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Number of files 75
Last updated Saturday, 25 June 2005
Total downloads 495,807
Most popular file  Super Mario v0.9 with 37,716 downloads.

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dbz2.zip30k05-06-25File is not ratedDBZ83
Dragon Ball Z 83, the saiyan battle
alienoff.zip6k04-08-19File is not ratedAlien Offense v1.0
Alien Offense is a side-scrolling alien shooting game. You control a spaceship that's flying through the surface of the Earth and in space, fighting aliens bent on destroying your planet. There are powerups, a variety of enemies, and tough bosses. Please give it a try.
wolf.zip129k03-03-25File rated 8.26Wolfenstein83
No it's not one of those slow and unplayable basic games. This is a real-time 3d-raycaster based on the game by id. Also includes an on-calc mapeditor.
tdeath.zip34k02-03-16File is not ratedTower of Death v0.5
The newest version 0.5 of this graphical rpg based on Dungeons and Dragons has a lot of improvements ! Refer to the text file for details. Enjoy !
slippy2.zip3k02-02-16File is not ratedSlippy 2 light version
The classic puzzle game now has a sequel with new levels, better graphics and better gameplay. This version only has 10 levels but the next will have a lot more.
balf.zip7k01-09-23File is not ratedBalf
dtetris.zip4k01-07-09File is not ratedTetris Pro 3
The smoothest, fastest, and most advanced tetris for the TI-83!
battingasm.zip3k01-07-03File is not ratedBatting Practice ASM
a not-quite-as-cheap batting game
warrior.zip16k01-06-21File is not ratedWarrior RPG v1.1
Original role-playing game with smooth scrolling advanced graphics, non-linear gameplay system with 3 endings, 6 bosses, and multiple spell effects.
zchess.zip3k01-05-03File is not ratedZChess Beta 4
Ever felt like playing chess on your TI-83? If so, this is the program for you! This version has a lot of rules, but it still doesn't search for check.
tyron.zip7k01-03-28File is not ratedTyron RPG v0.01
A new RPG featuring good graphics, great battles and a lot more. Tyron is setting a new standard for TI-RPGs.
nibcarma.zip2k01-02-15File is not ratedNibbles Carmageddon
You drive a racecar and you have to ride over moving people... Great Fun & Small Size!
joltima.zip13k01-02-10File is not ratedJoltima v1.9
A classic RPG that resembles Dragon Warrior and Ultima Exodus.
zd.zip7k01-01-25File is not ratedThe Chosen Demo 1
This is the first demo of the real-time RPG project. It has its OWN ENGINE, which is very fast. Very promising!
serpent.zip2k00-09-24File is not ratedSerpent
Snake game
solitair.zip3k00-09-24File is not ratedSolitaire
A wonderful Solytare game with 7 differents levels
nolitez.zip1k00-08-15File is not ratedNoLitez
A Lights Out Clone
kademo2.zip4k00-08-07File is not ratedKil Akers Demo
This is a first person Wolfenstein type game where you try to kill my ex band director.
dkasm.zip6k00-07-18File is not ratedDonkey Kong ASM v4.0
Remake of the classic Nintendo arcade game.
squash3.zip6k00-06-29File is not ratedSquash 3
Squash 3: the best graph mode assembly pong game there is!
zelda.zip13k00-03-22File is not ratedThe Legend of Zelda: TOC v0.08
The Legend of Zelda project has returned to commemorate the grand reopening of Void Productions. This game is entirely different and entirely better than the previous encarnations. The greatest TI game ever is coming to the 83!
orzunoid.zip18k00-02-08File is not ratedOrzunoid v7.0
An awesome breakout-clone originally on the TI-85 featuring multiple blocks, mulitple powerups (lasers, catch, guard, multiball, expand, etc.), external levels, and now an easy to use editor!
orze83.zip4k00-02-08File is not ratedOrzEdit v1.0
The level editor for Orzunoid v7.0
concentr.zip5k00-01-08File is not ratedConcentration v1.3
Can you remember where each card is?
blkbustr.zip6k99-12-08File is not ratedBlockbuster v4.33
Break as many blocks as you can.
checkers.zip11k99-12-04File is not ratedCheckers 8X v1.1
It's Checkers! This version allows for 2 players to play against each other using the calc-to-calc link or with just one calculator. Small size at ~2K.
ztetris.zip19k99-11-16File is not ratedZtetris v1.6
Tetris! The greatest puzzle game ever made.
