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Last updated Saturday, 6 December 2014
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Most popular file  Super Mario v1.2 with 545,011 downloads.

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3dsnake.zip4k12-07-31File rated 7.95Snakecaster: A 3D Nibbles Game (2012)
You've played Snake. Or Nibbles. Whatever you call it, you probably haven't played it like this. Snakecaster is a raycasted snake game—you can still play the game the usual way, but as you play, a large panel will show you a raycasted 3D scene. Basically, you see the game as the snake sees it (if the snake sees the world in blocks of black and white). It's 3D. In a Nibbles game. It's completely overkill, but hey, why not? Winner of TI-Concours 2012 Axe division. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
7g.zip7k99-11-14File rated 7.137G v3.0
This is a program where you are Jet that has to fly through a tunnel and dodge the upper and lower walls as well as mines, and stay alive for as long as you can.
ab4.zip16k12-07-04File is not ratedAlien Breed IV: Final Assault v1.1.0
This is the 4th entry in the Alien Breed series, compatible with the TI-83/83+/86 calculators. An 8-way smooth scrolling shoot-'em-up game that comes with a complete levelset, and the ability to play other external levelsets. A levelset editor is available separately for Windows that allows you to build your own levelsets!
ab5.zip178k13-06-12File is not ratedAlien Breed 5 v1.1.1
Originally by Team 17 for the Amiga computer system, the Alien Breed series was a cult classic! Alien Breed 5 is a remake of Team 17's Alien Breed Special Edition '92, including all 12 levels, various weapon upgrades, hordes of aliens & bosses, and more, all put together in this top-down 8-way scrolling shoot-em-up.
abdm.zip44k00-09-17File is not ratedAlien Breed: Deathmatch v0.9 Beta 2
Alien Breed: Deathmatch is a linkplay deathmatch game based on the hit game Alien Breed II. This beta version doesn't work properly but it's now PUBLIC DOMAIN so if you can get it working you are welcome to release it under your name (although I'd appreciate a little credit).
acelgoyobis.zip202k04-11-11File rated 8.59Acelgoyobis
The first pinball game on a TI calculator written in assembly, available for all models in the 82/83/83+ line. Level editor and full source included.
acid.zip2k03-06-27File is not ratedAcid
Dodge the falling acid dripping off the leaky pipe. Addicting game.
afroion.zip92k03-05-05File rated 4.21AFRO Dance v1.01
AFRO Dance is a reflex-based game for TI-83+. You have to press the correct button before the time run out. When you gain level you have to be quicker because the amount of time is decreasing for each level... New: Added more SPECIAL moves.. NOTE: The screenshot is from v1.0 so you won't see the new SPECIALs.
aifig.zip24k02-06-01File is not ratedAifig v0.82
airhawk.zip9k00-04-18File rated 6.38Airhawk v1.0
A very LARGE game, an overhead-style arcade WWII shooter. Takes up so much memory, it has to be good!
alienb4.zip14k01-06-21File rated 8.28Alien Breed IV: Final Assault v0.9 (Demo)
This is the fantastic finale to the Alien Breed series that all TI-83/TI-83+/TI-86 owners should have a copy. An outstanding 8-way smooth scrolling shoot-'em-up game - this demo shows the brilliance of what's to come :)
alienb.zip35k00-04-30File rated 7.11Alien Breed II v3.0
A Gauntlet style shoot-'em-up game. You are a Marine whose mission is to destroy a Space Station infested by an Alien Breed. Includes 11 levels plus a Level Editor.
alien.zip7k00-02-04File is not ratedAlien v1.0
Alien is a classic shoot-em-up game. Enemies get stronger as you progress through the levels. . .
all83p.zip64k01-05-10File is not ratedAllecto v1.3006
Special version of Phoenix for the ticalc.org CD
alphaleob.zip2k02-06-04File is not ratedalpha leo
amidarp.zip3k01-05-31File rated 8.09Amidar
A version of the 80s arcade game
antinibble.zip2k00-01-29File is not ratedAnti - Nibbles
A game were the object is to miss the poison apples!
antitrib.zip3k00-02-27File is not ratedAnti-Tribbles
A Game inspired by Anti-Nibbles, but your snake never disappears!
apong.zip1k04-01-18File is not ratedA-Pong
A good pong clone (although what author would call his program bad?) and also my first asm program that I found worthy to submit.
arcademario83plus.zip8k04-03-12File rated 7.53Arcade Mario Brothers
This game is an update to the classic Mario Brothers arcade game which was also the Super Mario Brothers 3 mini-game. You hit the platform the enemy is on, then touch the enemy to kill it. This classic game has been updated to include 50 new levels, each with its own design (unlike the original). It also adds new enemies based on other Mario games. Check out this great update to a great classic game.
archery.zip4k01-08-04File is not ratedEZAsm Archery v1.0
Your standard hit-the-moving-target-game. Made with EZAsm!
arkanoid.zip10k03-06-14File is not ratedArkanoid
Arkanoid is a breakout game with falling bonuses and 30 levels to complete.
asmblasterball.zip11k03-03-10File rated 4.02Blaster Ball
This is a Break-out type game written in EZAsm. It is still in the developing stage, meaning that it has unlimited lives, and only four levels. The code is modular, so you can easily change the level aspects once you get a good understanding of the game internals. Modification is encouraged. Both .z80 and .eza source code is included. Expect to see future versions of this program once I make the code more efficient. Please see the README file for more details.
asmcorridors.zip5k03-03-10File is not ratedCorridors
This program is a highly addicting avoid-the-walls game written in EZAsm. There is no scoring yet, but the gameplay is still fun to pass the time in math class. The program code may be inefficient, but the game is very, very fast. Modification is encouraged. Enjoy!
asmspazewarz.zip17k03-03-10File is not ratedSpaze Warz
This game is a clone of Phoenix and Galaxian. It is fast, but inefficient (8,555 bites! Ouch!). Future updates will hopefully arrive soon. See the README for more information.
