angle if the polygon is regular, the measure of one exterior angle if the polygon is regular, the number of sides, and the name of the polygon(example: hexagon or 13-gon).
algebrapro.zip1k09-11-01File is not ratedAlgerbraPro
Does: Rectangle Area, Square Area, Triangle Area, Trapezoid Area, Parallelogram Area, Circle Area, Circle Circumference, Formula of a Circle, Midpoint of a line, Midpoint of a Plane, Distance of a Line, Distance of a Plane, Calculates Slope, General to Slope Form, Point Slope Form, Transformation Rules, End Behavior. This program shows work for most of the above operations.
alltriangles.8xp1k03-03-09File is not ratedTriangle
Solves all triangles' missing sides/angles, and finds area. Works on all cases!
ambgcase.zip1k03-04-03File is not ratedThe Ambiguous Case
This will find the total number of possible triangles that can be formed in a SSA (Side Side Angle) ambiguous case. This program is designed to delete all the variable it creates during the program execution and therefore will help you save space on your calculator.
anglerotate.zip1k19-07-30File is not ratedRotate point through angle
Rotate a point through an angle about the origin.
angler.zip1k03-05-24File is not ratedAngle Creater
This is a program in which you type in the angle you want the calculator to display, then it shows it to you on the graph.
angles_of_a_polygon.zip1k03-09-19File is not ratedAngles of a Polygon
This program will tell you 1. Sum of interior angles 2. measure of each interior angle 3. sum of exterior angles 4. measure of each exterior angle
angles.zip1k02-03-19File is not ratedSum of the Interior Angles and More
This program tells you the sum of the angles of any regular polygon when you input the number of sides. It also can tell you the measure of 1 interior angle and 1 exterior angle. It will also tell you the perimeter if you enter the length of one side. (for perimeter if you don't want to do that enter 0 for the length of one side)
anltgeom.zip15k03-04-13File is not ratedAnalytic Geometry
This is a very powerful geometry program with a user friendly interface. Contains multiple geometry programs that calculate: 1. The distance between two points.2. Slope 3. Angle between two lines 4. Middle Point 5. Polygon Area (up to 6 sided polygons)
apolygon.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedPolygon Solver
POLY is a program that will solve for all of the pertinent information for any polygon, real or imaginary(by imaginary i mean a n-gon with internal angles of 65 degrees...just don't exit), with just one snippet of information that you know. Input the internal angle, external angle, diagonals, sides, or the angle sum and it will output all the other information. Very Nice!!!
apsolver.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedSolving for the Missing Angle of the Polygon
Enter the number of sides the polygon has and then enter the known angles. Then tell whether the angles are interior angles or exterior angles. Then, it will show you the missing angle that you are looking for.
arc1.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedArc length and area solver for circles
Program that finds the area or arclength of a circle.
arcsolve.zip7k09-11-14File is not ratedArc Solver
Arc Solver requires two pieces of information, and then gives the missing information for an arc. Give the chord and the height, and it will give you the radius. Or do some other combination. This program requires a companion program ZINPUTST for user input. It is included in the Zip file and must be loaded on your calculator. This version times out after 1 minute to save your batteries.
arc.zip1k01-03-12File is not ratedArc Length
Enter the arc's degree measure and the diameter to find the arc length.
area83pl.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedArea83pl
This is a program that you can use to find the area of a rectangle, triangle, circle, or trapezoid. All you have to do is select the figure that you want the area for and put it's measurements such as length and width into. For the rectangle you must enter length and width. For the triangle you must enter the length of the base and the height. For the circle you must enter the radius, and for the trapezoid you must enter the length of base 1, base 2, and the height.
area.8xp1k03-03-09File is not ratedobjectareas 1.1
AAASTUDIOS- a program that, with dimentions provided, tells the area and other things like surface area (3D objects). Includes shapes, triangles, and 3D objects solver. Updated version coming soon. Small file size.
area8xp.zip1k03-05-20File is not ratedArea Finder
Just enter the length and width and get the area.
areaandvolumeforgeometry.zip2k03-10-13File is not ratedSuper Duper Ultra Hyper Mega Area And Geometry Program Set
This was made for my geometry test on areas and volumes. Very useful in doing a lot of formulas without memorizing them. Includes all regular polygons, uses the apothem, and the volume program has the same features. This is my first advanced program I made a long time ago, just never bothered to post it until now. Now Download it onto your calculator and start acing your Geometry tests!!!
areaandvolume.zip1k03-05-04File is not ratedArea and Volume
A program used to find the area and volume of different 3D shapes.
area_cool.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedArea
Calcuates area of various shapes
areafinderv.04final.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedArea Finder
Finds the area if different things. My very first program. I made this intirely in my 83+ calc.
areafinder.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedArea Finder by Calcsoft Technologies
The Ti-89 area finder for the TI-83+ and TI-83+SE.
areafind.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedArea Finder
Finds areas for different shapes. It's my second program, plese send me feedback!
areaform.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedArea Formulas
This is a basic program that will easily find area for triangles, squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids.
areagon.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedPolygon Area
Enter the number of sides, the side length, and the radius. It finds the area and perimeter of a regular polygon.
areajl.zip1k12-04-09File is not ratedArea
This program will compute the areas of several shapes commonly used in classes. Enjoy!
areaoftrianglewithpoints.zip1k13-03-19File is not ratedArea of Triangle with Points
This program will find the area of a triangle using only three points in the Cartesian coordinate system. The user enters in the x-coordinates as a list and then the y-coordinates as a list. The program outputs the area. Enjoy!
areaoftriangle.zip34k11-10-05File is not ratedTriangle Area [Text only]
Here we present a program to compute the area of a triangle using the coordinates of its vertices A, B and C. Program for TI-83 calculator By Jonathan L. Moscovici. Using material from Kimberling, C. "Triangle Centers and Central Triangles." Congr. Numer. 129, 1-295, 1998.
areaperi1.0.zip1k21-09-15File is not ratedArea and Perimeter Solver
This program can find the area and perimeter of any triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, and circle. It will also find the area and perimeter of any regular polygon with as many sides as you wish!
areaperi.zip1k03-09-17File is not ratedArea and Perimeter V1.2
This program has the area, perimeter, surface area and volume formulas. it also contains some geometry and physics formulas.
areapolygon.zip3k09-05-13File is not ratedThe Ultimate Polygon Area Finder
Find the area of any regular polygon, including circles. That's right, that means that you can find the areas of a decagon, a 100-gon, or even a 10000000000-gon with the click of a few buttons! You can test it, it really works!
areapolygraph.zip3k05-12-17File is not ratedAreapoly Graph
Calculates the area of any figure drawn on the graphscreen, with up to 999 vertices. See the readme for more info.
areapoly.zip1k05-11-19File is not ratedAreaPoly
Updated version of AreaPoly. Calculates the area of ANY regular polygon. Also draws it on the screen so you can see the actual shape. Now includes optional vertex marking and fits the graphscreen so you can see the entire shape without distortions.
areas_31.zip1k09-03-13File is not ratedAreas
Allows you to easily find the area of a triangle, circle, cylinder, and rectangle/square.
areasandvolumes.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedArea And Volume
This program figures out the area and volume of various shapes.
areasector83p.zip1k02-07-07File is not ratedArea of a Sector
Simply finds the area of a sector for a given circle.
areasolver.zip7k04-03-03File is not ratedArea Solver
Features: This is a simple area solving program that I wrote about two years ago. It helps a lot with geometry, but also useful for science. Area contains several area formulas for rectangles, Triangles, Trapezoids, Parallelograms, Squares, Polygons, and Circles. Formulas were taken out of the text book “Discovering Geometry”. Area 2 contains area formulas for Sectors, Segments, and Annulus’s Also is compatible with MirageOS, and is written in basic Lets you select what you want, displays formula, and gives you the option to enter the values in.
areas.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedAreas
Find the area of a square, rect., parallelogram, tri., trap., or a circle
areatri.zip1k04-04-16File is not ratedTriangle Area
It will find the area of a triangle knowing the three sides.
areavol.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedAREAVOL
It is a program that finds the volume, surface area, and lateral surcafce area of different 3d objects
area.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedBasic Area
Tells You the Area Of A rectangle, square, triangle, trapezoid and circle
areggon.zip1k99-10-27File is not ratedAreggon
This program finds the area of a regular polygon.
arvol83p.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedArea & Volume Utility
Generates information, such as area, volume, surface area, etc., for 2D and 3D objects. Made by the TI-Source.
bareaplus.zip1k04-02-09File is not ratedBarea PLUS
This program will find the area for many different shapes. Just punch in the dimensions and Viola! Its done! Great for Geometry.
barhfinder.zip1k03-12-07File is not ratedB.A.R.H Finder
B.A.R.H stands for Base, Area, Radius, and Height. So, this program can find the base, area, and height of a triangle, parrellogram, and trapezoid. It can also find the area, exact and non-exact answers, of a circle; and it can find the radius of a circle. An excellent program for geometry students memorizing Area formulas!!
basicconics.zip2k03-03-10File is not ratedBASIC Conics
This Conics engine is nearly identical to the Conics Application by TI, but has some extra features that it does not have. See the README for more information. The program is intended for people who lack the archive memory to hold the Conics application. Please enjoy and modify for your own needs.
basicgeoarea.zip1k12-03-22File is not ratedArea
Can find the area of a square,rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, rhombus, trapezoid.
basicshapes.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedShape Calculator
This program calculates area, volume, and circumferencen of 2D and 3D figures. If the shape you are looking for is not in this program, feel free to e-mail me and I will add it, or feel free to add it yourself. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
bisector.zip1k04-11-25File is not ratedBisector
Bisector is a short program where you must put in two points, and it gives you the slope, midpoint, reciprocal, and the equation of the perpendicular bisector of the two points.
bretschnieder.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedBretschnieder formula
This program will compute the area of any quadrilateral by knowing the measures of the sides and two opposing angles. Enjoy!
bsaboyd2.zip1k12-03-22File is not ratedBSA Boyd2
This program computes the body surface area using Boyd's other formula. Enjoy!
bsaboyd.zip1k12-03-22File is not ratedBSA Boyd1
This program computes body surface area using one of Boyd's formulas.
bsadubois.zip1k12-03-22File is not ratedBSA Dubois
This is Dubois and Dubois Formula for computing BSA. Enjoy!
bsafujimoto.zip1k12-03-24File is not ratedBSA Fujimoto
This is yet another formula to compute BSA. Enjoy!
bsagg.zip1k12-03-24File is not ratedBSA GG
Yet another formula for computing BSA. Enjoy!
bsahaycock.zip1k12-03-24File is not ratedBSA Haycock
This is Haycock's formula for computing BSA. Enjoy!
bsaschlich.zip1k12-03-24File is not ratedBSA Schlich
This is Schlich's formula for BSA. Enjoy!
bsataka.zip1k12-03-22File is not ratedBSA Taka
This using another formula for BSA. Enjoy!
calcnotes.zip3k08-06-12File is not ratedSam's surface area and volume notes
It's a long program that... almost always works...ish... It keeps saying something is wrong... but oh well, anyway, it has most of the formulas you'll need to get through chapter 12 (or whatever geometry chapter the surface area and volume chapter is).
calcpi.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedCalcPi v1.0
This program uses Wallis' method to dynamically calculate pi. This is not a predetermined formula, like 4*tan^-1(1), but instead an infinite ratio that recalculates thousands of times, oscillating above and below pi and slowly narrowing in on the true value. The screen displays what the formula is, so you can see what it's doing. Have fun!
calcul8r.zip1k00-11-09File is not ratedCALCUL8R
Calculates area, suface area, volume, and coordinate stuff.
calculatepi.zip1k05-05-18File is not ratedCalculate Pi
This program uses the relationship between a circle and a square (with randomly generated numbers) to slowly zoom in on pi. Not very accurate, mostly just for fun.
calculations_of_polygons.zip1k03-09-19File is not ratedPolygon
Solves for Area, Surface Area, Volume, and Perimeter of all Polygons
calculex.zip2k03-10-05File is not ratedCalculex 2001
Great math program for all the math you need up to 8th grade level. Will find for you areas, volumes, perimeters, slopes, parabolas, and some statistics, molecule problems, and miscellaneous stuff. Highly informative and even gives you the equations for each as it does them. 6k on your calculator. Enjoy!
calculpi.zip6k07-07-01File is not ratedCalculpi (fun approx. of pi)
Ce petit programme (174 octets) n'est pas vraiment utile ^^. C'est plutôt pour le fun : en effet, il permet d'avoir une approximation de pi, en temps réel (voir screenshot). L'algorithme utilisé repose sur le principe des probabilités (j'ai par ex. utilisé 'rand'), et sur un rapport de surfaces. Le programme garde la meilleure valeur puis recalcule, jusqu'à arriver parfois à un résultat très satisfaisant (j'ai obtenu 3.14155251 !!!). De plus, le programme donne le résultat sous forme de fraction (ex: 688/219) ! This little program (174 bytes) is not very useful ^^. It's just for fun : actually, it gives you an approximation of pi with decimals, in realtime (see screenshot). The algorithm used is based on probabilites (I used random, for ex.), and on surfaces calculation. The program keeps each time the best value, and calculs again, until sometimes arrive to a really great result (I obtained 3.14155251 !). Moreover, the program display the result in a fraction (ex: 688/219) !
centngle.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedCenter Angle Finder
Enter in the number of sides and it finds the angle from one vertex on a line segment on the polygon to the other.
centroid.zip1k02-03-18File is not ratedCentroid
This program calculates the center of mass of a region bounded by two functions from a to b. Along with the values of x-bar and y-bar, the region is shown on the graph, and the center is plotted. In the screenshots, it does not show the center, but it will be there when you run the program.
cheatgeometry.zip6k02-08-06File is not ratedCheating Geometry
This program is to help you pass geometry with ease. Starting with formulas and postulates and ending with calculators to help you pass. Even becasue of the name this program shouldnt be used for cheating but can be if desired since all TI are alowed on SAT's. This is the first profestional program i seen made and hoping it wont be the last......im taking trig next year :)
chromium.zip7k02-10-12File is not ratedChromium 1.1
Chromium is a formula solver program that displays the formula at the top of the screen, while inputting variables at the bottom. It can handle real and imaginary numbers, and has the option of auto-exporting the answers to L1. It has popular formulas, including surface area, lateral area, triangle type, distance, slope, midpoint, area, volume, density, kinetic energy, quadratic equation, circumference, patagorean theorom, and others. It also displays constants and other equations for lines and circles.
