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3difficultysnake.zip1k07-08-21File is not ratedSNAKE
i had no idea there were sooo many snake programs that they get their own section. however, this snake game features 3 difficulty levels and high scores for each. each level has a number of obstacles to avoid along with the body of the snake and the edges. as my first game, i hope this is not just another snake game. thanks for any feedback.
aamice.zip1k02-09-30File is not ratedAttack Acrobatic Mice
Second of my nibbles type game. A fast version of normal nibbles games and quick key response. Eat the tasty mice and try not to take a bite of your own rancid flesh or of the disgusting plaster walls.
antesnke.zip1k09-11-26File is not ratedAnti-Snake
Anti-Snake. Don't eat the food while you grow longer, and watch out for shed skin. Includes an extensive high scores list.
anthonysdots.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedDots!
My first game, but it works well. Snake game where you avoid dots. Feel free to edit.
antinib2.zip9k09-04-06File is not ratedAnti Nibbles! 2
An opposite nibbles/snake game where you constantly grow and have to avoid yourself, the walls, and the dots on the screen for a certain amount of time to progress to the next level. This game has an optional "inverted screen" for those of you who like black; also has an optional Heads Up Display (HUD). Also has a three slot high score that also saves the level you're on. Designed for the TI-84 plus, I've never run it on a TI-83.
antinibs.zip1k02-05-12File is not ratedAnti-Nibbles v.1.01
This is a snake game except you don't eat the dots. It gets harder as the level increases (ie. more dots). I now added a high score feature. You must have Pic1, Pic2, and list NIBS in order to play this game properly. You can play this on MirageOS.
antinib.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedantinibbles
no comments
antisna.8xp1k02-09-27File is not ratedAnti Snake Platinum Edition
Faster by one frame per second than the old one and now is less space. Try to avoid the posion apples and your body as you go from level to level in this exciting thriller.
antisnake2.zip1k05-10-16File is not ratedAnti-Snake
Don't eat the "food": avoid it! The object of this game is to survive as long as possible without hitting any of the "food" on the board! (This game works alone or with Mirage)
antisnake3.zip1k07-10-26File is not ratedAntisnake avoid the dots
a game where you use the arrow keys to avoid the dots.
antisnakealpha.zip1k02-09-30File is not ratedAnti Nibbles Alpha Edition
Don't hit the nasty dots and advance to the next level. Faster and smaller than before!
anti_snake.zip1k10-05-28File is not ratedAnti Snake
This game has the same objective as any other anti-snake game: don't eat the dots, stay alive for a certain amount of time. But it has 3 main aspects that set it apart from your average anti-snake game. First, the lack of bugs. Second, the size. And lastly, the speed of the program itself. Made for the 83+, on the 84+ it goes faster. P.S. If you have an 84+, I recommend downloading antinib2.zip. It will run very slowly on an 83+, however.
antisnake.zip1k00-06-16File is not ratedAnti Snake v1.5
A revolutionary snake game where you dodge the apples instead of eat them. This game outclocks any other snake clone ever written in BASIC.
antisnak.zip1k02-10-15File is not ratedAntiSnake
This is another Anti-Snake clone but in this one you can choose how many dots and if you want to load a picture to make it a bit harder.
antisnke.zip1k00-08-29File is not ratedAnti-Snake v1.6
A revolutionary snake game where you dodge the apples instead of eating them. This game outclocks any other snake clone ever written in TI-BASIC.
asnake1.zip3k03-08-26File is not ratedAsnake
Dodge the * 's that pop up on the screen as you get longer. See how long you can survive!
asnake.zip1k03-08-30File is not ratedAnti-Snake v2.0
the next version to my anti snake game this time i added 2 things it deleats all the variables after the game ends and i fixed the domain error when the snake when off the screen see the read me or the first version for more info
atron.zip1k03-12-17File is not ratedAtron
This is a Tron-game with some nice feautres. Not only does it run fast (in 1 player mode), it also has different levels, two player mode and highscore saving. Try it, its fun.
avoidthedots.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedAvoid The Dots
A Great Game. You have to avoid the dots and other stuff. There are 5 difficulty levels. You need all of the files. The only file you run is "DOTSMENU." You just need to put the avoidthedots.8xg on your calculator because it has all of the files you need.
avoid.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedAvoid v1.0
A game like Nibbles where you should watch out for dots instead of eating them. The worm also stops after each direction change, making the game more strategically aimed.
basicnibbles.zip1k04-01-08File is not ratedBasic Nibbles
Basic Nibbles for the TI 83+ calculator.
birdmaze.zip1k07-08-21File is not ratedBIRDMAZE
This is a simple maze game that is a lot like snake. Your line moves along and turns with the arrow keys. Do not hit a wall or yourself because then you will die. You can win by getting to the end of the level at generally the right or top portion of the screen, where it looks like you reach the edge. Comes with a hard map and a medium map (Only one can be on the calc at a time). You can even create your own levels if you wish. If you do create a level either store it as Pic0 or store it as a certain number, then go to edit the program so it loads the right picture number. Have Fun!
bm_tron.zip7k10-12-01File is not ratedBM-TRON
The classic BM-TRON game. Face off against your friends with the multiplayer feature, or battle against the CPU. Includes the beta version of the game, which supports 4 person multiplayer.
bmtron.zip1k10-04-10File is not ratedBMTron V1.1
BMTRON is a simple game in theory, stay alive as long as possible, without running into either the walls, or your own tail. Some cool features of this game are that it has three different game speed, so every one can enjoy it, but it also has nice high score table that displays itself nicely after each game, so you can show off your amazing scores
chrisprograms.zip3k08-08-11File is not ratedAnti-Nibbles
This is my first program. It is the best anti-nibbles game ever made for the ti-83. FIVE save files and FIVE high scores with names. THREE difficulty levels. Read the readme for more details!! Thanks to Ben Grumwald for the 20-line moving and dot generating code.
