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Last updated Monday, 1 December 2008
Total downloads 147,360
Most popular file  Gundam Sniper with 6,047 downloads.

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advguess.zip2k05-11-05File is not ratedAdvguess
Advguess is a long guess game that gives a twist on the boring 1-10 guess games that people make up. Try it its great if your bored.
baboon.zip1k23-02-05File is not ratedBaboon Seeker
A terrible game that my friend and I have been porting to as many platforms as possible. Other versions available at https://gitlab.com/TurboWafflz/baboonSeeker. Works on at least 82 and 84, code also included as plain text (decompiled with basically-ti-basic). Requires entering a random number seed at the beginning for TI-82 compatibility, just type any number.
ballsim10.zip2k02-02-10File is not ratedBall Probability Simulation v1.0
This program simulate a falling ball through a boards w/ spikes. If the ball hits a spike then it will randomly fall to left or right. Try to get the highest score.
chance.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedChance
it's a game in wich you let a ball fall down (p.s:what is it called again? somting like plinko or something)
chestz.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedChestz v1.2
The long awaited update to Chestz, a simple game where you guess the order of the chests.
codecrk.zip3k00-11-11File is not ratedCodeCracker
This is just your ordinary "guess the number" program. Only then it's for
cupgame.zip1k99-05-02File is not ratedCup Game
Bet on which cup you think the ball will be under.
ebonix.zip1k01-03-03File is not ratedDa Ebonix Guessing Game
Guess Numbers, Ebonix Style
ezguess.zip1k99-10-02File is not ratedEZGuess
This is the smallest and simplest guessing game that you might ever see.
gamsourc.8xp2k02-05-12File is not ratedGuessing Game
This is a Guessing game. You can set the parameters and it has a high score function - 1st and 2nd place. There is also hard mode. Game includes help function.
generate83.zip2k00-07-31File is not ratedWacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069
getgame4.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedGetGame #4, Get Number.
Guess a number between 1 & 1 million(1000000).
getgame6.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedGetGame #6, Get Pixel.
Find the cordinates of the drawn pixel!
getgame7.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedGetGame #7, Get Pixel 2.
How many pixels are at the graph-screen.
getgame9.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedGetGame #9, Get Dice
2-Player Dice-Game
guess2000.zip1k00-05-16File is not ratedGuess 2000
Classic number guessing game. All known bugs worked out. Four difficulty levels, numerous hidden codes. Great for those times in class where your just plain bored.
guess2.zip1k98-09-20File is not ratedGuessing Game
A simple guess game with three levels of difficulty.
guess3.zip4k01-02-23File is not ratedPremier Guessing Game v7.5
1- and 2-player guessing game. It has 5 levels in 1 player play: Easy (1 to 100), Medium (1 to 1,000), Hard (1 to 10,000), Difficult (1 to 100,000), and Impossible (1 to 1,000,000). It also features a 1-player versus Computer mode, where you have to guess the calculator's number before it guesses yours. In the 2-player mode, you have to guess the other person's number before they guess yours. Also, in 2-player mode, you can choose a custom upper range, and each player has the option of assistance. Other features include custom menus for all menus, highly interactive Records pages, Prediction function, and much more! A really fun game to play!
guess4.zip1k02-04-02File is not ratedGuessing Game
Stupid guessing game-one of my first programs! Any suggestions to MHGoulet@aol.com
guess6.zip3k00-07-19File is not ratedGuess 83
Guess! the calc will guess the number in your head!!
guessit.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedGuess IT 2-Play Link-support
Guessinggame with link-support. 1-2 players.
guessl.zip1k99-04-18File is not ratedGuess: Link Edition
A linkable version of Guess 1 and 2
guessnr.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedGUESS v1.0
Try to guess the nr in every level, it gets harder the further you come.
guess.zip1k98-04-02File is not ratedNumber Guess (AShell83 Compatible)
A number guess game with cool features
gues.zip1k97-07-25File is not ratedGuess 1.1 (Aurora Compatible)
Guess 1.1
gundsnip.8xp1k02-02-16File is not ratedGundam Sniper
You must shoot blindly into the darkness with two long-range beam cannons to destroy a new Zeon prototype. All you have is your suit, your second-rate radar, and your wits.
