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Last updated Sunday, 31 May 2015
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Most popular file  Law of Cosines Solver with 9,785 downloads.

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ad.zip1k99-11-08File is not ratedDraw Angles, Calculate Trig Values
ageotrio.zip3k00-06-23File is not ratedAGeoTrio v 2.3
This program has everything you need for basic trig. Sine and cosine rule (Incl. ambiguous triangles), exact values, degrees and radians, and much more. If you do trigonometry, this program is for you
analyset.zip1k10-04-30File is not ratedAnalyseT v1.46
The program uses the Ans-memory to check on 20 values, common in trig. class, showing you the exact ones.
angles.zip1k03-05-16File is not ratedAngles
This program tells you the # of degrees for exterior and interior angles for the whole polygon and each angle depending on how many angles there are in the polygon, definitly the best one out there.
apythag.zip1k03-04-25File is not ratedAPYTHAG v0.4
Before you skip this entry read it!!! This is a pythag program that outputs answers in simplified radical form. It does it about 99% of the time!!! Before you think about skipping it, I pledge that this is NOT a hoax like many others. This is a real working one. Note: It is only 40% towards full completion. Also, reading the readme file thoroughly helps a lot. Now download immediately and thank the lord that you did so when you use it for that test you shouldn't have crammed for.
ask.zip1k00-04-19File is not ratedAsk
You type a degree, and the calculator show the cos('degree') as Y, and sin('degree') as Y in the circle. Helpful program I think.
atrig1.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedATRIG
ATRIG is a program to find those exact values, from the ANS-memory, in trigonometric functions. Like one over squareroot of two, squareroot of three and the others. It also gives you all the multiples of pi, for a denominator of onto 10,000, in a second! The result is shown with the Text(-command, wich means that the built in >Frac can't be used. At 212 bytes it's unique!
circangl.zip2k00-07-14File is not ratedAngles w/ Circles v1.10
This program solves for angles and arcs that are involved with angles dealing with circles.
cosine.zip2k00-06-10File is not ratedBrian's Law of Cosine v2.0
This program finds the missing side or angle using the law of cosines
delta83.zip1k03-03-14File is not ratedDelta: Triangle Solver
Delta: Triangle Solver calculates the measures of the angles and the lengths of the sides of a triangle using the laws of sine and cosines.
dmse.zip7k15-05-31File is not ratedDMSe
The Program converts an angle measurement given in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds to just degrees as well as radians. If the measure is in degrees, it is converted to Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds and also radians.
dyncirc.zip12k00-09-23File is not ratedDynamic Unit Circle v2.0
New, updated version of the extremely popular Dynamic Unit Circle. Given an angle, this program will show a picture on a unit circle, and give the x- and y- coordinates. It will even give EXACT coordinates for many "magic angles." Will also calculate decimal output for other "oddball" angles. Accepts input in degrees or radians. New version is smaller and slightly faster than before. A must have for any math class, trig on up to calculus!
exact83.zip1k02-05-14File is not ratedExact Value of Trig. Functions
Displays the exact value of the six trig. functions with the square root sign when you input 0, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150, 180, 210, 225, 240, 270, 300, 315, 330, or 360 for theta.
exterang.zip1k00-03-03File is not ratedExterior Angles Made Simple
Figuring out the exterior angles made simple
force.zip5k00-06-05File is not ratedForces
Calculate totaly force..
formul.zip2k01-01-29File is not ratedFormulator v2.1
Dutch program for sin, cos, tan, ... formulas
herons.zip1k03-05-06File is not ratedHerons
This program uses Heron's Formula to find the area of a triangle from the three angles. Does not support imaginary numbers, but will tell you that it is a non real answer. No bugs that I know of.
hypfn.zip1k00-05-17File is not ratedHyperbolic Functions
Evaluate all six hyperbolic functions and their inverses without having to scroll through the catalog.
hypothenus83.zip1k02-03-04File is not ratedHypotenuse Solver
This program is used for finding the hypotenuse or area of a right triangle. For the area, there is an option to solve using radical numbers.
infinite83.zip2k02-05-22File is not ratedInfinite Domain of Trig. Functions v1.1
Displays the general equation for the domain of the six trig functions from negative infinity to infinity. (Example: sin theta = 1/2 at pi/6+2piN and 5pi/6+2piN)
intdeg.zip1k00-09-08File is not ratedInterior Degree Calculator
A program that calculates the interior degees of an n-sided triangle.
