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Last updated Thursday, 23 November 2017
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Most popular file  WiredWorks v1.0 for DoorsCS 7.1.1 + Vertex3D lib with 824 downloads.

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adc001.zip86k15-10-16File is not ratedArrogant Device Central 0.01E
This Program is basically an experimental version of a future program I plan to build. That is what the "E" stands for. This is the first program that I built with the Axe Parser.
gravity.zip2k11-10-08File is not ratedGravity
my very first program in axe parser. tried to simulate gravity, and it worked, sort of. Controls: 2nd-turn pixel on mode-turn pixel off Y=-clear entire screen Graph-go to gravity simulator clear-exit 2nd(while in gravity simulator)-rocket boost arrow keys-move **written in Axe parser**
paint0.8.zip973k17-11-23File is not ratedEasyPaint
Easy Paint program,Can Read Script,but have some display bug on ti84.
trippy.zip2k14-11-23File is not ratedTrippy Effects
This is a very trippy line animation, generated at the random. I is kind of like Runer112's line animation but more random and complex. Download and enjoy! It works on MirageOS, DoorsCS, Ion, or any Ion compatible shell. NoShell version included. Source included.
wiredworks.zip6k12-12-22File is not ratedWiredWorks v1.0 for DoorsCS 7.1.1 + Vertex3D lib
This is the final 1.0 version of WiredWorks, an on-calc 3D modeler. It's like a SolidWorks on your Ti-83+/84+ ! With a real wired 3D engine and an awesome GUI interface thanks to the powerful DoorsCS7 GUI API, WiredWorks provides model im/exporting, editing and more ! You can also build your own 3D programs using the included VERTEX3D lib (documentation in the readme) ! Requires DoorsCS 7.1.1 to work correctly.

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