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Last updated Sunday, 5 August 2012
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Most popular file  Rollin video with 7,542 downloads.

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ab5teaser2.zip2k12-08-05Alien Breed 5 (teaser 2)
Another small teaser program for Alien Breed 5.
ab5teaser.zip2k12-06-11Alien Breed 5 (teaser)
A small teaser program for Alien Breed 5.
A nice movie where a damaged ship twirls through space and then blows up (with another ship coming after it), made with TIMM
bar83p.zip1k02-03-23A Guy Walks Into A Bar
It is a little movie. I hope you like it. Otherwise you don't have any sense of humor. Don't forget to show it your friends at school!
flamme2.zip70k06-05-11flamme 2
Small interactive flame effect.
It's a graphic of a Gun fireing a bullet and discharging a shell.
hausvomnikolausion.zip1k03-12-17Haus vom Nikolaus
It's a video for Ion. I guess you know, what's shown. Look at the screenshots and have fun.
lcbhaa.zip86k05-05-06Life can be happy after all
This was a quick entry for the MaxCoderz Programming Competiton for which i won (by default :P). It is a small demo/anim with minimal effects.
matrix83p.zip5k02-07-22Matrix 83+
This program simulate the code of the matrix like in the movie.
matrixs.zip20k03-12-08Matrix Screen Saver
This program is screensaver of "The Matrix".
movies.zip79k00-10-13Misc. Movies
A collection of movies made from the program TIMM. They include some clips from DragonBall Z and some skateboarding clips
piccolo.zip144k02-03-17Piccolo vs. Frieza
basically a few seconds of when frieza (stage 2) and piccolo are fighting, converted by William White using TIMM
rain2.0.zip24k10-06-06Rain Animation 2.0
This is an animation of rain as viewed from behind a window, written in Axe.
rollin.zip137k00-10-20Rollin video
This is the first minute of Limp Bizkit's "Rollin" video made with TIMM. Enjoy.
runningstopwatchion.zip2k03-12-18running stopwatch
It's a running stopwatch shown. Look at the screenshots and have fun.
vid_drift.zip6k05-03-07Drifting video -Created using TIMM
A short little video of a Toyota AE-86 Levin drifting! I converted the file to use TI-Connect as well as TI-Graph Link
video.zip1k02-03-11SSJ Goku Instant Transmission
SSJ Goku Instant Transmission, when he takes Cell away to save Earth...converted by William White using TIMM
vid_wrc.zip43k05-03-21WRC Videos
An assorted collection of WRC videos.
The well known video of the first XiaoXiao fight.
yourbase.zip7k01-03-12Zero Wing Intro
All Your Base video encoded using TIMM

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