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Last updated Sunday, 30 November 2008
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adisplay.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedText Displayer
I know that isn't much of a name, but I can't think of a better title. What this does is outputs a given string onto the graph screen. It will create a typing effect, doing one symbol at a time, and breaking to a new line when told to. Really only useful for people that want to use it in a game (mission breifings, backstory..)
aexa.zip1k03-05-08File is not ratedAEXA
If you use this program you'll never have to type Text(x,y,"abc" again! The program does it for you. Simply store your text in a string and AEXA creates the lines and pages! An absolute timesaver!
asmtools.zip5k04-03-16File rated 3.03ASM Tools v1.0
ASM Tools is a multifunction utility for z80 programmers. There are four main sections of built-in dynamic tools, each meant to make programming easier. The Conversions section will convert to and from any of hexidecimal (base 16), binary (base 2), and decimal (base 10). The Calculate section will find program size and a variety of execution time stats. The Command Reference contains information on a variety of z80 commands and ROM calls. The Select Commands section contains complete size and clock information for a variety of 1 and 2 byte math instructions, indirection, ports, and often-used rom calls. Doors CS v4.0 and up optimized.
b3dsdk.zip14k99-08-17File is not ratedB3D G3 Software Development Kit v1.0
Basic 3D Generation 3 Software Development Kit for use in creating B3D G3 programs.
b3d.zip9k00-09-03File is not ratedCos 2000 - B3D G3 Software Development Kit v1.0
Basic 3D Generation 3 Software Development Kit for use in creating B3D G3 programs.
basicfig.zip8k03-10-23File is not ratedBasic Fight Routines
Basic Fight Routines hold 2 diffrent types of fighting. Feel free to add my source code to your programs or use it to learn how to make fighting in your games, such as a text based RPG. This file has Random subt. fighting or -10 subt. as seen in Pimp Quest. Enjoy :)
basicmaster83.zip4k01-06-01File is not ratedBasic Master Program Set 83
This is a package of 21 programs made for use with the Basic Master tutorial on the ti 83.
basicprogs.zip7k04-12-12File is not ratedBASIC progs
VERY USEFUL for anyone learning BASIC programming. this contains about 20 programs, all of which you can view to learn about. The README should explain everything. I don't expect any credit, so feel free to use these anywhere.
bfi.zip4k02-10-02File is not ratedTI-Brainf***
Three interpreters for the Brainf*** programming language. BFIACC emulates a Unix-style I/O system. Comments, hacks welcome.
bigsmallfont.zip2k03-09-16File is not ratedNormal and small (graph) font in mainscreen
That's a great new revelution for big and small font on your ti main screen! check the source, how to program it! best view on a new 83 (3rd edition!) And real in TI BASIC
blink_prgm.zip8k03-07-04File is not ratedBlink engine for TI-83/Plus
This is a small program for build in your own Basicprograms. You can change the blinking word and the speed! Check it out an have fun!
bn.zip2k01-03-25File is not ratedBig Numbers Collection V1.1
A nifty program which lets you display numbers the size of the home screen ones, in the graph screen. It is now much more powerful, allowing you to enter decimal points and uses real vars instead of strings (which is much better for games)
brainfint.zip1k06-12-30File is not ratedBrainf*** Interpreter 1.0
The name says it all. This DCS6-optimized program interprets the BF program stored in Str0, and includes two sample programs for your viewing pleasure. The real-time interpreter includes a debugging output.
brgsuite.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedBASIC Race Game Engine SUITE v1.1
Two engines for a basic race game. Great for beginners and experts!
calcasm.zip2k01-02-07File is not ratedOn-calc assembler
an on-calc assembler, in a very very early stage ! I won't continue this program, and you can continue the project if you want.
calcx.zip45k02-05-14File is not ratedCalc X
Calc X adds some extra functions to your TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-83+ SE
card.zip1k04-06-02File is not ratedCard
This program generates random cards. It can be modified and included in any type of card program such as poker or blackjack. I would like to see any games made with this, so please send me the program at justluck4334@juno.com. Enjoy!
daedalus.zip3k00-12-26File is not ratedDaedalus
A nifty development program the randomly generates levels or dungeons designed for use with RPGs or other games.
