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2048_38.zip7k14-06-07File is not rated2048
2048 written in Axe Parser, as fast as Assembler.
2048_91.zip23k15-08-02File is not rated2048
2048 has been one of the top games in archives, but they have always felt something missing. They just didn't have the flair that I had expected when I downloaded them. Instead, I made my own :P. Has perfect grayscale and runs fast. Can move before the animation is finished for you speedy minds. Press 2nd to undo and arrows to control. Has a few implements that I did not do and just dont feel like doing, as well as a few calculator crashing bugs that aren't a huge problem. Compiled with Axe Parser. Source included.
2048clrdraw.zip65k14-06-30File is not rated2048 - ClrDraw
Combine blocks of similar numbers using the arrow keys. Keep going until you get to the 2048th tile.
3dsnake.zip4k12-07-31File rated 7.95Snakecaster: A 3D Nibbles Game (2012)
You've played Snake. Or Nibbles. Whatever you call it, you probably haven't played it like this. Snakecaster is a raycasted snake game—you can still play the game the usual way, but as you play, a large panel will show you a raycasted 3D scene. Basically, you see the game as the snake sees it (if the snake sees the world in blocks of black and white). It's 3D. In a Nibbles game. It's completely overkill, but hey, why not? Winner of TI-Concours 2012 Axe division. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
advancedpowdertoy.zip5k14-01-12File is not ratedAdvanced Powder Toy
Welcome, user, to a new amazing experiment ! This program will make able to enjoy super-realistic physics applied to tens of pixels ! Use gas, liquid and solid particles among with objects such as grenades and gasifiers for your own amusement. Compiled with Axe 1.2.2, source included. /!\ WARNING /!\ This game has no other point than assaulting pixels.
aifig.zip24k02-06-01File is not ratedAifig v0.82
alphaleob.zip2k02-06-04File is not ratedalpha leo
altrasi2.zip1k13-11-30File is not ratedAltrasi Asteroid Adventure 2
This game is sequel to the original Altrasi. It uses more advanced coding to make your asteroid gaming experience even better. Includes a cooler layout, a more fluent game experience, 4 difficulty levels, and of course... MORE ASTEROIDS!!!!
asmpong.zip199k06-12-19File rated 6.47Pong 1.2
What started out as my first assembly game that used text output characters, and had sluggish speed (for ASM) has developed into a toplisted game that made top 10 in "TI 83 plus programs", the most competitive category. Now that I have realized its greatness I've ported it to all z80 calculators 84 and below. It has come a long way. This is one of the greatest pong games for the z80 ever. It lacks only one feature that is soon to be implemented: link play. However, being decked out with an incredible AI, speed control, a teacher key (del), 3 different AI difficulties, SHOOTING, pixel inversion, contrast control(even returns to original contrast at end of game), and portability to many calculators, all for around 3000 bytes, it will soon be the ZTetris of Pong.
astroidblast.zip1k10-11-27File is not ratedAsteroid Blast (with sound)
the object of the game is to shoot down the asteroids before they touch the ground. game has sound, i also have a version without. does not require a shell, but a shell is recommended due to the fact it wont run archived otherwise
avalan2p.zip29k19-05-08File is not ratedAvalanche 2P
This is a 2-player version of the game Avalanche for the TI-84 Plus. everything within the program is self-explanatory.
avoid.zip461k11-01-01File is not ratedAvoid
Here is a great game made with Axe Parser ! Avoid every walls that are going in your face as lond as possible !
axagon.zip8k15-01-26File is not ratedAxagon - Hexagon Axe clone
You love Hexagon or Super Hexagon, by Terry Cavanagh, and you love your TI-83+/84+ ? Well thanks to me (you're welcome), you can combine both with Axagon ! This Hexagon clone was an one-month project, so it's simple yet effective, just like the original game ! Have fun !
axepicraft2.zip3k13-07-18File is not rated[Axe] Picraft 2 v0.3.5 Alpha
Note: Only download this update if your ok with falling through blocks. *WHATS NEW* -re-added dirt -added snow -added ore -added ladders -the game now displays the name of the block when you place it -added autosave -added a health bar. Picraft 2 is a sequel to Picraft adding many more features including: building & destroying, beautiful graphics(for a calculator), many block types, physics, autosave, jetpacks, almost all of the original Picraft's features and more. Description: Picraft 2 is a minecraft-like game where you build things with blocks. Picraft 2, is a great game to show your friends or to simply pass time in class. The game is still by far a work in progress, so expect great things to come. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to help with development feel free to email me at "andreymarquart@yahoo.com"
axepicraftv2.1alpha.zip2k13-06-02File is not rated[Axe] Picraft 2 v2.1 Alpha
*WHATS NEW*-fixed bug V2.0 -added a whole new way of building/destroying -added various new blocks to build with -replaced the world generation to flat for increased build room -added the ability to 'shift the world' in any desired direction via the [+],[-],[*],[/] buttons -added some greyscale. Picraft 2 is a sequel to Picraft adding many more features including: building & destroying, beautiful graphics(for a calculator), multiple block types, almost all of the original Picraft's features and more. Description: Picraft 2 is a minecraft-like game where you build things with blocks. Picraft 2, although it is not in 3D has a texture pack very similar to that of minecraft's, giving it a familiar feeling. Picraft 2 is still by far a work in progress, so expect great things to come. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to help with development feel free to email me at "andreymarquart@yahoo.com" IMPORTANT:The controls are very different from 1.0 so I would advise you to mess around with the keyboard in order to get used to the new control scheme.
axesnake.zip4k10-08-05File rated 8.15Axe Snake
This is one of the best versions of Snake out there. It has greyscale, five different difficulties, and a highscore table is available so you can boast to your Friends! A must download! Made with Axe Parser.
axetunnelcollection.zip17k15-02-04File is not ratedAxe Tunnel Collection (2010)
A pack of 4 Tunnel clones made in Axe Parser in 2010. One is monochrome, two are 3 and 4 levels of grayscale with RickRoll lyrics in the background and the other is a game where you must eat lobsters falling down from the sky to stay alive.
axpirin.zip15k13-05-05File is not ratedAxpirin v1.1
You are the square. Get the shaded dot. Avoid the other dots. When you pick a dot up, another appears. Worth noting is how they bounce all over the place, so watch out for that. Made with Axe Parser.
balltrix.zip5k18-05-21File is not ratedBalltrix (ASM Remake)
With permission, this is a remake of xlibman's Balltrix game. It features highscore saving directly into the program file, so it uses no extra files.
battleship.zip7k11-08-20File is not ratedBattle Ship ~Beta 2.0~
A programm in Axe : the Battle Ship. Beta 2.0 version, only 2 players, and the 1 player mode is maybe comming soon.