deathbal.zip2k03-08-08File is not ratedDeathballs
This is a nibbles game with a twist. You must avoid the outer edges of the screen and the 2 balls bouncing around the screen
diagonalnibbles.zip4k04-05-08File is not ratedDiagonal Nibbles
This is a game similar to worm, only you don't get any longer as you eat the fruit. There is an easy and difficult setting included (no ideas yet for the hard setting) as well as a way to save your high score, there are 4 high scores included in the list and script files. name explains it all. If there are any errors such as : 'Missing file' etc... when opening the high score file push the multiply button on the main menu. This is open source and a fairly simple game to make, suggestions would be nice. Have Fun!
dodgedot.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedDodgedot v1.1 (83+ port)
This game is kind of like Anti-Snake, but there are multiple difficulty settings and a highscores feature for different difficulties. Try it! Note that some of the screen shots are from the TI-82 version, so that's why they look different.
dodger.zip1k07-10-26File is not ratedDodger
like antisnake but with "CAVE" controlls Controll with the left and right arrow only, like a car.
doodle.zip9k09-01-16File is not ratedDoodle v2.0
The Doodle game is a new kind of game. Simply make the little 'snake' move around in different directions, either automatically, or by keypress. Move vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally. Also, you can change the movement to be constant, or to skip a point to appear 'dotted.' The 'snake' can be a dot, or transform into a boxlike or crosslike snake, which can also be 'dotted.' There are other features as well. You can erase certain portions of the screen, or erase the entire screen. You can also save your doodle in one of the 10 pics on the TI, or save the doodle into a program, which will require you to install. If you use a doodle in one of your games, give me credit for using Doodle to create the pic. This game is worth the download. Don't forget to read the text file. More games available at www.freewebs.com/jmaster797 .
dots1.zip15k02-02-22File is not ratedDots! version v1.001234
A snake-like game where the object is to avoid the dots. Includes in-program instructions. Also has a CHEAT MODE! One single 5k program. Can be used in shells(Ion, Mirage, Ashell, etc). Has an interesting game layout: a "console" style play area. Most screen changes performed with interesting screen wipes, making for a not-very-boring experience.
dougmove.zip1k03-05-24File is not ratedDoug Move
a snake type game but with a twist: the "food" is hidden so you need to find it first.
drunkensnake.zip523k10-05-24File is not ratedDrunken Snake (2007)
Whatever you call games of this type -- snake, nibbles, worm, frog, byte -- this is definitely one of the more interesting ones. This is the classic game, but with a twist. The snake is somewhat drunk, and reacts a half-move slow to your keypresses, making this a bit more challenging than usual. For more information, just watch the introduction! Screenshot included.
eworm.zip7k04-11-11File is not ratedEndless Worm
Endless Worm is a snake arena game. Each player navigates his/her constantly growing worm around the screen, trying to avoid trails left by other worms. The last surviving worm wins. Created by: Team 77 Software (Team77.Ipfox.com) (Note: A Silver Edition TI-83+/84+ is HIGHLY reccomended for this game. It is very slow on a regular TI-83+/84+)
gosnake.zip7k09-09-11File is not ratedGame of Snake
This is the compleetely regular game of snake with a special addition. It is also one of the smallest and most flexible versions, as I have made it really easy to change about any settings in the game. Read through the "Variable and Constant" list in the Readme.txt for more information.
graphic_snake.zip7k04-04-16File is not ratedGraphic Snake
A graphical version of the arcade classic. Has had a significant speed boost. Features include the ability to use mazes for extra challenge. V1.5
gulp.zip1k04-04-15File is not ratedGulp
Gulp is my first program. It is kind of a snake type game but you are a G. I wrote it completely on my calculater. Its extremely basic and easy to read.
infinisnake.zip3k09-05-20File is not ratedInfini-Snake
A variation on the old theme. This time, avoid the dots, and last for as long as you can since your snake never ends!
kabkingedition.zip3k02-05-22File is not ratedKab K
kabstandardedition.zip4k02-05-22File is not ratedKab standard
leo_snake.zip1k10-01-18File is not ratedSnake
A simple snake.
lightcycle.zip54k06-06-18File is not ratedLight Cycles v1.4
Inspired by the game within the movie Tron and based on STAR DODGER (by Pi Productions), move your lightcyle to avoid the white dots and your trail. Features 3 modes: Endurance (last as long as you can), Arcade (Progress through progressively harder levels), and Custom (set the speed and number of white dots in the level). No longer uses strings 4 and 5 for hi score names, and creates a List named "LTCY" for the hi scores. Now it is recognized by MirageOS, so you can archive the game and still play! This game is highly adictive, even for me! Try out custom with 800 pix, it's intense! A new recall pic custom mode so you can now generate your own field, store it as pic 0-9, and then play on it.
lillmambadark.zip6k04-12-06File is not ratedLillmamba Dark
Lillmamba snake the dark verision.
lillmambawar.zip5k04-11-25File is not ratedlillmambawar
Try to beate the calc snake.
lillmamba.zip4k04-12-06File is not ratedLillmamba
Lillmamba a famous snake game.
lilmtown.zip4k04-11-25File is not ratedLillmambatown
Aviod the asteriods as long as possible.
linewars.zip5k05-05-22File is not ratedLine Wars
This is a fun game that could be thought of as "competetive snake." You must force your opponent's snake to crash into an obstacle before you do. Included is a random level generator and one and two player modes. Enjoy!
line.zip1k08-04-14File is not ratedLine 1.0
A simple, yet addicting game in which you must maneuver around the dots, avoid the walls, and not hit your own trail. Features two modes of play, a high score, and an automatic save after completing each level. Source code not currently available.
