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3dsnake.zip4k12-07-31File rated 7.95Snakecaster: A 3D Nibbles Game (2012)
You've played Snake. Or Nibbles. Whatever you call it, you probably haven't played it like this. Snakecaster is a raycasted snake game—you can still play the game the usual way, but as you play, a large panel will show you a raycasted 3D scene. Basically, you see the game as the snake sees it (if the snake sees the world in blocks of black and white). It's 3D. In a Nibbles game. It's completely overkill, but hey, why not? Winner of TI-Concours 2012 Axe division. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
ab5cat.zip175k14-12-21File is not ratedAlien Breed 5: Cat Edition 2K14 v1.1.1
Originally by Team 17 for the Amiga computer system, the Alien Breed series was a cult classic! Alien Breed 5 is a remake of Team 17's Alien Breed Special Edition '92, including all 12 levels, various weapon upgrades, hordes of aliens & bosses, and more, all put together in this top-down 8-way scrolling shoot-em-up. This special Cat Edition is a cat-themed modified edition of v1.1.1, just for chuckles :)
ab5.zip177k13-06-12File is not ratedAlien Breed 5 v1.1.1
Originally by Team 17 for the Amiga computer system, the Alien Breed series was a cult classic! Alien Breed 5 is a remake of Team 17's Alien Breed Special Edition '92, including all 12 levels, various weapon upgrades, hordes of aliens & bosses, and more, all put together in this top-down 8-way scrolling shoot-em-up.
axetunnel.zip2k11-10-02File is not ratedAxe TUnnel Version 1.0
This is the classic tunnel game written in axe. It's my first axe program. Doors CS is required!
benumberedv2.0.zip1032k11-04-01File rated 8.80Benumbered v2.0
Benumbered v2.0 is a TI-83+/TI-84+ calculator game based on the popular games Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 by PopCap Games and features spectacular 4-level grayscale graphics, four different gameplay modes and 2 extra unlockable modes, game saving and loading and much more!
bw_jezzball.zip3k13-12-01File is not ratedJezzball v1.0
Jezzball v1.0 is based on the game by the same name originally written by Dima Pavlovsky and released in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows 95. You advance through increasingly-challenging levels, filling the playfield by placing walls. You must prevent atoms (balls) from touching walls that are in the process of being built, but once a wall is complete, the atoms will bounce off that wall. Your goal is to fill at least 65% of each level to proceed to the next level. If you fill more than 65%, you receive a fill bonus proportional to how much above 65% you filled the play field. If you beat a level quickly, you also receive a time bonus. Your goal is to advance as far as possible. Jezzball v1.0 for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus has nearly identical rules to the original PC game, with a few tweaks to make it more fun on calculators.
centipde.zip4k12-10-10File is not ratedCentipede v1.2.1
Remake of the old Atari 2600 game of the same name. Take control of your little ship as you strive to destroy all the Centipedes whilst saving yourself from other assorted creatures!
cn2oblitr8.zip5k11-03-09File rated 7.95Obliterate v1.0: Multiplayer Scorched-Earth
Obliterate is a scorched-earth/tanks game for Doors CS 7 and TI calculators. Choose from single-player or multi-player mode. Obliterate brings superb graphics, fast and furious gameplay, and cunning AIs to this classic genre and much-loved platform. Challenge any number of AIs to a single-player game, or connect from one to dozens of friends' calculators over CALCnet and go head-to-head in a multiplayer match! Set the angle and power of your shot, watch out for the wind, and take aim at your enemies! The last tank standing wins the match. With the power of the recently-released global CALCnet, you can even play in friends from across town, across the country, or around the world in a game of Obliterate on your calculator.
dcspong.zip16k05-06-17File is not ratedPong v1.0
Many people know Pong as a fairly repetitive game, bouncing a ball back and forth. Not anymore! Pong 1.0 for Doors CS contains a myriad of features. Powerups let you shrink or grow your paddle, get a raygun, slow down or speed up the game, and change the ball type. The AI is fast and efficient, and controls are intuitive. Doors CS certified - the first ASM game written specifically for Doors CS! The zip now contains files for all TI-83 and TI-84 series calculators.
eitrix.zip17k16-01-29File is not ratedEitrix - Vs. Tetris by Betafreak Games
EIT! Mess with your friends and challenge the falling blocks in this Tetris adaption from Betafreak Games! This game plays like your average joe Tetris, with one important exception: blocks in your grid will occasionally energize, unleashing powerful effects when you clear the row that they are in. Some of these blocks help you (getting rid of blocks, slowing fall speed), but most of them have dastardly effects on your opponents, like jumbling their blocks, throwing an evil tower with holes into their grid, or making it so that they only get those aggravatingly useless Z blocks. Can you last longer than your friends?