benumberedv2.0.zip1032k11-04-01File rated 8.80Benumbered v2.0
Benumbered v2.0 is a TI-83+/TI-84+ calculator game based on the popular games Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 by PopCap Games and features spectacular 4-level grayscale graphics, four different gameplay modes and 2 extra unlockable modes, game saving and loading and much more!
bimball1.0.zip239k11-07-03File is not ratedBiMbAlL! V.1.1.0
Here comes for the first time BiMbAlL! for the 83+/84+ series of calculators! Bimball is a game similar to Basketball, WallBall (by me as well), and apparently Slimeball (another great game for the 83+/84+)! ---------- The goal of the game is to bounce the ball in the basket to score points -- it sounds simple, but I can assure you it is a tremendously difficult task. With Superb AI that is perhaps the most formidable AI I've ever made, and with superior physics, this game will keep you hooked for hours! --------- New in version 1.1.0: - The 'Peg', the little space on the left and right of the field that if the ball lands in there, it is the end of the round and nobody scores - A fully featured commentator that talks after every round! - Instant replays! - Improved title screen! - ... And more!
blockrun.zip2k22-01-21File is not ratedBlockRun
A little game where you jump on blocks that is fun for a good while.
blox.zip1308k13-11-30File is not ratedBlox - ClrDraw
This is an incredibly addicting game that I came up with myself. Avoid hitting the large blocks by guiding the small block with the arrow keys.
bouldash.zip171k20-04-08File is not ratedBOULDASH
BOULDASH is a Boulder Dash clone with animated sprites. A level editor for Windows is included to create your own level packs or edit the existing ones.
breakout.zip384k10-11-23File is not ratedAxe Breakout v1.00
A no-shell Breakout clone made with Axe Parser. Includes normal, endless, and extreme modes, as well as a level editor. Includes both the app and program versions, and the source for both. Please note that the issue in the second screenshot has been resolved, although the editor does still have sensitivity issues.
canabalt.zip2k10-12-19File is not ratedProject Canabalt
This project was inspired by the flash game Canabalt. It's not a finished port, lacking some obstacles, but a playable game! (watch screenshot to see what works...) Source code is included if someone wants to finish/tweak it. **Written in AXE**
chasse28.zip796k13-03-26File is not ratedChasse à la liberté / Hunt for Freedom / Caza de la liber
An entry for the TI-Concours 2013. There are only 3 levels due to the contest's 4kb size limit. You've been kidnapped by the state and like every good prisoner have decided to fulfill the duty of every prisoner: escape! Based on the classic Whack-a-mole game, you'll need to whack-a-guard before they whack you, all the while traveling through the prison trying to find your way out to freedom!
chess.zip4k02-04-11File rated 6.10Chess v1.0
The TI-83 Plus ASM Chess Program. Features cursor and grahpically drawn pieces. Runs really fast!
chopper.zip81k03-03-10File rated 5.99Chopper
Chopper - a tunnel game with a twist. Dodge the walls by moving up and down - but you can only move up! (Gravity provides the 'down'). Single-key action! A must have for all tunnel fans!
chrome_dino.zip6k22-08-03File is not ratedChrome Dino
A clone of the Chrome dino easter egg. With variable distance of cactus. Source coming soon. The screenshot is a little slow because it's on an emulator.
closingin.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedClosing In
Try to stay alive as long as possible while walls keep closing in!
connect4.zip13k06-03-18File rated 7.57Connect 4 - v1.1
An impressive remake of Connect-4. Features fast, streamline graphics, and a 1-player engine with AI. Based on "Connect 4-5" for the TI-89. Play a game against the calculator, against a friend, or watch the calculator play itself. You can play the game in Drop Mode (like normal Connect-4) or Tic-Tac-Toe style. Also features a "Show Thinking" option, allowing you to see the positions the calculator thinks about when it moves.
cookie.zip4k00-04-05File is not ratedCookie
A version of the Spectrum game "Cookie"
crosshair.zip8k14-11-14File is not rated*Very* Simple 3D Game
I challenged myself to create a simple game in less than 10 minutes and that was less than 1K Bytes compiled. It is a game where you are operating the crosshair with the arrow keys and have to shoot down the approaching 3D spheres. No shell needed. Source included. Execution file included for those who are too lazy to type in Asm(prgmCROSHAIR. Only works on Ti-84+.
dearab.zip4k02-09-27File is not ratedDearab v0.001
Kill all the grey mad rabbit and win
devrays.zip8k11-06-15File rated 6.85Devrays v1.02
Devrays is a Shoot'em up game for TI 83+ SE, 84+ and 84+ SE calculators. The Game provides 8 levels in 4 different zones with a bunch of enemy types, very detailed and smooth graphics and animations, 6 bonus weapons for your ship, many achievements to collect, a highscore list with 6 entries stored directly in the program and some challenging bosses. Have fun. :)
dinojump.zip2k21-11-05File is not ratedChromeDinoRunner
My attempt at the Chrome Dino game.
diy_tetris.zip5k17-03-03File is not ratedDIY_Tetris
(24*16)size of Tetris... Block unit has toughness,transparency...Custom mode can create new block...the menu is chinese
doodlejump.zip7k11-10-15File is not ratedDoodle Jump - Papy Jump ( UPDATE 2.4 )
It's like the "Doodle jump" or "Papy jump" Game in Axe. There are currently 3 platforms.There is now menu with a shop, and three high score. To launch the game : go to Catalog and use "Asm(" and select Jump in program.
dots.zip2k11-02-27File is not ratedDots 1.2
Dots is a fun particle simulator that will keep you interested for a while. Later versions will include more options and other "substances" besides water.
doubledragon.zip234k07-03-06File rated 7.36Double Dragon
Double Dragon is a side scrolling arcade classic, now for your ti83+/84+. Winner of the TI Freakware Programming Contest, it features ten levels, varying enemies, greyscale graphics, eight directional movement, and speedy game play. The TI Mafia has your girlfriend, and you're left passed out on the street. You have nothing to lose. The cards are on the table, it's up to you to save the day.
duckhunt.zip4k01-12-10File rated 6.34Duck Hunt 83
Bang! Splat! The NES bird-killing classic has been ported to 83+!
evite4.zip6k11-08-19File is not ratedAvoid 4 - Evite 4
An axe program, you can change the difficulty in the menu or personalize the number of car and other things. To launch the game : go to Catalog and use "Asm(" and select Evite4 in program.
fade.zip1k11-11-25File is not ratedFADE
Have fun avoiding spiked boxes in FADE! Watch out! You don't know when they'll appear!
fall1.zip907k10-08-24File is not ratedFall-Down v0.9.8 - Featuring Tickles the Cat!