interang.zip1k00-03-03File is not ratedInterior Angles Made Simple
Figuring out the interior angles made simple
isitrite.zip1k98-02-04File is not ratedIs it Right? Or is it Not? 1.0
Finds type of triangle using the sides of it.
lawcosin.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedLaw O' Cosines Alpha v1.0
A simple math program that is capable of solving any ONE variable in the Law of Cosines' folmulas.
lawcos.zip1k99-11-08File is not ratedLaw of Cosines
lawocos.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedCOSINE
COSINE is a program based on the trigometric Law of Cosines.
lawofcos.83p1k01-12-16File is not ratedLAWOFCOS
When given three sides of a triangle this program can find any angle or when given two sides and an included angle it can find the other side and other two angles. Note that the side opposite the angle ø is arbitrarily called side c. This is a very fast and reliable program. Email me with questions at kevtrice@aol.com.
lawofcos.zip1k04-11-20File is not ratedLaw of Cosines Solver
This program will solve for any side or angle of a triangle, provided you have the right stuff to plug into the law of cosines formula. The ZIP archive contains programs for the TI-82, TI-83, and TI-83+/84+.
lawsin.zip1k99-11-08File is not ratedLaw of Sines
legs.zip1k98-11-12File is not ratedLegs
This program asks you to enter the lengths of the legs of the triangle. It then calculates the measure of the hypotenuse c, the measures of the acute angles, and the trigonometric ratios for each acute angle.
mltpro83.zip1k02-03-09File is not ratedMath List Trig PRO 83
This is the 83 port of the hit math prog for the TI 83 Plus, Math List Trig PRO. This program does it all. This ACTUALLY CALCULATES MOST OF THE FORMULAS FOR YOU! The only formulas not calculated are Half Angle, Double Angle, Pythagoren Definitions, and sin/cos/tan Addition formulas. Everything else is done, including csc/sec/cot (and their inverses), and new features Polar to Rectangular conversion (and Rectangular to Polar conversion). This is a MUST HAVE for students in Honors Precalculus!
moll.zip1k99-11-08File is not ratedMoll
Mollweide's Equation for checking triangles.
pateasy.zip1k00-02-28File is not ratedPathagorean Theorem
The Pathagorean Theorem Made Easy
pt83.zip1k00-06-16File is not ratedPythagoras 83+
This is a quick and simple Pythagorean Theorem solver, plus a COOL unit circle diagram
pytago.zip1k97-12-09File is not ratedThe Law of Pythagoras
pyth2.zip1k01-01-04File is not ratedThe Pythagorean Relation
This program finds the length of the missing side of a right triangle in simplest radical form. Graphically displays results and values entered.
pythag2000.zip2k00-05-26File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem 2000
Given any two sides of a triangle it outputs the third side in decimal and radical form which is Simplified for you. The best pythag program out there! Enjoy!
pythag83pr.zip1k03-05-14File is not ratedPythag v1.01
Quickly slove for A, B, or C
pythag83.zip4k99-10-09File is not ratedPythag83 v2.51
The Pythagorean Theorem Program for the TI-83 Plus. Includes the Pythagorean Theorem, Quadritics, GPA, Measurement Converter, a slope program that does slope in fraction form, and a ton of Geometry formulas.
pythag89.zip27k06-04-15File rated 3.87Optimal Pythagorean Solvers
This solves for any variable in the Pythagorean Theorem. It's made in TI-Basic for all TI's; QBasic for IBM PC DOS; and z80 asm on the 83+ & 86. All TI-Basic version have been optimized extensively and tested for errors.
pythaggs.zip1k00-04-09File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem GS
This is a program that solves for the pythagorean theorem. It can solve:1)You enter A and B and it figures C;2)You enter A and C and it figures B;3)You enter B and C and it figures A;4)You enter A, B, and C, and it tells you if it is correct or not.
pythagorean.zip1k00-04-09File is not ratedPythagorean Theorem
A quick formula program to calculate lengths of right-angles triangles.
pythagorus.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedPythag
Pythag tells what type of triangle three lengths form, if it is a real triangle, and its area.
