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finalcalculator.zip1k16-06-09File is not ratedFinal Calculator
This program tells you what you need to get on your final to get the grade you want. Just give it your current grade, how much the final is worth, and your desired grade in the class. You could use the internet or a simple math formula to do this, but having it on your calculator lets you do it right in the classroom. Includes a point mode and a percent mode, depending on what grade system your school uses.
grades3.zip15k06-10-27File is not ratedGrades III
Grades III finally reaches its prime with version 1.0. I've made a few streamlines to the code, making the program run faster and take up less RAM. It's still MirageOS and CrunchyOS compatible so if you're using those you should have no problem integrating Grades III into your everyday workplace. Grades III v1.0 makes some changes to the grading scale in use by my school (as always, you can change this if you please).
vuton.zip5k06-01-27File is not ratedVuton Titanium OS 4
This is a very handy program to have around. During school, this is the only program you need! Compatible with MirageOS, it has a homework manager, so no more assignment book to carry around. It has a grading program, so you can keep track of your grades in five subjects. It also contains OzloMath 4, a math program, which helps you with obscure math dilemmas, and Illegal Street Racing, a game where you buy cars and run them through obstacle courses to get money, better cars and street cred. Play some games or write down homework, this is a must for school! Just remember, keep all files unarchived.
grades.zip1k04-04-13File is not ratedGrades
Gives you your wieghted grade. This program lets you chose if you want to do your grades with the percentages (if you know them) or by points (yours/total) then you can chose how many catigories (2 or 3) depending on how many you have (like homework and tests or 1 extra) then you enter what percent of your grade there worth and what you got in each catigory and it gives you your grade in percent form. It does not give you a letter grade seeing as teachers standards vary.
testscor.zip1k04-02-09File is not ratedTest scores
Give your marks and see your score.
gpa.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedGPA Pro!
A really easy to use program, the GPA Pro! will find your grade point average (GPA). This program is great because it doesnt have to be programmed to fir how many classes you have! Simply input how many classes you have the it will prompt you (with how ever many classes you said you have), and input the individual grade point for each class (A=4, B=3, C=2, etc.). AND THATS IT SWEET! great litle prog! a must have!
grader.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedGrader
Perfect program to keep up to date with your grade in all your classes NO MORE ASKING TEACHERS. And find out what you need to get to get your dream grade
gradebk.zip31k01-06-24File is not ratedGradebook v1.0
Gradebook v1.0: Full featured, 6 period gradebook program for students
grade.zip2k99-12-24File is not ratedGrade Finder
It allows a TA to enter the number of points pos. and figers an unlimited amount of grade percents
gradeche.zip1k99-03-04File is not ratedGradeCheck v2.7.3

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