This is a game of Falldown, where you control Tickles the cat (or four other sprites) and prevent him/her/it/blarg from being crushed to death against the ceiling. How long can you keep Tickles alive as the floor continues to rise with increasing speed and density? Navigate Tickles to the gaps and use his nonfatal terminal velocity to your advantage by continuously falling down. Now including high scores and freshly tweaked menus and gameplay. Made and compiled with Axe Parser 0.4.4, approximately 4500 bytes when compiled.
falldown1.zip8k12-07-31File is not ratedFallDown! (2011)
Not just yet another falldown game: This is a partial clone of the popular Falldown! iPhone app, featuring true acceleration and gravity, "rolling" animations, bonuses, and a dark theme like the original. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
falldown.zip2k11-02-26File is not ratedFallDown
Thsi version of FallDown does not "smash" you like others. Keep going as long as you can! Your high score is saved in archive. Press Alpha to toggle speeds.
fivenightsatfreddys.zip113k15-10-23File rated 8.45Five Nights at Freddy's
A nice little horror aspect to the ti 84. Copy of the actual Five Nights at Freddy's by Scott Cawthon. This game is on a calculator, and do not expect the same quality game as the original. Please note that these files are EXTREMELY large and will take up a HUGE amount of data, but worth it (hopefully). Recommend using a TI 84 because of the need of processing power and Axe full mode. Now includes an app version for faster and more efficient gameplay. Game is still incomplete, changelog in the readme. Source included. ver 4.2
flaktank.zip649k12-02-27File is not ratedFLAK-Tank 0.6
As you may notice, this is an improved Version of my FLAK-game I made. Now you can drive an anti-aircraft tank in order to destroy all the approaching helicopters, which get stronger with every level you reach. Killing many enemies in a specific time will unlock several powerups. The program runs fast and smoothly on the TI-83+. Please report me any occurring bugs. Look at the screenshots or read the README file for further information.
flak.zip667k12-02-05File is not ratedFLAK - anti-aircraft shooter 0.3
As the name of this program says, in this game you're controling a FLAK anti aircraft cannon in order to destroy all the approaching helicopters, which get a bit stronger with every level you reach. Killing many enemies in a specific time will unlock several powerups. The program runs fast and smoothly on the TI-83+. Please report me any occurring bugs. Read the README file for further information.
flappybird_21.zip22k15-08-02File is not ratedFlappy Bird
Flappy Bird is now a common game that is uploaded through ti 84 archives and is nothing new anymore. Still, I felt that I would rather upload this rather than keep it for myself. ;P Has perfect grayscale and good speed for playing. Press 2nd to play. This game is slow and has numerous bugs that could be fixed, but I just don't feel like changing it after so long. Compiled with Axe Parser. Source code included.
flappybirdjosiah.zip365k14-04-14File is not ratedFlappy Bird by Josiah W.
The infamous iOS game, now on 83/84+! (Yes, this is Flappy Bird, deal with it.) This boasts such features as a fun title screen, grayscale graphics, a parallax scrolling background, highscore saving, and all in 4KB!
flappy_bird.zip8k15-03-07File is not ratedFlappy Bird
Flappy Bird is now a common game that is uploaded through ti 84 archives and is nothing new anymore. Still, I felt that I would rather upload this rather than keep it for myself. ;P Has perfect grayscale and good speed for playing. Press 2nd to play. This game is slow and has numerous bugs that could be fixed, but I just don't feel like changing it after so long. Compiled with Axe Parser. Source code included.
flappybird.zip1132k14-02-11File is not ratedFlappy Bird
The incredibly difficult app that has people throwing their iPhones in frustration is now on the TI!
flappywalrus.zip4k16-03-03File is not ratedFlappy Walrus
In this game you must spam the [up] key in order in order to doge past spikes and missiles in while collecting fish. (Alternate title: "The day the walrus flew")
fltron.zip15k12-07-18File is not ratedFL Tron 2.0
FL Tron 2.0 is a port of the classic arcade game Tron. It features grayscale and a dumb AI that gets smarter as the levels progress. To play, press the arrow keys to move your light cycle in that direction, and press 2nd to use a turbo. Axe source code is included. This game is based on the Flash computer version located at http://www.clipdigy.com/classicgames/game.php?play=1
fruitninja.zip13k12-12-16File rated 8.67Fruit Ninja (2012)
Featuring a revolutionary control scheme, Fruit Ninja is a clone of that famous iPhone game by Halfbrick Studios, complete with bombs, combos, and beautiful 3D graphics. Swipe, flick, and zig-zag across your calculator's keypad to destroy the fruit. It's like your calculator suddenly grew a touchscreen. Winner of TI-Concours 2012. Compiled with Axe Parser v1.1.2. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhDquSJ2Rr8 for a video of this game in action.
futility.zip16k12-02-27File is not ratedAn Exercise in Futility
An Exercise In Futility, or just Futility, is a calculator game I wrote in Axe for Cemetech's contest number 8. Futility is an Arcade/Platformer Survival game, and as that denotes the goal is to survive as long as you can, throughout a host of other game elements, including various Arcade games going on in the background you need to avoid. My apologies if the App version doesn't work - just transfer the program FUTILITY.8XP to your calc's archive. Source is included, although I'm not sure if you have much to gain by reading through it.
generate.zip2k04-08-09File rated 5.29Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069
gravitywalls.zip7k12-08-28File is not ratedGravity Walls v0.5
Play with gravity as you never did ! In this gravity-based game, try to escape non-sense rooms by using the environment to switch gravity at your advantage ! (see the screenshot ;) ) Also include a level editor for doing your own levels ! Readme included (english).
gravsmash.zip8k13-03-20File is not ratedGrav-smash
You awaken in deep space and WOW, you sure are hungry! Good thing there are a bunch of delicious-looking hunks of matter for you to consume. As a hideous space demon, destroyer of planets and dreams, what better way to start the eon than with a fulfilling breakfast composed of men, monsters, and planets? Be sure to examine the Readme for a full description of how to play!
grayscaletunnel.zip489k07-02-18File rated 7.95Grayscale Tunnel v1.1
Grayscale Tunnel is an assembly tunnel game that is extremely fast. It has almost flickerless grayscale, and no shell is required! It can be run in ion-compatible shells, however.
groverizer.zip5k01-09-30File rated 4.02Super Mario v1.2 (by Sam Heald) Groverizer
This is a program that groverizes your mario :-))) this version is programmed very crappy, but it works. Have fun :-)))
grvtydude.zip3k21-11-25File is not ratedGravity Dude
A game where you control a little guy and your gravity, Dodge the obstacles and try to beat your high score!
