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Last updated Thursday, 25 November 2021
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3in1yahtzee.zip11k05-10-31File is not rated3 Yahtzee Games!
This is the ultimate file for yahtzee fans! This file contains 3 yahtzee games: Original yahtzee, Triple yahtzee, and Poker yahtzee. All three of these games include a high score feature to save your highest scores.
bigboggle.zip3k04-04-18File is not ratedBoggle v1.0
This is the first and lastversion of this game. At only 655 bytes on-calc, this is the smallest Boggle out there.
boggle1.zip1k07-07-03File is not ratedBoggle v1.2
Boggle 1.2 is a real simulation of the board game using the actual dice scheme and a 3-minute timer (the time actually depends on your batteries). Version 1.2 has some bug fixes and GUI changes
boggle2.zip5k10-07-14File is not ratedBoggle
This game is based on the original Boggle game. It is easy to use, and provides hours of entertainment for avid Boggle players! Definitely worth a download!
boggle83p.zip1k04-01-29File is not ratedBoggle v1.0
Boggle v1.0 is a port of the handheld electronic version of Boggle, the popular word game. This version includes a small size and intuitive interface, providing both a timed and untimed version for you to play. You simply move the cursor around a 4x4 board, press [+] to add a letter, and [-] to subtract a letter. When you have created a word, simply press [ENTER] to submit the word. At the end of the game, you choose which words to retain and then receive a score. Try to get the highest score possible in the shortest time! Doors CS v4.0 optimized.
boggle.zip1k02-10-15File is not ratedboggle 83plus
a great boggle program, just kinda slow. has a built in 3 minute timer.
calcyahtzee.zip5k12-01-26File is not ratedYahtzee
A rough re-creation of the popular dice game. More info is in the readme file.
chicken.zip4k12-03-08File is not ratedChicken
This is a 2-4 player dice game with AI. The goal is to get to 5,000 points but you could still lose even if you reach it. I've heard it is a lot like "Farkle" so if you like "Farkle" you will probably like this too. It is one of my favorite games to play along with "Uno" and "Cribbage". It's simple to learn and easy to play, but you'll never want to stop. This game is the type you want to play with others. But just in case there are none, I included an AI so you can still enjoy playing it. Once you start playing this game, you won't want to put it down.
dice_game.zip4k04-07-11File is not ratedThe Dice Game
The object of this addictive game is to eliminate all of your cards by rolling 2 dice. In this game, you play against 2 other computer controlled players. This game keeps track of your stats and winning %. Just read the Text file to learn more about how to play.
dice.zip1k14-03-19File is not ratedDice!
Wanna roll some dice! Just open this easy program and choose how many! Its as easy as pressing Enter!!!
greedypig.zip8k09-01-16File is not ratedGreedy Pig v2.0
Greedy Pig is a great chance game, suitable for the gamblers and not-so risk takers. The graphics are amazing, with scores displayed for all players, the dice, the total amount of points accumulated, and shows when a player leaves the pot. The goal of the game is to get a higher score then everyone else by taking the risk of keep rolling the dice. The number 2 is the dreaded number, as it will give all players in the pot a zero for the round. There are 6 rounds to play in. In the beginning of the round, the dice is rolled twice to start off the score. After all 6 rounds, the player with the highest score wins. If the score is high enough, the score is then recorded as a high score. This game is worth the download for all who wish to play a new style of chance games. Try to get a 1000 points. Don't forget to read the text file. More games available at www.freewebs.com/jmaster797 .
martinet.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedMartinetti v1.0
Martinetti is an interesting game that uses three dice. Each turn, the player whose turn it is rolls all three dice. If one of the dice is a one, he moves his marker to the square marked "1." If he rolls a one and a two on the first roll he could put his marker on number "3" because he rolled a one for square "1", a two for square "2" and a total of 3 for square "3." On each roll of the dice he is rolling for the point adjacent to his marker. Input the farthest square you can go, or "0" if you can't move. The first player to move his marker from the start to "12" and back to "1" wins the game. (Two-player mode hasn't been added yet, so you will be playing against the calculator. Also, your marker is the "->", whereas the calculator's is the bold triangle.)
myboggle.zip2k03-06-27File is not ratedBoggle
This is a calculator version of the board game Boggle. All 16 cubes actually are programmed in, so the only difference is all the letters face the same way. There isn't any internal scoring (I've seen people trying to use the arrow keys) so you still have to keep track on a seperate piece of paper. Check out the readme for more info.
passpigs.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedPass the Pigs
A calculator version of the Game.
pirates_dice.zip5k09-12-01File is not ratedPirate's Dice
The game from Pirate's of the Caribbean is here! Make sure you have the picture for the function of the game. Works with MirageOS
qzyahzee.zip5k06-07-27File is not ratedYahzee
One player version of Yahzee. Keeps a high score. Update from the last version, 2 little bugs that slipped through.
yahtsee.zip3k04-05-11File is not ratedYahtzee
The classic game of Yahtzee on the 83+! This version is extremely fast and has a high score feature!
