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Number of files 100
Last updated Monday, 27 February 2012
Total downloads 890,136
Most popular file  Tetris 83Z 1.2 with 57,697 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83 Assembly Files
ashell83folder TI-83 Assembly Games (AShell83)
doorscsfolder TI-83 Assembly Games (Doors CS)
ionfolder TI-83 Assembly Games (Ion)
levelsfolder TI-83 Assembly Game Levels
sosfolder TI-83 Assembly Games (SOS)
venusfolder TI-83 Assembly Games (Venus)
aifig.zip24k02-06-01File is not ratedAifig v0.82
airhawk.zip9k99-12-18File is not ratedAirhawk
This is a very LARGE game, an overhead-style arcade plane shooter. It takes up so much memory, it has to be good!
archery.zip6k98-02-28File is not ratedArchery 83 v1.0
asmzelda.zip1k97-09-21File is not ratedZelda ASM Demo
astar.zip2k97-10-19File is not ratedAStar 1.0
asteroid83warp2.zip14k02-11-14File is not ratedAsteroid 83 - Warp 2
The sequal to Asteroid83: new levels, new asteroids, new photon-cannon, new space-station.
asteroid83.zip13k02-10-23File is not ratedAsteroid 83 (v2.1)
Destroy various types of asteroids with your little ship over a number of levels increasing in difficulty. This game is based on the old Atari title.
atron.zip11k00-03-07File is not ratedA'Tron
Tron (link game)
avalanch.zip6k97-11-22File is not ratedAvalanche 1.0
awari.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedAwari 1.1
bandb.zip3k98-10-11File is not ratedBoxe & Bombs
Bommerman clone
benumbered.zip9k04-05-04File is not ratedBenumbered v1.0
The gameplay of Benumbered is like Bejuweled Deluxe(C). This is just a demo to see if I should finish it. Until now the time doesn't go down in Time Trial-mode, no hints, no highscores, no checking for no moves (so you don't know when it's game over :P), the animation-option doesn't do anything, and more things not present. Please send me e-mail!
berzerk.zip4k00-03-15File is not ratedBerzerk
A version of the Arcade Shoot-em-up Berzerk for the TI83
blkbustr.zip6k99-11-22File is not ratedBlockbuster v4.31
Break as many blocks as you can.
boxedit.zip5k98-11-01File is not ratedBOXE:TI Level Editor
boxeti.zip4k98-11-01File is not ratedBOXE:TI
boxworld.zip3k97-12-07File is not ratedBox World 1.0
brkmaze.zip2k97-12-07File is not ratedBrick Maze 0.9
camelrace.zip13k02-01-01File is not ratedCamelRace 3.0
Bet on the camel you think is going to win and earn as much money as possible!!
centipde.zip5k97-09-27File is not ratedCentipede Demo
cookie.zip4k00-04-05File is not ratedCookie
A version of the Spectrum game "Cookie"
crracing.zip9k00-04-08File is not ratedCrazy Racing
This is a 3d racing game similar to F1-race on the Gameboy.
ctdemo.zip1k97-06-03File is not ratedChrono Trigger Demo 0.1
dasher.zip2k97-10-04File is not ratedDasher
dbz83.zip8k00-08-14File is not ratedDragon Ball Z 83
Dragon Ball Z, La bataille Saiyenne
dkasm.zip6k00-07-18File is not ratedDonkey Kong ASM v4.0
Remake of the classic Nintendo arcade game.
dstar83.zip2k98-05-17File is not ratedDStar v1.6
dstarii8.zip1k98-05-17File is not ratedDStar 2 v1.4
duckhunt.zip11k97-09-07File is not ratedDuck Hunt 83Z
dunedem2.zip15k02-02-10File is not ratedDune II - Demo 2
Check out the new Demo!!! I't doesn't have as much features as demo1 but it is a huge improvement!
dunedemo.zip29k01-06-02File is not ratedDune - Demo
This is a demo of the upcoming strategy game Dune II. Only graphics, no gameplay yet. Just try and be amazed (or not :)
flipflopremake.zip24k12-02-27File is not ratedFlip Flop remake
This is a lights out clone for ti83 regular (or ti82stats(.fr)). This game will waste a lot of your time probably :). There's also 2 graphics modes (rocks and bubbles). Have fun with it !