helicopter2.zip4k14-11-27File is not ratedHelicopter 2.0
This is a re-creation of my most popular game, Helicopter. I have added Fuel packs, which you have to collect in order to keep your fuel level up. I actually remade this a long time ago, so the source is a bit sloppy. The file is compiled with NoShell, which can be launched by the Asm( token, and with Ion, which can be used with MirageOS and DoorsCS.
helicopter.zip6k14-10-12File is not ratedHelicopter
In my first game ever in axe parser, I have re-created the simple helicopter game In MirageOS, DoorsCS, Ion, no shell, and in Flash. Similar to Flappy Bird, it is a game where you fly a helicopter and try to avoid hitting walls.
hexgame.zip3k17-07-17File is not ratedHex
HEXGAME is a program intended for two players to play the Hex game in a 11x11 board (there's no AI to play against). The hexagonal grid and the two different tokens can however be used for other purposes (such as drawing or playing another game). You can save the current game to resume it later. A brief explanation of how to play the game (which has similarities with Connect Four) is included in the readme. This program was coded in Axe.
icetower.zip5k05-11-05File is not ratedIce Tower (prefinal quaternary post-beta version)
Prefinal, quaternary post-beta release! ASM version is complete (but not ported to ION, Mirage, or Crunchy). Next installment will include a BASIC version and full source for ASM version. Expect final by November 7th.
igo.zip4k04-02-09File rated 7.95IGO
Igo or just Go is an ancient game that originated in China, with a definite history of over 3000 years. While its rules are rather simple the nearly endless amount of possibilities make this game that complex that many people especially in asia dedicate their whole life to the game trying to advance further than anyone has before but are nowhere near perfect. Also there is no computer program in the world which is able to beat a good player at Go. This program has no AI - it just lets you play a game of Go on a 9x9 board on either one calculator or two calculators using a link cable. More about this program can be found at http://senseis.xmp.net/?IGOforTI Also you can get a lot of information about the game itself on http://senseis.xmp.net
ikarugax.zip127k13-11-25File is not ratedIkarugaX z80 danmaku / shoot-them-up
Maybe you know the Ikaruga series, a Japanese-style shooter for various consoles. Well, this game is one those games where you will have to restart hundreds of times to finally beat it. Be prepared, the 5 levels of this game are subject to generate high levels of rage. Beat dozens of enemies, defeats all bosses in epic boss battles, dodge or absorb thousands of bullets, that's what is waiting for you in this game. ADVICE : TAKE A VERY GOOD LOOK AT THE README.TXT FILE. You'll need it, trust me. This game has been made by a team of 3, our site is here at http://mattias.refeyton.fr/rmvPixEn/
invaders.zip5k07-12-16File is not ratedInvaders
This is my first asm program, and it's nothing particularly special. It was made primarily to demonstrate the capabilities of Dan Cook's Antidisassemblage language. Anyway, it has a Space Invaders theme and if the enemy aliens reach the bottom, you lose! Simple yet fun, try it out. If nothing else, the source can help you learn asm.
jetpack8xplus.zip12k12-07-06File rated 6.80Jetpack 8x(+)
Here is the port of the famous iDevices game by Halfbrick : Jetpack Joyride ! Fly with your jetpack, avoid enemies, get bonus and run as far as you can ! Works on most of the z80 calcs, including Ti-76, Ti-82 stats and Ti-83+. Ti-83+ version by myself, Ti-83 port by myself and thepenguin77.
joltima.zip13k01-02-10File rated 8.22Joltima v1.9
A port of the classic TI-83 RPG Joltima.
joshcraft.zip44k12-01-08File is not ratedJoshCraft
A simple Minecraft Classic-inspired 2D building game for TI-83+/TI-84+.
jumper.zip167k11-12-27File is not ratedJumper
Jumper, a Game like Doodle Jump!
jump.zip4k10-10-21File rated 5.25Jump!
Jump is a great game in which you must jump from platform to platform without falling. It's a wonderful and addicting game that should keep you occupied for many minutes to come! Jump features a highscore table that includes names - use it to boast to all of your friends. A must download!
keepgoing.zip9k02-05-30File is not ratedKeep Going!
A simple snake-like game in which you just have to 'keep going'- don't crash into yourself or the walls. Every so often a pip appears: eat the pip to shrink back down again.
lazer2.zip18k17-02-27File is not ratedLazer II
A remake of lazer 1, programmed in Axe. Your goal is to spin mirrors to hit targets with lasers, while using buttons and portals and avoiding walls. Latest update allows you to create your own levels and runs slightly faster.
legends.zip178k13-01-29File is not ratedLegends (for two players)
Basically this is another wizard game where you cast spells and defeat your opponent. In order to play this you need a friend or alternatively you should have an issociative identity disorder, because Legends is a two player game only! Before you fight, you and your opponent chose spells from a library. That's the first screen you get to. There you can divide your skill points among 14 spells and determine starting power of those spells. Spells have power (the black filled spheres) that loads every turn. Spells that reached their power maximum can be cast. Both players decide which spell they cast subsequently. The spells are then cast in a specific priority order ("speed of a spell"). A fight is pretty easy, but hard to master. How can you trick your opponent? Maybe he leveled the awesome spell Revenge, that deals back twice the amount of damage your Fireball would do? Maybe you will just cast a healing spell and wait for your opponent to react. Or you puzzle out a masterplan, level three Pyroclasm that hits both of you and then Drain his Life. You can become a Legend! :) UPDATE: Auto saving spell setups is now possible.
lightbike.zip1k11-10-22File is not ratedLightbike
A remake of the famous Lightbike game for the Ipod Touch. It features 5 different speeds, randomizing, and cool graphics! Insanely fun for 2 people. Download now!
livelong.zip1k02-03-01File is not ratedLivealongtime
A very simple asm game for boring lessons where you should try to live as long as possible without running into yourself or the obstacles. With score.
mariogun.zip3k11-11-20File is not ratedMario Shotgun
In a mix of Donkey Kong, Mario, and Shotguns, you can have countless hours of fun Shooting goombas!
matrix.zip2k05-07-31File rated 1.26The Matrix
There is only one way out of those 64 bytes!
maxwell.zip19k13-03-04File is not ratedMaxwell's Demon v1.2
Similar to the thought experiment of the same name, use a hole inside of a wall to sort different types of balls from each other. Made with Axe Parser.
mazezam.zip10k12-06-07File is not ratedMazezaM
A remake of the 2002 ZX Spectrum game by Malcolm Tyrrell. MazezaM is a puzzle game wherein you must escape from a series of mazes by sliding the blocks which bar your way. As with all the best puzzle games this is easy to play but devilish to finish. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. A minor update 6/6/12 - I have disabled the 'Off' key during the game as using it often caused a memory leak inherent in the OS GetKey call. As before, you should exit from the game by pressing 'Mode' to get to the title screen and then 'Quit'.
mempie83p.zip17k08-06-12File is not ratedMemorize Pi and e for the 83+
This game will help you memorize pi or e. It's written in z80 assembly language for the TI-83+ family. - Pi and e up to 2000 digits each - saves high scores through automatic program writeback - source code included
minecraftbeta.zip10k14-07-05File is not ratedMinecraft (Beta)
2D Version of Minecraft. There are also Animals (Cow and Sheep). 34 different Blocks and Crafting is possible. Still under developement, so feel free to send me suggestions.
minecraft.zip559k12-02-16File is not ratedMinecraft
Minecraft in 2D!
minesweeper_2.zip2k11-03-03File is not ratedMinesweeper!