matrixnake.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedMatrix-nake v1.5 (MirageOS compatible)
Matrix-nake is a revolutionary game for TI-83+. Unlike other snake games, your aim is to avoid the dots instead of hitting them and you are not killed if you hit a wall or hit the snake itself. You just don't have one or two lives. You have 50 lives, but don't think that the game is far to easy. This game also records your Lowscore besides your Highscore. This game will change all of your thoughts about snake games.
mazerun.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedMaze Run V.1.0
You are a dot that is moving around the screen. Try not to hit your tail! Includes High Score list.
mazeworm.zip3k07-04-26File is not ratedMaze Worm
Navigate through three difficulties of mazes without hitting a wall, or yourself. Use a premade maze, create and load your own, or use the maze generator for completly random mazes.
metabolism.zip4k09-03-24File is not ratedMetabolism
Metabolism is one of the better variations of snake. I figured it would be a bit too challenging for the snake's tail to progressively get longer, so it doesn't. What does add difficulty, however, is that for each piece of fruit you eat, you leave waste behind you which stays there for the rest of the game. Your waste is as deadly as the walls: You touch either, you lose. Use the arrow keys to move. To keep the game good and fast, you are quite able to go backwards into yourself, which will kill you plenty. Pressing any button other that the arrow keys ends the game as well. Post any glitches you find in a review.
minedrop.zip2k00-11-24File is not ratedMine Drop
This is a nibbles-like clone except everytime you eat a dot 2 mines will apear and you grow. This game also features a highscore containing the persons initials and number of dots they ate.
minefield2.zip3k10-02-21File is not ratedMinefield 2
Minefield 2 is a snake game with a twist, there is a destination. All maps are random. Includes MIRAGE OS support, pause function, working high score system, time trial, resume game, custom menus, and more.
miniature_snake.zip3k14-12-21File is not ratedMini Snake
This game is a simple snake replica, a proof-of-concept game to demonstrate the ease of using assembly and basic programs together. It has a fully commentated source that is very easy to understand for the asm parts.
minisnake.zip1k08-05-27File is not ratedMinisnake
Minisnake====>9 speed levels, 9 mazes, this snake game is really addicted with his all maze topscore!!!! This game is the most difficult snakegame ever(certainly if you choose maze 7-9!)!!!download this pure basic game,and test all mazes!!! now!!!!(and read the readme please) this game runs the best on a TI84+, but a regular TI83+ is OK
mofrog2003.zip10k03-03-09File is not ratedMofrog 2003 (1.3.3)
Mofrog 2003 is more than just Mofrog. This classic Snake Game is optimized for TI-83 Plus, runs in MirageOS (not on SE), and has hiscore, average score, and rating features.
mofrog2005r1.zip90k04-11-20File is not ratedMofrog 2005
Mofrog 2005 is a variation of the classic Mofrog game - a TI Basic text mode snake game. It includes an updated composite scoring system, which is a fair and accurate representation of how you play the game. Comparing composite scores allows two people to compare their Mofrog skills.
msnake.zip1k05-02-11File is not ratedMini Snake
Like to play snake? Well this game's for you. The snake moves at an amazing speed but it's your job to direct it towards the pixel! It even features Pause!
mustyworm.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedMusty Worm 0.8d
This is the first worm game in french in basic I'v made
nactron.zip6k03-03-04File is not ratedn-a-c * TrOn
A kind of tron game.
neosnake1.zip14k05-08-23File is not ratedNeo Snake2
this is an anti snake game it is not a copy cat of the other one it just by chance and i am sorry if there is any confusion between us this game is fully customisible has a high score table and flat out great graphics so please download!
neosnake.zip1k02-03-30File is not ratedNeosnake v1.0
A challenging anti-snake game with a custom mode that allows you to choose the amount of mines you want to try and avoid.
newsnake2.zip1k07-10-27File is not ratedSnake
Snake eats the pebbles to win
newsnake.zip1k06-01-18File is not ratedThe BEST Snake Game Out There!
This is definitely the best BASIC snake game that was ever made. To start off, there is a completely custom-made menu (not like the boring one that is built in). Also, my favorite part is the ANIMATED INTRO!!! That's right, there is a BASIC animated intro that runs incredibly fast. Combine this with a high score table that not only stores your score, but also your name, and you have one heck of a game! *Update --> There are now four different difficulty levels as well as both normal and the ever-confusing reverse mode where up is down and left is right! I left it unlocked so you can learn from or edit this game any way you want. (Just give me credit please!)
new_tron.zip2k04-03-07File is not ratedTron
You have to pass barriers without crashing on them. Increasing difficulty. Only for 83+, not 83+SE (too fast)^^
nib83.zip2k03-03-17File is not ratedNib83
This is an excellent version of the classic game Nibbles for the 83/+. Note that this is originally not my game, I just worked with it and released it!
nibbeeb.zip2k04-05-16File is not ratedNIBBEEB
NIBBEE Beta - My first program but man is it good, and fast. A RADIAL version of nibbles, inspired by an asm game, "WORMY". Give it a try!
nibbler.zip9k03-10-19File is not ratedNibbler
This is my updated version of Nibbler with an awesome level editor. Forget all that anti-snake stuff. This is the real thing, genuine snake. With the editor you could, for example play a level using your initials as walls.. very cool. Check it out. Soon i will add an about, help, and high score list function to the menu (minor details) but its fairly self explainatory. Yes, Im awesome
nibbles2mos.zip1k05-12-03File is not ratedNibbles 2
This is a 'snake' game, where the player's snake must eat the food while the snake grows larger - all without running into the walls or the snake itself. This version adds compatibility with Mirage OS.
nibbles2.zip1k00-09-23File is not ratedNibbles 2
This is the classic Nibbles by Richard Neely with add features and bug fixes.
nibbles83.zip1k04-04-27File is not ratedNibbles83+
This is the nibbles game you all know and love. This is my first complete game and is really fun and challenging. Download and see if you can beat my best(level 3).
