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Last updated Friday, 26 October 2007
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ad83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Arabian Desert
Arabian Desert is a moderately hard level (that is, until you face Bowser, he's nearly impossible!) for Mario 1.2 or 2.0.
attackoftheclones.zip1k07-10-26File is not ratedStar Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
This is an adaption of the film "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones". This is a sequel to my file "phantommenace". I do not have the rights to the film. The film is owned by Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. Enjoy! The file appears as "starclon" and in the Mario game it appears as "Attack of the Clones".
attsmland1.zip8k04-07-07File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 1
This now includes all the levels of the original version, but there are now two versions: one for Mario 1.2, and another for Mario 2.0. This was done so that each version would have less glitches, as well as be more suited to its gameplay. As in the original version, it isn't boring, but it isn't jam-packed with enemies, either, making game play crisp and smooth. Includes a walkthrough of every single zone, difficult spots and hidden areas, as well as a storyline and zone names!
attsmland2.zip9k04-04-25File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 2
As with the first levelset, there are now two versions, one for each version of Super Mario. Both levelsets take advantage of each versions' gameplay styles. Includes a walkthrough of every single zone of both versions, tough spots, as well as a storyline and zone names.
attsmland3.zip9k04-04-27File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 3
The third world of The Super Mario Land series. After searching two of Bowser's castles for Princess Peach, Mario has yet to find her. Now he must follow Bowser yet again, to a third castle, chasing him through the harsh environments of the Sunken Forest, Night Tunnel, Fire Mountain, Rainbow Road, and more! Read-me includes a zone-by zone walkthrough, strategies, FAQ, as well as a sequel storyline and zone names. Check out the others in the series, too!
attsmland4.zip9k04-05-08File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 4
Three castles have been searched, and Princess Peach is still nowhere to be found. The path to the fourth castle is more crazy and insane than ever! Look UP at the ground in the bizarre Upside-Down Forest , watch your swimming in the Sea of Spikes, race across the collapsing Mad Bridge, explore the heights of Star World and more as you continue to face Bowser and wreak havoc on his minions! Read-me includes a zone-by zone walkthrough, strategies, FAQ, as well as a continued storyline and zone names. Download the other worlds too!
attsmland5.zip10k04-05-14File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 5
Mario has rescued Peach, but Bowser has returned and captured them both!! In part 5 of The Super Mario Land series, it's up to Luigi to save the two of them in one piece! Try to get every coin in Secret Park, explore the delicate Crystal Woods, navigate the frosty weather in Snow Land, and dash across the treacherous Mad Bridge 2, in the 5th installment of this popular series!
attsmland6.zip9k04-06-02File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 6
The 6th part of the Super Mario Land series! After Luigi saved Mario, Mario must now continue onward to save Peach. Maneuver invisible blocks in the Black Cavern, travel through water, snow, and trees in Mint Lake, dodge spirits in the Haunted Tunnel, and then take a tour of the inside of a Gameboy! If you like it, write a review for it. As always in this series, each level is exactly 128 columns in width, with new obstacles and challenges along the way!
attsmland7.zip8k04-06-18File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 7
Part 7 in the series! Mario and Luigi are still continuing their search for Peach. They now travel to Castle #7, but before they reach it, they must jump over the half-pipes in Skateboard Park, walk through the dark in Luigi's Mansion, navigate the dense Leafy Forest, watch their footing in the Koopean Fault, and more, ending in a Bowser fight with a twist! If you enjoyed any of the levelsets in this series, write a review!
attsmland8.zip10k04-07-07File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 8
The 8th levelset! Mario and Luigi have finally located Peach, in castle #8. Now they must proceed through Onett, Brick Towers, Golf Park, Mute City, and more to finally get their hands on Peach and get fight Bowser for the last time! Also included is a readme about the entire series!
bc83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Bowser's Castle
Tricky level! It uses darkness to trick you into hitting enemies, along with using some cool shading.
bef83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedBowser's Enemy Factory
This is where Bowser makes all of his enemies, I guess. Obviously, there are a lot of them in these levels. The turtles run the machinery, so look out for them. I got the idea from FF6's "Devil's Lab" :)
bl83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Bounce Land
A short, easy first level, followed by a nearly impossible Bowser. I don't think you can beat it, but I can...
bonus.zip3k02-03-09File is not ratedBonus Levelpack for Mario Deathmatch v2.0
This is the Bonus levelpack for Mario Deathmatch v2.0! Download the best multiplayer-game and play it against your classmates! Don't forget to make your own levelpack too!