asmstarvoyages.zip16k03-03-10File is not ratedStar Voyages 1.0
This is a rather unique Space Invader-type game. It is written in full EZAsm, but it works very well for its size. It is hard to describe, so send it to your calc and play it. I have included both .z80 and .eza source codes for your convenience. Please modify the program to your own needs. If you have questions, please refer to the README or you can e-mail me if that did not answer your question.
aspirin15.zip8k05-03-13File rated 7.76Aspirin
A very good game of reflexion
asteroidbelt.zip9k05-12-12File is not ratedAsteroid Belt
My game for the UTI assembly competition. Works best with a low contrast.
asteroid.zip27k02-11-01File rated 8.63Asteroids v0.99
A game identical to the old asteroids game, but now for the 83+. Features include 2 gameplay modes, 6 highscores and an interesting shop interface. This update should work with the USB link.
avalanch.zip4k99-11-09File rated 7.56Avalanche v1.2
Move the little man to dodge the falling icicles.
axetunnel.zip7k12-05-29File is not ratedTunnel
Standard tunnel game, made with Axe
ball.zip8k02-03-03File rated 6.23Ball v1.1
The classic game of Ball. Juggle 3 balls that get faster and faster. Classic style graphics. Lots of fun!
batcave.zip4k07-04-26File is not ratedBatcave v1.2
Batcave is a tunnel-like game where you are a bat trying to fly your way through a cave and avoid hitting the walls and blocks inside. You constantly glide downward unless you press or hold 2nd. There are three speed settings and high scores are saved. Version 1.2 fixes a bug or two.
berzerk.zip4k00-03-17File rated 7.13Berzerk
A version of the Arcade Shoot-em-up Berzerk for the TI83+
blockrun3d.zip3k14-12-06File is not ratedBlock Run 3D
Block Run 3D is my first tuly 3D game, which uses my "Sketchy 3D engine". It features realistic First-Person 3D graphics, a nice scrolling background, and a minimap in-game! In the game, you are driving through an endless field of blocks, and if you crash into a block, you die. This game works in Ion, MirageOS, DoorsCS, or any other Ion-compatible shell.
bobby.zip204k04-03-07File rated 5.25Pimpin Bobby
Bobby wants to be a pimp, so guide him through seven levels on three difficulties to help him fufill his dream. Don't worry, there isn't anything naughty in the game, unless the word "pimp" offends you. Try this game today!
bolldin.zip12k00-05-26File is not ratedBolldin v1.0
A simple game. Take the coins and avoid being hit by arrows.
bomberk.zip18k00-08-25File rated 8.43Bomberkids v1.0
A multiplayer bomberman.
bouncy.zip135k08-02-18File rated 7.56Bouncy! 2.1
Bouncy! is a Breakout-like. 13 long levels are include but you can also create your own levels... Your will be able to put to the test your agility with a time attack mode.
breakout.zip14k99-08-25File rated 8.18Breakout v2.0
The classic game of breakout with falling bonuses, external levels, and much more.
bytes.zip7k99-08-25File rated 8.57Bytes v2.0
A nibbles-like game.
cannon.zip1k99-12-02File is not ratedCannon War v1.0
Two player only. Shoot your opponent nine times to win.
carracer.zip1k04-01-20File rated 7.36Car Racing!!
Test your calc driving skills by doding all the other objects!
centipdep.zip4k12-10-10File is not ratedCentipede v1.2.1
Remake of the old Atari 2600 game of the same name. Take control of your little ship as you strive to destroy all the Centipedes whilst saving yourself from other assorted creatures!
centipde.zip4k12-10-10File rated 7.25Centipede v1.2.1
Remake of the old Atari 2600 game of the same name. Take control of your little ship as you strive to destroy all the Centipedes whilst saving yourself from other assorted creatures!
chick.zip11k00-02-19File rated 7.37Chicken Shoot
As the name of the game implies, the most literal objective of the game is to shoot the chickens. But let me assure you, this game is much much more complex than it seems. You, a farmer(and quite an unlikely hero I might add) are sent "on a mission from God" to rid the earth of chickens.
chuchu.zip231k03-03-20File rated 8.19Chu Chu Rocket v0.17
Clone of the Sega's GBA game, Chu Chu Rocket. Place arrows to get the mice inside the rockets, but avoid the cats! Includes 2600 levels!
cobra.zip8k03-04-15File is not ratedCOBRA: Last Hope DEMO v2.0
cookie.zip4k00-04-07File is not ratedCookie
Cookie for the TI83+
cpongkudasoft2.zip6k05-06-23File is not ratedCircle Pong
Circle Pong is quite easy to describe: it's a pong... on a Circle...
crusader83.zip46k03-10-19File is not ratedCrusader
Guide your spaceship through the asteroidfield and try to keep it in one piece for as long as possible.
cylidash83p.zip5k04-01-20File is not ratedCylidash
Travel down a cylindrical tunnel avoiding barriers as you go.
dancer2.zip6k02-09-27File is not ratedDance Revolution 2
Bigger and better than the original! Now has actual ddr songs and step patterns. Send feedback to bobasaurus@hotmail.com .
dancer3.zip8k02-10-26File rated 8.15Dance Revolution 2.5
This is the perfect version of Dance Revolution 2. New features include a pause key and a teacher key, several new songs, a combo system, speed selection / speed bonus, and I fixed the score glitch. bobasaurus@hotmail.com
dancer.zip4k02-03-01File is not ratedDance Revolution
This is a simple but entertaining clone of the PlayStation Dance Dance Revolution. Send feedback to bobasaurus@hotmail.com.
dancestationpheta.zip36k07-05-16File is not ratedDance Station Pheta
A small dancing game made for April Fool's Day. Make the stick figure dance! Includes (poorly coded) source.