nibblesarc.zip7k00-03-06File is not ratedNibbles Arcade v1.0
By SiCoDe. Nibbles ARcade is the fastest and best nibbles game ever written in BASIC. It features 3 game variations,auto-save, and a ton of options and cheats. This is a must download.
nibblesa.zip12k04-09-13File is not ratedNibbles Advance v1.0
Another nibbles, avoid pixels and stay alive for 30 seconds each level.
nibblesii.zip2k05-06-04File is not ratedNibbles II
A remake of the classical Nibbles, except that you have to avoid the 'bad' food as well. Good speed and graphics.
nibblesinv.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedNibbles
This is an inversed version of nibbles. It looks great!
nibblesj.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedJake The Snake (NIBBLES)
An EXTREMELY fast version of the classic game "Nibbles." It has good graphics with smooth controls and a high score feature, as well. Download it today!
nibblesonhome2.zip1k03-04-05File is not ratednibbles on home screen
max length 230
nibblesonhome.zip1k03-04-03File is not ratedNibbles like game
Runs in the home screen max 230 length
nibblespractice.zip1k04-01-17File is not ratedNibbles practice game
Nibbles but you get a tail of 3 so you can't run inot yourself (very samll and very fast)
nibbles.zip3k00-11-24File is not ratedNibbles
This is an exact Nibbles Clone with 8 levels varying in difficulty and excellent graphics and game speed. It also includes a SAVE GAME feature!!! Give it a TRY!
nibbpak.zip3k02-05-23File is not ratedNibbpak
Nibbpak, for differents nibbles game in a pak
nibbtxt.zip1k04-08-23File is not ratedNibbles: Text Mode
Runs faster than any graphical version due to text mode's lower screen "resolution". Engine reprogrammed to be more comprehensive.
nib.zip1k03-10-04File is not ratedAnti Nibbles
I was just seeing if I could make it.
oposnakesite.zip1k04-05-29File is not ratedOpoSnakeSite v1.0
This is a game like Anti-Nibbles. It has only one game function, now, but if I get enough requests, I will put in more. It only has 15 levels because if you go any higher, you would not be able to move around. PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK!!!
oposnake.zip2k03-05-26File is not ratedOpo-Snake
Opo-snake is a game very much like snake but you do NOT want to hit the dots. The object is to last as long possible in each level, you will go to the next level after the snake has traveled a certain distance. The higher level you are in the more dots that will appear. There are 3 different versions of the snake: Original: This is just the basic concept where you don’t hit any dots last long as you can and then you go to next level. Find The Dot: This is the easiest of the 3, the snake moves slower and somewhere on the screen there is a blinking dot. The dot is sort of hard to see because it flickers very fast, if you hit that dot (and only that dot) you will go immediately to the next level. Elite Black: This is the hardest of the 3 snake versions the snake moves faster than the other two and more dots appear each level.
pixelchase.zip2k07-12-16File is not ratedPIXELCHASE
Just one of my first games. To test my programming skills. Instructions: -You are the left line, and you must run away from the right line. -You may not touch a line while the opposing line can with a handicap and will move at 1/4 the speed while in a line. -You must hold down the arrow keys to move -Enter to pause/unpause -(Figure it out for yourself) Future Possible Versions -
pixeldodgeii.zip2k03-11-07File is not ratedPixel Dodge I and II
These are two antinibbles-ish BASIC programs. Pixel Dodge X is good, but has a few bugs. Pixel Dodge II is my new version(yes, I know, 2 is less than 10, the X is for extreme, as this is a collection of a few versions). It has a high-score feature, save file, a code section, instructions. There is an unmentioned cheat...
psantinblz14.zip8k06-11-24File rated 8.44Penguin Studios Anti-Nibblz
The opposite of snake, you try to avoid the dots that appear randomly.
python.zip12k07-02-17File is not ratedPython
A difficult snake game for the advanced Nibbles player. Maps are in the form of pictures, allowing you to draw your own levels. Features 4 pre-made levels, highscore, 2 apples at a time, and 3 levels of difficulty.
random.zip1k09-12-12File is not ratedsnake attack
here is a snake game, which if you look at the code, it's very easy to know how it works
rattler.zip8k06-10-27File is not ratedRattler
Just like the games Rattler Race or Snake, in which you move a snake around, trying to collect items while avoiding walls. There are three different modes in this game. The first one is when you go through the actual game at any difficulty you want, starting at level 1. There are a total of ten different levels. The second mode is a Practice mode. In this mode, you can practice any level in the game. The third mode I call the Level Editing mode. Yes, there is a level editor, and it’s awesome! You can edit and create your very own levels, and play them in the Practice mode of the game. And it’s nice because all of this in one program. There aren’t a bunch of different programs to download like there are in some games.
realsnake.zip5k13-01-28File is not ratedReal Snake
Just Real Snake, like snake should be. Programmed in TI basic, and readable for everyone, so feel free to edit/customize anything. 12 different levels to play, and in the read me file instructions to create and play your own levels.
rsnake1.5.zip114k09-05-16File is not ratedReverse Snake v1.5
***UPDATE TO REVERSE SNAKE v1.0*** This is reverse snake at it's finest (as far as BASIC is concerned). Unlike normal snake, the object of reverse snake is to DODGE the dots, not eat them. With more features than RSNAKE v1.0, RSNAKE v1.5 has even more bang for the buck. RSNAKE is Mirage compatible, so for you people with loads of games in your RAM, you can still have all those games on your calc AND enjoy RSNAKE whenever you feel like it. With 3 difficulty levels, as well as multiple high scores AND name saving for each difficulty level, RSNAKE is more than just a 1 time play game. You'll want to play until you manage to get 1000 on Hard (GOOD LUCK!!! my best on hard is 648). With an unlimited number of levels, you can play over and over again.