etchaskde.zip2k10-06-13File is not ratedEtch-A-Sketch DE v1.0
Your simplest Etch-A-Sketch clone, but with a twist. This program supports incremental erasing: draw with the arrows, then press [CLEAR] to erase 16 random rows and columns at a time. Press [MODE] to quit. This program supports a very simple hardware modification that lets you literally shake your calculator to clear the screen. Doors CS 6.0 or higher required. See the link below for more details: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4596
falldown1.zip8k12-07-31File is not ratedFallDown! (2011)
Not just yet another falldown game: This is a partial clone of the popular Falldown! iPhone app, featuring true acceleration and gravity, "rolling" animations, bonuses, and a dark theme like the original. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
fflush.zip1424k11-01-17File is not ratedFail Flush
Fail Flush is a remake/cleanup, compiled using Axe 0.47, of a game i attempted to make some time ago in lib-assisted BASIC (resulting in a very slow and buggy version to be found on my profile), which was, in turn, loosely based (as well as i remember it from our old windows 98 system) on the game Finty Flush from Microsoft's The Puzzle Collection. see included readme for more information
fltron.zip15k12-07-18File is not ratedFL Tron 2.0
FL Tron 2.0 is a port of the classic arcade game Tron. It features grayscale and a dumb AI that gets smarter as the levels progress. To play, press the arrow keys to move your light cycle in that direction, and press 2nd to use a turbo. Axe source code is included. This game is based on the Flash computer version located at http://www.clipdigy.com/classicgames/game.php?play=1
fruitninja.zip13k12-12-16File rated 8.67Fruit Ninja (2012)
Featuring a revolutionary control scheme, Fruit Ninja is a clone of that famous iPhone game by Halfbrick Studios, complete with bombs, combos, and beautiful 3D graphics. Swipe, flick, and zig-zag across your calculator's keypad to destroy the fruit. It's like your calculator suddenly grew a touchscreen. Winner of TI-Concours 2012. Compiled with Axe Parser v1.1.2. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhDquSJ2Rr8 for a video of this game in action.
helicopter2.zip4k14-11-27File is not ratedHelicopter 2.0
This is a re-creation of my most popular game, Helicopter. I have added Fuel packs, which you have to collect in order to keep your fuel level up. I actually remade this a long time ago, so the source is a bit sloppy. The file is compiled with NoShell, which can be launched by the Asm( token, and with Ion, which can be used with MirageOS and DoorsCS.
helicopter.zip6k14-10-12File is not ratedHelicopter
In my first game ever in axe parser, I have re-created the simple helicopter game In MirageOS, DoorsCS, Ion, no shell, and in Flash. Similar to Flappy Bird, it is a game where you fly a helicopter and try to avoid hitting walls.
itde.zip32k12-11-19File rated 7.47Invalid Tangram DE 1.2
Invalid Tangram can best be described as a cross between Space Invaders and Tetris. Build block combos to gain powerups, then blast the enemies into oblivion while avoiding destruction. Instead of health, you have time: powerups add to your time, but enemy shots can remove it. Run out of time and the game ends. Invalid Tangram DE is based on the PC game by Josh Szepietowski and is available for both Doors CS 6.0 and Ion. Now with source and several user-suggested improvements, plus Nspire support.
marsptrl.zip4k14-09-09File is not ratedMars Patrol v2.0
Guide your buggy to its destination by shooting aliens and UFO's, dodging their bombs, jumping over craters and mines, and blasting boulders away to clear the path.
meteorshower.zip4k12-01-15File is not rated>> Meteor Shower 3 <<
Dodge countless meteorites as you fly your way through the galaxy! Now has 2 modes, Normal and Extreme! Also features some great graphiccs.
missilerun2.0.zip4k14-11-27File is not ratedMissile Run 2.0
Missile run 2.0 is a re-created version of my second game, Missile run. It is a game where you have to dodge missiles heading your way. You can collect money and buy different weapons from the Weapons Shop. Now, in my updated version, I designed a scrolling background with stars. I have added a mini scoreboard at the top left as well, not to mention that that the game now speeds up as you progress. I also have removed several bugs, like the space gun not working, the Lazer using up too much ammo, and the text not displaying right in the highscore section. Another change is that FullSpeed was added, so it will not work on older versions of calculators. The game will run in Ion, MirageOS, DoorsCS, or any other Ion-Compatile shell.