hbday.zip1k01-05-30File is not ratedHAPPY BIRTHDAY
Little program that will require a little editing. This is a TRUE of FALSE based program. It will ask for the age of the person having the birthday, and if entered incorrectly, will give a little comment. When entered correctly, it will show a smily face. If you get it wrong 3 times, it will self-destruct your calculator (just kidding). Have fun.
hpguess.zip3k00-09-17File is not ratedHack Proof Guess v1.1
A 2 player link realtime guessing game.
iguessit.zip2k02-04-12File is not ratedGuess v1.2
This is your basic guessing game, tells you higher or lower. Check it out!
jkp.zip1k00-08-22File is not ratedRock Paper Scissors
A 1 Player Rock Paper Scissors game
kprs.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedKiller Paper, Rock, and Scissors
The classic playground game turned deadly. Whoever wins the initial Paper, Rock, and Scissors match has to draw a sword and stab their opponent before they can get their shield up to block it. KPRS can be played by one or two players on one calculator.
le2683.zip7k06-12-30File is not ratedThe 26
This is a dice game, the rules are in the program. In french.
mogguess.zip1k03-10-19File is not ratedThe Guessing Game
A guessing game, simple but fun. Guess a number between 1 and 100
mpchallenge.zip1k98-06-23File is not ratedThe Great Multiplayer Challenge v0.97 Beta
A 2 player number guessing game
nukes83.zip1k02-11-23File is not ratedNukes v1.0
This game seems like a stupid little number-guessing game, but the graphic that you get if you lose is awesome.
numb83.zip1k98-01-01File is not ratedNumbers 1.0
Guess the Number between 1 and 1000
numberguess.zip1k00-05-26File is not ratedNumber Guess
Just a number guessing game. You choose what the highest number can be and it picks a random number.
numberwars.zip1k01-09-08File is not ratedNumber Wars
An awesome 2 player link cable game! You and a friend input a number, and the first person to guess it wins. Everyone who played it, liked it. It might not sound fun, but it is!
numguess.zip2k98-11-09File is not ratedNumber Guess
The Ultimate in Number Guessing
numwars.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedNumber Wars
Finally a 2 player link cable game!!!! You and a friend link up and play the famous number guessing game! This game may not sound extremely fun, but it is! Try it!
paperock.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedPaper, Rock, Scissors
What's that you say? There are already too many Rock, Paper, Scissors titles for the TI-83? Bah! (P.S. It's Paper, Rock, Scissors. Nothing too special.)
plinko.zip1k08-12-01File is not ratedPlinko for your 83
The classic game of Plinko now for your TI-83
prs.zip1k99-11-21File is not ratedPaper Rock Scissors Deluxe
Paper Rock Scissors with additions
psr.zip1k98-04-02File is not ratedPaper Scissors Rock (AShell83 Compatible)
A Paper Scissors rock game.
randomno.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedRandomno
The usual guess my number game. The kicker here is the game tells you how efficient you were in finding the number compared to a "perfect" game. It really puts your skill to the test against a flawless opponent!
rockpaperscissors.zip1k06-08-25File is not ratedRock Paper Scissors
The BEST Rock paper scissors game out there. 25 turns to get as many points as you can.
rock.zip1k00-10-11File is not ratedRock Paper Scissors
This is the best ever version of Rock Paper Scissors. Im not only saying it because I made it but because I tested it in my school and people loved it!
rpshoot.zip1k04-05-23File is not ratedRock, Paper, Scissors Shoot
A fun game of Rock Paper Scissors A very good Version
skunk.zip1k00-09-08File is not ratedSkunk
A mathematical probably game where you must try and roll as high as you can without getting a 1 or double 1 to reset your score to zero there are 5 rounds in the game of S K U N K.
slingo.zip4k01-08-04File is not ratedSlingo v2.0
This is a clone of the portable AOL game "Slingo".  Controls are bad, but game is good.
smrps.zip2k00-09-05File is not ratedSM-Rock-Paper-Scissors
The old well known game
vender.zip3k02-06-04File is not ratedThe Vending Machine!!!
Vender made by me. Read text. Enjoy!
vendingmachine.zip6k06-01-28File is not ratedVending Machine
Beat the Pepsi Machine to get pops for your friends, but be careful because you never know when the machine will attack!

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