scribble.zip1k00-12-26File is not ratedScribbles
Scribbles is just like nibbles, but with a twist. You have you move the snake around and eat the dots. You can't run into walls, your tail, or "guard" dots. "Guard" dots are 4 dots that surround the main dot. You want to eat the main dot, and the 4 "guard" dots are obstacles. If you run into a wall, your tail, or a "guard" dot, the game is over. This game is very fast and fun to play. No calculator is complete without it!
serpent.zip2k05-08-13File is not ratedSerpent ver. 2.01
This is a fun, fast game with many levels, and adjustable difficulty. Instead of eating the apples, you have to avoid running into them. As the levels progress, there are more and more apples to avoid. Serpent runs extremely smoothly with no slow-down. Open source for programmers in training.
slicksnake.zip5k02-10-23File is not ratedSnake Death
This is very simply a snake game where you try to stay alive as long as you can without hitting walls, rocks (dots), or yourself.
snacker.zip2k03-08-08File is not ratedSnacker
This is a game that is very much like Nibbles and Snake. It has a few added features including a choice between Easy and Hard, so you can practice and switch to the harder/faster mode when you are ready. Also, there is a special game board which makes the game far more challenging and fun! Snacker features great graphics and in-game menus.
snake0083p.zip1k03-03-21File is not ratedSnake Titanium
One of the best snake games for the calculator out there :-), sequel to snake plantinum.
snake121.zip7k09-12-12File is not rated1.21 SNAKE
This is a very fast snake game written entierly with basic. The snake grows as you eat more food and you have to try and stay alive for as long as you can without hitting yourself. You can also go through the walls. This is a small program that doesn't take up much space on your calculator compared to many of the other snake games. It does not contain long intro screens etc and it is just a simple, fast, and easy to use snake game. Download the group "SNAKE" to your calculator and ungroup to play!
snake1.2.zip5k03-09-21File is not ratedSnake v1.2
Snake is a basic game. It has some options(length, objects, go thru walls or not). If you play with more objects, or not thru walls, you earn more points
snake2004.zip1k04-10-09File is not ratedSnake
Only a game i made up in school. Have fun with it.
snake_22.zip2k09-11-13File is not ratedSnake
V1.1 The classic snake program.
snake2_46.zip1k09-12-14File is not ratedSnake Sttack!
Its a snake game, where you see how long you can last without hitting yourself or hit the crates. I designed a very simple code, so check out how i did this
snake2_83p.zip91k03-04-13File is not ratedSnake v2.0 *Final versioN*
The last update of a snake game, quite fast for BASIC. Try it !
snake283p.zip2k03-03-21File is not ratedSnake 2
One of the best snake games for the calculator out there :-), sequel to snake plantinum, and titanium.
snake2bram.zip1k05-11-05File is not ratedSnake RAM
The updated snake RAM file. Version 7 of the Archive file.
snake2b.zip4k06-05-18File is not ratedSnake 2
If you played Snake 2 before you know it’s a good program If you have downloaded this file before you know it’s all about the cheats. You can change the speed the game runs at, the high score and the scoring interval. Plus, now it even has an invincibility cheat. I also made a blinking bait cheat which was a suggestion made to me. Added in a cheat to clear tail. Since this is a TI-BASIC (83-plus) program you can run it as is off your ram or save it to your archive and run it in Mirage OS. (If you’re Upgrading, See Walkthrough).
snake2c.zip1k08-01-31File is not ratedSNAKE
Just a basic snake game. It will use list one and list two, so you will need them to be unarchived and enough ram to fill them. Also pic0 must be unarchived or not used once they are full there will be displaed a pleas wait loading bar. just be patiant it may take a bit of time but your game will continue. this should not happen for a while. This program runs fastest when unarchived and on an 83+se or 84+se but will run on any 83 or 84
snake2.zip1k07-12-17File is not ratedSnake
Just a basic snake game. It will use list one and list two, so you will need them to be unarchived and enough ram to fill them. Also pic0 must be unarchived or not used once they are full there will be displaed a pleas wait loading bar. just be patiant it may take a bit of time but your game will continue. this should not happen for a while.
snake3.zip3k02-03-08File is not ratedSnake
This is probably my best basic game I have made. It is just like the original snake game and it has seven levels that get smaller like uncleworm.
snake4.zip2k02-10-07File is not ratedSnake
This Snake like never before! You can make custom levels, take snapshots, and new to v:8.0, saving you games!
snake_58.zip1k23-09-05File is not ratedOptimized Snake
2 different snakes one is 371 bytes flawless and 356 but a small memory leak
snake5.zip4k04-03-09File rated 6.97Snake
This is snake optomized to the max. It goes fast and has sweet graphics. Features speed, simplicity, high-score saving, and small size. Also deletes it's own arrays to save your precious RAM. Right now I'm working on Snake Adventure, which will feature levels and options. For now enjoy this awesome game of snake!
snake6.zip7k08-01-31File is not ratedSnake
A solid and fast remake of a popular title for the TI-83/4 +. A very fun game to play any time! And it's only 0.7 K, so it fits very easily on your calculator. The game keeps score and lets you pause. Includes instructions and a picture.
snake83p_2.zip3k04-05-21File is not ratedSNAKE Surprise Version
This is a unnormal version.you can play the normal snake,you can play the surprise version.it´s very good!I come from germany so my english is´nt good
snake83plus.zip1k03-07-07File is not ratedSnake
You are a snake, and you try to eat as much food as you can without dying. The more food you eat, the longer you get!
snake83pl.zip1k03-03-21File is not ratedSnake platinum
One of the best snake games for the calculator out there :-).
snake83p.zip4k01-12-16File is not ratedS N A K E v.1.0
An excellent new version of the classic game "Snake" (also known as "Nibbles"). Snake runs at appx. 7 frames per second and is entirely graphical.
