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Last updated Tuesday, 6 April 2004
Total downloads 42,349
Most popular file  Asteroids v1.0 with 11,856 downloads.

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asteriod.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedAsteriod RX
This is a game in which you try to dodge asteriods, while flying through space.
asteroid83.zip1k03-05-15File is not ratedAsteroids v2.0
This is the completely recoded version of a game I made early in my programming career. The goal is to naviagate through an asteroid belt without getting hit. Make your way through four increasingly difficult levels to beat the game!
asteroidb.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedAstroid Belt v1.0
asteroids2.zip1k00-06-13File is not ratedAsteroids! v1.0
In this game, you are a space ship in an asteroid field. You must not hit any asteroids, or you will crash. The longer you hold out, the harder it becomes. Pretty good speed for a basic game.
asteroids.zip9k99-01-04File is not ratedAsteroids v1.0
The classic Asteroids game, written in TI Basic.
asteroid.zip1k99-11-21File is not ratedAsteroids
Avoid Asteroids while flying to the top of the screen
astrfight.zip1k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Asteroid Fighter
In Asteroid Fighter, you control a ship flying through a dense asteroid field. You get points every time you shoot the enemy ship on the bottom of the screen. You have to avoid the asteroids and the blasts from the enemy ship, or you will lose health. The asteroids also block shots.
astroid2.zip1k00-11-13File is not ratedAsteriods v1.1
Dodge the asteroids that are flying at you. Gets much harder as you progress.
astroids.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedAstroids
Astriods Engine for TI-83

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