dcsicon83.zip1k03-04-15File is not ratedHeader and Icon Creator v1.0 for Doors CS v4.0
This simple yet powerful program will create the hex code for the header to a BASIC program. Using the three generated lines, your program will not only be recognized by Doors CS but will also have an 8x8 icon. Check it out!
dcsmouse83.zip1k03-04-30File is not ratedMouse Kernal from Doors CS
This is the mouse kernal used in Doors CS, which you can now seamlessly integrate into your own programs. Simply call prgmDCSMOUSE from your program, and you can use a real graphical mouse cursor.
devpic.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedDevPic v1.0
A utility which allows programmers to store to additional picture slots; Total of 40 picture slots available. This allows for games to have more pictues. You can recall these pics from within your own program.
finvert.zip1k01-03-15File is not ratedFInvert
A slow Wave effect Invering program, good for newbies to learn how to program.
getkey2.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedKey Values v1.10
This program displays the getkey values when you press a key.
getkey8graders.zip1k03-04-25File is not ratedGetkey
This program just helps the people who are making a game or something that they need to know what key is what number.
getkey_v_1.0.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedGetkey (v1.0)
This programm gives you the number of the key you touch. It's very usefull for beginning programmers.
getkey.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedKey Values v1.10
This program displays the getkey values when you press a key.
grphmenu.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedGraphMenu
A nifty and really small program which makes graph menus (that is, on the draw screen).
gtkkgtr.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedGet-Key Key-Getter
A quick little programming aide dealing with the getkey command
hex2sprite.zip1k07-03-30File is not ratedHex-2-Sprite
This program takes hexidecimal values, and converts them to sprites on the graphscreen. This Sprite displayer will display sprites in 8x8, 16x16, and 32x32 sizes. This also adds a new feature; if your string length is off, it will display an 8x8 X icon.
hoodratprgmlang.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedHoodRat Programming Langauge
A new way to program on the Ti83+! No experience necessary!
hslib.zip3k00-07-24File is not ratedHigh Score LIB v2.0
On the TI-83, strings are too common. This makes it difficult to use strings to store the high scorer's name in a game you're making because they're always getting overwritted. With this programming library, you can use lists to store the high scorer's name. Very useful and easy to use!
iconed.zip1k97-08-05File is not ratedIcon Editor for Aurora v0.2A
Creates icons for Aurora
installshld.zip1k00-08-11File is not ratedInstall Shield v1.0
This program helps you to install your program on some one else's calc
install.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedInstaller Routine
This is a simple install routine with graphical loading bar and percent displayed! Must download for those who use installers!
intimp83.zip1k03-07-12File is not ratedInteger Input v1.5
This simple program lets the user enter an integer between 0 and 9999999999999999 without using the Input command. This ensures that the user does not use symbols or characters that could cause errors in your programs. Simply call the program ZITIMP from your program and the user intput will be retrned as X.
inttostr.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedInt to String
An algoritm that stores an integer into a string! Non-Locked-Code!
keyfinderlite.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedKey Finder Lite V. 1.0
This is your average key number finder program. It does not have much of a GUI but it is extremly small(the smallest basic keyfinder for ti-83 as of 2/18/04 by about 10). The program is great for beginner programmers! If you would like more of a GUI and a couple more extra features get the full version!
keyinput.zip1k02-11-11File is not ratedKey Input v1.0
This program displays the input of the current key that is pushed
keytest.zip2k03-11-07File is not ratedKeyTest X
Extremely useful for new programmers! This only takes up about 50 bytes, doesn't use any variables or lists! A MUST HAVE!!
lib.zip16k00-05-26File is not ratedThe 83-basic Library v2.0
65 "functions" you can use in your programs
menu.zip1k97-10-19File is not ratedTI-85 Menus for the TI-83
TI-85 sytle menus on the TI-83
mouse17.zip7k03-03-05File is not ratedfast BASIC mouse
This is a very simple program that you may be able to use or just play around with. Just enter the interval in which the mouse goes by, and use the number pad to move it. It CAN go diagnally which means 8 possible directions. Very good, fast, efficient, and small program. read the readme file for more
mouse1.zip3k00-09-15File is not ratedMouse Group v1.0
a group of mouse-type programs, not very useful but cool anyways.
move.zip1k99-07-27File is not ratedMove
A program where you control an X that moves around the screen. Good for helping beginner basic programmers learn about the getkey command.