defender.zip7k03-05-04File is not ratedDefender Demo v0.01
A simple demo of my upcoming game "Defender" like the arcade original! :) all you can do is move up and down right now, but shooting is next!
dfa.zip57k03-05-31File is not ratedDeath From Above v1.1
Sick of playing RPGs and puzzles, and just want to hang back and shoot stuff? Then take the fate of the world in your hands and blast the incoming meteors before they strike and deliver global devastation.
diamonds.zip13k99-08-25File rated 8.35Diamonds v2.0
A breakout-like game with a twist.
dk5ion83p.zip6k04-06-15File rated 8.52Donkey Kong 5.0
Latest release of the arcade classic Donkey Kong for Ion. Features Donkey Kong engine rewritten completely from scratch.
dodge2.zip7k03-04-17File is not ratedDodgeBall 2.0
It's back and it's better than ever!!! Version 2 now includes two speeds, BOMBS, a much-improved "OR" graphics routine, and more! Check it out!
dodgebal.zip2k99-12-04File is not ratedDodge Ball v1.0
Complete as many laps as possible, while dodging three balls which move at different speeds. The game speeds up gradually for a challenge.
dodgebbg.zip1k05-06-28File is not ratedDodge
Dodge is a small game where you must control your ship and dodge the "circles of doom" that come at you. It has grayscale graphics and stores your high scores.
dodger.zip4k03-03-19File is not ratedDodger
In Your spacecraft dodge the asteroids in the asteroid field. visit www32.brinkster.com/xprod for more games.
drally.zip54k04-08-10File rated 8.38Death Rally - The Duel (last release)
A car racing game in the spirit of Death Rally by Remedy. It isn't completely finished, but the gameplay is mature enough to provide some enjoyment. Start Your Engines!
driven83p.zip3k02-04-06File rated 5.25Driven v1.1
Drive you street racer down the packed streets of New York, and avoid hitting oncoming traffic. Oh, and try not to hit the pedestrians on the sidewalk.
duckhunt.8xp2k01-12-22File rated 6.98DuckHunt
The classic game of Duck Hunt brought to the Ti-83plus.
epong1.0.zip5k03-05-11File is not ratedEpong
Epong is the basic pong game with slight variations. It's a first-time programming project.
falldown1.zip8k12-07-31File is not ratedFallDown! (2011)
Not just yet another falldown game: This is a partial clone of the popular Falldown! iPhone app, featuring true acceleration and gravity, "rolling" animations, bonuses, and a dark theme like the original. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
fallingp.zip3k08-09-16File is not ratedFalling Asteroids
This is a very simple game, but a great time waster. The game is very simple. All you need to do is avoid the asteroids that come at you. The game gets more difficult as you play. Try and beat your old Hiscore!
fallup.zip4k00-01-10File is not ratedFallup v1.0
Fallup is a ION game based on the popular game falldown. The basic idea of the program is to keep the ball moving. The direction of the ball is upward and not downward in this version.
farmer.zip4k04-10-04File is not ratedFarmer Brown
Don't let the animals escape! If they run away 3 times, you lose! This is the first game I have releadsed to ticalc.org, and it was made using TIPower Gold.
fdown.zip9k02-03-16File rated 8.22FallDown 3.1
Bigger and better than ever, this version of FD really whips a#@. Customized messages for ending the game, smoother play, and much more. It no longer feels like you're in a time warp when playing speed 4-5 - it speeds up the ball to match. Enjoy! And you thought I was done with it ;-j
fishy.zip13k10-05-14File is not ratedFishy
This is a port of the online Flash game "Fishy." The object of the game is to eat all the smaller fish to grow bigger and not get eaten by the larger fish.
fltron.zip15k12-07-18File is not ratedFL Tron 2.0
FL Tron 2.0 is a port of the classic arcade game Tron. It features grayscale and a dumb AI that gets smarter as the levels progress. To play, press the arrow keys to move your light cycle in that direction, and press 2nd to use a turbo. Axe source code is included. This game is based on the Flash computer version located at http://www.clipdigy.com/classicgames/game.php?play=1
frogguts.zip12k99-10-25File rated 7.71FrAWgGuts v1.1
The BEST 82/83 frogger-clone ever made converted to ION.
fruitninja.zip13k12-12-16File rated 8.67Fruit Ninja (2012)
Featuring a revolutionary control scheme, Fruit Ninja is a clone of that famous iPhone game by Halfbrick Studios, complete with bombs, combos, and beautiful 3D graphics. Swipe, flick, and zig-zag across your calculator's keypad to destroy the fruit. It's like your calculator suddenly grew a touchscreen. Winner of TI-Concours 2012. Compiled with Axe Parser v1.1.2. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhDquSJ2Rr8 for a video of this game in action.
ftun.zip4k99-11-09File rated 7.56Fast Tunnel v1.2
Move the ship through the shrinking tunnel as long as possible.
galaxian.zip40k99-10-20File rated 8.46Galaxian v1.0
The classic 85 arcade shooter converted to ION.
gc83.zip9k00-04-30File rated 7.25Glasscars v1.0
Full 3-D car racing. REAL 3-D. Play human vs. smart opponent or human vs. human (via a link). Supports external levels. Multiple camera views. 6.5 frames per second. Link play compatible between all Glasscars versions and platforms. Level files compatible across all versions and platforms.
glitchedmario.zip7k03-12-07File is not ratedGlitched Mario 2.0
This Mario 2.0 is glitched. If you jump onto a bouncing block and hold jump, you stay in place. You will beat many levels very easily. However, you will not be able to beat some levels. Enjoy. :)
grandtheftavocado.zip10k06-07-06File is not ratedGrand Theft Avocado
This is the beta release of Grand Theft Avocado. As it is, the game is finished. You are a cool lookin' race car driving down a freeway. Your car runs on avocados, so be sure to pick those up or you will run out of fuel. Avoid crashing into other cars on the road. Many police cars may chase you because you are speeding. They are faster than you, however, they are not very good drivers and you can force them to crash into other cars before they catch you. Game starts off real slow and speeds up with time. Warning: this has a bug when quitting, and will often crash. Make sure important stuff is in the archive.