bowpalfinal.zip4k03-03-05File is not ratedBowsers Palace Final
This is the final version of Bowser's Palace, MUCH better than the previous version. The first level is slightly improved, not immediatly putting you against hoards of enemies. Its also been tweaked so that its much more fair and even more fun. I've also added a few extras. I apoligize if this level already exists on ticalc.org, I wasnt sure if it had been uploaded properly. This zip file includeds the first four levels of BP2, which is not very good so far, but the version that I am too lazy to upload is much better. One of the best level I've played on this site (hmm... not much coming from the creator)
bros2.zip1k06-09-24File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
Contains Worlds 1 & 2! I'm workin' on the rest of the Worlds. HAVE FUN!!!
bros3.zip3k06-09-24File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros. 3
Contains Worlds 1 & 2! Both worlds are complete! World 2 has all 5 levels, Castle level, Bowser's ship & even the Quicksand level & Pyramid level are included. World 3 coming soon. HAVE FUN!!!
bros.zip7k07-03-22File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros. (All 8 Worlds)
Just like in the Nintendo, now Super Mario Bros. with all 8 worlds for the TI-82/83/83+/84+ Calculators! Enjoy & HAVE FUN!!!
bugthesystem.zip8k07-06-09File is not ratedBug The System (Updated)
This is the updated version of Bug The System. I have put three new bugs in it. Have Fun! Bug The System is a level you have to finish by using bugs in mario. Good luck. This is a very hard level, but everything is possible!
city83.zip1k02-11-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - CityScape
This is on top of some buildings in a cityscape; has some neat graphics. It really isn't that hard, but it looks cool.
diedie__.zip1k03-04-11File is not ratedEgypt
Harder than my first world "World Jie" with pyramids acting as camoflage for enemies, but fun to play. Challenging boss at the end.
dl283.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Dorsey Land II
The sequel to Dorsey Land, it's slightly harder with bouncy notes.
dl383.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Dorsey Land 3
The sequel to Dorsey Lands 1&2, this is a MUCH harder level than the other two DL's. Bowser proves to be a pain, too.
dl83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Dorsey Land
Named after a friend from school, this level is insanely easy, featuring around 15 lives to get in the first level. Don't be fooled by the 1st level, though, as the Bowser can be quite challenging.
dm83.zip1k01-12-10File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Dark Mines
Dark Mines features some neat shading using the tiles in Mario 1.2's level editor. It's relatively easy compared to my other levels.
dt83.zip1k01-12-10File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Death Trap
If you're up to a challenge, this is the world for you! It's isnanely hard, with (the first level) having an enemy on every possible inch of the level. The Bowser's rather hard too, and you can't get any extra lives or mushrooms. Have fun...
dtrap2_83.zip1k02-11-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Death Trap II
The sequel to Death Trap. This makes the original Death Trap look like a walk in the park. The hardest level (IMO) that I've made yet.
face____.zip1k03-04-11File is not ratedFace
Harder than my first world "World Jie" with pyramids acting as camoflage for enemies, but fun to play. Challenging boss at the end.
fw83.zip1k01-12-11File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Frost World
Prancing through the snow...... hehe, Mario has to go through the snow to defeat Bowser in this one. It's kinda easy, though.
goldrushlevels83p.zip24k05-03-13File is not ratedGold Rush Levels and Lost World
A massive series. Over 1560 columns of gaming. That's a lot of columns. Over 13 levels over 120 columns, each goes up to about 128 columns. A suprise ending and a bonus level. Gold Rush 1 : 5 levels, Gold Rush 2 : 4 levels, Gold Rush 3 : 5 VERY CHALLENGING levels, I MEAN CHALLENGING. Gold Rush 4 : Part 1 : 15 levels, which are extremely hard, and i got bored so there is a little bit of the original mario in there...Gold Rush 4 : Part 2: 19 levels. The hardest world. If you get past the first level, you're in a great spot. If you do get past that level, right a report. Thsi is probably going to take you a long time to beat. Non of my levels are repetative. They're all very unique. Gold Rush : The Lost World - 2 Demo levels, and part of the third which i'm working on. if you get past level 2, haha, i'll be suprised. Have fun!
m83.zip1k01-12-11File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Metropolis
Don't let the buildings in the background you in this moderately hard levelset.