pythagrm.zip6k04-05-19File is not ratedPYTHAGRM
A neat program that will give you the answer to a pythagerom thereom problem, you can pick wether you have: a, and b, or a and c, or b and c, and it will prompt you to enter them and then it will give you the third value, without you having to mess with squares and square roots
pythag.zip1k99-08-24File is not ratedPythag
This program solves all A²+B²=C² for a b and c.
pythgorn.zip2k00-07-17File is not ratedPythagorean - Theorem and Apps v1.10
This program solves for the Pythagorean Theorem and for Pythagorean Triples using 7 different formulas!
pythgtri.zip1k98-09-05File is not ratedPythagorean Triples
pythgvis.zip1k99-09-21File is not ratedVisual Pythagorean Theorem
Not only is it an effective pythag thm program, but it also shows the operations and gives and example triangle while inputing the variables. Handy for newcomers to the theorem.
pythplus.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedThe Pythagorean Theorem
This is my second version of pyth2 program. The program finds the length of the missing side of a right triangle in simplest radical form, the measure of the two acute angles, and the area of the triangle. Graphically displays results and values entered.
pyth.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedPrime Pythagorean Triples
righttri.zip2k99-09-17File is not ratedRighttri v1.2
Solves right triangles from any given info. Uses graphical representation and contains many neat features like a true scale picture of the triangle, NO pesky menus, and internal error detection.
secant.zip1k06-08-25File is not ratedSecant
Draw the secant of f(x) from x=A to x=B and show the equation.
sicotari.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedSicotari
Do you want to know how long a side or an angle of a 90 degrees triangle is, use this program!
sicota.zip26k01-02-08File is not ratedSicota83
This program is in Danish: Dette program kan beregne en trekants sidelængder, omkreds og højder, og endvidere kan det også tegne trekanten m.m.
sincos.zip1k98-01-19File is not ratedSinCos 1.1 (AShell83 Compatible)
singraph.zip1k98-10-11File is not ratedSine Graphing and Analysis Program v2.0
Graphs sine curves and gives all intercepts min max points in fractional form.
sinmcosn.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedFirst Powers of Sine and Cosine
Convert to sums of 1st powers of sin and cos.
solvetri.zip1k99-02-25File is not ratedSolves Triangles
Uses laws of sines,cosines
tang.zip1k00-10-07File is not ratedTangent Line Solver
Gives you the function of the tangentline as it is,requires only x and y entry
tenchicentriod83.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedCentriods (Triangles > Medians)
When the program is run, you are promoted to enter the coordinates of the vertices of ABC. After entering the last coordinate, the calculator will display Triangle ABC with each of its medians. Also, where they are concurrent, its the centriod.
tenchitriangle83.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedWhat Type of Triangle?
All you have to do is input the sides of the triangle, in the order that the program requested it, and it will help you determine whether its a Obtuse, Right, or Acute triangle.
tetra.zip4k05-03-19File is not ratedAlex's Tetra
Tetra is both a nifty triangle solver and a cool addictive puzle game. The object of the game is to constantly block and unblock rows to allow good items to shoot through and prevent bad ones. You can save your game, as well as the high score.
theorm.zip1k03-05-16File is not ratedTheorm
This is a Pathagoream theorm program and it finds A, B, or C all in one, definitly the best one out there.
triangel.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedTriangle
Triangle is a simple to use program that has five cases for the problems with triangles. Handles the ambiguous case. Please see the textfile.
triangle2.zip1k98-09-22File is not ratedTriangle
triangle3.zip1k98-09-29File is not ratedTriangle v2.6F
Triangle computing program
triangle4.zip2k00-07-17File is not ratedSpecial Triangle Formulas v1.10
This program displays and solves for some special triangle formulas.
triangle.zip1k98-01-23File is not ratedTriangles: Lengths and Measures
Does several operations on triangles. The law of sines, law of cosines, and area
triangl.zip2k98-03-31File is not ratedTriangles
A program for Triangle Coord. stuff
trianglz.zip1k00-10-10File is not ratedTriangles v1.1
Will completly solve any triangle given three variables.
triarea83.zip1k03-05-14File is not ratedTriarea v1.04
Find the area of a triangle (quickly)
trifact.zip1k00-11-13File is not ratedTrinomial Factoring
A quick and tiny, but very useful program that tells you the two numbers which add to a certain number, and multiply to a certain number. Used very often in factoring trinomials.
