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Last updated Sunday, 29 May 2022
Total downloads 199,843
Most popular file  ABC-formula v2.0 with 10,958 downloads.

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abc2.zip1k11-03-22File is not ratedabc-Formula 2.0
An upgraded version of abc-Formula 1.0. It displays the results nicer now and it is still smaller than 1000 byte.
abc83.zip3k04-06-09File is not ratedABC-Formula 3.1
This is the latest update for my popular quadratic solver. Now the program is totally perfect. I know that this is not the only quadratic solver, but this one is the most usefull of them all, because this program shows not only the solutions, but also the whole calculation. Also, this program doesn't make any garbage on your calculator and it doesn't make changes to the settings. Check the screenshots!
abcformula.zip1k02-10-27File is not ratedABC-formula v2.0
Another update of my Quadratic Equation Solver
abc.zip1k11-03-17File is not ratedabc-Formula 1.0
One of the best abc-formula-programs ever! Enter the variables a, b and c and it will tell you where the parabola crosses the y-axis. If there is an irrational root, it won't round. And that in only about than 700 byte!
aquad.zip1k98-06-21File is not ratedAquad v1.0
A quadratic formula program.
benquad.zip3k01-02-23File is not ratedComplete Quadratic Formula Program v5.5
Math Program in which user inputs coefficients of a quadratic equation and finds out what X equals and how the equation is factored. If X is not a rational number it will display it exactly how it would look simplified in the Quadratic Equation. Also shows the graph, and gives the discriminant and the vertex of the equation. You can also view the value for X in decimal form. Can correctly handle a negative value for A and fractional values for A, B, or C.
equation2.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedEquation
A math program that uses the quadratic formula to solve a quadratic equation.
factor6.zip1k01-02-23File is not ratedThe Best Quadratic Factoring Program v1.5
This program FOILs out quadratic equations. If the value of "X" is imiginary or irrational, then it'll write "-NOT FACTORABLE". The program takes a little while to display the answer, but it comes out exactly perfect. Plus the program is really small only about 1 kilobyte.
pqformula.zip3k22-05-29File is not ratedPQ-Formula [PQ]
This program can show the formula and calculate user inputs.
qadratic.zip1k99-12-25File is not ratedQadratic v1.4
This program gives you exact answers (including imaginary and irrational roots) for the quadratic formula.
qform2.zip1k00-02-08File is not ratedQFORM2
Quadratic solver that solves for real and imaginary numbers. Also finds vertex in an easy to understand format.
qfunct.zip1k98-10-11File is not ratedQuadratic Functions v1.0
All you ever need to deal with quadratic functions
quad2.5.2.zip2k99-09-23File is not rated83Quad v2.5.2
The ultimate real quadratic formula solver.
quad28graders.zip1k03-04-29File is not ratedQuad2
This is a Quadratic Formula program and it is better than the rest, it doesn't just tell you the discriminant, it also tells you how many solutions there are after it found the discriminant. This is just a great program.
quad2.zip1k98-08-30File is not ratedQuad
Graphs and finds significant information about a quadratic formula
quad3.zip1k00-08-20File is not ratedQuadratics Equation Solver
Nothing fancy, just a program that gets the coefficients on the Quadratic and then solves it using the quaratics equation.
quad4.zip2k99-08-04File is not ratedComplete Quadratic Form v2.5
User inputs coefficients of quadratic equation and finds out what X equals and how the equation is factored.
quad5.zip5k99-12-22File is not ratedThe Ultimate Quadratic Formula v3.0
This program finds what x equals even if the answer is imaginary, radical or even both. Answers are in fraction or radical form depending on the case it is given (all answers are the way they would be found if you did them by hand, no decimals.) If the answers are rational it also factors. v2.5 now determines the turning point, the discriminate, graphs the equation and fixed all known bugs. v3.0 now FOILs, and looks better
quad6.zip1k99-12-20File is not ratedQuadratics Solver
Solves quadratic equations, finds roots, displays graph, show radical form, sum and product of roots, finds an equation from the roots
quad7.zip1k06-10-27File is not ratedThe BASIC Quadratic Formula
This is a very simple quadratic formula. It'll give you imaginary solutions in addition to real solutions. The biggest advantage my program has over others is its simplicity and its looks. My program doesn't have the extra needless features that other quadratic programs have; there are no nagging screens at the beginning telling you who wrote it. All my program does is give you the two x values in the neatest and quickest way possible. The source code is included in a text file, so if you don't have a data cable, you can manually enter the code in.