gunz80.zip14k07-01-27File is not ratedGunZ80
Voici mon premier jeu en ASM, GunZ80 version 0.1, il s'agit d'un jeu de shoot où il faut atteindre la cible en un tire. | This is my first ASM game, GunZ80 version 0.1, which is a shoot game where you must touch the target with one shot.
havalanche.zip78k03-03-06File rated 6.18Hardcore Avalanche
This is my own version of Harper Maddox's Avalanche. It's faster, harder, and the icicles look cooler :) Are you hardcore enough for Hardcore Avalanche?!
helicopter2.zip4k14-11-27File is not ratedHelicopter 2.0
This is a re-creation of my most popular game, Helicopter. I have added Fuel packs, which you have to collect in order to keep your fuel level up. I actually remade this a long time ago, so the source is a bit sloppy. The file is compiled with NoShell, which can be launched by the Asm( token, and with Ion, which can be used with MirageOS and DoorsCS.
indestructotank.zip4k08-12-01File rated 8.53IndestructoTank
IndestructoTank is based on a flash game by the same name from ArmorGames. You are an indestructible tank that needs to blow up the enemy planes, helicopters, and miners. The only catch is that you don't have any weapons. You have to blast yourself off the enemy fire and into the enemies to kill them. The more enemies you kill before hitting the ground, the greater the experience. This simple concept will keep you trying especially on the insane difficulty.
inv83p.zip188k12-04-01File is not ratedInvaded v1.4.1
Aliens are trying to take over (again!). It's up to you in your state-of-the-art® fighter to stop them! This game comes with a Levelset Editor for you to make you own Levelsets complete with your own enemies, end-of-level bosses and even your own Tileset if you want! Get it now!
inv83.zip188k12-04-01File rated 7.83Invaded v1.4.1
Aliens are trying to take over (again!). It's up to you in your state-of-the-art® fighter to stop them! This game comes with a Levelset Editor for you to make you own Levelsets complete with your own enemies, end-of-level bosses and even your own Tileset if you want! Get it now!
jezzball.zip10k99-08-25File rated 7.36Jezzball v2.0
Jezzball, fill up the screen without getting hit.
jump.zip5k06-01-15File is not ratedJump!
Jump the rope as many times as you can
kikstart.zip77k01-08-10File rated 7.21Kikstart
This is a clone of a classic bike obstacle course game as it appeared on the Commodore Plus/4. You've got to beat the clock and stay alive by not crashing into any obstacles or steps.
killtheship.zip3k01-09-16File is not ratedEZAsm Archery (Galaxian Edition)
This is EZAsm Archery by Danny Rogers but I added Galaxian Graphics.
kof2k.zip547k02-07-29File rated 7.93The King of Fighters 2k (Kof2k)
The premier fighting game for the 83 and 83 Plus calculators. This game, based on the gameboy game, will include 8 of the characters from the original game. It includes AI so you can play against the computer. Other features include a saved high score in practice mode, a full tournament mode, several secret characters, and much more.
koopattack.zip3k04-07-15File rated 4.02Koopa Attack! v1.0
The object of the game is to score as high as possible by bouncing on enemies without touching the ground. Bounce on koopas and goombas, but bouncing on spineys will kill you and bouncing on koopas will cause thier shell to slide across the screen and kill other enemies. All bugs have been fixed and it is now compatible with mirage and crunchy.
kopterlifter.zip17k05-12-12File rated 6.13Kopterlifter v1.0
Kopterlifter is a attempt at a Choplifter clone for the TI-83 Plus. It runs under ION and MirageOS. I wrote this only because it meant I could use the word "sortie" which is a rather fun word to use. This is my first attempt at a somewhat-serious game.
laser1.zip6k02-03-05File is not ratedLaser
This is a game simulating laser tag games like Laser Storm. You control your character against a computer controlled enemy, trying to gain more points in the end. This requires alot of strategy in character placement. Send feedback to bobasaurus@hotmail.com.
lemmingsyndrome.zip216k03-09-08File rated 8.40Lemming Syndrome
Another BBC Micro classic - What has happened is that the evil programmer Mad Marco has blown up a bridge and that people are being forced to jump off it. Is there any hope? Well, yes there is in the form of your lifeboat, for you are Lifeboat Lennie. You do this by bouncing the poor people over the water. Watch out though... for the activity lures in a hungry shark that tries to eat you if you stay still to soon and Marco throws bombs at you, trying to blow you up!
lnrlnd.zip1k00-04-22File rated 5.20Lunar Lander 83z
Guide a spaceship to land safely on the moon.
lode.zip6k00-03-03File rated 7.16Lode Runner 83+
Lode Runner for the TI83+. 25 Levels included.
lotuscheat.zip2k04-06-15File is not ratedLotus Cheat v1.1
Allows you to reach any level in Lotus Turbo Challenge. Now Ion-compatible.
lotus.zip15k99-11-02File rated 8.41Lotus Turbo Challenge v1.0
A fast-paced racing game presented from a second-person 3D perspective. You must complete each course while racing against the clock and avoiding opponent cars. There are six courses, each with different scenery and climatic effects.
mack2.zip11k00-01-17File is not ratedHard Hat Mack 2 v1.0
The sequel to the popular Hard Hat Mack
mack.zip9k00-01-17File rated 6.72Hard Hat Mack v1.0
A twisted vertically-scrolling action game
mario83p.zip53k01-06-28File rated 8.87Super Mario v1.2
Super Mario features beautiful graphics courtesy of Bill Nagel, 13 unique enemies, 64 unique background tiles (some with animation), fast scrolling, powerups like growth or flower-power, fireballs, a somewhat-challenging boss, an animated ending scene, and an expansive easy-to-use World editor that can be run on a calculator. Please consult the .txt file for more information.