The ultimate Minesweeper on you ti 83/84! Runs very fast, and is extremely addicting and challenging!
missilerun.zip13k14-11-05File is not ratedMissile Run
My second Axe Parser game, Missile Run. Missile Run is a fun game where you have to dodge missiles and collect money to buy guns and ammo. The download includes the game in: MirageOS, Ion, DoorsCS, and Asm(noshell)
mroops.zip10k13-05-16File is not ratedMr Oops!!
This is a portage of the MrOops!! game that you can find on smartphones, tablets and smartPMPs, featuring "Rolling Stones", "Iron Cannons" and "Laser Weapons". How long can you survive ?
multiballpong.zip132k07-12-06File is not ratedfirst multiball pong
Multipong is the first multiball pong for the ti83+ that I know. The game can handle up to 9 balls. You can add balls to the game, which disappear after a period of time. There are several different difficulties available. Speed of the AI can be set from 0-2, game speed from 0-7 (0 is the fastest) and advantage can be set at 0 or 1, in which 1 gives you a noticable advantage. For other details, consult the readme file. [Mode] restarts the game so you don't have to set up preferences again. [2nd] adds a ball, you can see how many you have got left in the top left of the screen. [alpha] slows the game down. [clear] exits the game at any time. Please notice that the screenshot is from a previous version of the game.
multipong.zip184k04-05-19File is not ratedMultipingpong
This is a good game,you can play with the computer or with a friend.It´s very good! Í´m not the author
nibbly.zip48k05-03-01File is not ratedNibbly
A simple puzzle game: eat all the pips in each level to win! Contains level editor.
niblsws.zip14k07-07-01File is not ratedNibls.....With Sound!
This is the final release of Nibls With Sound, my first ASM program. Adding sound to games adds a whole new aspect to calculator games and greatly increases quality. All previous bugs have been fixed and there are no known bugs.. This is a simple game of nibls with sound for those who know how to play music on their calculator. The game also includes high score with initials. It was programmed entirely on calc using OTBP's assembler. There are currently 3 levels included, though you can go for as long as you possible. Download if you want a game, or even if you just want some sound. Nibls With Sound can be run with or without a shell, and at only 1231 bytes, this program hardly takes up any memory. NOTE: The sound does not sound the same on emulators (or, at least on WabbitEmu) as on calculators!! Also, the source code is written as a TI-BASIC program, so it does not include comments for memory purposes. Enjoy!
nukewarasm.zip34k05-08-20File is not ratedNukeWar ASM
A battleship like game, only a bit more complex. Two player turn based strategy game where the main objective is to destroy the enemy command bunker with nuclear stikes. Players can use spies, research weapon upgrades, and anihilate the countryside and each others buildings. Similiar to the BASIC version, only runs faster and doesnt have animations.
nymless.zip720k13-10-13File is not ratedNymless v1.77
Nymless is a 2D platformer inspired by N and n+. It features mines, shimmering rectangles you bounce off of, a lock and a door. Fast-paced gameplay awaits you, so go ahead and download Nymless! Note: Both Nymless.8xk and NYMLEVEL.8xp must be on your calculator! New in this version: Vastly improved level loading! More bugfixes! Check the changelog for more!
obstacle_snake.zip33k10-05-29File is not ratedObstacle Snake
The classic game of Snake, but with a twist! This version includes obstacles that randomly appear as you play through, as well as high scores. Built with Axe, source code is provided.
pacman.zip22k09-03-27File rated 7.71Pacman
An adaptation of the classic Pacman for the TI-83/84. It's like having an arcade in your pocket! Zoom through 7 exciting levels and try to beat the high score. It also gets very addicting so please play responsibly!
papijumprevisited.zip4k11-12-01File is not ratedPapi Jump Revisited
A clone of the Papi Jump game for the iPod Touch, this version stands out from the crowd by requiring the calculator to be turned sideways, like an iPod Touch, to play. This version also features five different speeds of play and a highscore system that even saves the name of the person with the highest score.
papijump.zip6k12-07-31File rated 7.71PapiJump (2010)
A clone of the popular iPhone and iPod Touch game released by Sunflat Games in 2009 is now available for the TI-83 and 84 Plus! Featuring all the graphics and menus of the original game, including acceleration (to mimic tilting the iPhone screen), a parallax scrolling background, smooth scrolling, increasing difficulty, and high scores, it's almost exactly like the original. Click on the icon next to the file name to see screenshots! Compiled with Axe Parser v0.4.4.
particle.zip4k14-01-12File is not ratedParticle
Draw stuff on the screen, then drop particles and watch the interaction. It gets about 18FPS at 6MHz (83+), 45FPS at 15MHz (83+SE, 84+, 84+SE).
pattern.zip1k11-12-06File is not ratedPattern
Memorize the pattern in front of you and put it back into the calculator! Pattern starts from 1 step to 2 steps and then more and more! Includes highscore and also tells you what you missed!
pogo.zip2k11-11-20File is not ratedPOGO DARK/LIGHT
Dodge the asteroids in both a dark and a light version of this popular remake of an old arcade classic!
pong.zip6k08-02-08File is not ratedPONG
This is a game of pong for ti-83/84 plus. A more detailed explanation is included in the readme file.
puzzlerssudoku.zip17k17-05-25File is not ratedPuzzler's Sudoku
The ultimate version of Sudoku for your TI-83+/84+/SE! This boasts many features for the Sudoku enthusiast such as pencilmarks, 100 puzzles included, and random puzzles, while including fun features such as grayscale graphics, and the ability to create and play packs of custom puzzles! Check this out if you're a fan on logic and number puzzles ;)
pxlshooter.zip20k15-06-08File is not rated4x3 Pxl-Shooter
Submitted for Code Walrus 4x3 contest. You are in space, shoot all the enemies to win. A pretty weird game where you shoot enemies with a square. Not too well made, but didn't get too much time nor graphics programming, and I got bored halfway through too :P. Many parts are incomplete, but hey, at least it's playable. Made with Axe parser, Source included.