circarea83p.zip1k02-03-03File is not ratedCircle Area Finder
Enter R and it will find the area of the circle
circlangl.zip2k00-07-14File is not ratedAngles w/ Circles v1.10
This program solves for angles and arcs that are involved with angles dealing with circles.
circle_01.zip1k10-07-01File is not ratedCircle
Very simple. Enter the radius and sector angle. People who don't know what a sector angle is can just enter something between 1 and 360. After that it tells you 5 things about the circle/sector. It even checks for real/positive numbers!
circle_13.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedCircle
Allows you to figure the area and circumference of a circle. my first most complex program.
circle2.zip1k06-12-24File is not ratedSectors and Segments
This program includes formulae and details on arc length, sector angle, sector radius and sector, segment and circe areas. This proram is a component of my program MathPro (Math Programs).
circleeq83p.zip1k03-11-14File is not ratedCircle Equation v1.0
This small but powerful program will take any circle with center (x,y) and radius r and output a simplified equation for the circle. Works even with x, y, or r equal to zero. Doors CS v4.0 optimized.
circlefx.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedCircle Functions
This program will find the amplitude and period entered in as (x,y)
circleriffic.zip1k09-10-24File is not ratedCircleriffic
Solves many circular equations. Very well rounded program. Haha.
circlesandotherfigures.zip2k13-03-11File is not ratedCircles and Other Figures
Input the sides of a triangle and find the circumradius or inradius. Input the sides of a quadrilateral and find the area and radius of the circle.
circles.zip6k07-09-06File is not ratedCircle Helper
Learn all the rules of circles when you forget them.
circlev1.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedUnit Circle v1.1
This program is an update to my first unit circle program. It has Sin, Cos, and Tan of the unit circle. Each Angle is in Degrees and Radians. I have now added Titles to each of the pages.
circsolv.zip1k03-04-29File is not ratedCircumference Solver
This is a program that finds the circumference of a circle and tells you the formula for finding the circumference of a circle.
circum.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedCircumference
Tells You the circumference of a circle
clockhandangles.zip1k09-10-15File is not ratedAngle between Clock's Hands
Enter hour:minute, and find the angle between the hour hand and the minutes hand.
clock.zip1k09-03-27File is not ratedClock Angles
Enter the time and the calculator returns the angle between the hour and minute hands.
cntrmass.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedCentroids
Figures out the centroid of a given shape, as well as it's tendancy to rotate about the X axis and Y axis.
cogeom2.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedCoordinate Goemetry
Enter 2 points and it'll tell you the slope, distance and mid-point. This program is written by my math teacher, dear Mr. Marc Garneau.
comform.zip6k00-09-14File is not ratedCommon Formulas
This program has Area, Volume, Surface Area, and Perimeter Formulas used in math
concurnc.zip1k06-02-03File is not ratedPoints of Concurrency V.2
Finds the circumcenter, incenter, orthocenter, and centroid of a triangle. This IS an updated version!
cone.8xp1k03-05-24File is not ratedCONE
Formula for a cone. Finds Volume, Total Area, and Lateral Area.
cone.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedConic Analysis
Program that analyzes the volume and surface area of a cone given R, H, and L. Draws a picture, too.
conform.zip6k00-09-14File is not ratedCommon Formulas
Help out with getting Area, Volume, Surface Area, & Perimeter
congrncy.zip5k06-10-15File is not ratedProving Congruency v1.9.21
This is a math program for geometry. Part of Stoner+Wall Progams's (*Virtal Notes Series). This program is meant to help the user with remembering all the ways of proving congruency in triangles. The reasons include: sides and angles (SSS, SAS, etc), lines (alternate interior angles, etc), theorems, properties, postultes, and useful definitions.
conicdescriberuseseccentr.zip1k02-05-27File is not ratedConic Describer using Eccentricity
Enter in the eccentricity of a conic and some information is given to you.
coniceg.zip3k17-06-15File is not ratedEccentricity Calculator and Conic Grapher
The user enters values for the coefficients of the general, two-variable, quadratic equation: Ax^2 + Bxy + Cy^2 + Dx + Ey + F = 0. The program: (a) Computes the eccentricity of the conic section (or informs the user that the conic section is degenerate or not real) and (b) Graphs the conic section (including degenerate cases) on the real plane.
conicellipse.zip1k12-07-04File is not ratedConic Ellipse
This program computes many aspects of ellipses in standard form. Enjoy!
conic_graphing_equation.zip1k05-03-23File is not ratedConics - Standard Equation to Graphable Equation
This program takes input in the form of Ax²+Cy²+Dx+Ey+F=0 and transforms it into ±(x-h)²/a²±(y-k)²/b²=1, along with telling the type of conic formed (Circle, ellipse, or hyperbola). Parabolas would require extra checking, just making the file larger, and those are easy enough to get into graphable form anyways. ;) Notice that the B-term is missing, because to my knowledge, conics with a B-term do not have "Graphing" equations. This program was made out of laziness, with me not wanting to actually work out problems that could be automated, and I couldn't find any other programs that could neatly and efficiently effect this purpose.
conicg.zip2k00-11-06File is not ratedConic Grapher v1.0
The conic grapher we all know and love, but this time with capitals only! Having received my first complaint about incompatibility, I immediately edited the program to support caps-only calcs. I'm sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused for there to only be a lowercase version of this program available before. This conis grapher graphs circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas. Rotation impletmentation expected in the next version, along with graphing of conic sections from the general equation Ax²+Bxy+Cy²+Dx+Ey+F=0.
conichyperbola.zip1k12-07-05File is not ratedConic Hyperbola
This program computes many aspects of hyperbolas in standard form. Enjoy!
conicid.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedConic ID
Conic Identifyer
conicprg.zip1k02-05-21File is not ratedConic Program
This is a program for conics (parabola, circle, elipse, and hyperbolas). It is made to tell you everything that my teacher ask (center, focus, Latus Rectum, radius, directrix, ect). Any questions email me at guitar814@yahoo.com
conicrotations.zip1k08-06-12File is not ratedConic Rotations
Programs that deal with the rotation of conics.
conicrot.zip1k05-06-01File is not ratedSuper Conic Rotater
The only conic equation rotater that actually works in all situations for the Ti-83 plus. Others will get confused when dealing with different degree values. Simply enter the coeffecients, and it the newly rotated coefficients are outputted.
conics2.8xp1k02-06-01File is not ratedConics
i made this prgm about a year ago, and it has helped me out greatly, it contains formulas for parabolas, both x and y, circles, ellipses, and hyperbolas
conics3.zip1k06-02-04File is not ratedConic Identifier
This program is usefull for figuring out what kind conic formula an equation is. Very usefull for shotcuts on timed quizes or tests...
conics83p.zip1k03-03-11File is not ratedConic Sections v1.0
Those tricky conic sections are now easier to graph with a small & consice program for your TI-83 Plus. Easily and efficiently graphs lines, circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas.
conics.8xp1k02-03-04File is not ratedconics
this is a conic application. i think its only for ti83+ silver edition. you can try it in ti83+
conicsectionsbasic.zip7k05-12-18File is not ratedConic Sections BASIC
This program is a huge memory saver considering that it has the Conics as well as Inequality graphing and saves 25362+ bytes of archive space.
conicsectionsv5.0final.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedConicSections v5.0 Final (shows work)
This program performs various Conic Section operations dealing with Parabolas (completing the square), Ellipses/Circles, and Hyperbolas (shows all work in calculations) and reports graphing information on the equation. This program also includes an equation identifier. Operations: [Parabolas]- Ax^2+Bx+C --> a(x-h)^2+k (Completing the square) , [Ellipses/Circles]- Ax^2+By^2+Cx+Dy+E --> ((x-h)^2/a^2)+((x-h)^2/b^2)=1 , [Hyperbolas]- Ax^2+By^2+Cx+Dy+E --> ((x-h)^2/a^2)-((x-h)^2/b^2)=1 * Operations show all work!!!
conicsprogram.zip1k02-05-28File is not ratedConics Program
Enter in some simple information about the formula and BAM, foci, hypotenuses equations, radi, directrix is all there at the tip of your fingers.
conicsv4.0.zip2k08-08-24File is not ratedConic Sections v4.0 (shows work)
Conic Sections v4.0 by Austin Granger and Simon Olson This program performs various Conic Section operations dealing with Parabloas, Ellipses/Circles, and Hyperbolas (shows all work in calculations) and reports graphing information on the equation. This program also includes an equation identifier. Operations: Parabolas- Ax^2+Bx+C --> a(x-h)^2+k (Completing the square) Ellipses/Circles- Ax^2+By^2+Cx+Dy+E --> (x-h)^2 (y-k)^2 ------- + ------- = 1 a^2 b^2 Hyperbolas- Ax^2+By^2+Cx+Dy+E --> x-h)^2 (y-k)^2 ------- - ------- = 1 a^2 b^2 SHOWS ALL WORK!!!!!!!! * If you experience any problems or bugs with this program, email us at: S.Olsonti83p@gmail.com
conics.zip1k00-12-19File is not ratedConics
It gives you the Vertex, Axis, Focus, Directrix, and the Latus Rectum of and parabola in conics. It's nice and fast. This is my first one and I'm very happy with it. It will also graph it.
conictoolsv3.0.zip11k03-09-16File is not ratedConic Tools v3.0
Easily the most functional Conics program on the site. Contains solutions for ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolas, can solve an equation in general form and put it into standard form, and can tell you the angle through which a conic is rotated. Gives all the parts that are important when investigating conics. Great program that is easy to use, trust me. Look at the screenshots in the zip file, great program!!
conic.zip5k05-03-22File is not ratedConic Sections
The updated version of Conic Sections gives more ways to graph conic section functions in one convenient program. Like the original version, you can enter in an equation in standard conic form and the program will graph the function, even if B does not equal 0. It will also factor an equation in standard form into an equation in the general form of a conic section. In addition to the original program, you can also graph conic sections if you have already factored the standard equation into a general equation form. On top of that, you can trace all equations this program graphs, making it much easier to transfer the graph on your calculator to graph paper.
conix.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedConix
Works for hyperbolas and elipses. Gives usefull information such as eccentricity, lengths of axises, exact foci, etc. (If the hyperbola undergoes a phase shift, the assympytopes will be incorrect)
consolve.zip1k01-04-27File is not ratedConic Sover
Solves standard form conic equations (ax^2+bx+cy^2+dy=e) into standard form, tells what type of conic section it is, and simlpifies it as far as possible. Saves tremendous amount of time when doing conics.
coordgeom.zip3k00-04-13File is not ratedCoordinate Geometry Solvers
A collect of math programs with the following functions: Finding the distance between 2pts; the midpoint; the other endpt given the midpt; the perpendicular bisector of a line; standard form of a parbola given 2 of these: focus, directrix, vertex; the type of triangle given the vertices; and checks if a median is also a altitude.
coordinategeometry.zip1k03-06-14File is not ratedCoordinate Geometry
Contains very basic programs that calculate slope, distance, and midpoints
coordinates.zip1k02-03-05File is not ratedNigel's Amazing Coordinates Program
A menu driven program that calculates the midpoint, distance, and slope using two user-provided coordinates.
coordm.zip1k05-10-15File is not ratedCoordinate Master 1.0
Coordinate Master is a multi-purpose coordinates program. It calculates the slope, x- and y-intercepts using either two points or point and slope. It also does midpoint and distance. Features include: -Safe calculation of zero and undefined slopes -Shows square root and calculated value when doing distance -Fast and efficient code -Small program size
cordmstr.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedCoordMaster v1.0
Enter two points and it gives you distance, midpoint, slope, Y-int. and then graphs it. It's only 343b!!
coterm.zip1k03-07-17File is not rated360-degree Co-Terminal Calculator
This is one of the many programs I wrote in the middle of my Math 12 Summer School class just because I was interested in what I could do (and especially because I was bored). This program quickly calculates the input number and its 360-degree Co-Terminal arm(s).
crionix.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedCrionix
Takes a formula in standard quadratic and tells factors it into a hyperbola, elipse, circle, or parabola.
cube.8xp1k03-05-24File is not ratedCUBE
Cube formulas. Finds Volume, total area, and lateral area.
cylinder2.zip8k05-09-26File is not ratedCylinder Tutor 2
This is the final, and better, easier to use version of my classic cylinder tutor. This version features a built in menu, and faster speed. It actually even solves the area of a cylinder this time. A must download
cylinder83p.zip1k03-03-16File is not ratedCylinder Drawing Test
This program just draws a cylinder with inscribed radius and heigth- useful for source code if you're new and want to learn how to draw one.
cylinder.8xp1k03-05-24File is not ratedCYLINDER
Cylinder formulas. Finds Volume, total area, and lateral area.
cylinder.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedCylindrical Analysis
Program that analyzes a cylinder's volume and surface area given R and H. Draws a picture, too.
cyvol.zip1k02-04-10File is not ratedCyvol 1.04
Finds the volume of a cylinder.
d2p.zip1k03-06-18File is not ratedDp2
Distance between 2 points is a simple Algebra programm u can use very good. Just type in your coordinates off the 2 points and it will tell you the exact distance between them.
damathv1.zip2k03-03-06File is not ratedDamath v1.0
DaMath allows input to solve area and volume. It also converts length, temperature, density, mass, and volume! This is a MUST HAVE! Great for geometry students.
damathv2.zip2k03-03-05File is not ratedDaMath v2.0
This version can find the area of a rectangle, triangle, ellipse, square, trapezoid, and parallelogram. You can find a volume of a cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, pyrimid, cone, and sphere. You can convert length, temperature, weight, mass, density, and volume. And you have a list of the filling order.
deluxevolume.zip1k02-05-14File is not ratedDeluxe Volume Finder!