mario.zip5k01-02-28File is not ratedMario 83+
This update contains another level, with a level editer on the way with the next release.
marsptrl.zip13k00-01-29File rated 8.21Mars Patrol v2.0
Guide your buggy to its destination by shooting aliens and UFO's, dodging their bombs, jumping over craters and mines, and blasting boulders away to clear the path.
mdef.zip6k03-05-24File is not ratedMats Defender V1.0
Shoot and dodge alien bombers as the fall to earth.
mdrop.zip6k03-05-05File is not ratedMats Drop V1.2
My own remake of all those tunnel games out there. Try it out.
megaball.zip78k06-01-07File rated 8.54Megaball
Megaball is inspired by MEGABALL on the Amiga. It is a breakout-style game and features 20 challenging boards, 9 upgrades and a highscore-system. Some of the upgrades: Brickthrough, Catch, Quicksand and Lasers.
meltman.zip13k00-08-13File is not ratedMelt Man v1.0
Melt Man is an original game, where the main character must save mankind from evil aliens. If you fail, however, you will melt away into oblivion. To help him on his trek, Melt Man has his trusty gun. However, he only has as many bullets as aliens. This lack of firepower can sometimes cause Melt Man trouble. Nonetheless, there are other options for Melt Man. Now what are you waiting for? Help Melt Man defend the world today!
missilerun2.0.zip4k14-11-27File is not ratedMissile Run 2.0
Missile run 2.0 is a re-created version of my second game, Missile run. It is a game where you have to dodge missiles heading your way. You can collect money and buy different weapons from the Weapons Shop. Now, in my updated version, I designed a scrolling background with stars. I have added a mini scoreboard at the top left as well, not to mention that that the game now speeds up as you progress. I also have removed several bugs, like the space gun not working, the Lazer using up too much ammo, and the text not displaying right in the highscore section. Another change is that FullSpeed was added, so it will not work on older versions of calculators. The game will run in Ion, MirageOS, DoorsCS, or any other Ion-Compatile shell.
missilerun.zip13k14-11-05File is not ratedMissile Run
My second Axe Parser game, Missile Run. Missile Run is a fun game where you have to dodge missiles and collect money to buy guns and ammo. The download includes the game in: MirageOS, Ion, DoorsCS, and Asm(noshell)
missionimpossible.zip2k02-04-30File is not ratedMission: Impossible
This is a BETA of my game that will be a two player link where you go around a box like room and try to shoot the other person before the other person finds you. Lots of upgrades coming up if people e-mail me back so E-MAIL me!! Ok, enough blabbing, download.
missle83p.zip3k02-04-06File rated 6.97Missle Defence Breaker v1.0
Fly your "Fly-By-Wire" missle as far as you can into enenmy territory without being stoped.
mroops.zip10k13-05-16File is not ratedMr Oops!!
This is a portage of the MrOops!! game that you can find on smartphones, tablets and smartPMPs, featuring "Rolling Stones", "Iron Cannons" and "Laser Weapons". How long can you survive ?
mtsbtldemo.zip14k02-11-11File is not ratedMarc the Superkid Quest - Battle Demo
The game you've been waiting for is finally here! The much anticipated Marc the Superkid Quest - Battle has finally come...well, the demo at least. Fight against a simple Droidbot to your hearts content while waiting for the full version. Fight your way to level 3, defeating Droidbot over and over with special attacks called Arts, use potions to regain health, and maybe even catch a glimpse at the ultra-rare Super Arts!!! DOWNLOAD TODAY! You won't regret it! SPIRIT..UP!!!
necro.zip4k02-02-26File is not ratedNecro
After learning alittle bit of asm, I worked on making the BASIC version in ASM. (both are made by me)
ninjafight8xp.zip8k03-03-13File is not ratedNinja Fight! 2.0
Ninja Fight! is a reflex-based fighting game for the TI-83/+. In it, you control a ninja and...well...fight. Complete with scoring system! version 2.0 has redesigned menu system, negative score, and choice of AI speeds!
orz83p.zip22k01-06-27File rated 8.52Orzunoid v7.2
An awesome breakout-clone originally on the TI-85 featuring multiple blocks, mulitple powerups (lasers, catch, guard, multiball, expand, etc.), external levels, and now an easy to use editor!
orze83p.zip5k00-02-08File is not ratedOrzEdit v1.0
The level editor for Orzunoid v7.0
pacman99.zip13k99-10-20File rated 8.43Pac-Man '99 v0.5
The classic 85 arcade Pac-Man game converted to ION.
pacman.zip22k09-03-27File rated 7.71Pacman
An adaptation of the classic Pacman for the TI-83/84. It's like having an arcade in your pocket! Zoom through 7 exciting levels and try to beat the high score. It also gets very addicting so please play responsibly!
paperplane.zip75k04-05-21File rated 8.66Paper Plane
Paper Plane is a falldown-like game, with a nicer smooth gameplay, two modes of game and highscores.
papijump.zip6k12-07-31File rated 7.71PapiJump (2010)
A clone of the popular iPhone and iPod Touch game released by Sunflat Games in 2009 is now available for the TI-83 and 84 Plus! Featuring all the graphics and menus of the original game, including acceleration (to mimic tilting the iPhone screen), a parallax scrolling background, smooth scrolling, increasing difficulty, and high scores, it's almost exactly like the original. Click on the icon next to the file name to see screenshots! Compiled with Axe Parser v0.4.4.
parappa.zip3k04-07-04File rated 7.62PaRappa The Rapper
PaRappa The Rapper is a rythm game. The idea is to press the button coresponding to the move shown on the screen. The idea is simple and yet the game is actually pretty fun. You only have a certain ammount of time to do each move, and it gets progressively harder as you comeplete more levels. Try to get the best highscore you can!