trig2.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedTrigonometry v2.0
Will completly solve a right triange given any two values.
trig83.zip14k98-01-19File is not ratedThe Trigonometry Machine 1.0
GUI based triangle solver
trigf83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedTrigonometry Formulas v1.1
Displays the fundamental identities, law of sines/cosines, addition/subtraction formulas, double-angle formulas, and half-angle formulas separated into categories.
trigfind.zip3k03-05-29File is not ratedTrig Finder v2.0
This is an update to the popular Trig Finder v1.0. While that version was very helpful, it would tend to crash with a domain error if the angle was a multiple of 90 degrees. This updated version has an updated interface, is bug-free, and includes the calculator file. Simply run the program, enter the angle in degrees, and the program will give you all six trig functions for the angle. Check it out!
trigfunc83.zip1k00-05-02File is not ratedTrigFunc
Make geometry class easier. Sine, Cosine and Tangent and a help menu..
trigfunc.zip3k02-02-26File is not ratedTrigonometry Functions v1.14
Contains information and formulas related to trigonometric functions.
trigid.zip1k01-01-14File is not ratedTrigonometric Identities v1.5
Contains all the fundamental trigonometric identities, including the reciprocal, quotient, pythagorean, cofunction, even/odd, and sum & difference identities. There is no input, but just the formulas. Great for cheating on tests...
trigsolv.zip2k98-04-17File is not ratedTrig Equation Solver
Solves Law of Sin,Cos,SSA, Hero,Sin area
trigsub.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedTrigSub
formulal to convert roots to trig form
trigtable.zip1k03-08-17File is not ratedTrig Table
This Program displays the value of trig functions for both radians and degrees. simple to use. Start program and select mode, your table will then be shown using values of 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees or their radian counterpart. All bugs have been removed and is a file which is small in size. NOW V2.00
trig.zip1k98-09-24File is not ratedTrig Tools v4.0
This is a program that figure out many trig functions and other things such as quadrant refrence angle. Also includes pythagorean theorm this is an all original program by me
triple.zip3k99-03-18File is not ratedPythagorean Triple
Using 3 numbers it says yes and no on whether or not it is a Pythagorean Triple
triquest83.zip1k00-03-18File is not ratedTriangle Master 83
Enter the graph coordinates of three points and it will return the three side lengths of the triangle, what type of triangle it is, and if it is a right triangle.
trisolve2.zip2k99-11-10File is not ratedTrisolve
Especially helpful for Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus and Geometry. This program will solve any triangle and find the area. A very informative and easy to use graphical GUI. The best triangle solving program I honestly have ever seen for af TI calculator. Gives both graphical representation and textual representation of the triangle. SOLVES AMBIGUOUS TRIANGLES AND MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS!!!! A must have for any math student. If you know what a triangle is then you can use this program. A masterpiece of TI-BASIC programming.
trisolve3.zip1k99-12-03File is not ratedTrisolve
A triangle solving program. Asks for ASA, SSA, you name it...
trisolve.zip1k99-10-31File is not ratedTriSolve
Solves triangles given 3 pieces of information. Supports multiple cases and checks for errors.
tritool.zip1k99-01-04File is not ratedTriangle v1.01
This is a very useful program for most math and physics classes.
tritrig.zip2k99-10-25File is not ratedTriTrig v1.1
Solves for all values of a triangle given 2 or more values. Graphically displays results and values entered.
tri.zip2k00-07-14File is not ratedTriangle Solver
simple triangle solver
unitcircle2.zip1k00-05-26File is not ratedUnit Circle
Draws a unit circle and the reference traingle, and finds all six trig functions of any angle.
unitcircle.zip2k99-10-02File is not ratedDynamic Unit Circle v1.3
Plots the unit circle, along with x- and y- coordinates. Determines exact (fractional) values for many angles.
unitcirc.zip1k99-11-08File is not ratedUnit Circle/Trig Function Demonstration
wavequat.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedWAVEQUAT
WAVEQUAT is a program that writes the cosine equation and outputs a graph based on the period, amplitude, vertical shift and horizontal shift.
xratio.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedExact Value
This program find exact value of trigonometric functions, such as sin 120 , cos 150 , and tan 870. Provided that the reference angle is 30, 45, or 60.

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