pyyrix_1.0.zip16k11-03-17File is not ratedPyyrix's Most Excellent Adventure Version 1.0
Pyyrix's most excellent adventure is perhaps one of the best platformers for the ti8x family of calcs ever made. Some call it Blockdude on steroids. Some call it mario with stuff that actually makes it cool. Even some others call it "The Game" because it's so good. You can now own Pyyrix 1.0 for your very own in this special package! This Pack includes: - Pyyrix 1.0 in application .8xk form (16K, 1 page of Flash) - 10 levels of knock out fun and puzzlement - Over 20 hours of gameplay! As an explanation of some new items since the acclaimed Beta, I will tell you about every single one right here: Bomb, Keg, Torch -- get these to blow up explodable walls Gem -- Bring to the gem door to win the level! Key -- Use to unlock doors Boots -- Use to walk on water Ice Boots -- Use to walk on lava Shaphire Ring -- Press ALPHA to see the world in truth. Shows invisible blocks and hides fake blocks, but also hides some real blocks too. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? OWN IT TODAY!
rainbowdash.zip8k13-05-16File is not ratedRainbow Dash Attack z80
This is a portage of Ashbad's game for the Casio Prizm, now for your z80 TI calculator. Play as Rainbow Dash, collect apples to score points but avoid Clouds.
reversi.zip18k04-05-21File rated 8.38Reversi (aka. Othello) 2.0
This is a huge update to my first Reversi program. New features include greatly improved graphics, the 2nd key can be used interchangeably with enter and/or y, ***and most importantly a one player mode vs. an AI player***. In addition, the source code is now included and the documentation is greatly improved.
roadrage2.zip4k05-03-22File rated 4.89Road Rage V2.0
Based on GTA, you're running from the cops and trying to make it to the border! You can weave or you COULD throw roadmines out the window and watch the carnage! Decisions, Decisions... This is a port of my RoadRage program. It got bad review because it was so slow so I figured, what's faster and better? 100% asm. This is NOT a beta, this is NOT an alpha. This is a final version! It's pretty challenging on hard and even medium. UPDATE: Now optomized for speed and size, there is a difference!
robotfindskitten.zip55k13-12-19File is not ratedrobotfindskitten 1.2
A zen simulation.
robots.zip3k14-04-27File is not ratedROBOTS
This is a remake of bsdgames robots text game. It is written in AXE, the sources is included. Controls: numbers to move, 5 for teleport, any other key to skip move. Use 2nd to repeat action as long as possible.
rpg.zip5k11-02-22File is not ratedRPG of Awesomeness!
Two different RPG's including grayscale, non-playable characters to talk to, and different missions to go on. My first RPG. Written in Axe Parser
serpent2v.1.4.zip28k03-10-19File is not ratedSerpent2 v1.4, a snake on TI-83+ without shell
This is the new version (September 21th, 2003) of my snake game on TI-83+. I may port it for ION, but it has been designed to work without shell. There are a lot of ameliorations in this version : First of all, you can do highscores bigger than 127 because they are now stored on 16 bits instead of 8. That means that you're now able to do a highscore between 1 and 32,767 :-D Then, I've eliminated the bug at the end of the program. Today (September 27th, 2003), I've updated my program : when the snakes runs on the right, you cannot press "left", and it is the same for all the keys. What's more, I've eliminated a few other bugs known : the target dosen't appear on an obstacle any more, and ou can also play with a snake which is more than 35 long (max=50). Finally, I've changed a little bit the design of the snake, which is better than in the first versions ;) That's why I encourage you to download this version rather than the other ! That's all folks, enjoy !
shutdowndeluxe.zip714k14-01-30File is not ratedShutdown Deluxe
Put the lights out in this clone of Lights Out Deluxe! There is a catch, though...toggle a light, and you toggle its neighbors, too! This makes gameplay much more challenging! This game is a must-download, with grayscale graphics, and very small filesize! UPDATE: ADDED MENU! Also added modes, new name, and DCS compatibility.
simul2.zip15k12-07-31File rated 8.44Simul 2 (2011)
Pong, Falldown, Avalanche, Jump, Tunnel, Obstacles—they're all classics, but have you ever tried playing four of them at once? Simul 2, first-prize winner of the extended-BASIC division of zContest 3, is a complete remake of my original game Simul, entry and third-place winner in the Omnimaga 2010 programming contest. Like the first version, this is a game of multitasking: try your hand at playing one, then two, then three and four randomized games at the same time, on the same screen. Featuring a completely redesigned interface and game controls, as well as high scores, three speeds, and new graphics, the new version promises to be much more playable and much more fun. Good luck; you'll need it. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
sky.zip43k09-08-04File rated 8.69Sky - puzzle game
Sky is a cute puzzle game. To complete a level you just have to fill in every white part of it with the use of the arrow keys. This new version enables save games. The source code is included this time. (-: Have fun!
slova.zip1124k15-01-19File is not ratedSlova, a language - learning game
Slova is a side-scrolling game designed to help you learn a new language. If you want to learn Spanish, French, German or any other language, you can play Slova to help you practice and memorize vocabulary. You can even create your own language packs with a language or vocabulary words of your choice! Update: Fixed a couple of bugs
snake.zip1k15-02-22File is not ratedSnake
Classic Snake game. Run with Asm( command. Features pause button [Y=]
snakk.zip3k11-08-12File is not ratedNice Snake called Snakk
A cool program in Axe with a nice Menu design. You can change the difficulty : change the speed of the Snake, and change the size of the wall. To launch the game : go to Catalog and use "Asm(" and select Snakk in program.
sniper101.zip472k10-10-25File is not ratedSniper 101 version: 2.0.10
Sniper 101 Version: 2.0.10 James Oldiges of Happybobjr Prod. 2010. Jamebeast@yahoo.com Description: A very fun sniper game to play during math class. Features: *Multiple civilians. *One bad guy *Quick quit to avoid getting caught by your teacher. (Users discretion is advised) *Open source code.
sniper202.zip473k11-01-14File is not ratedSniper 202
A sniper simulation game originally by James Oldiges and modified by me. Written in AXE programming language for assembly level speeds. Features: *Multiple civilians. *Open source code. *Zoom in/Zoom out with scope *Snipe the bad guy for more time and points, but don't shoot the civilians!
