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Number of files 15
Last updated Monday, 17 December 2007
Total downloads 36,513
Most popular file  [6 levels] Standard Levels for BoxWorld with 3,698 downloads.

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crates3delevels.zip1k07-12-17File is not ratedCrates 3D: E Level Set
This is a set of two levels to be played on Crates 3D. E level 1 has 5 super-easy levels. Alpha has a level for each letter of the English alphabet.
flipdash.zip1k97-10-21File is not ratedFlip Level for Dasher
frantic.zip1k01-07-29File is not ratedFrantic (Crates 3D)
A game level for Crates 3D
gclevel1.zip2k00-05-15File is not ratedGlasscars level 1 - Training
4/20/00 Easy opponent. Original level.
gclevel2.zip2k00-05-15File is not ratedGlasscars level 2 - Highway Onramp
5/2/00 Medium opponent. Much better than level 1. Sorry it took so long.
gclevel3.zip2k00-05-27File is not ratedGlasscars Level 3 - Country Lane
5/21/00 Easy opponent. Runs a wee bit slow at first...
kleumexp.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedKleumExp
10 new levels for KleumZ80
laserlev.zip1k98-08-27File is not ratedStandard Levels for Laser Mayhem
massacre.zip1k99-04-26File is not ratedMassacre for Boxe and Bombs 2
Full Blown Massacre of freindlies
tower.zip1k01-07-29File is not ratedTower of Terror (Crates 3D)
A game level for Crates 3D
where.zip1k99-04-26File is not ratedWhere are the enemies?
Total confusion levels for Boxe and Bombs 2.
zalvstd.zip1k99-01-20File is not ratedStandard Mission for Air Mission
zbwstd.zip1k98-06-09File is not rated[6 levels] Standard Levels for BoxWorld
zfjstd.zip1k98-09-01File is not rated[10 levels] Standard Levels for Fighter Jets
ziljason.zip11k01-06-03File is not ratedJason Foster's Invaded Level
Includes 20 different enemies over 5 complex levels, with a total of 171 enemies! For Intermediate and Advanced players, the enemies will get harder & have more lives the farther you get.

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