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Number of files 34
Last updated Monday, 23 August 2004
Total downloads 123,154
Most popular file  Battleship v1.2 with 8,439 downloads.

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batlship.zip5k99-03-26File is not ratedBattleship v1.2
Classic Battleship: This is a 1-player game
battleship.zip6k03-03-09File is not ratedBattleship
This battleship is just like the one from Hasbro(R). If you don't want to miss out on cool graphics and a new battle system, download this file Now!
battle.zip2k00-06-23File is not ratedBattleship with 2AI's, and Link Play
battship.zip5k99-12-24File is not ratedBattleShip v2.0
BattleShip Version 2.0
boxes.zip2k02-10-15File is not ratedBoxes
Take turns connecting dots to make boxes. The person with the most boxes at the end wins.
boxs.zip1k97-07-25File is not ratedBoxes (Aurora Compatible)
bshpbeta.zip2k98-07-04File is not ratedBattleship 83 Beta
btlshipl.zip2k00-05-24File is not ratedTwo Player Battleship
Battleship using two linked calculators so two people can play against each other.
btlship.zip5k99-01-04File is not ratedBattleship v2.0
2 Player Battleship
con4ai.zip4k00-12-10File is not ratedConnect 4 AI
The classic game of Connect 4! Play against a calculator AI with the setting of your choice: "defence only", "defensive", "average", "offensive", "offence only", or "random".
conndots.zip2k03-02-11File is not ratedConnect - the - dots
The Classic Game of Squares. Connect the dots to make squares and earn points. Runs super fast and, excluding the main menu, uses only two goto/lbl loops which slow the game down. Shows Stats at the end. This Game was really great to make and I even created the whole thing in Twenty-Four hours!! I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed making it!!
connect41.zip1k01-05-14File is not ratedCONNECT4 v0.2
If you loved the original, you must get this!!! Better than before with a newer A.I..
connect42.zip4k00-05-09File is not ratedConnect 4
Connect 4 with good A.I. If anyone wants, I can make it even smarter. 2nd drops a brick, arrow keys select colum. SiCoDe.
connect43.zip1k00-08-03File is not ratedConnect 4
Basicoderz: Battle the calc AI in this amazing and challenging Connect 4 puzzle game. Can you outsmart the calc?
connect4.zip2k98-12-05File is not ratedConnect4 v2.1
The Best Introduction in TI 83 and it is very fun.
connectfour4.zip3k03-08-10File is not ratedCONNECT 4
This is a perfect Connect4 clone. The interface resembles the actual connect 4 and the gameplay is superb. It has great graphics and really low memory requirements. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe. Visit our new site at http://www.olsoft.tk.
connectfour.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedConnect Four
Just like the plastic thing you used to play with. Drop the "coins" in the top and they end up at the bottom. Get four in a row to win. Read the readme for more info.
dots83.zip1k97-12-06File is not ratedDots 83 0 v3.32
Dots game
dots.zip2k00-05-04File is not ratedDots v0.9b
The classic game of dots for the TI-83
dotz.zip3k04-08-23File is not ratedDotZ
Dotz is a remake of the classic pencil and paper game. The object of Dotz is to make as many boxes as possible with the given amount of space. You will find later in the game that every line counts, and without strategy you will not do well against others. Dotz' features include; saving/loading of games, fully customizable games, and incredible graphics, speed, and gameplay. You can even modify the game board dimension (4x4-10x10), amount of players (2-6), and even choose whether a not you want a border around the game board. Dotz is a huge success and is the best BASIC Dotz out yet. Check it out...it is worth the download. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe !!! http://www.olsoft.tk !!
fleet.zip1k97-12-31File is not ratedTI-83 Fleet 1.0
Battleship type game
fournrow.zip2k00-03-19File is not rated4 On Row
A simple 2 player 4 on a row game
four.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedFour on a Row
This is a 2-player four on a row, ideal for use duing boring lessons etc.
getfour.zip2k01-03-08File is not ratedFour in a Row
The newest version of my 2-player four on a row game, now also with nice graphics.
make4.zip1k00-02-12File is not ratedMake 4 v1.0
Connect 4 like
mancalla.zip1k99-10-17File is not ratedMancalla v1.0
A two player puzzle game.
othello.zip1k98-04-19File is not ratedOthello
The famous reflexion game...
pacific83v1.1.zip8k04-07-24File is not ratedPacific Fleet v1.1.83
Version 1.1 of Pacific Fleet. A variation of Battle Ships for the TI83 and TI83+. The main difference is that the ships only take up one square each. The game starts off with the player and the calc placing each of their 6 ships on a 7 by 7 square board. You then take in turns in attacking each other’s squares in an attempt to sink each other’s ships. This version includes a highscore system. Version 1.2 will include multiplayer. I have tested and retested the game, but if you come across any problems or if you have any suggestions please e-mail me.
risk2.zip7k01-06-21File is not ratedThe Complete Risk
The entire game of RISK! It has 3 setup varients, including the original version. Supports 2 - 6 players.
risk.zip4k98-04-11File is not ratedRISK: Island Wars
Like the classic board game
sgo.zip6k99-06-13File is not ratedStratego v1.7
The classic strategy board game for the TI-83.
ship2.zip2k02-10-25File is not ratedShip Battle 2
A single player battle ships game.
tcrisk.zip7k01-05-23File is not ratedThe Complete Risk
The entire game of RISK! It has 3 setup varients, including the original version. Supports 2 - 6 players.
thecompleterisk.zip7k01-05-19File is not ratedThe Complete Risk
The entire game of RISK! It has 3 setup varients, including the original version. Supports 2 - 6 players.

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