yahtzee0.zip3k03-07-07File is not ratedYahtzee v1.0
Yahtzee is the classic dice game everyone knows. Completely graphical, up to 4 players, save game option, saves high score, displays which categories you qualify for, and runs really fast. This game actually has all of the rules from the real game including using the yahtzee as a joker, which the other yahtzee games seem to have forgotten. The only true yahtzee experience.
yahtzee1.zip4k00-04-09File is not ratedYahtzee v6.5 Beta
Yahtzee beta6.5, the latest and best
yahtzee2.zip8k00-11-11File is not ratedYahtzee v1.14
Yep that's right, it's me again with a new update of Yahtzee. In this one the Bonus works, and now when you scratch it DOESN'T subtract 1 from your score, and you can quit just about anywhere by pressing delete "DEL." I hope you enjoy this one. :)
yahtzee3.zip23k06-02-17File is not ratedYahtzee2006
The classic game of Yahtzee is now on your calc! This easy to use, single player version of Yahtzee is brought to you by Northstar Programming. Please download and see for youself!
yahtzee4.zip1k06-08-25File rated 8.69Yahtzee v2.5
Yahtzee v2.5 is a completely graphical Yahtzee game which uses all of the rules of Yahtzee and even has high scores with initials!
yahtzee5.zip27k07-12-16File is not ratedYahtzee
A dice game of chance mixed with strategy. Try to score as many points as possible with poker like plays. In this version there is 1-6, Full(3 of a kind and 2 of another), Suite(5 in a row), Big, Small, Larger than 27, less than 11, and Yahtzee(5 of a kind). Unlike normal Yahtzee, you have 3 columns to fill. One open column in the center, a column on the left to fill going down and a column on the right to fill going up. Try it out!
yahtzee7.zip10k08-04-14File is not ratedYahtzee!
This Yahtzee game is incredible. It is exactly like playing the real game! Features keeping of individual die, a score sheet, high scores, easy playing, and lots of fun!
yahtzeeb6.5.zip4k00-04-11File is not ratedYahtzee v6.5 Beta
This yahtzee version is in interface the same as the other, but a few bugs are removed, so renew your yahtzee files with these. Clnsweep (also included) is a very usefull utility that removes unnecessary variables on your TI-83Plus.
yahtzeee.zip2k04-01-02File is not ratedYahtzee
This is by far the ultimate Yahtzee game. Now ONE through FOUR players, you can enjoy yahtzee anyway you like. This version does not waste time on pointless graphics, yet it gives you all the information you will ever need. This is the yahtzee game for you!
yahtzeeforti83ti84.zip1k21-11-25File is not ratedYAHTZEE for TI-83+, TI-84+
A simple TI-BASIC port of Yahtzee to the TI-83/84+ Version 1.2.7: Original Release, made using a digital program editor, 3 days, and plenty of bug fixes. Version 1.2.8: Bug Fix, fixed timer on quit and vs. menus.
yahtzeehs.zip5k03-04-17File is not ratedYahtzee
Yahtzee is a game for up to 4 people. Roll 5 dice up to 3 times to get points in 13 different categories. This is a fully graphical game including a scoreboard that keeps track of everyone's points in every category. When done rolling it goes to the scoreboard that tells you which categories you qualify to get points in, for example if you have a three of a kind and a pair it will show you that you can get points for a full house, three of a kind, etc... After the game is over it totals up the points for everyone so you can see who won. A great game of Yahtzee!
yahtzeex.zip2k02-03-28File is not ratedYahtzee X
An old, old, text-based Yahtzee game from long ago. It works...
yahtzee.zip2k07-09-17File is not ratedYahtzee
yahtzee nothing but a reliable version of yahtzee
yahtze.zip1k03-05-14File is not ratedYahtzee v2.0
This is an incredible graphical port of the favorite game. It supports solitaire play, with rolling dice, a real scorecard, and AutoScoring. At the end of the game, the program will automatically add up your score. Check out the screenshots!
yotz.zip6k06-08-20File is not ratedYot-Z
Yot-Z is a graphical Yahtzee clone written in TI-BASIC. It uses classic Yahtzee scoring and a beautiful GUI. Now DoorsCS optimized!
yzeecheat.zip1k01-05-16File is not ratedYahztee Cheat Program v1.0
Finally released, this program has been done for a few months and is finally incorporated into Yahtzee v2.0.
yzee.zip4k02-01-15File is not ratedYahtzee v2.1
The newest and greatest Yahtzee! Now with a third as many subprograms. About 5,000 bytes and in group format. A true classic and mast have! (I know the screenshot say v1.0, but the graphics are the same with the exception of it saying 2.1.)
yz.zip4k01-05-16File is not ratedYahztee v2.0
The long-awaited release of Yahtzee v2.0 is finally here. This Yahtzee is now in group format, requires installation program. As always, it is BUG-FREE and the Yahtzee Cheat Program is finally incorporated. See if you can get a score high enough to final out the secret password needed to enter the Cheat Program! BTW, check out my new website: http://www.geocities.com/petesoftware

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