missilerun.zip13k14-11-05File is not ratedMissile Run
My second Axe Parser game, Missile Run. Missile Run is a fun game where you have to dodge missiles and collect money to buy guns and ammo. The download includes the game in: MirageOS, Ion, DoorsCS, and Asm(noshell)
netpong.zip9k10-11-13File is not ratedNetPong v1.1
Demonstrating CALCnet 2.2, the revolutionary networking protocol for graphing calculators, NetPong allows you to play Pong across an arbitrary number of calculators. With two, three, four or more calculators, NetPong creates a single virtual LCD for a standard Pong game, complete with scoring, paddles, distributed pausing and quitting, and more. Playing over more than two calculators requires I/O cable splicing; see www.cemetech.net for details. Doors CS 7.1 or higher required; will not function with Doors CS 7.0 or lower. Includes source code.
papijump.zip6k12-07-31File rated 7.71PapiJump (2010)
A clone of the popular iPhone and iPod Touch game released by Sunflat Games in 2009 is now available for the TI-83 and 84 Plus! Featuring all the graphics and menus of the original game, including acceleration (to mimic tilting the iPhone screen), a parallax scrolling background, smooth scrolling, increasing difficulty, and high scores, it's almost exactly like the original. Click on the icon next to the file name to see screenshots! Compiled with Axe Parser v0.4.4.
phoenixz_risingdcs.zip84k06-12-10File rated 7.79Rogue Squadron :: Phoenix Rising
In this Star Wars oriented Phoenix mod, you pilot an XWing starfighter down the canyons of the death star facing off against many different enemies.
pixelus.zip468k16-12-28File is not ratedPixelus
This is my imitation PopCap's Pixelus write a game,There are included with the editor, you can use it to make pictures.
pong13.zip199k07-09-08File is not ratedPong 1.2 DE
A great game made by Jon Martin. It was his first assembly game and one of the best. I ported it to Doors CS 6 and the size was decreased and minimal code was optimized. The game also runs much faster on DCS6 compared to MOS!
pushboxchemistry.zip266k17-05-17File is not ratedBluekoPushBox
PushBox Puzzle move:arrow key rest:[mode] quit:[clear]
robotfindskitten.zip55k13-12-19File is not ratedrobotfindskitten 1.2
A zen simulation.
simul2.zip15k12-07-31File rated 8.44Simul 2 (2011)
Pong, Falldown, Avalanche, Jump, Tunnel, Obstacles—they're all classics, but have you ever tried playing four of them at once? Simul 2, first-prize winner of the extended-BASIC division of zContest 3, is a complete remake of my original game Simul, entry and third-place winner in the Omnimaga 2010 programming contest. Like the first version, this is a game of multitasking: try your hand at playing one, then two, then three and four randomized games at the same time, on the same screen. Featuring a completely redesigned interface and game controls, as well as high scores, three speeds, and new graphics, the new version promises to be much more playable and much more fun. Good luck; you'll need it. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
squareball.zip2921k11-12-05File is not ratedSquareball
Squareball is my attempt on the the original game for iOS. It's based on it. It's not exactly the same though. Here are no fixed levels for example. Instead it creates a random one every new game. (This was to save space and time). You have to get to the end of the level without letting the time run out or falling into the void... You can add time to the timer by breaking the grey blocks. The dark grey blocks are more valuable so they add more time. When you reached the end of the level(You will notice this on a bar of lines) in time, your highscore, which is your spare time, is saved unless it's less then your previous highscore. So every time you play, do your best to get as high score possible. That's actually the goal of this simple game. I hope you like it. Source is included.(Use Axe to compile)
thisistheonlylevel.zip43k16-03-21File is not ratedThis is the Only Level
The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left! Help him beat it in all his metagaming glory. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way through a variety of challenges. Get your mind out of the box for once! Take it outside for a walk, or maybe grab a bite to eat with it. Oh, and beat the level. There's only one. From the world of Armor Games to the portability of your TI calculator!
voyagerxflighttraining.zip1k11-05-05File is not ratedVoyager X Flight Training
This is a minigame based on a larger game I'm making. Its similar to tunnel, but with obstacles.
wm.zip145k11-01-01File is not ratedWindow Maze 2.1
This isn't your typical maze. Your perspective is limited by a black mask covering the screen, which you can only see through in one 13x13 circle. Have fun beating the two associated mazes. They're designed to be very, very hard. If you're not up to the challenge, then try an easier, randomly generated maze. Good luck. Now with new bugfixes!

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