Finds Volume of Different Solids. SHOWS ALL WORK!!! must try
density_volumecalc.zip1k03-10-13File is not ratedDensity/Volume calculator
Small, useful program that you can pick to either calculate l*w*h to get volume, v/m to get density, or both (l*w*h)/m to get density.. gets the job done-- fast my first program too :)
dhmath.zip6k03-03-14File is not rateddH Math
This is a basic math program with many useful features such as: an equasion solver, Distance, Midpoint, Slope, proportions, Basic Calc, Pythagorean, Volume for various 3D shapes, Area for various shapes, Triangles, Dialations, Geometric Mean, and Simplify Radicals. It is designed for Geometry but has several useful algebra functions. Also it clears all Vars used in the program upon exit and has no done message! And features an in program help function.
diagnalsolver.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedDiagonal Solver
Give this program the # of sides in a polygon and it will find the # of diagonals.(It is a bit smaller than the other programs to do this)
diagnal.zip1k02-04-23File is not ratedDiagnols
Tells you the diagnaols and angles
diagonals.zip1k04-11-05File is not ratedDiagonal Finder
This program finds the number of diagonals in a polygon.
diag.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedDiagonal
When you input the LWH of a rectangular prism, it will tell you the lenght of the diagonal from the upper right corner to the bottom left corner(or visa-versa)
dialate.zip1k05-06-17File is not ratedDialations
This dialation program will draw a mathmatical dialation based on the coordinates and scale factor given to it.
dilater.zip1k05-12-31File is not ratedDilater
This program takes lists of the X and Y cordinates of a polygon, a point of dilation, and a magnitude, and draws the dilation and stores the new polygon's X and Y cordinates in LA, LB, LC, and LD. The "auto-format" option will zoom in on the image. Useful for geometry class.
dilate.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedDilation
Enter the ratio, the point of dilation and the points of the polygon and it dilates it.
dis2.zip1k02-11-13File is not ratedDistance
All this program does is computer the distance formula for geometry. Its not all that great...but just wait till my hacking game comes out.
dismid.zip1k03-03-28File is not ratedDISMIDSLOPE
Finds distance midpoint and slope and angle of two points. Big hit in math class.
dist2.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedDist v1.1
An upgrade to Dist, this eliminates the tedium of the distance formula by displaying it and solving when you input the points. Very small with an intuitive interface, and a new feature shows you the square-root number for precision- check the screenshot!
dist3d.zip1k05-05-01File is not rated3D Distance
This simple program allows you to find the distance between two points in a 3D graph. Included in this ZIP is the 3D distance program and "SQRROOTS", a very useful progam created by my friend, "adam honse". Thank you very much, Adam!
dist5.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedDistance
This has the Distance, Midpoint, and Slope Formula all in one.
distance_03.zip1k09-02-18File is not ratedDistance Equation
Enter the x and y values of two points and it will show the line on a graph (adjusting the window perfectly) and then give you the square root value and the decimal value of the distance.
distance1_39.zip5k17-12-18File is not ratedDistance with Work
DISTANCE: This program calculates the distance between two points in a plane, and shows the work. It also simplifies the square root if possible. It uses Output(- commands, so it’s fairly large: 776 bytes. DISTANC1: This program does the same thing as the above one, only it uses Text(- commands, and so it is much smaller: 335 bytes. Also it is better suited for decimal numbers.
distance1.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedDistance Formula
Solves the distance formula
distance2jl.zip1k11-11-30File is not ratedDistance 2
This program does other distance finding from analytic geometry. Enjoy!
distance2.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedDistance
This will ask for: X1, Y1, X2, and Y2 and will tell you the distance between those 2 points and the slope of the line between them. Very good if you don't want to remember the distance equation.
distance3.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedDistance Formula
Enter the points and it finds the distance between them.
distance4.zip1k03-09-08File is not ratedDistance Progarm
This distance program will find distance for 2-d points and 3-d points
distance666.zip1k04-05-13File is not ratedDistance
A program to help you find the distance between to points, I made this out of boreddom and fustration because i downloaded another program to do this but it was wrong, and wouldnt let me change the program so i made this. When it says (A,B),(C,D) at the top that means a is x1 b is y1 c is x2 and d is y2. Email me your comments
distance84p.zip1k04-06-29File is not ratedDISTANCE
This program finds the distance, midpoint, and slop of 2 points and it graphs the line.
distance_85.zip1k19-07-22File is not ratedDistance in 2-D and 3-D space
distancealgorithm.zip1k12-05-05File is not ratedDistance Algorithm
The best distance program available. This program finds the distance for 1-d points, 2-d points and 3-d points.
distance_finder.zip1k09-09-12File is not ratedDistance_ Finder
Distance finding program. After asking for an X and Y coordinates, this program calculates the distance. Hope it helps you in geometry/later math!
distancefinder.zip1k04-10-23File is not ratedDistance Finder
This programs finds the distance between two points on the coordinate/Cartesian plane.
distancefind.zip1k02-04-05File is not ratedDistance Finder
simple program, finds distance between two points on a plane
distanceformulae.zip1k11-02-22File is not ratedDistance Formulae
A simple program that lets you calculate the distance between point and point, point and line, and point and plane.
distanceformula_jon.zip1k11-03-22File is not ratedDistance Formula
Easily find the distance between two points. Works with both 2 and 3 dimensions.
distanceformulasolver.zip1k11-05-05File is not ratedDistance Formula Solver
Find the distance between 2 points! Just enter their coordinates, and the program solves it for you! Less than 200 bytes!
distanceformula.zip1k02-10-15File is not ratedDistance Formula
A program that calculates the distance between two points! Made by Carl Daru
distanceslope.zip1k04-07-13File is not ratedDistance, Slope.
This program will let you find the distance between two points as well as the slope of the line they go through. This, though probably mainly used for geometry + algebra, really helped in my precalc + calc class for doing certain problems. Download it if you think you'll need it, it's pretty small (.108k) so it won't really clutter up your calculator.
distancetoolbox.zip1k02-06-04File is not ratedDistance Tools
This is a distance toolbox, taken right out of ALGTOOLS. It solves for distance and missing coordinates in the distance equation.
distance.zip1k00-02-11File is not ratedDistance Formula
A distance formula that also displays the number that the square root is taken from.
distform83p.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedDistance Formula
This is a program from my math book. I do NOT take credit for making it, just posting it on the web. It is a very short and compact version of the distance formula.
distform.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedDistance Formula
Input the coordinates of 2 points on a graph at this program shows the distance between them in decimal and radical form.
distfrm.zip1k11-02-21File is not ratedDistance Formula
Probably another widely anticipated program, this program finds the distance between two real points via the distance formula. All that is needed is the “coordinates” of each point/object. The formula is as follows: √[(x2-x1)2+(y2-y1)2]. Note: The final answer will NOT be simplified in radical notation. One must do that himself!
distfunc.zip2k00-12-17File is not ratedDistFunc
A program that uses the distance formula to find the distance between two points on a graph.
distlnpt.zip6k05-04-05File is not ratedDISTLNPT
this program computes the distance between a given 2-d point and a line (in general form). comes in very useful, especially for you kids in Saxon math pre-cal
distmid.zip27k04-01-24File is not ratedDistMid 1.1
Program For: Finding Any of the Following Values For Any Line (Y=MX+B) *X-Int & Y-Int *Distance of X-Int to Y-Int *Midpoint *Distance to Origin *Shortest Distance to any External Point Finding Distance and Slope of any Two Points Finding Vertical, Horizontal, and Shortest Distance Between any Two Parallel Lines (Y=MX+B) Easily Graphing Circles when Given "(X+A)^2 + (Y+B)^2 = C" Format *Graphing Lines Tangeant to the Circle at any Given Point By the way, I won't yell, I won't beg, I won't advertise.. If you want this program, download it, it sure helped me!
distpoin.zip1k09-09-22File is not ratedDistance Program for Ti-84
this program is set up for easy use... all you have to do is input the values shown in the program. It gives the answer in both Square root, and SIMPLIFIED RADICAL FORM.
dist.zip1k01-05-01File is not ratedDistance Between Coordinates
This program tells you the distance between two coordinates on a graph, either 2D or 3D. Its answers come out like this exactly, "Dist is Radical #" it says radical instead of actually doing the math so that answers are not in decimals.
dms.zip2k09-02-17File is not ratedDMS and Arch Length
Converts to and from Degrees and DMS Degree and radians Finds Arc Length with either Radiants or Degrees
dpt2line.zip2k02-01-16File is not ratedDistance: Point to Line
Calculate the distance between a point and line or two parallel lines, or find the equation of a bisector of two intersecting lines. This program also shows the work done to arrive at the answer.
dstancef.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedDistance Formula
The Distance Formula
dst_calculator.zip1k15-09-09File is not ratedDistance Speed & Time Calculator
A simple program to easily find Distance, Speed, and Time. That's about it. Enjoy!
easymath.zip1k00-09-23File is not ratedEasyMath v1.2
This program is Awesome for Algebra and higher! It has: The Distance Formula, Midpoint Formula, Quadratic Equation, and Pythagorean Therom. Pythagorean therom allows you to solve for a, b, or c. The program allows you to round to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th decmial place. It also solves for imaginary numbers! P.S. I fixed the rounding part so it works this time!
eccentricity.zip1k09-10-27File is not ratedEccentricity Calculator
enter the semimajor and semiminor axis values of an elipse, and find the eccentricity
elevenbasicformulas.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedFormula
It includes 6 area formulas, 4 volume formulas, and circle circumference. I tried to make a formula program that would be useful, but small.
elipse.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedElipse Helper 2.0.1
latest (final) version worx 100% and center dosnt have to be at (0,0)
ellipses.zip1k01-01-06File is not ratedEllipses
The program will find the answers to an ellipse with a center of (0,0) or (H,K). It finds the Vertices, Xmajor/minor, Ymajor/minor, Foci, Latus Rectum, and Eccentricity. It will only graph ellipses with center (0,0) and that X is the major. Very fast.
equiarea2.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedEquilateral Triagle Area Finder
Finds the area of an equilateral triangle from one of the side length.
equiline.zip2k05-03-13File is not ratedEquiline
Defines the equation of a line equidistant from any two points. Very useful for all you saxon-math lovers
eulerformulageometry.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedEuler's Formula
This computes the missing information from Euler's formula: f+v = 2 + e. Enjoy!
eulers.zip1k01-04-13File is not ratedEuler's Theorem
Euler's Theorem is used a lot when you deal with polyhedrons and other branches of geometry. This is a very reliable and fast formula, so check it out! By the way, Euler's Theorem is: F + V = E + 2, which means: faces + vertices = edges + 2
ezline.zip1k02-05-31File is not ratedEZLine
This program does it all! You enter 2 points into the calculator and out comes the slope (in fraction Form), distance, midpoint, then it will perform Linear Regretion to get the B (y intercept) value
fgrs3d.8xp1k02-04-10File is not rated3D Figures
Includes volume and surface area calculators for all types of prisms.
figures.zip1k00-10-28File is not ratedFigures v1.0
this program has most of the 2D and 3D shapes able to solve for volume, surface area, digonals, perimeter, and areas
findstronghold.zip4k20-04-29File is not ratedMinecraft Stronghold Finder (Java Edition only)
This program efficiently triangulates the position of a stronghold using two position and angle fixes obtained by sighting an Eye of Ender and recording the position and angle from the F3 debug menu. Not compatible with Bedrock Edition because it doesn't show your angle.
flashcards.zip1k03-05-16File is not rated3-D Geo Flashcards
Flashcards for Surface Area and Volume of 3-D Geometric Shapes.
fomulae.zip1k02-07-23File is not ratedFormula
A program that tels tou the volume and surface of various 2D and 3D shapes
form2003.zip23k03-03-17File is not ratedFormula 2003
Formula 2003 contains many area, surface area, volume, and tools to get you through anything.
forms.zip2k02-05-11File is not ratedFormulas v1.15
This huge program displays and solves for a number of formulas: perimeters, areas, volumes, surface areas(lateral and total), and theorems.
formulae.zip1k03-05-08File is not ratedPolygon Area and Perimeter
Gives area and perimeter formulae of many polygons.
formulamaster2.zip1k03-11-19File is not ratedFormula Master 2.03
Start the program, select a formula, punch in the numbers. Everything else is done for you. 23 Formulas : Circumference of circle, Area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, circles, triangles, and rhombuses. Surface area of spheres. Volumes of Spheres, rectangular prisms, circular cylinders, circular cones, pyramids and more. For formulas that use pi, it shows you the answer using pi and 3.14. Even more idiot proof menus. More formulas in the future.
formulamaster.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedFormula Master 1.01
Start the program, select a formula, punch in the numbers. Everything else is done for you. 14 Formulas : Circumference of circle, Area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, circles, triangles, and rhombuses. Surface area of spheres. Volumes of Spheres, rectangular prisms, circular cylinders, circular cones, and pyramids. For formulas that use pi, it shows you the answer using pi and 3.14. Idiot proof menus. Even more formulas in the future.
formulas1.0.zip1k04-09-23File is not ratedForms 1.0
This program has the formulas for Midpoint, distance, area, and circumference built in!
formulas_1.zip1k05-04-18File is not ratedFormulas 1.0 by Morrel Calc
This program prompts you for dimensions and then tells you the area or volume of the shape/solid you selected. Amazing program.
formulas3.zip2k00-09-27File is not ratedFormulas
This program is all you need for your Geometry class. Having trouble with a formula in your HS Geometry class homework or test? Use this!
formulas4math.zip1k04-04-18File is not ratedFormulas for Math
This is my first complete program. Thsi has helped me a ton in math class. Has formulas for area, surface area, volume for triangles, cylinders, circles, cones, spheres and more! Just input the numbers and let the calc do the rest.
formulas_65.zip1k14-09-13File is not ratedGeometry_Formulas
This has all the formulas for 9 and 10 grade geometry and a temperature converter for science
formulas.zip2k08-08-11File is not ratedFormulas
This is the perfect program for anyone taking geometry. It calculates using all geometry equations and shows the equation to the user as well before performing calculations.