mariobrosdx2.zip3k04-04-01File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros DX 2
This levelset has been completely redone in order to be compatible with both Mario 1.2 and 2.0. It includes Worlds 3 and 4 of the NES game Super Mario Bros. If you enjoyed the first one, keep going and download the next two worlds! Except for some squishing, everything is still the same as the NES game, down to the last coin!
mariobrosdx3.zip3k04-04-01File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros DX 3
Third in the series, taking you to Worlds 5 and 6! The difficulty gets harder as power-ups become more and more scarce. It is recommended that you download the first two in the series before you download this one. Now compatible with both versions of Super Mario.
mariobrosdx4.zip3k04-05-04File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros DX 4
The final 8 levels in the Super Mario Bros DX series! This levelset recreates the infamous 7th and 8th worlds of the NES game Super Mario Bros. It also completes the first-ever series to completely remake all 8 worlds onto a TI graphing calculator! Except for some squishing, all levels have been perfectly recreated, so they will all look familiar! Now you can have all 64 levels from Super Mario Bros on your TI-83! For Mario 1.2 and 2.0.
mariobrosdx.zip3k04-04-01File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros DX
Version 2.0 of Super Mario Bros DX. This version gets rid of the fish changing into Bowser glitch, and has been tested in Mario 1.2 and 2.0, and is fully compatible with both. Except for some squishing, all levels have been perfectly recreated, so you'll be amazed how familiar they look! This levelset includes Worlds 1 and 2, for a total of 8 zones. If you enjoyed the NES version, try it out for your TI-83!
megamariobros.zip2k07-03-09File is not ratedMega Mario Bros.
Four fun levels I created. This level-set took me a long time to make, and is high quality as a result. It is challenging, but not to the point where it's impossible to beat. I apologize for not being able to obtain screenshots. However, I can guarantee you that these levels look awesome. More levels to come! Look at the ReadMe for more info.
mezzy.zip3k03-03-06File is not ratedMezzy - Mario Run Egypt style level
Bonus level For Mario-run v1.0 Made By Merlijn den Boer This Egypt style level is made with the on-the-calc-level editor.
mf83.zip1k01-12-11File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Mysterious Forest
Enter the Mysterious Forest at your own risk... Uses really cool techniques in the dark to achieve cool graphics (like trees, darkness shading, etc).
mtac183.zip2k04-04-18File is not ratedMario Tactics
The very first Mario levelset that is entirely puzzle-based! Puzzles will do everything from tricking you, helping you, hindering you, or showing you things you've never seen. There are line illusions, mazes, two Bowser fights, and more! Will you solve them all, or die trying? What else? No power-ups! Includes 10 levels. For Mario 1.2 and 2.0.
ol83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Odd Land
Odd Land is the 2nd hardest level I've made. It's hard, but not impossibly hard, like Death Trap.
osl83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Old School Land
The original Mario levels from Mario 1 (NES!). Well, they're as acurate as I can remember them to be (which isn't much for the 3rd level), but it's easy, and the Bowser plays much like the original game.
pl83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Pipe Land
Short, hard, fun (well, maybe more frustrating than fun, but you get the idea...)
smbw1.zip4k03-01-01File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros: World 1
Just the old NES version converted to the TI-83, i'll try to come up with a new world every week. So next week: SMBW2 (all playable for Mario v1.2 and Mario v2.0). Now including screenshots.
suburb83.zip1k02-11-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Suburbia
This is a short world with only two levels. You climb on houses' rooftops and watch out for the goomba vans. The Bowser is very challenging in this one.
supermariobrosb.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros (1985) World II
The second set of the 1985 NES Mario Bros levels. The next sets will come more quickly.
theadventuresofmario.zip2k06-03-11File is not ratedThe adventures of mario
A fun & hard mario level
tl83.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMario 1.2/2.0 - Tree Land
Easier than most of my levels (except for a challenging bullet-bouncing "fest" near the end of the 1st level), this level's lots of fun for intermediate Mario players.
world1.zip3k00-06-29File is not ratedSuper Mario Brothers World 1 for Mario
The original levels from the first NES Mario game. This pack contains the first world. Defeat Bowser in order to get to the second world (which should come out soon...). **update** Fixed the bug where level two is all screwed up.
world_ji.8xp1k03-04-11File is not ratedworld Jie
Fantastic!! Quite hard, but very possible

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