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Review by  drew notteling
Reviewed on 2007-12-16
Wow. This is something special. I don't even LIKE frogger and I love this. Sure, the controls are a bit overreacting, but the graphics are perfect, and it's a great clone.

Graphics 8/10


Controls 7/10

Gameplay 10/10

Overall 8/10

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-05-19
Overall Rating-9/10 Superb
Gameplay-9/10 Superb
Graphics-9/10 Superb
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
I have to admit that I have never played the original “Frogger,” but that makes no difference in my judgment of this program. “FrAWgGuts” is a difficult, yet addicting game in which you guide a frog across a road, then a river, then finally to a safe zone. As you can see from the screen shots, this is no easy task. You must have a good sense of timing in order to get across the hazardous path. One false step and, well, you’re road kill :). Anyways, the graphics and speed are wonderful to say the least. This combination, along with its addictive character, makes “FrAWgGuts” a classic game. Have fun and happy downloading!

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