formulator.zip6k03-07-09File is not ratedFormulator V1.13 With Added Formulas
This program is the main program used to access Formula Packs which contain a number of formulas. This version of Formulator supports the 2-D and 3-D packs only. This file now contains BOTH 2-D and 3-D shapes to enable you to find physical properties of a number of geometric shapes including triangles, cones, cylinders, and more. Please read manual.doc on how to configure and run Formulator.
formulum.zip1k11-04-17File is not ratedFormulum - Geometry/Math Program
Formulum is an open-source program that calculates areas and volumes of geometric figures and solids given values like the radium or the height. So, the user gets a fast response of what the volume of a sphere is, simply by entering the radium. I try to optimize my scripts as much as I can so that programs run fastly and smoothly, just like every computer user wants. Since Formulum is open source, everyone can edit it and make new versions. However, official versions are released by me only.
formz.zip2k04-05-20File is not ratedFORMZv1
This program is perfect for algebra 1 and geometry. It has formulas for area, circles, distance, midpoint, pythag, slope, special 90 triangles, surface area, trig, volume, and a quadralaterl formula that does distance, diagonals, and slope of the 4 sides. It is perfect once you figure out haow to use it. Check readme for information on how to use it.
frustruminfo.zip1k14-03-23File is not ratedFrustrum Information
This program computes the slant height, the volume, lateral surface area and total surface of a frustrum. Great for pre-calculus students. Enjoy!
geobasics.zip1k05-05-26File is not ratedGeoBasics
This is a zip file with some of my math programs that I used through Geometry in High School. Enjoy!
geocalc.zip7k03-06-22File is not ratedGeocalc
Geocalc is a simple but very good, easy to use, handy and really fun geometric calculator. The program includes the abilities to calculate area and circumference on 3 different 2 dimensional figures, and area and volume on 5 different 3 dimensional figures. In the next version more functions are to come. Download now and you won't need to know the formula for calculating volume of a cone anymore! This is actually our very first "real" TI-83+ program but it also is the program we're the most satistfied with. Enjoy!!
geocercl.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedGeo Circle
"The equal distance from a point" Enter your circle equation [x²+y²=r²] and it draws the circle in Y= so you can move the cursor on it to find Y's with X. - Finds the equation with the diameter, the tangent etc... Perfect to answer any exam/exercises questions. --- First program of the 4 Geo Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbole, Parabola family :p
geocoord.zip1k06-05-31File is not ratedCoordinate Geometry
11 coordinate geometry functions: Cartesian to/from polar coordinates, Cartesian and polar distance, distance in 3D or ND Cartesian coordinates, slope (given two points), midpoint (given two endpoints), endpoint (given an endpoint and the midpoint), rotation of one point around another by an angle, and X= (inverse function) graphing. I intend to add many more functions eventually.
geoellip.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedGeo Ellipse
"The equal distance from two points" Enter your Ellipse equation [(x-h)²/a² + (y-K)²/b² = 1] and it draws the Ellipse on scale, in Y= so you can move the cursor to get any Y Value. Finds the equation with the 2 axis, a point and an apex, point and 2 focus coordinates. Perfect to answer any exam/exercises questions. --- Second program of the 4 Geo Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbole, Parabola family :p
geoformulas.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedGeometry Equations
Contains equations for geometric figures and slope/y-intercept. Handy for algebra and geometry when finding equations of lines and geometric figures.
geohelp.zip3k03-05-26File is not ratedGeohelp
Geohelp is a geometry help program that provides and excecutes several geometry related operations
geohyper.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedGeo Hyperbole
"The absolute distance difference of two points" Enter your Hyperbole equation or enter the 2 focus coordinates and it gives all the useful values and draws the Hyperbole in Y= so you can find any Y with an X input. Perfect to answer any exam/exercises questions. --- Third program of the 4 Geo Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbole, Parabola family :p
geomastr.zip12k04-05-08File is not ratedgeomastr v1.0
No bugs no errors. for the mean time onlt includes mid point finder and distance finder. In future it will include all kings of nit picky equations made easy. like porabolas, with all the info desplayed to show your work:-) certainly better then typing sqrt((2-4)sq)=((4-7)sq) evry time. includes 6 screen shots.
geometry1.zip4k02-02-26File is not ratedPolygon and Polyhedron Geometry
Includes many geometry functions and formulas. Triangles: area, side lengths, angles, medians, angle bisectors, heights, major and minor radii. Polygons: Area, major and minor radii. Polyhedra: Volume, surface area, major and minor radii. Formulas: All these, and MUCH more!
geometry27.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedCircle Analysis
This program will analyze the area and circumference of a circle in decimal approx. and in terms of Pi. It will also display a picture. It's a little fancy for what it does, but it's neat at least.
geometry2.zip1k01-05-01File is not ratedGeometry
An all around program for geometry. Does surface area, area, and volume for most major shapes and displays their formula. Does the distance equation, midpoint, and slope. Also does quadratic equation and more.
geometry_39.zip2k12-01-19File is not ratedGeometry Utility
When you open the Geometry Utility, you can select a shape. The Utility will then draw that shape with all the measurements needed to calculate the surface area and/or volume of that shape. It will then tell you the relevant formula and calculate the surface area and/or volume for you! It also includes the Interior Angles formula and will calculate for you what the interior angles of a shape with n sides add up to. It will also tell what each angle will equal, assuming that that n sided shape is regular. The Utility includes the area of these 2D shapes: -Circle -Triangle -Pentagon -Hexagon -Rectangle -Parallelogram -Kite -Trapezium And also the surface area and volume of these 3D shapes: -Cuboids -Square Based Pyramid -Triangle Based Pyramid -Cone -Sphere -Cylinder -Triangular Prism
geometry3.zip18k02-03-04File is not ratedGeometry v3.1
This program contains most area (Lateral and Total area as well) and volume formulas. Has an easy to use menu style as well as pictures (drawn by the program) that display the figure. This is a definite must for anyone in geometry or just a cool program to have. It is quite large however, about 15Kb, and has a 2 programs needed to run it. Other than that it is a great looking program.
geometry_42.zip3k10-02-08File is not ratedGeometry
It does everything that you could imagine in geometry and more use it for class
geometry4.zip3k03-04-20File is not ratedGeometry 4
A program that has a lot of different geometry formulas.
geometry5.zip2k05-12-17File is not ratedGeometry 2.1
This Geometry program includes formulas for distance, midpoint, slope, interior angles, exterior angles and geometric mean. Also included is the formulas study card.
geometry83plus.8xp3k03-07-04File is not rated1UP Geometry
Its a basic program that gives you just about everything you could possibly need without takin up all your memory.
geometry83plus.zip1k09-12-04File is not ratedGeometry v1.1
This is a math program that can calculate the distance between two points, solve any triangle and find its area and perimeter when its coordinates, SSS, SAS, ASS, ASA, or AAS are known, and find the area and perimeter of a convex quadrilateral with given coordinates of vertices.
geometry83p.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedGeometry
An ASADP Program - This program calculates areas of any geometric shape. If you don't want to bother memorizing formulas, give this one a shot.
geometry.8xg.zip2k10-03-22File is not ratedGeometrty suite
A whole buch of different geometry programs all wrapped up in a nice, neat group. The full list of included programs is in the Readme.
geometry.8xp2k02-01-01File is not ratedGeometery
A program to deal with all the main sapects of analytic geometery. solves for lenth of line, midpoint, length from point to line, deriving a line from point slope format and slope of lines.
geometryfinalcut.zip2k03-03-09File is not ratedGeometry Final Cut
This is a new program that I made this year in high school. All aspects of geometry are included in this program: definitions, solvers, examples, proofs, laws, and trig functions. I've been perfecting it for the whole year, so it should be 100% bug free. A program that all high school students should have!!!
geometry_formulas.zip1k03-06-27File is not ratedGeometry Formula
This is a set of 2D polygon formulas and 3D polygon formulas used in geometry.
geometrygenius.zip6k10-04-29File is not ratedGeometry Genius!
Are you a slug when it comes to math? Well, speed things up with Geometry Genius! It can help you solve Pythagorean, Quadratic problems, and SLOPE.Just enter in two of the triangle's sides or a,b, and c then poof*** you've got your answer. Forgot formulas? No worry because Geometry Genius! Includes the area, perimeter of all polygons and the volume, surface area of all solids except the triangular prism and even SOLVES them for you!And something a little extra is a converter for temperature,weight, length, now capacity.If you want to do the computing on your own there's a "guide" (e.g. 1 ft.=12 in.) for the measurements in the customary system.For the more experienced user, I've included Euler's formula on sides and vertices. If there's anything else you want me to put on there I'll be happy to do so.
geometryhelp.zip2k09-10-15File is not ratedgeometry
Includes formulas, can calculate area and volume, solve right triangles, and more. If you find any bugs, send me an email at person1118@yahoo.com.
geometrypack1.zip1k04-05-08File is not ratedGeometry Pack 1
Basically all the formulas you need in simple programs just requires simple knowledge of 2 numbers that would be given in the problem.
geometry.zip3k00-03-12File is not ratedGeometry v1.1
This program includes basic geometric formulas such as cylinder volume, slope, midpoint, perimeter and area, distance, cubic volume, trapezoid area, isosceles base, the quadratic formula, circle area, conic volume, Pythagorean's Therom, triangle area and Spere area. it also includes a grade calculator and gradebook as well as a price finder for taxable and non-taxable items with or without discounts. You should have at least 7,500 bytes of free RAM. This program should work. Please do not modify it without my consent. However, please do feel free to distribute it freely.
geomf83p.zip1k02-06-02File is not ratedGeometry Formulas
Displays the formulas for geometric shapes, distance/midpoint, lines, and circles separated into categories.
geomflashcards.zip2k03-05-11File is not rated3DGEOM
This is a flashcards BASIC program on 3D Geometry for the TI. It includes formulas for Volume, Surface Area, and Lateral Surface Area.
geomformula.zip2k04-06-01File is not ratedFormula
This is a program containing Algebra and Geometery formulas that are useable in a menu layout. I made this program to give me a leg up in my Honors Geometery class and they work well.
geomform.zip2k03-03-14File is not ratedGeometry Formulas v 1.2
This is the finished version of: Geometry Formulas v 1.0 (not complete). It contains i variable finder, all the needed equations for Geometry and in less that 6k!!! Very reliable, fast, user friendly, and a must have for anybody in Geometry. Menu-based format. Can be used as a tutorial for beginner programmers.
geompack.zip1k04-06-07File is not ratedGeomPack
Updated 6/6/04 with new programs. This pack of Geometery and Algebra formulas has been expanded with 2 new programs. It includes a pack of 7 programs that each include multiple formulas. I use this in my Honors Geometery class and it is very usefull.
geomsem2.zip1k09-12-16File is not ratedGeometry Tools Semester 2
Geometry tools to help out during the tough times.
geomvolume.zip1k04-05-23File is not ratedVolume
This program calculates the volume for most geometric prisms.
geom.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedSlope, Distance, and Midpoint formulas all in one program.
This program has slope, distance, and midpoint formulas in it. Works perfectly just enter X1, X2, Y1, Y2...and hit enter...its pretty self explanitory.
geopac4.0.zip13k03-05-15File is not ratedGeoPac 4.0
This is my fourth version of geometry pack, though i'm not sure that i even ever released my 3rd version... this version has 36 programs... i leaft a few programs out that i have on my calculator... the only programs that i leaft out were ones that i could not get to be user friendly... if you come up with any programs for me to make that you think would be user-friendly... email me at friends9022@yahoo.com
geopack.zip1k05-09-14File is not ratedGeopack
A collection of programs designed to help with some early geometry concepts such as rotation, reflection, etc. Also includes programs for finding line length, midpoints, drawing a line/quadrilateral, and finding a slope. Also contains a bonus joke program, prgmCONSIDER.
geoparab.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedGeo Parabola
"The equal distance of a point and a horizontal/vertical" Enter your Parabola equation and it draws the Parabola in Y= from so you can find any Y with an X input. Perfect to answer any exam/exercises questions. --- Fourth program of the 4 Geo Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbole, Parabola family :p
geoprogsem2.zip1k03-05-30File is not ratedgeometry final
It has programs for area, perimeter, surface area, lateral area and more. It has everything you need for Semester 2 finals for geometry
geoprog.zip2k03-03-08File is not rated83PlusGeometryPack
Almost EVERYTHING A GEOMETRY STUDENT COULD AS FOR. Has special right triangle capabilities and triganometry. Perfect for second semester K students. More in pack too. By [FBI]TopAgent
geoslope.8xp1k02-05-11File is not ratedgeoslope
Geometric Slope Program.
geoslope.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedGeoSlope
A useful Geometric Slope program.
geosolve.zip4k06-02-02File is not ratedGeosolver
This is the ultimate geometry program for any math student. It can be used for many different things, like checking your work, or for getting quick answers when working with a bigger problem. It now has 32 functions to make your math life much easier!
geotheorems.zip10k02-10-23File is not ratedAll Geometry Theorems and Postulates
All the theorems and postulates according to the Heath Geometry book. This is a must for any Geometry student struggling with learning all of those dang Theorems and Postulates. Please Check this out.
geotool2.zip1k02-03-17File is not ratedGeometry Utilility
Useful program to find are and perimeter of different shapes. Enjoy!
geotools.zip2k17-11-18File is not ratedSuper Geometry Tools v1.2
Super Geometry Tools is a reference and formula automation program for geometry and other related mathematic topics. It includes reference material such as trigonometric identities and the law of sines/cosines, and a fill-in-the-blank format to calculate area, surface area or volume for several two- and three-dimensional shapes.
geotool.zip8k00-11-26File is not ratedGeometry Toolkit 2
This program is a toolkit. It has formulas for almost every 2 dimensional shape, quadratic, X= editor, Y= editor, Notes and theorums section, Ion Shell v1.06, Note-It v1.5, Dice v1.1, a command prompt, guess the number game, and password protection module. It also contains a Fraction to decimal, Decimal to Fraction converters and a fraction simplifier. Its the best toolkit out there for geometry.
ghitbgs.zip1k02-06-13File is not ratedGreatest Hits of the BG's
Calculates slope, midpoint, endpoint, a whole bunch of good stuff. Part of ALGTOOLS.