alienb.zip29k99-10-25File is not ratedAlien Breed II v1.1
Shoot-'em-up game
dodgewal.zip2k99-10-23File is not ratedDodgeWal v1.0
mario.zip29k99-10-11File is not ratedSuper Mario v0.9
The old nintendo game + level editor
subhunt.zip23k99-09-15File is not ratedSubHunt v1.3
A classic Palm-Pilot shooter remade for your TI.
picross.zip11k99-08-27File is not ratedPicross v1.3
A tricky paint-by-numbers puzzle game based on the Nintendo Gameboy game of the same name.
dead83.zip48k99-07-24File is not ratedDying Eyes v1.0
A non-linear and complex RPG.
mack2.zip7k99-06-05File is not ratedHard Hat Mack Part 2
Sequel which is twice as good as you can now jump. Collect all of the items kill evil.
mm83.zip35k99-06-01File is not ratedMega Man 83 - ASM
The classic Nintendo game programmed for your calculator.
starship.zip8k99-02-12File is not ratedStarship Commander v1.2
Fly through space, avoid enemies and collect diamonds
zelda83.zip7k99-01-27File is not ratedLegend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6
mack.zip5k99-01-25File is not ratedHard Hat Mack Gets a Big Gun v1.0
baseball.zip14k99-01-04File is not ratedBaseball '99 v1.1
dkash.zip6k98-11-15File is not ratedDonkey Kong v3.0
swami.zip2k98-10-19File is not ratedSwami v1.2
Answers your yes or no question. Made in asm.
vert83.zip74k98-09-12File is not ratedVertigo v0.94
A game of skill for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. Guide your ball to the gem stone on each of the 50 levels. The levels are displayed from an isometric 3D view, and are shown in grayscale on the TI-85 and TI-86. Also features an on-calc level editor.
bigmaze.zip6k98-09-09File is not rated99x67 Maze v1.0
chekmate.zip5k98-09-01File is not ratedChess Demo v0.5 Beta
mines83a.zip15k98-08-14File is not ratedMinesweeper v2.2
laser.zip2k98-07-28File is not ratedLaser Mayhem v1.0
alien.zip8k98-07-18File is not ratedAlien v1.2
mnsfield.zip6k98-07-16File is not ratedMinesfield v1.0
Minesweeper clone
bjack.zip7k98-07-16File is not ratedBlackJack v1.0
Clone of the popular card game
spazea83.zip5k98-07-15File is not ratedSpaze Invaders v1.3
sqrxz83.zip87k98-07-02File is not ratedSqrxz 83 v1.0 and Level Editor
master83.zip10k98-06-22File is not ratedMaster-Mind
fdown83.zip5k98-06-22File is not ratedFallDown v1.0
ld2turbo83.zip15k98-06-03File is not ratedLittle Dude 2 Turbo v1
ldude83.zip10k98-06-03File is not ratedLittle Dude Episode 1 v1.0
frogguts.zip11k98-05-26File is not ratedFrAWgGutS v1.0
fr.zip19k98-04-21File is not ratedFantasy Realm v1.0
poke83.zip8k98-04-13File is not ratedPoke v1.1
warnibb.zip7k98-04-01File is not ratedWar Nibbles 1.0 Alpha
7g.zip5k98-03-13File is not rated--==7G==-- 1.5
bar2.zip1k98-03-01File is not ratedBar Fight 2 v0.5
simon.zip2k98-02-19File is not ratedSimon 83 1.1 (with sound)
nba98ash.zip7k98-01-05File is not ratedNBA Live 98 Demo
lemon.zip4k97-12-24File is not ratedLemonade Stand 1.1 (AShell83 Compatible)
Lemonade Stand 1.1
radr4ase.zip9k97-12-24File is not ratedRad Racer 1.0
Rad Racer 1.0 for AShell83
nibbl83.zip2k97-12-24File is not ratedNibbles 83Z v2.0
ffx4.zip42k97-12-24File is not ratedFinal Fantasy X4 v1.0
insane13.zip8k97-12-24File is not ratedInsane Game 1.3
ftun4ase.zip4k97-12-24File is not ratedFast Tunnel 1.0
plusmaze.zip1k97-12-24File is not ratedPlus Maze 1.0
brickmaz.zip6k97-12-24File is not ratedBrick Maze 1.0
tbo2.zip7k97-12-24File is not ratedTurbo Breakout 2 v2.0
pong.zip5k97-12-24File is not ratedPong 83Z v1.5
penguins2.zip6k97-12-24File is not ratedPenguins 2.0
chshoot.zip9k97-12-24File is not ratedChicken Shoot 1.0
avalnch.zip1k97-12-24File is not ratedAvalanche 2.0

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