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Number of files 9
Last updated Wednesday, 17 March 2004
Total downloads 22,543
Most popular file  Skater,Gap(Gap Skater) with 4,111 downloads.

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illusion83p.zip3k04-03-17Illusion Picture 83+
This is a simple grayscale illusion picture. Concentrate on the center and move your calculator toward and away from your head to see amazing result! Quite fun to look at and show to people. Run with ion or MirageOS.
gapskater.zip2k03-05-11Skater,Gap(Gap Skater)
Gapskater,the classic computer game, now on the calc
chrstmas.zip2k03-04-05Merry Christmas!
Check out this neat picture of Santa and his Reindeer flying through starry night sky! (This picture won an award in my math class)
ziloginside.zip2k02-05-11Zilog Inside
a gfx program for ION showing a modification of a well-known logo...
fight.zip60k02-03-28SSJ Goku vs. SSJ Vegeta
this is a gif convereted by William White using TIMM
What's to say, it's a lizard!
startrek.zip1k00-10-20Star Trek Pictures
Three pictures from Star Trek.
treeeee.zip1k00-08-03Dead Tree
A pic of a dead tree. Nothing special. Just a dead tree.
bond1.zip1k00-07-30James Bond
Same as other updated docs

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