gmath.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedthe Ultimate math program
this is a math program... Currently it is only on the subject of geometry... But as i learn more i will add more to it...
goldmath.zip4k01-08-05File is not ratedGoldmath v1.0
This is a multi purpose math application. Suitable for all sorts of math students. It has an awesome triangle solver, that can calculate any angle, side or area in an rigth-angled or other type of triangle. You don't have to know all these triangle laws any longer. Another time-saving function is the advanced equation solvers. Try GOLDMATH and get higher scores on your tests!
graph3d2.8xg.zip1k10-03-25File is not ratedGraph3D 2
Graph3D:The sequel! Still graphs a line in 3D-space and shws you one point at a time, but with a new look and more features! Download and send to calc. Any suggestions I will gladly accept-by email. Please note that the buttons are slightly different, thus GRFHELP2 is needed too.
graph3d.8xg.zip1k10-02-23File is not ratedGraph3D
Basically, graphs a line in 3D space based upon the two equations you give it, both with Z as the independant varable, and shows you one Z-value at a time. All included programs must be included for it to work. The program to run once installed is "GRAPH3D." Press F1 (Y=) for help.
graphv1.zip1k04-12-21File is not ratedGraphing Equations v1.0
Nice program that does the distance formula, mid point formula, and quadratic equation for you. It also has an option to reset all graph variables and current graph display. It uses cool menu by Drew Coppler. Its made for you to edit to make a cool program. ask Drew for more info. There are no screen shots. Readme is included in the .zip file.
griffo.zip3k04-11-04File is not ratedGriffo's Circular Functions
Gives answers to circular functions within a domain. You need to enter the type of function, whether it is a positive or negative (to determine quadrants), the base angle and the domain (in terms of Pi). This program then reels off solutions. Be sure to read the included document for examples.
grtcircl.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedGreat Circle Distances
This program will find the great circle distance between any two cities in the world when given the coordinates of the two points.
gwform.zip5k04-06-15File is not ratedGWform
This file includes 4 in-depth Geometry programs with formulas for the entire course. One is a Trig Program that solves law equations. Inside each program is a short description of the sub menu following it. (If that doesn't make sense, try it.)
heroes.zip1k04-05-10File is not ratedHeroes Formula 83+ v1.2
Solves for the area of any real triangle with three known sides
heron1.zip1k04-10-14File is not ratedHeron Formula Solver
This simple program utilizes the Heron formula to find the area of a triangle. All you have to do is enter the 3 side lengths of the triangle and the program does the rest. Very simple to use and very useful!
heron2.0.zip1k21-09-18File is not ratedHeron Formula Solver
This program is designed to find the area of a triangle given three sides.
heron2.zip1k05-07-10File is not ratedHeron's Formula
This program takes as input any three lengths of a triangle's sides and using Heron's Formula computes the area of that triangle. If the triangle fails the Inequality Theorem (i.e. cannot be a triangle) it informs the user.
heron3.zip1k10-03-20File is not ratedHeron's Formula
This program finds the area of a triangle using Heron's formula. You can either give the length of the three sides: A,B, and C, or you can give the coordinates, in wich case you get the length of the three sides in decimal and simplest radical form. The area is also given in simplest radical form, and as a decimal number.
heronsformula.zip2k13-03-12File is not ratedHeron's Formula
This program contains formulas for Pick's Theorem, Heron's Formula, Brahmagupta's Formula, Stewart's Theorem, Angle Bisector Theorem, and Bretschneider's Theorem. It can also solve for specific variables.
herons.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedHeron's Formula
Heron's Formula for calculating a triangles area when given three sides.
heron.zip1k02-11-12File is not ratedHeron's Formula
Enter the sides of ANY triangle and this program will find the area of that triangle!
heros.zip1k03-04-23File is not ratedHero's Formula V1.1
This is a continuation of V1.0, except 1.0 had many bugs, including documentation errors, couldnt compute decimal sides, and kept giving a domain error message. This fixes most of these bugs and makes the program easier to use. The required APP is not Symbolic, sorry! It's Omnicalc, also by www.detachedsolutions.com
hero.zip1k19-07-23File is not ratedHero's Formula for Triangle Area
Area of triangle given vertices or sides
herron.zip1k11-11-02File is not ratedHerron's Formula
This program will compute the area of a triangle using Herron's (or Hero's) formula. The user enters in the length of the sides of the triangle and the program outputs the semi-perimeter and the area. Enjoy!
hyperbol.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedHyperbolas
It will find the Vertex, Foci, Xmajor/minor, Ymajor/minor, Eccentricity, and the Latus Rectum of any hyperbola. It can be center (0,0) or (h,k). Hope you like it and please tell me what you think of it. I also have made the ellipses program and a conics program that does circles too. Get those too and tell me what you think.
hyprbola.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedHyperbola Formula
Formula for a hyperbola and to calculate it's information.
icircle.zip1k07-12-28File is not ratediCircle
iCircle is a complete circle tool which can seeminglessly convert radians to gradients to revolutions to degrees to arc lengths, sector areas, radii, etc..
inscribedcircumscribedrad.zip1k12-07-11File is not ratedInscribed/Circumscribed Radius
This program computes the radius for a circle that is inscribed in a triangle or for a circle which circumscribes a triangle. You only need to enter in the dimensions of the triangle. Enjoy!
intang.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedInterior Angles
This file is great if you do alot of work with the angles of polygons. It works well with all inputs under 99. It will calculate the sum of the interior angle; or the value of each individual interior angle. Also, it shows ALL of the work.m At about half a KB it is EXTREMLY small. Lastly, with mirage OS capability, it doesn't need to affect the RAM of your calculator at all.
intdeg.zip1k00-09-10File is not ratedInterior Degree Program
A program that calculates the interior degrees of an n-sided polygon.
ismath.zip10k02-03-17File is not ratedISMath v8.0
This is a program to find the area, surface area and other formulas for shapes like circles and rectanganles.
jesse3.zip1k04-02-18File is not ratedFormulas
This program contains many formulas where you can input a variable or two and it will give you the answer. Mostly geometry, like surface area of a cone etc., but also has the quadratic formula and slope/distance stuff for calc.
jol.zip1k22-01-06File is not ratedJack O Lantern Math
Calculates the weight in pounds of any pumpkin when you enter the radius.
kevgeom.zip37k00-01-16File is not ratedGeometry and Math v1.5
This is a program to help with geometry and other math problems such as slope, y= equation, midpoint, factors, Pythagorium, terms, the centers of a triangle, triangle sum, the intersection of two lines, total degrees of a polygon, degrees of each angle in an regular polygon, and isosceles triangle base angle sum. This program works with both 83 and 83+. Look at the readme for the total size of the program and other information, also you my take a look at the screenshots.
lengthofanarc83p.zip1k02-07-07File is not ratedLength of Arc
Finds the length of an arc for a given circle.
line3d.zip1k04-01-24File is not rated3-D Points
Enter two 3-D points and it will give you slopes (Y=MX+B, X=ZM+B, Z=YM+B), midpoint, and the distance.
lineaa.zip19k05-09-30File is not ratedAALine
So you don't like inputing each point to graph lines, than finding the equation, and finally input and see it on your TI, then you must go through several more steps to find the slope and/or Y Intercept. If that's you, than this program will solve all your problems. Just input the two points, and you will have a graph with the line, the slope, and the Y Intercept for any problem! NOTE: this is my first program posted, and it isn't that fancy, but it will get the job done!
linear10.zip1k04-05-03File is not ratedLinear Helper beta 1.1
Lol update already this helps with finding the midpoint of two linear points and the distance between them
linear2.8xp3k02-11-12File is not ratedLinear Equations 2
This is the sequal to Linear Equations. It can find endpoint, midpoint, x and y intercept, slope of standard, slope from two points. It graphs for you two points or point slope, converting two points or point slope into standard, point slope or slope intercept. It can also find parallel and perpendicular lines. It really is a must have for math students. E-mail me if there is anything you want me to add.
linear.8xp2k02-10-17File is not ratedLinear Equations
has lots of stuff like findine x and y intercept. parallel and perpendicular lines, slpoe, mid point endpoint, graphing. Must get! if there is anything it doesnt have email me
lineform.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedLineformulas
A few line formulas for geometry
linefunc.zip3k00-10-07File is not ratedLinear Functions v1.14
This program displays and sovles for various linear and non-linear functions dealing with coordinate geometry.
linelength.zip1k04-06-04File is not ratedPointsEquation
a programme for working out the length of a line by inputting 2 points.
lineq.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedLinear Equations
Choose either slope intercept or point slope form, input two graph points, and it spits out the equation in the form of your choosing.
linesa.zip1k02-10-26File is not ratedBasic Line Formulas
Three basic line formulas to find the slope, distance, and midpoint of a line
line.zip1k03-06-27File is not ratedProperties of a Line
This program solves for distance, midpoint, slope, x-intercept, y-intercept, standard form, and will graph and show you the data on a table. Also has a system of equations solver (2 variables, 2 lines).
lncomp.zip1k00-04-08File is not ratedLine Computation
By inputing two points, it displays the distance, midpoint, and slope in an easy to read display. When your are done writing the answer down. All you have to do to repeat the program is push the [ , ] button or the [ ) ] to exit the program, exiting this way will send you back to the homescreen and clears all the variables.
mad83.zip8k07-09-08File is not ratedMAD for TI-83+ Series
Program which lets you draw all sorts of geometrecial figures. Ranging from dropping perpendiculars onto a line, to importing Graphs, to adding polygons, to simply drawing your own random forms. Includes a readme file, which adresses installing, functions of the program, and some useful comments regarding the code should you wish to make your own modifications. The code is, obviously, not write-protected.
mad84.zip9k07-09-08File is not ratedMAD for TI-84+ Series
Program which lets you draw all sorts of geometrecial figures. Ranging from dropping perpendiculars onto a line, to importing Graphs, to adding polygons, to simply drawing your own random forms. Includes a readme file, which adresses installing, functions of the program, and some useful comments regarding the code should you wish to make your own modifications. The code is, obviously, not write-protected.
math7.zip1k02-11-11File is not ratedSlpDistMdpt
A program to calculate the slope, distance, and midpoint of a line
mathapps.zip3k99-10-30File is not ratedMathApps v1.0
A simple program for calculating things such as volume and surface area of geometric shapes.
mathelper.zip5k00-05-11File is not ratedMatHelp
This prog contiain a crap load of formulas anf other this to help goemetry students.
mathhelper1.0.zip1k03-11-07File is not ratedMATHHELPER
A nifty little program with area, volume, and surface area formulas preprogrammed. Area includes the exciting triangles, squares, circles, rectangles and the brand new trapezoid. Volume gets you cylinder, cube, cone, trianglur pyramids, square pyramids, and spheres. And finally the ever popular surface areas will land you cylinder, sphere, cube, and cone.
mathmaster.zip2k00-05-12File is not ratedSpookysoft Math Master v0.2
Now includes surface area and lateral area as well as several other useful formulas. A MUST for every geometery student.
mathmstr.zip2k00-08-28File is not ratedSpookysoft Areamaster v1.0
Solves areas for polygons used frequently in Geometry. MUST TRY!
mathsuites.zip37k10-12-10File is not ratedMath/Geometry Suite - I
This program calculates the distance between given points in 2D areas or 3D (space). The user enters the coordinates for each point and it measures the distance. Also, it calculates the radium of a circumference in the 2D plane, giving the centre coordinates and one of the circumference points. Good luck in your maths tests.
mathv2.0.zip16k03-11-07File is not ratedMath v2.0
-tells you the midpoints of each line -gives you the slope of a line -finds the length of a line segment (Distance) -and draws a 3 sided to a 8 sided figure and then gives the mid pionts for each
mathwiz.zip8k00-04-11File is not ratedMathwiz v2.3
Every postulate and theorem in the accelerated geometry textbook plus five math-solvers
matrix55.zip2k02-02-10File is not ratedMatrix v5.5
This is a tool for transforming and graphing geometric matricies. It is useful in geometry or Algebra II, as it shows the work. It can perform most of the standard transformations and a few more: rotations, reflections, size changes, scale changes, translations, etc.
maxbox.zip1k09-04-03File is not ratedMaxbox
Gives the dimensions of the open-top box with maximum volume that can be constructed from a flat, rectangular piece of material.
mdpntv10.zip5k11-02-27File is not ratedMidpoint formula (V1.0)
A very simple program, this program finds the midpoint between two real points. The user needs to input x2, x1, y2, and y1. The formula is as follows: (x1+x2)/2, (y1+y2)/2
measures.zip1k03-05-24File is not ratedArea and Perimeter Pak
This is a group of programs that help you find the area and perimeter of many shapes. Not hard to use; enjoy!
megamath.zip1k02-03-30File is not ratedMegamath v2.5
V2.5 now has 15 useful formulas. Great for a geometry student! To find out its functions view the readme file named megamath.txt.
midpnt.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedMidpoint Formula
Formula for determining the midpoint of two points.
midpoint1.zip1k02-04-05File is not ratedMidpoint v.1.0
find the midpoint between two points on a plane
midpoint2.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedMidpoint Formula
Solves Midpoint Formula
midpoint3.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedMidpoint Finder
Finds the midpoint.
midpointformula.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedMidpoint Formula.