patspong.zip1k01-09-28File is not ratedPat's Pong
A Pretty Good Pong Game Where You can choose the size of the ball based on the difficulty
peditor.zip64k01-04-18File is not ratedPenguins Level Editor v2.1
On-the-calc level editor for Penguins. DOS converting TI-83 <-> TI-83 Plus level utility included.
penguins.zip11k01-04-18File rated 8.51Penguins v2.03
Penguins 2.0 ported for TI-83 ION.
phantom.zip64k03-03-08File rated 8.77Phantom Star v.0.81b
Phantom Star is a fast paced side scrolling shoot-em-up for the TI-83 and TI-83+. It is set in space. There is no real storyline to speak of; the only objective is to blast through each treacherous level as fast as possible. Phantom Star is capable of supporting external levels, and documentation will be provided in the near future for level developers that wish to make their own levels.
phoenix3ti83p.zip46k02-09-30File rated 6.77Phoenix III 0.31
This is an incomplete version of a high-performance shoot-em-up game, featuring grayscale graphics and a scrolling background.
phoenix83p.zip80k04-12-29File rated 8.71Phoenix 3.2 for Ion
Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. This game has very smooth gameplay (over 30 frames per second) with many objects onscreen. Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels. The game only takes about 8K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code. The program is in public domain so it may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
phoenixz_risingti83p.zip84k06-12-10File is not ratedRogue Squadron :: Phoenix Rising
In this Star Wars oriented Phoenix mod, you pilot an XWing starfighter down the canyons of the death star facing off against many different enemies.
pj_mayhem_demo.zip6k03-03-07File is not ratedProject Mayhem DEMO(+)
The objective of the game is to shoot as many people as possible in a short period of time.
pj.zip18k01-06-27File rated 8.57PlainJump v1.2
Andreas Ess's legendary 85 game with smooth gameplay and graphics, now for ION.
planehunt.zip8k02-03-28File is not ratedPlane Hunt 83+ v1.01
In Plane Hunt you control a plane that has a malfunctions and will crash if it can't land in time. Use your bombs to lower the ground, good luck commander! I was able to fix the ugly crashing bug, so enjoy it!
pong2.zip4k01-06-27File is not ratedEZAsm Pong v1.0
Pong made completely with EZAsm! Great speed and decent graphics and gameplay!
pong3.zip4k02-02-26File is not ratedPong
Its normal pong, except you can fire a lazer to stun the cpu so you can hit the ball past it. Get a point if you hit it past the cpu and the cpu gets a point if it hits the ball past you. Game plays to 5 points.
pongblasta.zip27k03-09-21File is not ratedPongblasta v0.2
This is a new funny version of pong-gaming. There are still two paddles and a ball and the objective is the same either. BUT: you can shoot at your opponent and there are 10 boni that make the game more exciting. The arcademode and a 2player mode aren't finished now. Please give me suggestions at emanuelseitinger@aon.at
pong_jeepee.zip15k04-03-29File rated 6.38Pong4
I made this game for the pong - programming - contest on Maxcoderz and Greenfire. I wanted to make a original pong-game, and so I did. I made a pong game without AI. This looks some boring, but therefore I made another difficulty: play against yourself (so you always win .... and lose). I did this by putting a bat on each side of the screen. It's really loads of fun! Just try it!
pongon.zip1k02-02-26File is not ratedPongon v1.0
This is 3-D pong for the TI-83 Plus. Features ever-increasing speed as well as realistic paddle physics.
pong.zip5k99-10-30File is not ratedPong v1.9
Just like the name says, pong.
prgmbad4.zip37k14-06-07File is not ratedprgmBAD v4.0 (with sound)
An asm port of an old BASIC game i wrote, now with annoying background music while you play! Dodge the lines that fall down (see screenshot). People new to asm should feel free to use and abuse the source however they please. If you have any questions please get in touch, i'd be more than happy to help out. The game fit in a lot better 13 years ago when it was originally released, now it's a bit underwhelming compared to all the great stuff out these days. But what can you really expect from a program titled "prgmBAD"?
punchout.zip9k00-04-30File rated 6.23Punchout! Demo v.42b
read the documentation file.
qball.zip37k00-05-24File is not ratedQuadroBall v1.0
This is a challenging game of skill where your goal is to get to the other side of the screen and back, while you avoid hitting the 4 Balls that are moving at random speeds. You will receive 3 points for every lap you complete, and you will lose the game if you come in contact with any ball.
quadropong.zip27k04-04-21File rated 7.70quadropong
Try to keep the ball from hitting the edges of the screen by controlling all four paddles. Game is not as complete as I want, but it is fully playable as is.
raceplus.zip1k00-08-19File is not ratedBryant Lee's Race2000
A really cool 3D perspective racing game that runs incredibly fast. Loads of fun! Enhanced from the TI-83 TI-OS version.
rage.zip41k05-02-11File rated 1.95Super Saiya-jin Rage
Several parts have been recoded for dual compilation on more than 1 platform. You can choose from Goku, SSJ Goku 3, Vegeta, SSJ Goku (GT), SSJ Adult Gohan, Frieza (hiddden), Majin Buu (hidden), Trunks, Eric Cartman (hidden), Raditz and finally, Gotenks. This has many updates for the ports. None of them crash when trying a difficulty level other than 1. Also, plz email me if you have feedback.
raida.zip12k05-03-02File rated 7.95Raid version 0.5
A Simple Shooter, Now has new weapons and modes of gameplay.
rainbowdash.zip8k13-05-16File is not ratedRainbow Dash Attack z80
This is a portage of Ashbad's game for the Casio Prizm, now for your z80 TI calculator. Play as Rainbow Dash, collect apples to score points but avoid Clouds.
repton.zip740k03-04-24File rated 8.61Repton
REPTON is an infuriatingly difficult rock-rollin' diamond-devourin' earth-eatin' monster-manglin' extravaganza combining logical thinking and arcade excitement into one huge mega-game. This game features fantastic flicker-free 4-level greyscale, external levels, a Windows based editor and much more!
