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Number of files 9
Last updated Saturday, 8 July 2000
Total downloads 65,710
Most popular file  Sega Theme Sound Clip with 21,065 downloads.

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abandon.zip7k98-05-16[WavPlayer] Star Trek:TNG "Abandon Ship"
beastie.zip28k00-02-273 Beastie Boys Samples
Samples of those songs : "Alive", "Girls" & "She's Crafty".
cnn.zip9k98-05-16[WavPlayer] "This is CNN"
crtmnsd.zip27k98-06-14[WavPlayer] Four Cartman Sound Clips
duke01.zip6k98-05-16[WavPlayer] Duke Nukem 3D "Damn, I'm Looking Good"
intelchm.zip5k98-05-16[WavPlayer] Intel Chime
sega.zip22k00-07-08Sega Theme Sound Clip
The sega theme as heard in Sonic the Hedgehog 2
tada.zip24k00-07-08Windows "tada" Sound Clip
Y'know that "tada" sound on Windows 98? Well now it's on your TI-83.
ugotmail.zip8k98-05-16[WavPlayer] MST3K "You've Got Mail...AAARRR!"

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