snake84.zip1k11-04-27File is not ratedSnake84
Works best on 84. The game runs a little slow on the 83.
snake_89.zip1k13-03-06File is not ratedSnake
A differentiation to the beloved game Snake. Once you score above a score of 1500 it will enable a surprise. This is not my first program but it is the first that I am uploading. I hope you like it. Email me if you find any problems or if you have any suggestions
snake.8xp.zip1k13-09-26File is not ratedSnake
An incredibly fast and simple version of the classic snake game.
snake8.zip86k08-08-11File is not ratedSnake Game
ok, it look like one player tron but its my first. comes with intructions and useful files for other games. high quality and an ability to toughen the game by addding random pixels to avoid under options.
snakead.zip1k10-08-22File is not ratedSnakeAD v7.5
Just a simple snake game) enjoy)
snakeagain.zip1k04-04-27File is not ratedSnake
This is another great snake version. This one uses the Home Screen. You get to choose your type of snake, your type of food, and even your growth rate. It's small, and is very fast (I don't think it's possible to get much faster). Anyway, I hope you like it.
snakeajl.zip1k13-03-26File is not ratedSnake
The classic game of snake. Enjoy!
snakearcade.zip83k20-09-14File is not ratedSnake Arcade Pack
Snake Arcade is a game for the TI-84 Plus Family. In them, they have multiple types of snake games for you to enjoy. Snake Arcade IV is the last snake game I will make for monochrome calculators. This zip archive contains five different Snake Games. Enjoy! Snake Arcade CE is in development. Check up on Cemetech.net for development progress.
snakea.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedSnake Mines
In this version of snake you must try and avoid the mines that are put on the screen. This version includes High scores for the 100 and 200 mine setting.
snakebrube.zip7k07-06-25File is not ratedSnake-Brube
Snake with 20 levels, a level editor and highscore. The snake moves fast, and you can save the game.
snakebydan.zip1k13-01-02File is not ratedSnake
Remember that game on your old cell phone? Well here it is for you calculator. Controls can be touchy but you get used to them quickly.
snakebynxwkev.zip1k10-03-31File is not ratedSnake
7 mazes, eat the +'s, avoid the walls, and your body.
snake_by_rens.zip2k11-04-27File is not ratedSnake
Unlike all the other Snake programs, this Snake program makes use of system/finance variables instead of normal variables. Therefore it's a lot faster (on my 5 year old calculator still 9 fps at the highest level). I've minimized the time lag when the snake eats morsel. The game also includes a high score with name. All together I think this is the fastest Snake game.
snakeced.zip3k10-03-20File is not ratedSnake
Un simple snake avec enregistrement du score. / A simple snake with recording of the score.
snakegraphical.zip1k05-09-26File is not ratedSnake, with great graphics
A very simple, graphical rendition of the classic game Snake. Features awesome graphics for a basic game! -- By Fisch2
snake_in_da_grass.zip33k03-12-20File is not ratedSnake in da Grass v1.2
This game is very similar to "Uncle Worm," but also different in many ways. In this game, you are a growing snake who is trapped in a room. The objective is not to crash into a on-pixel. In other words, you are not supposed to crash into the wall, an obstacle, or yourself. If you are looking for a BASIC "Uncle Worm" themed game, then I guarantee you "Snake in da Grass" is an excellent pick. This game will never crash unless you don't follow the instructions in the readme.
snakejr.zip1k02-09-30File is not ratedSnakeJr.
This game is a mini snake. If you want to learn more get the readme. It explains every feature. This is my first real game so... yeah... it sucks unless you are VERY bored... in the readme includes features, bugs, and future ideas
snakelab.zip2k04-05-16File is not ratedSnakelab
Two snake/labyrinth type games. Both fun, but one is a little slow unless you have a silver edition.
snakelite.zip1k04-04-16File is not ratedSnake Lite
A text based verison of the classic Snake that lets you go off the edge of the screen and come back on the other side.
snakeoriginal.zip3k16-12-13File is not ratedSnake
The classic game Snake! Ya know, like, the oldest game in the book? Eat apples and grow bigger!
snakeoxo.zip9k03-09-14File is not ratedSnake Forever 2.4
This is a very fun game where you shall eat apples and avoid hitting yourself or the walls. It's a pretty advanced snake-game there the snake grows longer after every dot you move and not only when you eat something. It's pretty difficult and you must have a strategic mind to get good highscores on the five different mazes. The apples are also bigger and alot of new functions are included in the big upgrade of version 2. Enjoy!
snakerealrps.zip1k12-04-01File is not ratedSNAKE2
Agora a Snake está melhor do que nunca, com 6 níveis e 2 formas de jogar. As imagens falam por si! Snake is now better than ever, with six levels and two forms of play. The images speak for themselves!
snakern.zip8k10-07-15File is not ratedSnake RN (Deutsch/English)
Just like in the original game you will have to reach the hole, but in SnakeRN you will also have to look out for the bombs Ähnlich wie im Original geht es bei Snake RN darum, ins Loch zu kommen. Doch diesmal muss der Spieler auch noch auf jede Menge Minen aufpassen, von denen - von Level zu Level - mehr auf dem Spielfeld herumliegen.
snakes.zip3k05-03-19File is not ratedAlex's Snakes
Snake is a remake of a cell phone game on the calculator. The object is to eat the food that appears, without running into the walls or your tail, which grows every time you eat a piece of food. The first version is on the home screen and it includes mazes from the cell phone game. The second is on the graph screen and has randomly generated mazes. It is faster and takes less memory than the first version.
snaketi84plus.8xo.zip1k10-10-25File is not ratedSnake
Your snake moves in whatever direction you choose but DON'T RUN INTO DOTS, YOUR OLD TRAIL, and THE WALLS.
snakev2.0optimized.zip1k24-05-31File is not ratedSuper Optimized Snake V2.0 352 Bytes!