quad83.zip1k04-05-12File is not ratedQuadrametric Graphing
quadapp.zip1k99-02-25File is not ratedQuadratic Approximation of a Function
Fits parabola to curve
quadequ.zip1k98-10-11File is not ratedQuadratic Equations v2.5
The latest and greatest quadratic equation program
quadfctr.zip1k99-01-23File is not ratedFactor Quadratic Equation v1.03
Factors a quadratic equation. Version 1.03 fixes a bug that could sometimes cause the program to give a wrong answer. Please delete the older file from your archives.
quadform2.zip1k98-03-27File is not ratedQuadratic Formula Program
corrected version of quadform2.zip, gives real and imaginary answers
quadform3.zip1k99-06-16File is not ratedThe Quadratic Formula
It simply calculates the widely used quadratic formula, with a good setup.
quadform.zip1k98-01-19File is not ratedQuadform 1.1 (AShell83 Compatible)
quadgs.zip1k00-04-05File is not ratedQuad GS v1.1
A very good quadratic equations solver. Solves for real or non-real numbers.
quadoreh.zip1k98-02-16File is not ratedQuadOreh 1.0 - Quadratic Formula Solver
Quadratic Formula Solver v1.0 by Oreh
quadrad83.zip1k03-05-12File is not ratedQuadrad v2.00
This is the original, easy to understand, and effective tool for doing quadratic equations on your. Version 2.00 brought a HUGE bug fix and now shows the discriminant (I found that some teachers want to know the this in class discussions and on tests).
quadralong.zip6k03-04-01File is not ratedQuadraLong
This is a simple but useful quadratic solving program. It solves for X, draws out the formula in 3 steps(about all you really need), and gives the answers in fractional form after exitig. Check out the screenshots.
quadratc.zip2k00-09-24File is not ratedQuadratic Master v1.10
This is an ultimate quadratic program.
quadrate.zip28k15-05-28File is not ratedQUADRATe
The Program GRAPHS the quadratic function y = Ax^2 + Bx + C and SOLVES the quadratic equation Ax^2 + Bx + C = 0. 1. The solutions display in simplified radical form in the best PRETTY PRINT form of any program available, as well as in decimal form, 2. The graph shows the intercepts and vertex allowing you to move from point to point using the right and left arrow keys, 3. The vertex (H, K) is given allowing you to create the form Y = A(X – H)^2 + K. 4. The discriminant D and the focus are also given.
quadra.zip1k11-03-16File is not ratedThe Quadratic Formula Program
This program solves the quadratic equation on the form AX^2+BX+C=0. The values are given both in numerical and simplified exact form, for both real and imaginary solutions. I have tried to make the program as simple as possible with a minimum of bytes. For example there is no menu in the end asking: AGAIN?, 1:YES, 2:NO. If you want to run the program again you simply press ENTER. There are no parabolas drawn onto your screen and you dont have to choose how many digits you want there to be in the answer. There is no screen to tell you who did it, just my e-mail address inside.
quadremy.zip2k99-11-05File is not ratedQuadremy
A quadratic equations graph solver.
quadrtc.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedQuadratic
A Quadratic Formula program turbo charged by the author.
quadr.zip3k03-03-12File is not ratedQuadr
This program will take four points (on a graph) and determine what figure they form: Square, Rhombus, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Kite, Trapezoid, Quadrilateral, Triangle, or Line. This program also can take two points and determine the Slope of them.
quadsolv.zip1k99-10-16File is not ratedQuadsolve
Quadratic equation solver that displays answer in simplified radical form.
quadwork83.zip6k02-03-12File is not ratedQuadWork v1.0
A wonderful program which shows work for your quadratic equation so all you have to do is copy what is on the screen
quad.zip1k98-05-09File is not ratedQuad Solver v1.0
Analyses quadratic equations in several forms also assists in factorising quadratic equations.
quartic83.zip1k03-12-08File is not rated^4 Quartic Solver
This program will solve the zeros for a function in the form ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx+e=0 using the quartic formula.
quartic.zip1k00-06-12File is not ratedPartial Sums v1.0
Calculate the roots of quartic equations of the form ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx+e=0
spr.zip1k01-02-24File is not ratedRoots of a Quadratic Equation
It’s an interesting program in which you input the roots of a quadratic equation, and the program would write the equation for you.
stefquad.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedQuadratic Formula Solver
tenchiquad83.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedQuadratic Solver
All you have to do is enter the three numbers for A, B, and C. Then, the prog will solve it, and decided if has 0, 1, or 2 solutions. Next, if it has zero solution, it would put Imaginery Number, if it has one solution, it will give you 1 answer, and if it has 2 solution, it will give you both. Finally, it would also graph it for you at end. It doesn't round so it gives the highest accuracy possible.
ultraqad.zip1k00-04-19File is not ratedUltimate Quadratic
The one and only quag prog you need. Does all and shows the work in exact and approximate answer.

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