spackyemprise.zip12k11-07-15File is not ratedSpacky Emprise
Classic platform game for the TI-83 plus family of calculators. As lovable silicon-based life form Spacky, you must go and find your Master. One catch - your companion is your arch-nemesis. Good Luck. Featuring 20 levels of action, 8 different block types, 9 hazard types, fully commented source code, paradigm level design, and a kick butt main character. Written in Axe Parser, originally written for the Omnimaga 2011 Axe Parser game programming contest. Source is included.
spideraxe.zip5k10-08-04File is not ratedSpider (Axe)
The simple game of Spider entails arranging the pipes so the spider can crawl through them for as long as possible. There are 3 Difficulty settings which enable extra pipe sections, and make the spider move faster. A highscore table is available so you can boast to your Friends! A must download! Made with Axe Parser.
spikeballs2.zip3k10-12-19File is not ratedSpikeballs 2
In this game your fight for your life against the evil motherspike. You dodge the Spikeballs and try to kill them using your shotgun. The games features 10 levels of addicting and challenging gameplay, highscores and much more... **Written in AXE**
squarez.zip1k99-08-24File is not ratedSquarez Beta
High score saving doesn't work.
starcats.zip71k15-10-14File is not ratedStar Cats
A millennia ago, cats embarked on a journey to conquer new planets. They had their eyes set on Planet 323, a planet easy to conquer. Now, they have just arrived from a bleak journey through space, ending up in an astroid belt.
stickhero.zip3k15-01-19File is not ratedStick Hero
The famous game from the iphone brought to the calculators by me
stigma2.zip91k03-05-08File rated 8.15Stigma2
It's Stigma - but with external level support! No longer will you have to contend with my terribly designed levels! Hooray! Also, I have shrunk the program file down to just over 2K. It comes with a level editor in the zip file.
sudoku8xplus.zip7k14-12-21File is not ratedSudoku 8X+
This is an exciting Axe clone of Sudoku for the 83/84+ line of calculators! Comes with random puzzle generator with selectable difficulty, grayscale graphics, a way to enter in pencilmarks, and much more! Check out this game if you have a love of Sudoku like many people ;) . UPDATE: Minor control change
superballjuglling.zip46k14-02-11File is not ratedSuper Ball Juglling
This is a clone of the popular iPhone app. Kick the ball the moment before it hits the ground to keep it in the air. Press [F1] and [F5] to kick.
supersonicball.zip14k21-10-18File is not ratedSupersonic Ball v1.1.0
Supersonic Ball is a simple side-scrolling platformer/tunnel hybrid where you control a bouncing ball, guiding it to the end of each level. Challenge lies in getting through narrow areas or climbing stuff without bouncing back, and it gets progressively harder to do so as the game progresses. The game features physics, randomized levels, animated graphics (or sometimes grayscale), smooth scrolling and parallax backgrounds. Try to get as far as possible as fast as you can without running out of time to get the highest score! Written in Axe Parser language. A version that runs twice faster on 15 MHz calculators is also included.
switch.zip14k12-02-29File is not ratedSwitch v1.1
Turn off all the lights by moving the cursor over and through them using the arrow keys. The randomly-generated levels take up the entire screen, so it should take a while to complete...
swords2.zip32k12-07-15File rated 8.19Swords 2
Yes, it's the character you love and the sequel to the great platform game you love. Hop over spikes, get keys, jump on platforms, avoid all other peril, all while being an awesome little sword. Packed with 40 intense, action filled levels and a fully functional level editor, so the fun never ends!
swords.zip25k12-04-29File is not ratedSwords
A platform game with spikes, enemies, power ups, keys, and much more! You even have the option of playing it as an app or a program! *Written in Axe Parser* Update: (4/28/12) new version allows you to change the contrast, and source is included!
tetrisjd.zip9k06-08-25File rated 7.46TetrisJD
Tetris Clone in ASM, needs no shell! Save Highscore and custom skin for each piece.
tetris.zip2k99-08-24File rated 7.30Tetris Beta
Two player mode and saving of high scores and games do not work.
thestack.zip2k19-04-01File is not ratedTheStack
Try to build the highest tower by pressing at the right moment.
theworldshardestgame.zip15k15-05-19File is not ratedThe World's Hardest Game
You are the SQUARE. Avoid the BLACK circles and collect the WHITE circles. Once you have collected all of the WHITE circles, move to the CHECKERED region. You must complete all 30 levels in order to win the game. The lower amount of deaths you have, the better. It includes levels from The World's Hardest Game 1.0 and The World's Hardest Game II, and some of my own. It supports circular and rectangular movement, and for those who believe a line is not a rectangle, linear movement. In addition, it has smooth movement around corners as much as possible without making it too easy. Also, it can currently support external levels, with the ability to password protect levels from editing. Check it out! Good luck!
ti2048josiahw.zip608k14-07-05File is not ratedTI-2048 by Josiah W
This is the definitive port of the online hit 2048 that has taken the world by storm! Complete with grayscale, highscore saving, and smooth animation, this is a must-have for your TI calculator!
ti84zombies.zip3k17-01-09File is not ratedNazi Zombies
A top-down Nazi Zombies shooter game. Features four weapons: pistol, shotgun, sniper, and Wunderwaffe DG-2; and an increasing number of zombies per round. Arrow keys to move, 2ND to shoot, numbers 0-3 select weapon, CLEAR to end game.
tictac12.zip4k05-09-25File is not ratedTic Tac Toe V1.2
Just a TicTacToe game - my first complete assembly program for the TI-83+. Total program size is 399 bytes.
tilemapping.zip76k13-11-23File is not ratedGrayscale and Monochrome Tilemapping/RPG Demo
This program is a demo of a grayscale tile/rpg game I'm working on. It features 3-level grayscale, movable player, collision detection (without pxl-test), and doors to other maps. Includes Axe Parser 1.2.2 source code. UPDATE: Fixed 2nd map collision detection bug, now you can press [2nd] to place a block (select with [+] and [-]),there is now a door to go forward a map and one to backward, more key delay (not as fast movement), new tree sprite, added a monochrome version (no grayscale) for slower calculators.
tiny_worms.zip145k03-03-11File is not ratedTI-ny Worms v0.4
It's the 0.4 version. Some ameliorations, as external levels and alot of worms who can be deplace. I don't speak a good english so i stop here my description ;) . Thank you for your site and long life to ticalc!!!
tisuit.zip3k09-10-20File is not ratedTitan Suit (pre-alpha)
This is a demo version. I will release a new version next month. The zip file contains only the beginning.
tunnel3d.zip3k14-01-01File is not ratedAxe 3D tunnel
When you were sick of tunnel games, you discovered GRAYSCALE tunnel games. Now that you're sick of grayscale tunnel games, here is a 3D tunnel game ! With an actual first-person 3D view and solid rendering, all of this in LESS THAN 3K, this game will challenge you for some seconds/minutes/hours/days depending on how addictive you find it. Programmed with Axe 1.2.2, source and readme included.
