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Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 8/10 D'OH! Hm, maybe if I put it there..
Controls: 7/10 Using arrow keys is a bit awkward
Implementation: 8/10 Well-made
Overall: 8/10 Block Dude! Cha ch.. um, sorry.

Block Dude! Block Dude! He's the hero you can't outdo! Block Dude! Block Dude! Won't be nothing ungood when he gets through! Oh he's Block Dude! Block Dude! Everyone loves that Block Dude! Woogity woogity dunh dunh, cha cha cha!

Um, anyway.

This is another of those puzzlers which seem to be filling calculator screens. The star of this game, apparently, is none other than Block Dude himself, who for reasons known only to himself is working his way through levels consisting of high ledges with doors which he is compelled to reach. But poor Block Dude can only jump one space high, and he can't reach any of the doors! Fortunately, some kind deity has scattered blocks around the level which BD can carry around and place strategically to reach those high ledges.

The simple concept here manages to generate a great variety of gameplay. While the basic goal in every level is to move enough blocks around to build a "stair" to the door, the means you have utilize to do this require a good deal of creativity and planning. Expect to have to build and disassemble many, many stairs, put down one block just so you can pick up another, and scream "D'oh!" in the middle of Calculus when you realize that you've just built a stair on which the first level is two blocks high and you have no way to reach it. Fortunately, once you finally solve a level you can store your progress by writing down a three-character password.

A minor problem is that the controls are sometimes a bit difficult. Being able to press left and right to climb up a ledge would, in my opinion, make the gameplay a lot smoother. Also, a level editor would be nice. But overall, Block Dude should be a worthwhile investment of time for any fan of puzzle games.

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-06-07
Overall Rating-9/10 Superb
Gameplay-9/10 Superb
Graphics-8/10 Great
Speed-10/10 Outstanding

Have you ever used the puzzle pack application for the 83 plus? This is an exact port of block dude within the puzzle pack. In this game you move a little person around the screen in order to get to the end of the level. You have to pick up, and strategically move blocks to get to the end of the level. The levels get very challenging, and with a password-type save function you can revisit your favorite levels and continue from any level.

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