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3dcalndr.zip2k99-04-28File is not rated3-D Calendar
A 3-D calendar program that displays a cool 3-D view.
aclock83.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedAnalog Clock v1.0
This is a cool analog clock that lets you input the hour and minute and the beginning and counts indefinitely. It is a real clock, keeping nearly exact time, with an hour, minute, and second hand, as well as a digital readout of the time. Press any key to quit. Check out the screenshots!
beat.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedTNK .beatCALC v1.01
The .beat internet time was invented in 1998 by Swatch. One day has 1000 beats, @000 being at midnight in the +1 time zone during winter time. This time format is useful especially on the internet. Let's say you live in Upstate New York, and you want to chat with you Swiss friend, your Chinese friend, and your Russian friend. Trying to calaberate a time to do that would be very hard, because you would have to say something like "6 p.m. my time." With .beat, the time is the same everywhere, so you can say "at @000," which is the same everywhere. My program calculates .beat!
calendar06.zip1k06-03-11File is not ratedCalendar
A '06 calendar program. Uses Picture 3.
calendar2.zip1k00-04-22File is not ratedCalendar v2.0
A WORKING update of Calendar V1.1A, lets you see a graphical calendar for any month of any year after 1990
calendar.zip1k99-06-29File is not ratedCalendar v1.0
Simple calendar utility that ranges from 1 to unlimited year.
calendr2.zip2k00-03-26File is not ratedCalender v1.0
A program that alows you to store, edit, and search dates on your TI-83
clndr_b4.zip2k97-12-24File is not ratedCalendar 1.0 for Boreal
clock2.zip1k01-02-08File is not ratedClock
A working clock for the 83.
clocker.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedclocker
it's a simple clock, i've tested it for 2 hour and the time did stil going right.
clock_x.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedClock
a clock
clock.zip1k01-02-08File is not ratedClock Invert Edition
A working clock for the 83. Inverted graphics!
countdtimer.zip1k02-05-13File is not ratedCountdown Timer v2.0
Enter minutes and seconds, and this cool timer will count down to it! Press [2nd] at any time to interrupt it.
countup83.zip1k02-05-30File is not ratedCountUp Timer v1.0
Soon after the release of CountDown Timer, here is CountUp Timer! It will count indefinitely until you press [2nd] to stop it. A truly cool program!
datefinder.zip1k01-08-04File is not ratedDate Finder
You enter in todays date and the number of days you want to go ahead and it will tell you the exact date.
date.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedDay of the Week
Find the day of the week for any date from 1950 to 2049
daycalc.zip1k98-07-14File is not ratedDate to Day of Week Converter v1.00
Calculates the day of the week for any given date. Works from 1950 to 2049.
dayoftheweek.zip1k00-04-29File is not ratedDay of the Week
a program to find the day of the week for any given date
days.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedDays
Find out how many days old you are.
day.zip1k00-05-09File is not ratedDay Program
Input a month (1-12) a day (1-31) and a year and using a complex formula, the calculator will output to you the day of the week it was/ will be/ is. To the best of my knowledge, this program is 100% accurate.
dbd.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedEXACT Days Between Dates v1.0
This program calculates the EXACT number of days between two entered dates. It is much better than the dbd( function of the calculator. Just enter two dates and see the days between dates.
doomsday83.zip1k03-04-18File is not ratedDoomsday
This program determines the day of the week for any date in history. The method is derived from one developed by Lewis Carroll. This is a similar version of my 83+ Doomsday program. However, since the 83 does not support lower case letters, this version was necessary.
easter.zip1k04-06-05File is not ratedEaster Date v1.0
This program will tell you the date Easter falls on in any given year.
howold.zip1k99-10-04File is not ratedHow Old?
Enter two dates between 1950 and 2049 and the number of days between the two dates is displayed. It can be used to count down how many days are left until a special occasion, like the year 2000, or you can find out how many days old you are.
hwatch.zip3k01-03-25File is not ratedHWatch v1.5
A fantastic stopwatch application. Has start/stop/reset functions and is able to display up to 6 split times. You are even able to change the speed of the timing loop in order to get an accurate stopwatch.
life.zip1k00-10-09File is not ratedLive v3.0
Life is an awesome program that tell you how old you are in days
stopwatch.zip1k98-10-23File is not ratedTI-83 Stopwatch
Stopwatch with a start stop and reset functions
supertime.zip1k08-09-16File is not ratedTime King
You can count time in two different ways: with a stopwatch (up to 10 hours) and by a countdown (up to 10 hours). You can change the 10 hours limit if you want, see how on the documentation.
swatch.zip1k99-08-07File is not ratedStop Watch v2.0
A stopwatch
swim3.zip7k00-02-21File is not ratedSwim 3
An enhanced database program for recording times for 1 or more swimmers. Features include database linking, up to 8 swimmers, regional time reporting (A time, B time, etc), and customizable display options.
tenchicalendar83.zip1k03-03-04File is not rated2003 Calendar GXP
It’s that time of year, again. It’s time to throw out the old calendar, and hang up the new. This program will show you all the months in the year 2003. Its simple to run, and simple to do! The commands are: [ 2nd ] - Start Calendar [ MODE ] - Quit [ < ] - Back [ > ] – Forward.
timeadd.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedTime Add
Adds up any number of times, and gives you the answer in various formats.
timechanger.zip2k00-07-27File is not ratedTime Changer
A program that will convert the time from one time zone to another.
timer_29.zip1k98-06-02File is not ratedTimer
timer2.zip1k00-06-05File is not ratedTimer
A timer program used in speed reading class
timer3.zip1k99-07-29File is not ratedTimer
A timer program where you input a certain amount of time to count up to, and it goes up to that number unless you hit enter.
timer4.zip1k00-06-22File is not ratedTimer
This is a basic BASIC program, basically a clock that goes on for twenty minutes, displaying the time as you go.
timer5.zip1k00-12-26File is not ratedTimer v2.0
An update to v 1.0, this program allows you to input any amount of time, and counts down to zero. Accurate to the millisecond, it also has a pause feature, a cancel button, and accepts any form of time entry.
timer83.zip2k04-12-26File is not ratedTimer83 Ver 1.01 (Revised)
This revision corrects the delay so the timer isn't as slow. Check out my Timer83 2.0 Pre-release as a bonus file! See documentation for further information.
timer.zip1k11-06-11File is not ratedTimer 1.3
Timer 1.3 includes a stopwatch, and countdown. It has very good accuracy, and many features. Download and try!
timetable.zip1k06-05-11File is not ratedMinutes until set times
This application displays the number of minutes until the next time given in a list. Usefull for school and work, easy to use, doesnt leave junk variables, works VERY fast, time-table easy to edit.
time.zip2k99-04-23File is not ratedTime
A simple, yet complex timer.
ti_timer.zip22k03-10-19File is not ratedTI-Timer
A Calculus teacher informed me of the Lbl/Goto sec bug on the 68k files. It works perfectly now. Simply read the included .txt file for help and enjoy :-)

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