This program finds the midpoint of two endpoints on a coordinate graph. You simply give the program the endpoints. PS: This program was made using my new ECENT method. This method will delete all the variables it made during the program execution, thus saving you space on your calculator.
midpointsolver.zip1k03-04-29File is not ratedMidpoint Formula Solver
This is a program that finds the midpoint of a line. It also gives you the midpoint formula.
midpoint.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedMidpoint
Enter to points on the coordinate plane and find the midpoint
midpt.zip1k00-02-12File is not ratedMidpoint / Slope v2.7.3
Given any two points, this program will give you the slope of the line they are contained on, the midpoint between them, the distance between them, the x- and y-intercepts of the line, and the slope of a perpindicular line.
missend.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedMissing Endpoint
Finds endpoint on a line segment with known midpoint and endpoint.
mp.zip1k03-06-14File is not ratedMP
Middle between 2 points is very useful in Algebra. You just plug in your coordinates and it will tell you the exact middle between the 2 points.
nems_volume.zip1k03-09-17File is not ratedvolume
my first program. pretty good considering i made it at 12 years of age. figures for each of the values in the formula V=LWH.
neogeometry.zip2k03-03-06File is not ratedNeoGeometry
Program that compiles most common geometric formulas and has a fortune cookie!
ngon.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedRegular Polygon Side Number Finder
Enter in the angle and it finds the number of sides a regular polygon would have to have to have that angle.
niceconics83p.zip10k02-02-10File is not rated*Nice Conics v1.0
From the producer of *Nice Ice... I was unsatisfied one day trying to find a competant conics program. In my attempts, all I could find were programs that cluttered up the screen. Well, with *Nice Conics that WILL NOT happen. With split screen technology *Nice Conics makes the most of the screen. With only a few prompts, *Nice Conics will give you everything you need to know about parabolas, elipses, and hyperbolas (I figured circles were pretty self explanatory). Check out the screen shots and see for your self - this program is head and shoulders above all of the other conics programs out there!!!!!!! - Take it from a Calc BC student 8)
niceconics83.zip10k02-02-10File is not rated*Nice Conics v1.0
From the producer of *Nice Ice... I was unsatisfied one day trying to find a competant conics program. In my attempts, all I could find were programs that cluttered up the screen. Well, with *Nice Conics that WILL NOT happen. With split screen technology *Nice Conics makes the most of the screen. With only a few prompts, *Nice Conics will give you everything you need to know about parabolas, elipses, and hyperbolas (I figured circles were pretty self explanatory). Check out the screen shots and see for your self - this program is head and shoulders above all of the other conics programs out there!!!!!!! - Take it from a Calc BC student 8)
notes.zip1k01-06-04File is not ratedGeometry notes
Edit this program and you'll see a lot of my geometry notes. Very useful, thought someone else could use them.
nsides.zip1k10-03-23File is not ratedPolygonal Area Finder
Finds the area of an n-sided polygon by the number of sides and either the apothem length or the perimeter.
nsphere.zip1k14-08-25File is not ratedNdim Sphere
This program will compute the surface area and volume of a sphere in N-dimensions (n is a counting number). Please read the documentation for further information. Enjoy!
obtri.zip3k05-03-13File is not ratedObTri and QuadForm
ObTri is a program that can solve oblique triangles given three parts of the triangle and calculate area/solve for variables using area, and QuadForm is yet another quadratic formula program that uses Omnicalc to leave solutions in radical form (supports non-real solutions).
paper.zip1k22-05-08File is not ratedGold Fold
Calculates the height in inches, feet and miles of a gold sheet originally 1/300,000 inch thick folded a given number of times. Shows the power of doubling!
parablar.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedparabola rotater
Gives the equation for a parabola rotated around a point. This is the updated version. The math book lied to me before (way to go Chicago math), but this one will find the correct answer.
parabola2.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedParabola
This program calculates and gives you information for parabolas from a binomial.
parabolaf.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedFocus the Parabola
Graphs a basic parabola, and simulates rays bouncing off the surface like a satellite dish.
parabolapro.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedAll you could ever want to know (or care) about Parabolas
This program solves both X= and Y= Parabolas for their Vertex, Axis of Symmetry, Direction of Opening, Focus, Direct X, and Focal Chord (Latus Rectum) Length. All with a totally non-graphical interface!
parabolasegment.zip1k12-07-11File is not ratedParabola Segment
This program computes the perimeter and area of a parabola segment. It will also compute the volume of paraboloid. You only enter in the length of the chords 1) from the vertex (labeled A) to the second chord (B) which ends the parabola. Enjoy!
parabolasovler.zip3k05-03-02File is not ratedParabola Solver
This is a text basded program that displays lots of information about a parabola. You type in values for a, b, and c (that would be in the generic formula ax2+bx+c), and it gives you lots of information(like intercepts, vertex ect.). Please read the readme file for instructions. Also fell fre to email me any comment/questions.
parabola.zip1k04-03-27File is not ratedThe Parabola Machine
Analyze nearly every aspect of parabolas in both Y= formats. Now it works! (updated as of 25 Mar 2004)
partiallyfilledsphere.zip1k12-04-09File is not ratedPartially Filled Sphere
This program will compute several aspects when it comes to partially filled sphere-problems. Enjoy!
perfectcircles.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPerfect! Circles
This is a Perfect! production program that will solve for just about everything you will need to know about circles.
perfectdist_mid.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPerfect! Distance and Midpoint
This is a Perfect! production program that will solve for the distance and midpoint. It will also show you both formulas.
perfectellipses.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPerfect! Ellipses
This is a Perfect! production program that will solve for just about everything you will need to know about Ellipses.
perfecthyperbola.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPerfect! Hyperbolas
This is a Perfect! production program that will solve for just about everything you will need to know about hyperbolas.
perfectparabolas.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPerfect! Parabolas
This is a Perfect! productions program that will solve for just about everything you will need to know about parabolas.
perfecttriangles.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPerfect! Triangles
This is a Perfect! production program that will determine whether or not a triangle is equilateral, isosceles, or scalene and give the distances between each point. Also shows the characteristics of each.
perimeter.zip1k12-04-09File is not ratedPerimeter
This program will compute the perimeter of a circle (aka the circumference) as well as any finite sided polygon. Enjoy!
perimter.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedPerimeter
solves perimeter for square and rectangle
phi_07.zip1k04-06-19File is not ratedPHI calculator
this program calculates PHI and gives you a brief explanation of what PHI, the other nature number, is.
phi.zip1k04-08-24File is not ratedPhi
Basic program used to derive phi and store it as A; useful in geometry. My first program to upload, so just an appetizer for what's to come
pi_04.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedPi Count-up
A little program I made using pi=4[1/(n+1)] and n=all odd numbers from 1 to infinity. It's interesting to watch the counting-up pi adding up to what pi is set on the calc. It's a small program worth the download and the entertainment.
pi2.zip2k05-03-02File is not ratedPi Expansions
This program calculates pi using three expansions (pi/2 = 2*2/3*4/3*4/5*6/5*6/7..., pi/4 = 1/1 - 1/3 + 1/5 - 1/7 + 1/9 ..., 2pi = (1-1/2^2)(1-1/4^2)(1-1/6^2)... and an average of the three. It is fascinating to watch the progression of the digits.
pi_35.zip1k11-07-16File is not ratedPI calculator
This program can calculate pi to 14 digits, 5 better than the calculator's built-in pi. Very small file and runs very fast!
pi3.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedPi/Division Solver
This program solves pi or any other division problem out infinitely.
pi8.zip2k06-07-07File is not ratedEight programs on pi
Eight programs to calculate the value of pi. Machins, Borweins and Archimedes formulas among them.
piapp.zip2k12-10-13File is not ratedPi App
PIAPP, Has a quiz on pi to 25, several hundred digits of pi stored for learning, information on pi and formulas it is in. PIQUIZ2, an extension for the quiz function to 50 digits.
picalculator.zip1k02-03-18File is not ratedPi Calculator
A method to calculate pi by figuring the area of a regular polygon inscribed in a circle.
picalc.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedPI calculator!
This program calculates PI, with an equation not predetermined numbers! Information on how to calculate PI included
pieuler89.zip2k03-05-18File is not ratedPi: Euler's Method
This package of programs for all TI's quickly converges to pi using one of Euler's methods.
pipi.zip2k03-06-18File is not ratedPi library
A program containing 500 decimals of pi and a unique high quality search function. It also includes information about pi. Everything you need to know about pi is in pi library 1.6 full version. Download now! Enjoy!
piprint.zip6k02-05-11File is not ratedPiPrint
This program will print pi (3.1415926....) from a list that has 9990 digits in it. Later I will come up with one that calculates it, but for now you pi freaks will have to settle for this.
pi.zip2k00-04-09File is not ratedPi Plotter v1.2
Use this program to calulate values of pi, and plot them to see how close you are getting to pi itself
platonics.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedPlatonic Solids
A math program that gives the properties of the platonic solids. It can calculate the inradius, midradius, circumradius, surface area and volume of a platonic solid by a given side.
pointcircle.zip1k03-04-13File is not ratedThree point circle
This program ported from the 89.
points_09.zip1k09-12-28File is not ratedGraphing Lines
This is Final Version if there are any bugs email doboy0@gmail.com with program and problem This program comes with no warranty whatsoever For instructions how to use visit youtube.com/doboy What does it do? find useful properties of points such as slope, xy intercepts, and distance How to use 1)Run program (press PRGM then press POINTS) 2)Program will prompt user if they have 1 point + slope or 2 points 3)Program will then display the slope,xy intercepts, and so on.. 3)DO NOT EXIT BY TURNING OFF OR PRESSING ON if you do so then your functions will be turned off and your axes will be off How to fix problems that might occur #Axes are turned off Press 2nd Format then switch Axes On #Functions are turned off Press Y= and hover over the plus signs, press enter while on a plus sign to turn functions off and on
points.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedPoints v1.0
Figures distance and slope. Helpful in geometry classes.
polar2rect.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedPolar to Rectangular Co-ordinate Converter
This program converts from polar co-ordinates to rectangular co-ordinates
polardis.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedPolar Distance
This program calulates the polar distanc from one point to another. It can solve in both radian and degree modes, and is very simple to use. Please enjoy.
polar.zip1k09-03-08File is not ratedPolar to Rect point converter
Can convert Polar and Rectangular points both ways, in either degrees or radians.
polcoord.zip1k03-05-15File is not ratedPolar Coordinate Finder
When graphing polar coordinates, teachers expect you to graph them point by point. This program cuts down on the time it takes to do this.
poly2.zip1k00-11-20File is not ratedPolygon Area finder
This can find area of any regular polygon.
polyaa.zip1k04-05-09File is not ratedArea of a Regular Polygon
This program can find the area of a regular polygon with the number of sides, plus either the apothem, the measure of one of the sides, or the perimeter. As far as I have tested it, this program finds the correct measure for ALL regular polygons, EXCEPT it has been known to give some problems when working with triangles. Just remember, the polygon has to be a REGULAR polygon, meaning all of its sides and angles are congruent respectively.
polygon_11.zip1k10-07-01File is not ratedpolygon
Enter the number of sides and the apathom, radius, side length, or area andit tells you the other three and the number of diagonals and lines of symmetry and the interior angles. Regular polygons only. Coming soon: polygon display and multiple number-of-side entries!
polygon_13.zip1k08-12-13File is not ratedPolygon Solver
Solves for Values(Area, circumference etc.) of rectangle, square, parallelogram,triangle, rhombus, trapezoid,circle, arc/sector, polygon w/ apothem, sum measure
polygon3.zip2k00-08-20File is not ratedPolygon Solver v1.10
This program solves for various things dealing with polygons.
polygonangleinfo.zip1k03-06-03File is not ratedPolygon Angle Info
Input either the number of sides of a polygon, the sum of its interior angles, the measure of one interior angle or the measure of one exterior angle. Special formulas will determine the other 3. After, the program will output all 4 for you.
polygonarea.zip1k05-09-25File is not ratedPolygon Area
Calculates the area of any convex polygon with between 2 and 1000 sides in the coordinate plane using its coordinates
polygoninfo.zip1k06-12-24File is not ratedPolygon finder
Having trouble in geometry? This program will tell you the triangles in a regular polygon if you draw all the diagonals from 1 point; The total diagonals in the entire shape; the diagonals from 1 point; the total degrees in the polygon, which is found by multiplying the triangles by 180; and the degrees from each angle.
polygonsandequations.zip1k14-03-20File is not ratedPolygons!
Want to know what a 9 sided figure is called? Cant remember the sum of the angles for a hexagon (6 sided figure)? This is the program for you if you said yes to any of the above! This program includes polygons from a triangle to a decagon. It also includes equations to find the sum and sides of a polygon. ***This is a newer version of Polygons, It has all the same stuff plus some newer things.
polygons.zip2k07-05-16File is not ratedPolygons
Enter the # of sides for a regular polygon, and it shows the sum of interior angles, measurement of teach interior angle, and # of diagonals.
polygon.zip1k00-04-26File is not ratedPolygon: Geometry Formulae
Geometry formulae for finding the area of the following polygons: Polygon, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Trapezoid, Rhombus, Circle, and angle measurements
polyinta.zip1k03-09-08File is not ratedPolygon Interior Angles
This program will find the value of each interior angle of a polygon.
prealg3.zip13k03-04-20File is not ratedTHE ONE & ONLY PROGRAM PRE-ALGEBRA "GEOMETRY!"