Version 2.0 is here! Big improvement! No memory leak or bugs! Bare Bones Snake! Written in TI-Basic. Uses Matrix [A] and no lists. Screenshot and Readme Included. Enjoy! :)
snakev23.zip11k04-05-25File is not rated***SNAKE!!!***
If you have other versions of my game, or another version of snake on your calc, DELETE THEM NOW AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! this game is snake for the ti-83 and 83 plus families THIS GAME IS GREAT it is VERY FAST and RELIABLE my most recent update includes many new features such as the high score system is more stable and faster the ingame speed (at the highest) is most noticiably faster, it deletes all it's variables and archives it's high scores!! I MANAGED TO CUT DOWN THE SIZE FROM 7100KB TO 5100 KB and all of the out of game menus are now graphical. you MUST clear your high scores before starting it for the first time, but it shows you what buttons to press on that perticular screen a more updated in-game help and error-free running make this the ABSOLUTE NUMBER ONE BEST SNAKE GAME AVAILABLE FOR THE TI-83 PLUS!!!
snakev5.0.zip3k08-04-14File is not ratedSnake v5.0 --- Real Snake
Snake v5.0 is the original snake game as you know it. This is not just another tron variation. This is one of the only existing BASIC snake games. Cool graphical interfaces and easy game play make this game a must download. FEATURES *MirageOS Compatible *Highscores *Difficulty Levels
snakeway.zip1k07-12-16File is not ratedSnakeway
This is a very nice Snake for your calculator. It runs fast and has nice graphics! Try out and enjoy!!! (The object of the game is described in the Main Menu of the game!)
snake_with_mazes.zip3k20-06-16File is not ratedSnake
Classic snake game
snakey.zip4k08-04-14File is not ratedSnakey
This is the greatest snake game ever created. Download it now! It plays easy!
snake.zip1k00-10-20File is not ratedSnake
SNAKE is a fast action, Nibbles-style game. But instead of trying to guide your snake towards the dots, you want to stay away from them. Also avoid hitting the walls, and yourself. If you hit a wall, a dot, or yourself, the game is over. This game is very fast and fun to play.
snakoxo3.zip25k04-03-27File is not ratedSnake Forever 3.3
The very latest update of my absolutely best game series. Snake Forever is a simple game where you shall move around as in nokia's Snake and eat food. But you don't grow longer for the food you eat, but all the time you move, making the game a pretty difficult and very strategic clone of Snake. But it's more advanced than that. In this latest version there are four modes of play, including a multiplayer and a story mode. There's four kinds of food: ordinary meatballs, super apples and brick breakers which allows you to go through some walls. In one of the modes there's also a speaker kind of food. The game also includes an exciting story (really!), tons of highscores, statistics and status. Everything put togheter in easy navigating menus, on nine different thrilling levels and with a really easy to learn but very challenging gaming engine! Read the readme for more information. Please donwload and enjoy!!
snakoxo.zip3k03-06-20File is not ratedSnake Forever 1.1
A snake game where you should move around, eat apples and avoid hitting any wall or yourself. This is a very difficult snake where your snake just grows longer and longer for every dot you move! Enjoy!
snik.zip1k02-09-06File is not ratedSnik v1.18
Some sort of A Nibbles game, dodge the mines and dont crash into yourself, Highscore not implemented yet. You can choose how many mines you want in the Settings Menu.
snkegame.zip1k15-05-15File is not ratedSnake
A fun snake game with 5 levels and one you can make YOURSELF, 2 HIGHSCORES for each level, 3 different SPEEDS, STONES to evade and FOOD to eat. I tried to make the file as small as possible; it's just under 2750 bytes. Don't hesitate to give me your feedback :)
speedsnake.zip2k05-09-26File is not ratedSpeed
A very fun twist on the classic snake-like game, in which you must progress through various levels of increasing difficulty by navigating your snake to the top of a maze, avoiding obstacles and competing for a high score along the way. -- By Fisch2
stardodger.zip1k06-04-24File is not ratedStar Dodger
Star Dodger is a simple tron game where you must dodge the stars as long as possible
supersnake.zip1k05-05-26File is not ratedSuper Snake
This is another version of the Nibbles game. You choose your difficulty, and then you move around avoiding the 2x2 dots. I wrote this program during US Studies II today. Enjoy!
surround83.zip1k03-03-21File is not ratedSurround
A 2 player snake game on one calculator, its wonderfully packed full of fantastic fun. Based on the Atari 2600 Classic.
surround.8xp1k02-03-07File is not ratedDummy goes hunting
A 2 player snake game on one calculator
survivalsnake.zip81k11-05-29File is not ratedSurvivalSnake Version 1.0
This is a Snake game where you have to doge all the time things. Doors CS with all libs activated is required!
tankztronb.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedtanks and tron
tanks-a game that i was tryingto get 2 calc head to head working for but could not. tron is just like tron
tapeworm.zip1k10-11-23File is not ratedTapeworm
An alternative snake game. Going over the tail doesn't harm the tapeworm, but if you can't afford the "pie" before it has vanished, the worm will die for its sorrow. Controlling this tapeworm may be very tricky: with left and right arrows you can only adjust how eagerly the worm turns left or right.
thedot.zip2k07-03-31File is not ratedThe Dot
You are a pixel, and you are trying to hit another pixel without hitting the walls. It sounds like snake, but there are some differences. You gets lives and the speed increases after you have hit 5 pixels.
tigerm.zip1k00-12-04File is not ratedParamecium
A nice little game similar to nibbles, where you are an amoeba and you eat the paramecium. The boilogy teaher might not mind you playing this partiular game in class. Has no bugs that I know of : ) (USES ONLY ONE PIC!)