rsnake.zip8k08-08-11File is not ratedRattle Snake
Rattle Snake is a classic snake game. The goal is to eat the apples without touching the walls or yourself. The game features adjustable speed and two modes: unlimited, where you must keep youself alive for as long as you can and campaign mode, where you must progress through five different levels.
rth.zip5k99-11-14File is not ratedRunning The Halls
Simple game like avalanche, but smaller.
rtype.zip4k00-05-03File is not ratedR-type+ v2.0
Fly a plane without hitting a mine
scbs.zip1k03-05-09File is not ratedSuper Smash Brothers: Skirmish
A demo of another one of my upcoming games. Don't expect too much. Kinda Slow because i clear the whole screen and not just the sprite that moves. Screenshots do not do justice. NOTE: You can only play as Kirby, and you can not Attack your opponent.
simul2.zip15k12-07-31File rated 8.44Simul 2 (2011)
Pong, Falldown, Avalanche, Jump, Tunnel, Obstacles—they're all classics, but have you ever tried playing four of them at once? Simul 2, first-prize winner of the extended-BASIC division of zContest 3, is a complete remake of my original game Simul, entry and third-place winner in the Omnimaga 2010 programming contest. Like the first version, this is a game of multitasking: try your hand at playing one, then two, then three and four randomized games at the same time, on the same screen. Featuring a completely redesigned interface and game controls, as well as high scores, three speeds, and new graphics, the new version promises to be much more playable and much more fun. Good luck; you'll need it. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
snake1.zip4k12-04-24File is not ratedImpossible Snake
Impossible snake is a game which starts out really easy, but gets INSANELY hard as you progress throughout levels. Compiled with Axe Parser v1.1.2.
snake2v08.zip1k04-01-26File rated 6.57Snake 2
The popular Nokia game now for your TI-handheld.
snake2.zip11k03-05-11File is not ratedSnake 2 and Snake 1 in one game
This is the first assembly snake 2 for an TI-83(+). This new update includes a longer snake, some bugfixes, possibility of clearing the highscore, and more new things. Snake 2 is a game you'll probably know, it's the same as "Nibbles" and all it's clones, but if you hit the edge of the screen, you come out at the other side. In snake 2 there are also maps to play in, in snake 1 not. The game also has a snake 1 mode, with walls at the edges of the screen, if you prefer snake 1. The game has a really fast engine, nice menu's, but is quite large :(. In my next update i'll add some maps to the snake 1 mode, and separate the snake 2 and 1 highscores. Making the game smaller is also one of my goals. Some extra options, and a slow mode are also to be added. If you like Nibbles like games, or know snake and like to play it, download this game.
snakefly.zip7k04-10-10File is not ratedThe Flying Snake
The Flying Snake must avoid the obstacles and must'nt touch the cave ! Be carefull there is a lot of gravity and the cave get narrower... You can change the gravity mode and the difficulty. This game takes few place and is very funny !
snakekil.zip3k01-03-01File is not ratedSnake Killer v2.5
Snake Killer is a game where you move a guy around the screen trying to kill a snake. It is kind of like nibbles, but in this game, instead of being the snake you try to kill it.
snake.zip8k03-06-14File is not ratedSnake
the snake is another nibbles-like game, but its advantages are a level editor, a sprite editor to modify walls and snake appearance. Make your best score through the 10 levels !
sniper.zip32k03-04-20File is not ratedAlien Sniper 3D
Shoot the aliens in pseudo 3D : simple but fun Version 1.0 no bugs doc in french and english
spaceattack.zip64k02-03-21File is not ratedSpace Attack v1.0
Space Shoot em up game
spaceflight.zip2k04-01-19File is not ratedSpace Flight
After an epic space battle which you lost, alien forces send suicide bombers after you. Avoid them at all costs.
spacerace.zip6k03-06-14File is not ratedSpaceRace
You drive an UFO in this game and try to avoid the meteorites. In the single player game you must do your best score through a growing density of obstacles. In the funny multiplayer game (2 or 3) you must be the last survivor, by pushing the other under the meteorites !
spacewarriors.zip6k02-07-26File is not ratedSpace Warriors
A 2-player only game where your goal is to defeat the enemy ship. Pick one of four different ships and use five weapons to shoot your way to becoming the best space fighter in the TI-83(+) galaxy! Obtain power-ups like invincibility and super speed, shoot homing missles and electric beams, and have a blast all on one calc. Download Now!!!
spacewar.zip6k99-08-25File is not ratedSpace War v2.0
A game where you try to shoot the UFOs before they kill you.
spaze.zip69k01-08-10File is not ratedSpaze Invaders
A TI-83/83+ version of the old Space Invaders game made in assembly.
spong.zip1k03-10-30File is not ratedSimple Pong 1.0
This is just flat out pong. Beware, the computer never misses. Enjoy!
sprpng.zip3k00-10-24File is not ratedSuper Pong
this is a port of the 83 game, pong83z. It has improvements over the original version though, so check it out. It is currently the best pong for the 83+!
sqrxz.zip105k00-08-31File rated 8.71Sqrxz v1.2
A platform game similar to Mario.
srunner.zip54k03-08-03File is not ratedSpace Runner
Dodge the asteroids as you pilot your ship through space
ssp.zip212k06-02-03File rated 8.33Space Station Pheta
Space Station Pheta is a fast-paced multi-screen climbing, running, and jumping game. Can you escape from all 10 levels of Space Station Pheta. Includes a walkthrough on how to make your OWN levels.
stardust.zip6k02-06-19File is not ratedStardust v1.2
A side-scrolling space flyer. Fly through an asteroid field, and as you get deeper, they get larger!