ThisProgram Was Made For My Pre Algebra Class. This File Contains: 4-MENUS {Menu 1<<>>Equ Solver And Graphing X}---------{MENU 2<<>>Area; Lateral Area; Surface Area; Volume}----------{MENU 3<<>>Perimeter; Triangle Forms; Circle Forms}-----------{MENU 4<<>>More Formulas; Prime Numbers; Extra Options; Set Graphs; Misc.^Menu} Check Out My Other Programs: THE ONE AND ONLY PROGRAM PRE-ALGEBRA "UPDATED" & THE ONE AND ONLY X SOLVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
prism.8xp1k03-05-24File is not ratedPRISM
Prism formulas. Finds Volume, total area, and lateral area.
prisms.zip1k02-09-07File is not ratedPrism
It Asks you for the demensions and gives you back the data it can do do volume lateral area and surface area
prportn.8xp1k02-02-10File is not ratedProportion
Uses the similarity ratio to show if two triangles or other figures are similar.
pumpknpi.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedPi Calculator
This program will calculate pi indefinitely using the 4(1-1/3+1/5-1/7...) method (quite irrational if you ask me). Any key will halt the program, displaying the mean of the higher value and the lower value, then the actual stored value for pi on the TI-83+ to see how close (or lack there of) you were. Although recently super-computers have calculated pi to over a trillion decimal places, you may be able to amaze your easily entertained friends by calculating pi to at least 4 or 5 decimal places overnight. Maybe they will even chip in to pay for your batteries. (Updated)
pyramid.8xp1k03-05-24File is not ratedPyramid 2.0
Pyramid formulas. Finds Volume, total area, and lateral area.
pythag2000.zip2k00-05-26File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem 2000 v.1
Given any two sides of a triangle it outputs the third side in decimal and radical form which is simplified for you. The best pythag program out there! Enjoy!
pythag2.zip1k99-08-29File is not ratedPythag2
This update to Pythag now has metric/English conversions in it, based on a PC Program of mine. Also has basic pythagorem theorem, quadiratic, and distance formulas.
pythag4.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedPythagorean Theorum Solver
Figures a, b, or c for the pythagorean theorum
pythag83pr.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedPythag v2.00
Fast way to find a side of a triangle. Now displays the answer in both number and radical form
pythagoras.zip1k04-05-21File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem
This program can find the unknown value in a right triangle. Simply put 'X' where the unknown value exists. This program will also test three measures as to whether or not they are capable of forming a right triangle, by simply enter- ing the measures; just remember that the longest measure is always the hypotenuse.
pythagoreantriples.zip1k12-12-21File is not ratedPythagorean Triples
This program will compute pythagorean triples. Enjoy!
pythagorean.zip1k09-10-23File is not ratedPythagorean
I checked this site before I made this program and I do not believe any compare with this one. It is a must download.
pythagor.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem
This is probably the easiest to use, smallest, most acurate, user-friendly, Pythagorean Theorem solver in the TI comunity. This prog is wonderful. All you have to so is input a(length) b(length) and c(diagonal) . What is great is that you can put the variable X for a, b, or c and it will solve for whichever you put X in. SWEET!!! if you dont understand this decription, view my readme file trhat i wrote when i wasnt so tired. For those of you who know what pythagorean theorem already is, good, just download this program, and forget the other crapy pyth. the. progs. DOWNLOAD THIS PROG!
pythrm.zip13k21-06-29File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem calculator
This interactive calculator allows you to calculate the Pythagorean Theorem. Press the keys A, B or C to enter the respective values and it will do the rest for you!
pyththeov2.zip1k04-01-09File is not ratedpyththeov2
Fixed all errors and 35 bytes smaller then the last one.
pythtrip.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedPythagorean Triples
Simple program that determines whether three numbers are Pythagorean triples.
pyth.zip1k02-06-01File is not rated Edmond's Pythagorean Theorem
Input the lengths of A and B on a right triangle and it finds C in radical and decimal form.
qpolygon.zip1k03-06-20File is not ratedArea of a Polygon
This program solves for the area of a polygon.
quadltrl.zip1k05-10-05File is not ratedQuadrilateral Point Area Finder
You input four points, and it graphs the quadrilateral and tells you the area. Make sure you put in the points clockwise starting with the top-left.
quadmsr83p.zip1k13-03-13File is not rated Measures of a Quadrilateral v1.1
Given the vertices of a quadrilateral, this program will draw the shape and compute the lengths of the sides and the diagonals. I ported from a QBASIC program I saw in a Geometry Textbook in March 2003. I updated it 11 days shy of a full decade later to be more polite in restoring graphscreen settings and to add a missing file to the zip. Also supports the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.
quadr.zip3k03-04-11File is not ratedQuadr
takes four points (on a graph) and determines the shape. Very simple program for Geometry! major time saver!
quads.zip2k06-11-11File is not ratedQuads
Quads is a small BASIC math program that contains information (including properties, tests, and pictures!) on the seven basic types of quadrilaterals: parallelograms, rectangles, rhombi, squares, trapezoids, and isosceles trapezoids. This program has all the information necessary to master the different properties of quadrilaterals, and is essential for anyone working with these four-sided figures!
quickformulas.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedFormulas
Quick referance for the formulas of circles, cones, cylinders, and spheres.
qvertex.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedVertex to Standard Converter
This program converts vertex form (Y-K=A*(X-H)^2) to standard (AX+B(X^2)+C)
rada.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedPolygon Area Finder (Apothem)
In a regualr polygon in a circle, enter the apothem and the number of sides in the polygon and the area , side length, and perimeter.
radian.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedRadian
Enter a value from 0 to 2 (Since a circle is 2pi) and the prog shows the radius position on the circle with the X and Y, gives the value in Degree, in pi and in radian. Tan and the Quadrant are also shown. --- [Ie. for 1/4= 45°, 1st quadrant, 0.25pi rad, tan:1 X: 0.707106 Y :0.707106.]
rctnglpr.zip1k05-02-11File is not ratedRectangular Prism Volume
This is a simple program to find the volume of any rectangular prims, cubes included. Please send me feedback if any bugs are found.
rectang.zip7k18-10-10File is not ratedRectangular Prism Tool
This is a program I made to help me find the surface area, and the volume of any rectangular prism. It deletes the variables as soon as it displays the product. It isn't optimized to save space, but is only 348 bytes. It also reminds you that the answer is cubed, or squared.
regularpolygon.zip4k04-03-09File is not ratedRegular Polygons 2.0
Regular Polygons is the program to get all of the measurements of a Regular Polygon including: the interior and exterior angles, the Radius, and the Apothem, plus Draw the polygon for you.
richardsondimension.zip1k14-11-14File is not ratedRichardson Dimension
This program will compute the fractal dimension of a data set collected on a possibly self-similar fractal using Richardson's method. Enjoy!
roa.zip1k03-08-07File is not ratedRecangle Overlap Areas
This program gives the maximum number of areas not further subdivided that can be produced by a given number of overlaping rectangles.
rotater.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedConics Rotater
Gives the equation for elipses, hyperbolas, and circles rotated over the origin.
rpolygon.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedRegular Polygons 2.0
I never got the chance to put on version 1, but theres no need with version 2 done. Enter in the # of sides for your polygon and the side length. In a few seconds you'll have A page of info on your polygon, plus a drawing.
sagitta.zip2k13-04-14File is not ratedSagitta
This program solves for the sagitta of a circle given the length of the chord and the radius. It can also solve for the length of the radius and the chord.
sam_sphere.zip1k04-03-29File is not ratedSam's Sphere Volume Calculator
NOTE: This file is not yet active, it will be coming soon! This is a very basic program, you enter in a radius of a sphere and it tells you the volume.
savolume.zip1k03-12-17File is not ratedSurface Area, Volume Calc
This program can easily figure out surface areas and volumes of Cones, Spheres, Hemispheres, and Cylinders and the volume of a prism. Just pick your prism and enter the sizes. That's it. There will be updates and they will be good so check back often.
sa.zip1k04-05-23File is not ratedSurface Area
This program calculates the surface area for most geometric prisms.
seancircle.zip1k05-10-24File is not ratedCircle Inscribed Circumscribed
Input the coordinates of a midpoint and a radius and it draws a circumscribed and an inscribed square.
seconddegreeconicdescriber.zip1k02-05-27File is not rated2nd Degree Conic Describer
Gives some basic info about a 2nd degree conic.
sector83p.zip2k02-03-09File is not ratedSector
This program is also bundled in mathlisttrig2.zip. It is a great program for anyone in Honors Precalculus or higher. It will calculate any part of a sector (arc length, area, radius, or angle) using only two of the remaining parts. It has every possible combination, so this is a very useful program. Download it today!!
sectorjl.zip1k11-12-16File is not ratedSector
This program gives information about a circular sector. The user inputs the radius and the measure of the central angle in radians. The program outputs: chord length, arclength, height of the triangular part, height of the semicircular part, the geometric centroid and the weighted average. Enjoy!
sector.zip1k03-05-29File is not ratedCircle: Sector Equations
This program has the equations for the arc length (S=rè)and area of a circle's sector (A=.5r^2è). It will solve for any variable when given all the others. Angles can be given and told in both radians and degrees. If there are any problems or suggestions about the program e-mail me at hawk379@yahoo.com.
segment_calc.zip1k04-02-21File is not ratedSegment Calculator
Update 2/20/04 -Took out the line that told the program to convert back to "Radian" mode upon exit.. Long Live Degree! -----End Update----- Update 2/11/2004: -Fixed vertical line angle measures. -------End Update------- Update 2/3/2004: -The program now tells you the angle the line makes with the x-axis and the angle it makes with the y-axis. Please note that the angles displayed are the acute angles the line forms. -------End Update------- ---Updated 1/16/04 Using the two coordinates you input, this program calculates the segment length between those coordinates, the slope of the segment, and the midpoint on the segment. E-mail me @ ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release.. Make Sure To Give Me Credit!
segmentofacircle.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedSegment of a Circle
This program will compute the area of a segment of a circle. The user enters in the radius and the distance the chord is from the center of the circle. The program will do the rest. Enjoy!
shape3.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedShape 3 v1.1 by Nadav
This amazing file has over 32 FORMULAS in it! These formulas work out the VOLUME, PERIMETER, AREA and T.S.A. of almost any shape you may want. It also includes HERONS FORMULA! The only program you will need for formulas of shapes and all your simple geometry needs.
shapecr8.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedThe shape creator.
Creates different shapes.
shapefinder.zip2k10-02-02File is not ratedRegular Shapes/Triangles
(see readme) Contains 3 programs for regular shapes to help you find the int. angles, angle sum, and # of sides. Also contains a program that will tell you if a triangle exists or not.
shapes83p.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedShapes 2001 SE+
This program provides the surface area and volume of five space figures. (Sorry, no S.A. for a cone, but I DID write the S.A. for a pyramid using only L, W, and H.) For the Cone, Cylinder, and Sphere, you can get your answers in full or in terms of pi. (For example, a cylinder with r=5 and h=8 would have a volume of 628.3185. If you get it in terms of pi, you would know that the answer was also 200 pi.)
shapesolver.zip1k03-12-08File is not ratedShapes Solver
This program solves for the lateral area, surface area, and Volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres, and finds the area of trapazoids and ellipses.
shapesv2.0.0.5.zip2k09-03-15File is not ratedShapes v2.0.0.5
This program will do any type of 2D or 3D shaped equation ex(area, circumference, surface area,etc.) This is a very well made program that is easy to use and it is a very useful program for geometry.
shapes.zip6k02-03-30File is not ratedShapes v1.11
This mega-program displays and solves area, perimeter/circumference, surface area, and volume for various 2-D and 3-D objects. (See attached text file.)
shapetrans.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedShape Translations
Input how many vertices the shape has (minimum 1 vertex, maximum 8 vertices) then input the coordinate pairs as directed. Now you may choose to either slide or flip the shape in assorted manners. After you're done telling the program what you want it to do, it dictates the new coordinate pairs back to you. E-mail Me at ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release .. Make Sure I Receive Credit!-
shapeu.zip1k22-05-08File is not ratedShape Ult.
This is a program that can get you the volume/area/perimeter/surface area of the three basic 2D/3D objects (e.g. Squares and Rectangular Prisms). It shows all formulas to get the same results!
shapizer.zip1k03-07-25File is not ratedShapizer
a great program that will work out the area, volume, etc. of all sorts of different shapes and prisms. has many different formulas programmed in.
shoelace.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedShoelace Algorithm
This program uses the shoelace algorithm to calculate the area of a polygon inscribed on a coordinate plane when you know the coordinates of its vertices. When you use the program, make sure that you enter the vertices in order. That is, go from one vertice to an adjacent vertice on the polygon, and continue around the polygon in the same order. It does not matter whether you go around the polygon clockwise or counter-clockwise; you just have to go in order. I did not write this program. Instead, I found it online (I believe on an IMSA website) and edited it very slightly. Since I could not find one on TICalc, I decided to post this one for others to use. This type of program may be useful in math competitions because this type of problem appears occasionally.
sidengle.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedPolygon Angle Finder
Enter in the number of sides (up to 10) and then the number of known angles (1 less than the sides and it finds the missing angle.
sidesofatriangle.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedSides of a Triangle
This program uses the projection formulas to determine the length of the missing side of any triangle. Enjoy!
similaritydimension.zip1k12-10-05File is not ratedSimilarity Dimension
This program computes the similarity dimension of a self-similar fractal among other things. Great for a survey or intro geometry class. Enjoy!
slope_1.zip1k13-04-26File is not ratedSlope1
This is a program for finding the slope-intercept form of a line when you either have 2 points or the slope and a point. It is designed for students who can already do this but find it repetitive.
slope_61.zip1k15-02-22File is not ratedSlope Program
I wrote this program to find the slope. Asks for x1, y1, x2, y2, then finds the slope. If x1 and x2 are 0, the line is vertical, so it displays "undefined" and asks if you want to calculate another slope. If the slope is 0, it displays "horizontal line" and again asks if you want to calculate another slope. I think I've got it set up so there's no "divide by zero" message no matter what you do, but I can't be sure.
solids.zip8k03-12-28File is not ratedSolids
This program will work to find the volume or the surface area of the major solids.
spacial_calc.zip1k04-03-02File is not ratedSpacial Calculator
Update 2/27/04 -Added a new +Area+ formula for an equilateral hexagon where you enter the length of one edge. -----End Update----- Update 2/20/04 -Fixed program so that the Area/Volume/Surface Area answer would be stored to "Ans" and the variable "Z" upon completion of the calculation. This allows for easier and quicker calculations using the variable. -Added a new +Area+ formula for an equilateral triangle where you simply enter the length of one edge. -----End Update----- Update 2/19/04 -Heheh, I had a misspelled word throughout the program =P -Also added a new +Volume+ formula for a truncuated triangular prism. -----End Update----- ---Updated 1/16/04 Simple program that contains numerous Area/Surface Area/Volume formulas to aid you in quick calculations. I am CONSTANTLY adding new shapes and formulas so just e-mail me @ ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak to check and see if you have the latest version. (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release .. Make Sure I Receive Credit!-
sphere2.8xp1k03-05-24File is not ratedSphere
Sphere formulas. Finds Volume, total area, and lateral area.
sphere.8xp1k02-09-27File is not ratedSphere
This program will solve for Surface area, Volume, And radius, Everything you need to know about a sphere
spheres.zip1k03-04-01File is not ratedSpherical Analysis
Program that analyzes the volume and surface area of a sphere for a given R. Draws a little picture, too. I was up way too late programming this one, as you can tell...