flipflop.zip2k98-06-28File is not ratedFlipFlop v0.5
football.zip2k97-12-11File is not ratedPunt Return 1.0
frogger.zip8k97-10-13File is not ratedFrogger 83Z v1.0
fr.zip6k98-02-10File is not ratedFantasy Realm Demo 1
ftetris.zip3k99-11-13File is not ratedThe Next Tetris Demo
Tetris games with smooth, fast graphics.
gc83.zip9k00-04-30File is not ratedGlasscars v1.0
Full 3-D car racing. REAL 3-D. Play human vs. smart opponent or human vs. human (via a link). Supports external levels. Multiple camera views. 6.5 frames per second. Link play compatible between all Glasscars versions and platforms. Level files compatible across all versions and platforms.
greyscaletetris.zip9k11-01-01File rated 7.85Greyscale Tetris v3.0
An awesome game of Tetris!
iceclmb.zip35k01-01-29File is not ratedIceClimb v1.30 (ZES)
A vertical scrolling platform/puzzle game where you control a penguin to try to reach the door at the top of all 5 levels. You will have to jump on blocks, climb ladders, and think hard before each jump. You will even have to play with Spikes! This game has sound, and now has a new level! ZES Version
insane.zip4k97-06-02File is not ratedInsane Game 1.2
intruder.zip30k02-01-14File is not ratedPI Intruders v1.1 with IBM-PC port
A shoot'em up where you must shoot the falling creatures that resemble PI symbols. Includes source code and a port to the IBM-PC
jetpack8xplus.zip12k12-07-06File rated 6.80Jetpack 8x(+)
Here is the port of the famous iDevices game by Halfbrick : Jetpack Joyride ! Fly with your jetpack, avoid enemies, get bonus and run as far as you can ! Works on most of the z80 calcs, including Ti-76, Ti-82 stats and Ti-83+. Ti-83+ version by myself, Ti-83 port by myself and thepenguin77.
kikstart.zip35k00-01-16File is not ratedKikstart
Side-scrolling bike game. Jump over busses avoid potholes and more whilst trying to beat the clock through 7 challenging levels.
lander2.zip6k97-09-27File is not ratedLunar Lander II
lawnmower.zip8k01-12-22File is not ratedLAWNMOWER v1.8
This is a funny game in wich you must mow the grass with your lawnmower and watch out for the bad guys.
lmine83.zip1k98-05-17File is not ratedLand Mine v1.3
lode.zip14k00-03-02File is not ratedLode Runner 83 v2
Version 2 of Lode Runner 83 ; now has 25 levels. Also included are some Screenshots.
lw.zip1k00-06-21File is not ratedLong Worms v1.0
Guide the worm as long time as you can...
marin.zip6k98-02-04File is not ratedMarin-The-Movie
Helicopter game w sound
masken2.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedMasken
A worm game with 8 directions
masken.zip1k97-05-05File is not ratedMasken Beta 2
mineswp.zip1k97-12-07File is not ratedMineSweeper 1.1
mines.zip1k97-07-10File is not ratedMines 2.0
mousey.zip2k98-10-11File is not ratedMousey! Mousey!
A trap the mouse game.
mqtest.zip2k02-02-25File is not ratedMQ Test
You have already heart of IQ and EQ tests. This is a MQ test (mathematics quotient). This qoutient shows how well you are in mathematics.
mquest.zip4k97-08-24File is not ratedMaze Quest
mseek83.zip2k98-11-17File is not ratedMineSeeker v1.00
narkemen.zip15k01-09-30File is not ratedThe Shadow of Nárkemen v1.21
Part I of an original RPG featuring a dynamic party, multiple enemies, spells, skills, character classes, and a great storyline. Works with Ashell, SOS, ION, or from PRGM menu.
nba98.zip6k98-01-05File is not ratedNBA Live 98 Demo
necro_d2.zip7k97-06-29File is not ratedNecromancy 0.2
nibbles.zip2k97-06-03File is not ratedNibbles 83Z v1.2
pacdash.zip1k97-09-27File is not ratedPacDash
peditor.zip2k97-06-29File is not ratedPenguins Level Editor 1.0
Penguins Level Editor v1.0
penguins.zip6k97-06-29File is not ratedPenguins 1.1
phantomde.zip46k04-05-21File is not ratedPhantom DE v0.81b
Phantom Star is a fast paced side scrolling shoot-em-up for the TI-83 and TI-83+. It is set in space. There is no real storyline to speak of; the only objective is to blast through each treacherous level as fast as possible. Phantom Star is capable of supporting external levels, and documentation will be provided in the near future for level developers that wish to make their own levels. Doors CS certified and ported.