strshp.zip1k00-04-21File is not ratedStarship Commander v1.2
Fly through space, avoid enemies and collect diamonds
subhunt.zip27k00-08-24File rated 8.13SubHunt v1.4
A classic Palm-Pilot shooter remade for your TI.
superkid2.zip16k02-08-02File is not ratedMarc the Superkid the Game 2
The awesome port of my original fighting game of the same name! Download it to see the wonderful speed, the kickin' graphics, and loads more! DOWNLOAD TODAY!!!
superkid.zip11k02-08-02File is not ratedMarc the Superkid the Game
The awesome port of my original fighting game of the same name! Download it to see the wonderful speed, the kickin' graphics, and loads more! DOWNLOAD TODAY!!!
target.zip4k01-04-29File is not ratedTarget v1.0
Shoot as many moving targets as you can.
ta.zip14k00-08-20File is not ratedAlien Breed: Tower Assault (Demo)
Tower Assault is a shoot-'em-up game which features smooth 8-way scrolling and great game play. If you liked Alien Breed II then you'll absolutely love this!
tempest.zip3k01-05-21File is not ratedTempest
A version of the Arcade game Tempest
thepoopsmith.zip34k03-12-03File is not ratedThe Poopsmith
The Crappiest Game on Earth (c)!!! The objective is simple: shovel as much crap as you can! This is a fun game based off of the Poopsmith from Homestarrunner.com. Basically, poop shows up in random places, and you have to pick it up before the poop-o-meter hits the top.
thisistheonlylevel.zip43k16-03-21File is not ratedThis is the Only Level
The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left! Help him beat it in all his metagaming glory. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way through a variety of challenges. Get your mind out of the box for once! Take it outside for a walk, or maybe grab a bite to eat with it. Oh, and beat the level. There's only one. From the world of Armor Games to the portability of your TI calculator!
tie.zip7k03-06-20File is not ratedTIE
Your ship is a TIE (Fighter) and you must have the best score so to help you some bonus will come if you don't move. The less you move, the more important bonus you'll have ! You can slide on the walls with the back of your ship, too !
tinyavln.zip2k03-05-31File is not ratedExtremely Tiny Avalanche
An extremely small version of Avalanche for ION. Only takes up 282 bytes on calculator.
tower83p.zip123k01-03-05File is not ratedAlien Breed: Tower Assault v1.1
An 8-way scrolling shoot-'em-up for the TI-83/TI-83+ calculators. Features 20 levels, 4 different paths to the finish, 4 different enemies, 4 different weapons, a passcode feature and much more!
towerc.zip1k04-01-26File is not ratedTower Climbers
Climb an endless tower on very narrow platforms. Be sure not to fall. Next version will include enemies.
tunnel_ultra.zip14k03-10-01File is not ratedUltra Tunnel
Standard tunnel game except this one includes 4 speeds, 3 difficulty settings, and 2 gameplay modes, and 4 directional movement. This also gets rid of the grainy gfx of other tunnel games.
tunnel.zip3k99-08-25File is not ratedTunnel v2.0
A simple racing game.
ufoattack.zip17k03-04-24File rated 5.00UFO Attack!
Based on a Java applet somewhere out there on the web, the idea is to fire guided missiles (guided, that is by the left and right arrow keys) at descending Alien craft. If they land, it's GAME OVER time...
unclewrm.zip12k99-12-20File rated 8.25Uncle Worm v1.1
A snake-type game with a difference. Unlike Nibbles, where you can travel in four directions only, Uncle Worm can travel in no less than thirty-two directions.
vinegar_chip8_schip.zip210k06-03-18File rated 8.57Vinegar CHIP-8/SCHIP emulator (83/83+)
Vinegar is a CHIP-8 and SCHIP interpreter. It comes with a large number (over 50!) of programs and games, including conversions of lots of arcade classics (Pacman, Space Invaders, Breakout, Tron, Pong etc). The interpreter has many different settings to fine-tune the speed, sound, error-trapping, sprite wrapping options and more. It also supports a quick save and load mechanism.
wak83a.zip20k03-11-12File is not ratedWak-A-Goomba v2.5
A small reflex game : whack as many goombas as you can in 60 seconds !
wakabailey.zip1k03-12-08File is not ratedWak-a-Bailey I
Wak-A-Bailey is a Wak-A-Mole type game where you try to whack as many images of Mr. Bailey as you can in 60 seconds!
walls.zip3k00-05-07File is not ratedWalls
A tunnel like program
whack.zip6k00-04-22File is not ratedWhack-A-McCormick v3.1
A funny little game where you relieve a little stress on Mr. M. You can imagine what happens from the title.
wpong.zip1k00-11-07File is not ratedWacky Pong v1.0
Pong with a twist: The ball randomly reverses direction sometimes. This makes Wacky Pong a challenging hand-eye coordination game.
xball.zip7k00-08-28File is not ratedXBall v2.0
A twisted and addicting brakeout.
xtreme.zip1k00-06-17File is not ratedXtreme Racing
Racing game for Ti-83+
zkart3d.zip5k99-10-25File rated 7.63Z-Kart 3D v1.1
The classic 85 race game for ION with a slight twist.
zkart.zip4k99-10-20File rated 6.97Z-Kart v1.0
The classic 85 race game for ION.
zmercuryti83p.zip52k11-08-03File rated 7.95ZMercury 0.70
ZMercury is an fast-paced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators with parallax scrolling background. This game has very smooth gameplay with many objects onscreen. It features several power-ups you can collect including enhanced weapons as well as high scores and saving the game. The game only takes about 6K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code, and may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
zombie.zip7k10-06-12File is not ratedAxe Zombie
Kill zombies in this classic game! Written in Axe Parser language by Kevin Horowitz, which is the best thing to come to 83 and 84 Plus. The source code is a great place to learn about handling lists of objects with multiple properties. But the game is fun, too. Look for future versions, as well as screenshots! *UPDATE* Lots of cool artistic changes, including a professional HUD, but also added health pickups.

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