sphericalpolygonarea.zip1k12-03-29File is not ratedSpherical Polygon Area
This program will compute the area of a polygon imprinted on a sphere. Enter in the radius of the sphere, the number of sides and the measure of each angle. The program will give you the area covered by the polygon on the sphere. Enjoy!
sss.zip1k21-09-21File is not ratedGus's Triangle Program
Enter the side lengths of any triangle and the program calculates the triangle's angle measures and the triangle area.
supergeoprgm.zip4k03-03-04File is not ratedThe Super Duper Geometry Program
(Read the last 2 senteces for a shorter description) This is a nice compilation of over 10 different programs that will help you succeed through Geometry or Geometry Honors. EVERYONE SINGLE PERSON WHO USED THIS ON THE GEOMETRY FINAL GOT HIGHER THAN A 94%!!!!! Thats called having a successful program and now YOU can use it too!!!
superherons.zip1k14-10-01File is not ratedHeron's Formula
This program calculates the area of a triangle, given the three sides and no angles. Effective for decimals and it saves you a bunch of time.
surface2.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedSurface
finds the surface area of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres
surfaceareaofrightcylinde.zip1k09-04-01File is not ratedSurface Area of a right Cylinder
East to use. You only need to know the Radius and Height. Any questions or problems? email me: mathbeast0029@gmail.com
surfaceareavolumev2.0.zip1k21-08-11File is not ratedSurface Area, Lateral Area, and Volume VERSION 2.0
This version is an updated version from my original program: https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/476/47647.html . The upgrade in this version is that it enables you to find the SA, LA, and V of Triangular Pyramids and Prisms given three sides. (These sides do NOT have to be congruent!) If you have the original version, it would be very beneficial to upgrade to 2.0.
surfacearea.zip1k12-04-09File is not ratedSurface Area
This program will compute the surface area for shapes common to introductory math classes. Enjoy!
surfacevolume.zip1k21-07-06File is not ratedSurface Area, Lateral Area, and Volume
CAN ALSO BE USED WITH TI-84 PLUS CE! This program has been tried and verified to work with TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus CE. If you have any questions please contact me.
surface.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedSurface Area
Solves the surface area for Cubes and Cylinder (lateral)
surfarea.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedSurface Area
Finds the surface area of Spheres, Cylinders, Cones, Prisms, and Pyramids with easy to use prompts. Also included is a nifty program to find the area of regular polygons. (Note: Prism and Pyramid Formulas ONLY Work For Regular Figures). Also refer to the help file in the program if you are having trouble, or e-mail me.
svmethod.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedSurveyor's Method.
This program uses Surveyor's Methos to find the area of a triangle formed by three coordinate points. You enter the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle and this program will find the area of the triangle. PS: This program was made using my new ECENT method. This method deletes all the variables the program created during the program execution, thus saving you space on your calculator.
tangentline.zip1k09-10-14File is not ratedEquation of Tangent Line
Enter a function and a point, and the y=mx+b form of the tangent line at that point is given.
tangentplane.zip2k09-10-18File is not ratedTangent Plane to a 3D Surface
Enter a 3D function f(x,y) and the input point {x,y} and get the equation of the plane tangent to the point on the surface, in z=ax+by+c form.
tangent.zip4k13-10-14File is not ratedTangent
Given the radii of the two circles and the distance between them (can be 0), this program outputs the lengths of both the internal and external tangent lines.
tarea.zip1k03-06-26File is not ratedArea of a Triangle
Enter three points of a triangle and it will solve for the area.
tenchicentriod83p.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedCentriods (Triangles > Medians)
When the program is run, you are promoted to enter the coordinates of the vertices of ABC. After entering the last coordinate, the calculator will display Triangle ABC with each of its medians. Also, where they are concurrent, its the centriod.
tenchigeometry.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedGeometry Solver
This program has upto 30 different geometric formulas. First, when you activate the program, you will bring into a menu with 5 different catergories, such as Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and etc. Select one of them, and then you will bring into another menu with the geometric shapes. After you selected the shapes, the program will bring you back to home, where it will ask you for the length, width, radius, and so on. After you enter all the needed information, it will solve it for you, display the answer, and then Pause. After you press [Enter], it would take you to a menu where you can Quit or Do it Again with different a category and/or shape.
testpoint.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedTestpoint
Solves for inequalities usinghte testpoint method
thm.zip1k00-03-16File is not ratedMath Theorems
Geometry Math Theorems
ti84plusspokelength1.4.zip14k10-08-02File is not ratedBicycle Wheel Spoke Length Ver.1.4
This is version 1.4 of a Program that will accurately determine the spoke length of a bicycle wheel. This version contains many changes and improvements to both simplify and enhance the process of determining spoke length.
timathtools.zip1k21-10-02File is not ratedTI Basic Geometry Tools
Just a little project I did in about 15 minutes flat. For calculating the total degrees in a plane and the area and circumference of a circle.
tools3dv3.0.zip22k03-10-19File is not ratedTools3Dv3.0
A Must Need for anyone studying 3 dimensions, vectors, spheres, and planes. Take a look, you'll thank yourself later!! Version 3.5 fixes all bugs. If anyone out there knows how to convert this to asm or possibly an app, Please let me know!! bulldawgg13@hotmail.com If In doubt look at the Screen Shots and Word Doc in Zip File!
translat.zip1k08-01-31File is not ratedTranslate
Translates a figure. Allowable translations are Rotate 90, 180, 270 Degrees around the origin, reflections over the x, y, and y=x axises.
traparea.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedTrapezoid Area.
This program finds the area of any trapezoid when you give it the lengths of the bases and the height. PS: This program was made using my new ECENT method. This method deletes all the variables the program created during the program execution, thus saving you space on your calculator.
trapezoidgeometry.zip1k12-07-11File is not ratedTrapezoid Geometry
This program will compute the perimeter and area of a trapezoid. The user enters in: 1) The length of the bases (A and B), 2) The height of the trapezoid (H) 3) the angles of inclination phi and theta (P and theta). The program outputs the area and perimeter of the trapezoid. Enjoy!
trasnslt.zip1k05-11-10File is not ratedTriangle Translator
Input the three vertices of a triangle and it lets you move it, flip it over the X-axis, the Y-axis, and the Y=X line. Also lets you rotate around either the origin or any point that you choose for any given number of degrees.
tri5.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedTriangle Area
You put in the height and base of a triangle, It tells you the area of the triangle
triangle_05.zip1k10-07-01File is not ratedtriangle
select which type of entry you want (sss, sas, asa, aas, hl) and then enter in what you want it then displays the 3 sides, 3 angles, area, and perimeter. press the triangle button and it shows you the triangle, 99% of the time. it's a glitch I'm trying to fix. sometimes the triangle goes off screen, sometimes it doesn't show the correct angle, but at least for now it's the best program, at least that I made. Coming soon: glitch fixed and the ability to change a variable
triangle1.zip1k12-04-19File is not ratedTriangle Solver
This graphical program solves your right triangles with as little information as one side and one angle! Have fun in math class!
triangle3points.zip4k05-12-03File is not rated3 Points- Area of the Triangle
Enter 3 coordinate points and get the area of the triangle formed by connecting the 3 points. It's done by calculating the determinant of the matrix.
triangle_ninja.zip2k11-11-18File is not ratedULTRA TRIANGLE NINJA MASTER
ENTER ANYTHING! Well, okay, 99% (including height, area, and perimeter) of anything that is related to triangles. DOES NOT CHANGE WINDOW SETTINGS. Easy to use: 1. open the program. 2. when it asks you what you know, select the part that you know and enter the number (select it again to deselect it, and enter 0 to cancel). 3. look at the info displayed and write it down if you want to. 4. look at the picture (use arrows to turn/flip, +/- to zoom) if you are confused. Other things it does: radians, coordinate input, returns on timeout, solves SSA, and other things you will just have to find out!
trianglestuff.zip1k14-05-10File is not ratedTriangle Stuff
This program helps with solving many popular problems with triangles. Enjoy!
triangle_verifier.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedTriangle Verifier
Simple program to tell you whether or not 3 given numbers (lengths of the sides) will or will not form a triangle.
triangle.zip1k06-06-18File is not ratedTriangle Solver and Grapher
This programs finds the missing parts of a triangle when 3 of the others are given, can not be 3 angles. Then it graphes the triangle with (0,0) as A, and (a,0) as point B.
triareafinder.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedTriangle Area finder
Have you ever needed to find a triangle's area but couldn't remember the specific formula for SSS or SAS? Fear no more! This handy program will do the work for you. Just enter the information you know.
triareaform.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedTriangle Area.
This program finds the area of any triangle when you enter the length of the base and height. PS: This program was made using my new ECENT method. This method deletes all the variables the program created during the program execution, thus saving you space on your calculator.
triarea.zip1k02-04-10File is not ratedTriarea 1.03
Finds the area of a triangle.
typeoftriangle.zip1k13-03-12File is not ratedType of Triangle
This 143 byte program tells you what kind of triangle (right, acute, obtuse)you have given the three side lengths.
ultimatepipackage.zip5k12-10-13File is not ratedUltimate Pi Package
Hunting Pi Game, a game where you move around and have to collect the digits of pi in order , good practice for learning pi. (First ten digits, ten levels) Hunting Pi Game 2 (extension), the next ten digits of Hunting Pi (five levels) My Pi Application, it includes a quiz on the first 25 digits of pi, has several hundred digits of pi stored for you to view, and an explanation of pi and formulas it is used in. Pi Quiz 2 (extension), it extends the quiz in my pi app to 50 digits.
unitcircle.zip1k05-06-04File is not ratedUnit Circle
Draws the Unit circle with Sin, Cosine, and Tangent Functions displayed. Uses exact value in some cases.
unitcirc.zip1k03-12-16File is not ratedUnit Circle
For helping to learn the unit circle. DragonRise
unityprotected.zip1k09-10-06File is not ratedUNITY - A Unit Circle drawn for you!!
A Unit-circle to see the exact values of radians. a circle with formula x2+y2=1. comes in very handy in class.
versine.zip1k13-04-12File is not ratedVersine
This program will compute the radius of a circle given the length of a chord and the length of the versine (sagitta), a line segment from the midpoint of the chord to the edge of the circle. It will also draw a picture of the situation. Great for geometry students. Enjoy!
vertex.zip1k06-12-24File is not ratedVertex & Focus finder
This program will give you the vertex and focus of a parabola. It's self-explanatory
volsol.zip1k08-12-13File is not ratedVolume Solver
Solves L.A. & Volume for cone, sphere, right prism, pyramid, cylinder
volume1.zip1k05-03-19File is not ratedVolume V1.0
A program designed to help students accurately calculate volume in a short amount of time. This is version 1.0, so some things like formulas might not be correct, but im sure they are, but just in case, send any problems to the email in the readme and i will fix that program as soon as I read my email. Thanks!
volume2.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedVolume
Volume Program that tells you the volume of a Cube, Cone, Cylinder, and Spheres. Coming out soon, Surface area and a Battle ship game. If you have any comments email me and for the subject use calc so i know its not junk mail.
volume83p.zip1k05-08-28File is not ratedVolume 1.2
Same as 1.0 and 1.2, except the volume of a sphere wasnt working and that is now fixed.
volumecone2.zip1k15-04-25File is not ratedVolume Cone 2
This program will compute the volume of a cone when given the radius of the flat disc and the length of the arc removed in order to create the cone. Enjoy!
volumec.zip1k04-01-19File is not ratedVolume Calculator 1.0
Menu Drivin Volume Calculator Read the README1ST TXT for mor info look for it in VOLUMEC or selected directory.
volumefinder_59.zip1k11-06-23File is not ratedTI Volume Finder 1.0
This program is a simple, easy-to-use volume finder with a menu that lists 6 different 3-D shapes. Choose the shape, put in the variables, and the volume is calculated for you! More shapes coming soon. Surface Area will be incorporated shortly!
volumefinder_plusver.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedVolume Finder
Finds the volume of a cube, rectangular prism, sphere, cylinder, cone, and pyramid, and only takes up 400 bytes.
volumefinderv.02final.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedVolume Finder
My second program again made intirely in my ti83+ calculator
volumefinder.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedVolume Finder by Calcsoft Technologies
This is the TI-89 program created just for TI-83+ and TI-83+SE
volumeg.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedVOLUME
Calculates the volume of a rectangular prism.
volumejl.zip1k12-04-09File is not ratedVolume
This program will compute the volume of several shapes commonly used in introductory mathematics courses. Enjoy!
volumepk.zip6k03-05-09File is not ratedVolume Pack
This program finds the volume different 3-D shapes. I included all of the shapes that were in my Geometry book. This program should work on TI-83 calcs.
volumesolver.zip.zip1k07-08-21File is not ratedVolume Solver v 1.5
This is a very useful BASIC program designed to solve for volume. Very useful for Geometry students. KEY: R=raidus B=Base H=height
volumes.zip1k00-12-04File is not ratedGreat Volumes
This program allows you to find volumes and, in some cases, it also even gives you the surface area of a figure. This is a MUST HAVE TO EVERY STUDENTS IN GEOMETRY. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!!
volumex.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedVolume
Solves Volume For Rectangular Prisms, Cylinders, and Cubes
volume.zip1k00-10-20File is not ratedVolume
Finds areas and volumes of numerous figures
wrapcylinder.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedWrap Cylinder
This program will compute the amount of ribbon needed to wrap a cylinder by spiralling around. Great for an application in algebra, geometry or for decorating. Enjoy!
x3d1.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedX3D Type I: 3D Graph Points
Input a point's coordinates and this program will show you where it lies.
x3d2.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedX3D Type II: 3D Graph Lines
This program graphs two points in 3D space and connects them with a line.
x3d3.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedX3D Type III: 3D Graph Planes
Now you can graph planes in 3D space with ease! This program can also handle coefficients of zero.
yshapes2.zip1k10-12-23File is not ratedThe Revised Y-Shapes
A simple program that is capable of finding the area of several shapes.
zmat83p.zip32k03-06-09File is not ratedZMAT83+
An usefull portuguese program. It has area formulas, volume formulas, quadratic formulas, and some programs, like Pitagoras, and Radical.
zsector.zip1k03-06-02File is not ratedSector v1.0
Read the documentation.

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