phoenixde.zip80k04-05-21File is not ratedPhoenix v2.1 DE
Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. This game has very smooth gameplay (over 30 frames per second) with many objects onscreen. Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels. The game takes less than 8K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code. The program is in public domain so it may be copied or modified without any restrictions. This version is Doors CS certified and ported with a Doors CS icon and other features.
pong83z.zip2k97-06-04File is not ratedPong 83Z v1.2
push.zip3k99-04-08File is not ratedPush! v2.0
Press Enter faster as possible (a game with a self-admittedly dumb goal).
puzedit.zip4k98-11-01File is not ratedPuzzled? Level Editor
puzzler.zip4k00-10-26File is not ratedPuzzler
Puzzling game where you have to sort a table of numbers by swapping them with a blank square.
puzzle.zip4k98-11-01File is not ratedPuzzled?
A puzzle game, like Repton 2
racezip.zip1k00-05-23File is not ratedBryant Lee's Race2000
A really cool 3D racing game that runs incredibly fast. Loads of fun!
radrrasm.zip1k97-09-27File is not ratedRad Racer Demo
ragedcs_certified.zip17k04-06-28File is not rated[Doors CS] Super Saiya-jin Rage
Play as Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Gotenks, Trunks, Frieza (hidden) SSJ Goku (GT), SSJ 3 Goku, Raditz, Majin Buu (hidden), or Eric Cartman (hidden) in this top-of-the-line shoot 'em up masterpiece. Kerm Martian helped with this port of the assembly game to the Doors CS shell. He also optimized it to use Doors CS built-in routines; Doors CS certified.
rally.zip7k00-03-13File is not ratedRally v2.0
This is a new and totally different version of the racing game rally. Now you can load different tracks and it remembers the high score of each track!!!
run.8xp2k02-03-06File is not ratedRUN! - for Mario v1.2
RUN! is a run, run, run like level for Mario.
same.zip25k12-02-27File is not ratedSameGame
This is a clone of the notorious Same game. This is written in assembly and you could use it with a ti83 regular or a ti82stats(.fr). Have fun with this game :)
shoot3.zip2k02-03-16File is not ratedShoot 3 v1.0
Shoot 3 is the first ASM Game made by Jelle Fresen. Your goal is to shoot down the opponent before he does that to you. Simple, huh?
skiedit.zip8k98-06-02File is not ratedSlopes Level Editor v1.0
ski.zip8k98-06-02File is not ratedSlopes v1.0
slippy.zip3k97-08-17File is not ratedSlippy 1.0
sokoban.zip4k97-08-21File is not ratedSokoban 1.0
spayss.zip2k01-09-07File is not ratedSpayss v1.0
Genetically modified space-invaders clone.
spaze.zip18k97-06-04File is not ratedSpaze Invaders 1.1
speed.zip31k12-01-19File is not ratedspeed
Speed is a fast scrolling game designed for ti83 regular calc (or ti82stats)
spuzzle.zip1k97-09-21File is not ratedSlide Puzzle
tbout2.zip3k97-06-02File is not ratedTurbo Breakout 2 v1.2
tbout.zip6k97-06-02File is not ratedTurbo Breakout 1.0
tctron83.zip2k98-04-11File is not ratedTCTron v1.1
Lightcycle game with many options
tetris.zip2k97-06-05File is not ratedTetris 83Z 1.2
tiehunt.zip2k97-09-21File is not ratedTie Hunt
traz.zip9k02-05-20File is not ratedTransformable Arcade Zone
The 83 remake of a C64 classic. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, this is a breakout clone. This was actually my first major Z80 project.
ttron.zip2k97-05-05File is not ratedTurbo Tron 1.0
tunlandy.zip1k97-09-21File is not ratedTunnel 1.0
tunnel83.zip3k97-08-24File is not ratedTunnel 1.0
veggiekiller.zip1k01-09-09File is not ratedVeggie Killer
Well, your a veggie killer. You kill veggies. Self explanatory....uh....down with the veggies!
vexed.zip2k97-10-19File is not ratedVexed 1.0
zchess.zip2k00-08-20File is not ratedZChess Beta 2
This is a just a beta, but I hope that rules and AI will be implemented soon.
zelda2.zip11k97-06-29File is not ratedZelda II
zlander.zip13k97-08-24File is not ratedLunar Lander 83Z v1.1
zsnake.zip1k97-05-05File is not ratedZSnake 1.54

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