tunnell.8xp.zip1k11-10-23File is not ratedDuo Tunnel
Duo Tunnel is based on the original tunnel game but here there are 2 tunnels in stead of one! You control the dots: The one on the left with left/right keys but the one on the right you control with the up/down keys (up=right down=left). Your goal is to get as far as possible. My current high score is 459 but I'm sure you can beat that. Also both tunnel widths get smaller and smaller. For help/bugs you can email me. (Compile Tunell with Axe and run Tunnel)
tunnel.zip373k13-11-16File is not ratedTunnel
In this tunnel game you must go as long as possible without hitting the walls of the tunnel. It is very fast and the tunnel is small which makes this version very challenging. It has a main menu, and a grayscale pause screen.
twenty.zip1k15-01-11File is not rated2048
2048 game for TI-83+ family. Game features a save button, one move undo, and night mode.
ubersnke.zip1k04-01-18File rated 4.75Uber Snake
A snake game where you must avoid the walls and your own body. You can also go faster and slower.
upong.zip2k11-02-11File is not rateduPong 5
Made by: David Gomes and Jonathan Vannier Alert: '0' and '.' and arrows for multiplayer mode. uPong: This pong game is not just another pong game, it's an Axe game with lots of features such as an easy and hard mode, highscores for each, multiplayer, pausing the game, lots of speed, small size, game over screen, an attractive title screen and a fast game in the overall. To make this game, I edited Kevin Horowitz's game which was included in Axe: Pong. The physics of the game are similar, but the addition of two playing modes forced me to change some of the physics. The game is fast at the moment, I may release an optimized version later but I don't think such version is needed at the moment. To play this game all you need is a shell (I recommend DoorsCS), or you can use the Asm( token to play it. The game is very easy and simple to play, since you only need to use two keys and the gameplay is just like other Pong games. Thanks to: I would like to thank shmibs and both Cemetech and Omnimaga community, but mainly the first two for helping me with this game. Thanks shmibs for explaining me Appvariables.
vector_tunnel_1.0.zip4k11-03-17File is not ratedVector Tunnel V.1.0
This great game is not only the first calc tunnel game of it's time (it is based completely on angle movements and velocities) but it is also the best looking and pleasing to the eye! You can set many special effects to take place while you play! Want to make the vector longer? Done. Wanna control 3 vectors instead of just one? Simple. Wanna make the screen shake and flash, and make lasers jut out from your vector? You can do that too! In fact, with all the combinations of gameplay and special effects totaling over 3800 ways to play, you can never get bored! Plus, it's not only extremely smal in size at under 3K, it's also incredibly fast -- clocked to almost 45 FPS on lower settings! That's pretty amazing, like the rest of the game -- So get your copy today! It is more than worth the memory.
vvvvvv.zip9k14-05-10File is not ratedVVVVVV
This is the latest update to my port of the game VVVVVV to the ti-83+ series of calculators. Made with Axe Parser version 1.2.1a. For those who don't know what VVVVVV is, I direct you to http://thelettervsixtim.es | This version contains many bug fixes in custom maps, as well as documentation for custom maps.
wallball83.zip301k10-11-06File is not ratedWallball 83+/84+ 1.1
Wallball 83+ is a game for the Ti8x family in assembly. The goal of the game is to bounce the ball against the wall for points (the higher on the wall, the more points you get). If the ball bounces on the ground more than 100 times, then it is game over for you! If you want to score it big, use APLHA to trade 5 points for a big ball bounce. This can be really helpful to get high scores. Controls: left/right -- move; 2nd -- jump; alpha -- bounce ball, costs 5 points; clear -- exit. Updates: bugfixes for the wall, new screen shot. Try the new version out today, it's very addicting!
wizards_beta.zip155k05-09-27File rated 8.61Wizards_Beta
This is a beta of Wizards, which is a card game like Magic:The Gathering with animation an many graphics. It's written in ASM, the source file is not included. The beta is fully playable, just the credits and a few other things are missing. The object of the game is building your own deck of 40 cards and fighting against monsters. I spent a lot of my free-time in this game - so please download it and enjoy it. -NanoWar
wormy.zip3k00-02-19File is not ratedWormy
This game sucks, but the source is sooo money.
yahtzee2.zip76k16-06-06File is not ratedYahtzee
As the title says, this game is Yahtzee for your TI-83+/84+. Programmed in Axe language, and compiled into assembly. Fast, and thoroughly debugged.
z2048.zip9k15-03-07File is not rated2048
2048 has been one of the top games in archives, but they have always felt something missing. They just didn't have the flair that I had expected when I downloaded them. Instead, I made my own :P. Has perfect grayscale and runs fast. Can move before the animation is finished for you speedy minds. Press 2nd to undo and arrows to control. Has a few implements that I did not do and just dont feel like doing, but a great addition for a game. Compiled with Axe Parser. Source included.
zahlenraten.zip14k12-12-17File is not ratedZahlenraten 1.7.4
Ein Spiel, in dem zufällig ausgewählte Zahlen erraten werden müssen. Mehr dazu unten in der Beschreibung. A game in which randomly selected numbers must be guessed. More on this below in the description.
zmegaman.zip346k13-04-19File is not ratedzMegaman
zMegaman is a Megaman clone for the TI 83+SE/84+/SE calculators. Obtain special weapons by defeating the 8 robot masters and use them to help you in your quest. Source and some computer tools (including a level editor) are included and released with no restrictions other than your imagination! We put all our love into this game, so please enjoy! Please read the readme for installation instructions. This update fixes the issues with sending via TI-Connect, faulty keypresses, and some other small bugs.
zombiegun.zip15k12-07-27File is not ratedZombie Gun
The world has been overrun by zombies... Can you defend it? Zombie Gun is a sidescrolling 2D crowd-control shooter, featuring 13 different weapons, multiple zombies types, acheivements, and more!
zrpg.zip59k17-05-12File is not ratedzRPG
A very simple dungeon-crawler RPG with three floors and a boss at the end. Can you beat him? This game is only for the TI-83+/TI-84+ monochrome series of calculators, and it is also compatible the TI-Keyboard and the TI-Presenter. Please check the readme if you can't figure out how to play it. This was probably one of the very first programs I ever wrote and I simply took like 5 years to finally upload it. Finally got around to it so it doesn't sit on my hard drive forever.
zulo.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedSqudran zulo
This is a begining to a side scrolling space game im starting to make. Not much to it now but is very fast and has a highscore. Right now, all there is to it is just to dogue wave after wave of enemies. I hope to add a lot more soon. If you have any ideas or ANYTHING help please email me.

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