titron.zip25k09-11-07File is not ratedTI-TRON
This game is a simple game similar to the original TRON game, only for calculators! This game is fast and runs like asm games. It is the best game I have ever made and has another added bonus.... It is 2 player! The calculator receives inputs for both lines and senses who wins the game!
trailing.zip2k04-11-04File is not ratedTrailing - The Game
Here’s a game quite similar to the classic snake eating game, except opposite. In this version you'’re a never ending, growing snake that has eating to much and will avoid all dots that appear. Continue for as long as you can without hitting your tail or any of the dots to get the highest score!
tribbles.zip2k99-09-10File is not ratedTribbles
This game is like Tron and Nibbles but with an interesting twist!
tron01.zip2k12-05-05File is not ratedTron
Be prepared for an awesome, stupendous, amazing fast snake game for the TI-83+! Lots of features, 4 modes, highscore support, and an unlockable feature!
tron1.zip1k06-07-07File is not ratedTron x1
Exactly like TRONx2x, but its one player against a computer. It goes a little slower due to the artificial intelligence running on the 15mhz processor, and admittedly its not as fun as tronx2x, but you can play it by yourself, which means you can play it during class.
tron83.zip1k05-11-19File is not ratedTron
TI-BASIC port of the classic game Tron. Try to get the other person to hit your snake before you hit their's.
tron.8xp1k03-06-24File is not ratedtron(SE)
Tron is now available to your calc with artificial intelligence! this game runs relativly slow, so it is recommended for the 83+ silver.
tronrevo.zip1k03-12-01File is not ratedTRON revolutions
a fun game that is actually 6 games... highscore + modes
tronx.zip1k04-12-08File is not ratedTron
A tron game for two players, in same machine. You just have to make your friend hit a wall...
tron.zip44k04-01-17File is not ratedTron v.1.2
A Multi-Difficulty Game where you Keep the Line going. Go for High Score dodging random lines and yourself.
twspnibb.zip1k02-05-23File is not ratedtwspnibb
twspnibb, a nibble hame with a AI worms
uan.zip4k03-03-30File is not ratedUltimate Anti-Nibbles 4
This is just like regular nibbles, or snake, except you try to avoid the apples. What makes this program different? It's the great graphics, fast gameplay, high scores WITH INITIALS!, different modes, and an inverted playing field option. This new version features a new and good third mode. Check out the screeshots!
unib.zip1k00-10-10File is not ratedNibbles v1.01
This is the best nibbles it's very fast and great fun during math class
vfactor.zip2k04-08-03File is not rated***V-FACTOR***
A very addicting "Anti-Nibbles" knock-off, but still very different. Check the reame for much more info.
walk2.zip2k04-02-04File is not ratedWalk 2
it's my sequel to walk! Newer conscept: get from bottom to top. You have a time limit. once again, you can make levels. There is to much to explain! Comes bundled with a small game you'll like. e_mail levels to me! e_vanhall@msn.com Use the readme so you know what to do! Happy Playing. Master Piece
walk_or_run.zip2k04-01-17File is not ratedWalk
This game is my newest creation. You can make your own levels by drawing pics. Here's how you play: you can only move a never ending string right, up, or down. Your objective is to get a pixle from left to right. It can only move right, down, or up and right at the same time up 1 pixle steps. e-mail me level pics at e_vanhall@msn.co to appear on Masterpiece's website. (comming soon)
walls.zip6k12-03-11File is not ratedWalls V 1.01 for Era-Systems V 2.12/2.2
First of all I want to say thank you for everyone of the 100 downloaders and I hope you like the update ;)! In this app you can controll a snake which is growing and growing...! You just have to look out for the walls, because the other player is also trying to move without crashing. You can hit him by cutting him his way, but he will also try this! You can play against a bot or in the multi- player against human players (momentary just on one device, the linking mode will come in the next version (1.1)). New Features: V 1.01: - The bot is a little more clever now - Some Highscore bugs are removed - fully supports Era-Systems V 2.2 PLEASE ALSO BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED ERA-SYSTEMS V 2.12 (or later): http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/446/44603.html
weirdsnake83p.zip2k05-04-02File is not ratedWeird Snake Game (Really fun though)
This game is weird. I put it together in about 4 hours. I was really bored today, so I decided to make a snake game, or atleast attempt. I failed. I don't really get how to make one, if someone would like to help me or atleast give me some help, that'd be awesome. Basically, you are the little o. You have to go around ""eating up" or "catching" the other things that are jumping around. The cool part about this game is that the random objects jump around when you get close to them. So it's pretty hard to catch them. I guess, well I'll make up a story, which will be in the Readme. USE the menu. There is an option to change the difficulty. I tried to make it into levels, where you have to reach a certain amount of points in order to move onto the next level, but I failed. It's a fun game, downlaod it. This game includes: High score, some little cheats, different difficulties from Very easy to hard...and more!
wicket.zip3k05-05-14File is not ratedWicket 1.1.6
Wicket is a unique spin on traditional "Nibbles"-type games. Instead of eating dots, however, your goal is to maneuver your snake though a series of wickets. Includes a score tally, High Score function and an infinite number of levels.
winter.zip1k04-09-04File is not ratedWinter
A snake-like with snowflakes.
wormed.zip1k12-03-09File is not ratedWormed - Version 1.9
You are turned into a never-ending worm! Avoid all the dots for as long as you can and try to get a highscore!
wormlike.zip21k02-10-28File is not ratedWormLike v1.0
somewaht of an incomplete radial nibbles game based on Uncle Worm, but in BASIC
xsnake.zip2k04-10-07File is not ratedX-Snake
In this game you have to control a snake, which gets longer and longer. But be aware of the appearing pixels! The game is a little bit slow, because it's written in BASIC and the language in the menus is German.
zsnake.zip1k07-02-18File is not ratedZ-Snake
Snake game where you get longer by eating the blinking dots. Random levels, coordinates of dot in corner, and splatter effect when you die.

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