mutlty.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedMouse Utility
This program is small and is only for people who are making programs that require a mouse based cursor.
mymenu.zip150k03-08-26File is not ratedMy @ Menu - graphical Menu engine
That is a great graphical menu engine! If you ever want to know, how to program a graphical menu - here is a great and QUICK release! You can change all the Menu points! How to create your own menu, read the PDF-file! Enjoy it!
options.zip1k00-03-01File is not ratedOptions v1.0
This is just an example of using tabs, like Windows uses.
prlist.zip3k09-01-10File is not ratedPrList v3.14
This is meant as a practice for beginners. You're supposed to study the programs and type the ones of interest to you onto the calculator, thus learning how to find your way on it. There are 27 programs in the textfile. For you that want to write your own programs in Basic.
readme1x.zip1k01-08-04File is not ratedReadme 1X
A program that allows you to vertically scroll a string and read it.
scroll83.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedScrollbar Collection SDK v1.0
This is a bunch of graphical side-scrollbars that can be used directly in your programs or adapted to suit your needs. Various styles are included and can be easily changed and combined. If you come up with any good ones, send me an email!
sprite2hex.zip2k07-03-30File is not ratedSprite-2-Hex
Sprite2Hex is an oncalc BASIC utility that helps create 8x8, 16x16, and 32x32 sprites and exports them to hexadecimal, which is to be used with Hex2Sprite. Assembly programmers may also find this utility somewhat handy, since the hex displayed should also work for them as well.
sprite.zip2k99-01-25File is not ratedBASIC Sprite Loader v0.1
Quickly load sprites in Basic while taking up hardly any memory at all.
stack.zip2k00-05-11File is not ratedStack Utilities
These programs let you simulate recursion in your BASIC programs.
strcomp.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedTutorial 1 -StringCompression
Learn yourself how to save memory in your games.
tassm.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedTrue Assembler
It is basic program with a loop without a runindicator.
tsprites.zip1k00-11-09File is not ratedTurbo Sprites
Create 8x8 sprites for z80-programming!
upbeat.zip10k03-05-22File is not ratedUPBEAT Game Engine
ion The UPBEAT Game Engine is a program that is used to run an overhead style map. You can talk to people, walk around. It was built to be edited and put into games, so feel free to customize it to fit your programming needs. Enjoy!
wizard.zip4k00-09-24File is not ratedBinary Sprite Wizard v3.83
The Binary Sprite Wizard allows you to create binary sprites in BASIC, and then compress them. A compressed sprite takes up 10 to 20 times less space! It is also the easiest way of making graphics for your game in BASIC. Just draw a sprite and run the Wizard.
z80suite.zip567k09-11-03File is not ratedTI-Z80 Assembly Suite on 83/83+/86
You can now edit and compile assembly code on your TI without needing a computer. This set of compilers is written in 100% TI-Basic for the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-86, with the TI-85 supported soon. They support the creation of modules, practically all z80 codes, and 5 (83/83+) or 10 (86) save slots. A Pic2DB module is included. The 83+ version supports BCALL($XXXX) and BJUMP($XXXX). Neither support labels, so all calls/jumps must be manually calculated. All values used within your code, ie " ld a,$F6" must be hexadecimal format with a small E (83/83+) or standard $ (86) prefix. Such limitations are easy to ignore once you're used to the style. This isn't for the amateur coder, and can teach you plenty (esp. relative addressing).
zbaslib.zip15k02-06-02File is not ratedzBASLib v1.0
A BASIC program API - Allows you to call assembly functions from your BASIC prog. Functions include filemanagment (Hide/Unhide, Protect/Unprotect), contrast changing, calculator off, printing any TI-83 character, and lots more! nearly 20 functiosn included.
zsubnum.zip1k01-01-14File is not ratedZealot ZSUB Numerica! v1.0
This is an expansion to the Zealot ZSUB simulated function pack. So far, only one function for this expansion is complete - a function that returns the number of digits after the decimal place of any rational number. Look for more Zealot ZSUB Numerica! functions in 2.0.
zsubs.zip28k01-01-22File is not ratedZealot ZSUBs v2.0
A collection of function-like subroutines that can be implemented in a variety of ways in a program. Can do things such as formatted text, graph screen input, scrolling text, and more! Version 2.0 updates include more text features, smaller program size, and a new function.

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